Napoleon Dynamo

Napoleon Dynamo

“The chief looks so innocent when she’s napping. I wonder what she’s dreaming about?”

Draw and everything by moorph


Someone sure seems to have a wild dream here. She sure is destroying allot of buildings in here dream. Wounder way she is dreaming about something like this?

But it sure seems like it is a good thing that she is wearing a diaper in the dream to. She seems to be making one big mess in the dreamworld and irl ;)

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Scentus’s Daycare Stay

Scentus's Daycare StayEventually, the sinister therapist had decided he had had his fun with his ‘pet’ for now and decided to let her return to society and return to her senses. To that end, and to make sure nobody would link her therapy session to what happened to her, he left her, still drooling and giggling with a full diaper, outside of an institution for special needs girls like her. Gradually, over the coming days, her mind slowly returned, but her continence and ability to talk in something besides baby babble did not. It seemed those would require a while longer to return to her, if they did at all. For now, all she could do was sit in the crib in a soaked diaper, able to understand what the orderlies were saying about her but unable to convince them she was anything but an oversized baby skunk.

Draw and above text by Scentus

Draw by catmonkshiro


Poor thing she sure have woke up to a nightmare and no clue what have happen. She have lost the skill to talk and to make mater worse here bladder and bowel control.

The caretaker at institution sure have no clue what have happen to this skunk.

Is thing ever going to return to normal for this skunk? Or have all the advance hypnosis therapy session left here permanently damage?

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Oh Dear….

 Oh Dear....Why does this keep happening?

Draw and everything by Reva_the_Scarf


Yes it seems like someone have regress this two back to cute cubs :)

If they are blushing now they are going to be blushing even more during there next diaper change. When they notes that they have putt some good use to there diaper whiteout knowing it.

It sure should be cute to see there blushing faces then :)

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Little Troubles – Jodie

 Little Troubles - JodieIt must be disconcerting being turned into a baby, only to have your older-then- you-used-to be self come in to babysit. And all the things she’s saying…does she know the future? Is she really me? Where are my friends? And where are my pants?!

Draw and everything by Reva_the_Scarf


Yes it sure seems like someone have found herself in a special situation here. And one thing she dont seems to understand that someone times a caretaker can let the cub waddling around in only a t-shirt and the diaper if the temperature is right.

Giggle someone sure have one blushing face here over the situation :)

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Bunkmate commission – Amotose

Bunkmate commission - AmotoseA little disoriented pup for amotose How did I get here? Why’s everything so big? And what is that smell??

The furry belongs to amotose

Draw by Reva_the_Scarf


Aww it sure seems like someone have a bit of a problem understand what have happen. He sure going to be pretty surprise when he look down and notes that he is wearing a diaper and that special smell is coming from him.

Someone sure seems to be in need of a new clean diaper here ;)

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Babyfur Comic: (Mad) Doctor Ato’s Crinkle-Along Blog

(Mad) Doctor Ato's Crinkle-Along Blog

Ato is trying to test some new upgrades for her Caretaking Robot K.1.T.T.3.N. she even dragged her younger baby sister Ail to help test out.

Unfortunately for Ato. K.1.T.T.3.N. seems to think she qualifies for a baby as well.

I’m sure after a good nap and a diaper change she’ll be back on the drawing board with another revision.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to PaddedUlf and leonxiii

Draw and above text by Neko_Neko_Diamata


Seems like Ato have made some terrible miss configuration on the Caretaking Robot K.1.T.T.3.N  :(

But it seems like Ato is filling the role as baby very well. She have already put here diaper to some good use.

I hope that we are going to see a new page of this comic. Should be nice and fun to see what is going to happen next whit here. I sure think its going to be even more blushing moment for Ato :(



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Ben’s Bedtime

Ben's BedtimeThe German Shepherd belongs to ethan86

Draw by wolfen2


Awww someone sure is ready for the dreamland and that thick diaper sure going to help his bed stay dry and soft :)

Even the teddy bear is there waiting for him so they could snuggling together and have some nice dreams.

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Blue’s (not quite) Ready for Bed

Blue's (not quite) Ready for BedThe soggy fox belongs to babybluefox

Draw by Blankie


Yes someoen sure think that she is ready for bed. But what about here diaper? The diaper sure dont seems to be ready for here bedtime. The diaper is more ready for a change then bedtime. Good thing there caretaker seems to notes that :)  Otherwise someone should have wake up in a very soggy bed the next morning.

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