Babyfur Comic: Wile E’s Reset Ch.2 Pg.12

Babyfur Comic: Wile E's Reset Ch.2 Pg.12Upon being tucked in Wile E is given a kiss good night by Mom E. As she turns back and tells him sleep tight while turning in for the night herself, Mom E closes the door. At that moment, the small genius gets back to plotting his escape once more. During his thoughts on how to attain freedom, he feels sadness and regret on what he enjoyed and appreciated from Mom E. With that going in his mind, Wile E holds off his planning for now and goes to sleep.

Wile E Coyote © Warner Bros
Mom E Coyote © yoshiokaidamasayoshi

Draw and above text by ArtieCanvas


Looks like someone starting to like his new baby life and all the attention he gets :)

He sure have a good and cozy life here whit his new mommy :)

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Babyfur Comic: Wile E’s Reset Ch.2 Pg.11

Babyfur Comic: Wile E's Reset Ch.2 Pg.11
Mom E decides to feed Wile E following his little trip. Not long after, she tucks him in for a nap.

Wile E Coyote © Warner Bros
Mom E Coyote © yoshiokaidamasayoshi

Drawand above text by ArtieCanvas


Yes after the bottle someone sure needs to make a big burp :) And i bet everything feels good in his little tummy now.

Looks like someone wants to finely have a nap now and his new mother can have some peace and relax to.

I bet that’s going to feel good after all that has happened today. I bet he finely going to have some good dreams :)

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Time for Nursery

Time for NurseryThe poor fox belongs to robotic321

Draw by Pidgopidgey


Awww looks like this robot nursery thought something was missing on this fox and it seems like it was right :)

But the poor fox dont seems to be so happy to be forced back to wearing diapers again :( And this sure seems to be a pretty thick diaper the robot decide for him to wear.

This sure going to take a wile for him to get use to.

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My 18th Birthday Part 8

This story is written by Les Lea

I was still only wearing the disposable and popper rubber pants that Dada Peak had put me in as I wondered down to the kitchen. As usual, Gwyneth was typing away at her laptop with a huge mug of coffee not far from her grasp. My bowl was set out with a choice of cereal boxes arranged for my selection. The biggest surprise was that I was dry, I hadn’t woken up dry for what seemed like ages but, well, wonders will never cease.

“Morning sweetie,” She said with a smile in her voice but without really looking up from the screen, “What would you like for breakfast?”

“Morning, er, it’s OK I’ll just have some of these,” I replied as I emptied some Crunchy Nuts into my animal bowl.

“Did you have a good time at Pauly’s… I bet you had a great time…?”

I swallowed a huge mouthful and made an enthusiastic “Mmmming” sound that I hoped indicated it had been fun.

She looked up then and said “Well, you can tell me all about it and then I’ll tell you all my news.” She smiled and then added, as if it was an afterthought, “Oh… and we need to go into town today to see Mr Benson.”

I nodded but wondered why we had to go and see the family lawyer but, as it would not really concern me (nothing to do with Mr Benson ever did), I assumed dad or mom must need some legal document or advice.


I was quite animated as I told Gwyneth about my day. About the fabulous home that was like an adventure playground. Every toy, every plushie, every, well everything a boy could possibly want, he had and we had a great time playing together. I had been a bit disappointed that there had been no ‘others’ there but because we had loads to play with, and Dada Peak was full of games and ideas, the lack of any more boys charging around wasn’t an issue. Out in the garden was a little pool that we played in for most of the hot afternoon, having fun using his WaterBlaster and Supersoaker guns to do just that… soak each other. We were running around in our diapers quite freely to begin with but by the end our thick diapers had proved themselves to be Superabsorbers and had swelled to such an extent that running became impossible.

Lying next to each other Dada Peak changed us both and I couldn’t help seeing the little thing Pauly wore over his pee-pee (yes I’d started calling it that as well). Dada Peak saw me looking and said that it was just a little plastic protector to keep his boy safe but I could see there was a small lock keeping it in place. He even asked if I wanted to try one but I nervously shook my head and no more was said. Once we were all dry and dressed (my clothes had all got a real soaking so I was only wearing a thick diaper) we had a fantastic meal , which was more like a party, all his stuffed animals were sat at the table and we chatted with them as we ate everything that Dada Peak had prepared.

After that we were too stuffed to run around so after a bit of TV, and as it was getting late, were both given a bottle and put into separate cribs. I thought I wasn’t tired so was provided with some toys but pretty soon I fell asleep and had that awful dream.


I was worried about telling Gwyneth anything regarding my nightmare in case she was angry with me for using her laptop without permission but I thought Dada Peak might say something so I’d better mention it. As I began to tell her she said that Dada Peak had said something about me crying in my sleep but hadn’t told her what had caused it. He didn’t know but I explained it the best I could and where I’d seen the images. After I’d told her everything she had a frown on her face and was shaking her head in disapproval.

“Well, perhaps that will teach a little boy for snooping around in things he shouldn’t.”

“I’m sorry,” I said in a quiet chastened voice. I couldn’t face her reprimand just then so I looked at my empty bowl and hoped she wouldn’t be too angry at me.

“I suppose that’s taught you a lesson…” I just nodded still not daring to look up. “Perhaps you’ll talk to me first before you go exploring?”

Again I just nodded and wriggled uncomfortably in my rapidly flooding diaper.

“OK,” she said getting up from the table, “I suppose no harm is done just a bit of a fright but,” and she was being quite intense, “there are people out there who are not nice to little boys like you and we have to look out for them.”

My body trembled at the thought and I messed as well as wet myself.

Just as she was about to launch into further warnings I think the smell hit her and she just grabbed my hand and led me upstairs.

“C’mon you stinky little tyke, I think we’d better get you changed.” She didn’t seem so mad now so I eagerly ran (quickly waddled) up the bathroom, un-popped the rubber pants, slipped down the diaper and rushed into the shower.


Back in my room Gwyneth had all the things ready except this time it was a pair of briefs, long pants, and a shirt and tie all of which I hadn’t worn for what seemed like ages.

“We’re going to see Mr Benson so I don’t think your cartoon t-shirt and shorts are appropriate,” she said matter-of-factly.

My bottom lip quivered a little as I didn’t want to wear big boys clothes, I liked my stuff, I even suggested the shortalls as they were fairly grown-up but she wouldn’t have it. I pleaded with her to let me wear a diaper at least and after some thought she agreed. She powdered and slipped me into a disposable then pulled it tightly into place. I asked her if I could wear the pink plastic pants as they would go with the tie she’d picked out for me to wear. A smile spread across her face as she reluctantly agreed. Soon I was a big boy on the outside but nice and little on the inside where my slightly padded and crinkly bottom meant I was at my happiest.


As we drove into town Gwyneth told me all the latest news… the main fact being that mom had been offered a position at a University in Korea and, as dad looked like he’d be almost permanently working there, she accepted the job. This meant that, for the near future, and possibly years, they would be living over there. In the meantime, my sister had agreed to house me because our big family house was going to be put up for sale. I was shocked and wondered how all this could happen without any reference to me but then I wiggled about in my thick diaper and realized the reason why. So, this was why we were going to see Mr Benson, to sort out all the legalities of the sale in my parent’s absence.

Although I was in shock I was also pleased that I was at least going to be able to stay with Gwyneth, the last few weeks had been the best and I loved being with her. The trouble now was that I never wanted to be a big boy again, even for a couple of hours it was a strain and for some strange reason I began to sniffle, which quite unexpectedly turned into a huge tearful outburst. I couldn’t explain to her why I was in such a state although I suspect she thought the idea of not living at home, surrounded by my things was proving to be too traumatic.

I’d just about cried myself out when we arrived at Mr Benson’s office. He was a very officious man and reminded me so much of dad that he quiet scared me.

“Good morning Gwyneth,” and shook her hand. “Morning Benjamin,” and shook mine.

I was very apprehensive about meeting him as I felt way out of my depth to form any sort of conversation so I just nodded as he offered us both a seat.


Gwyneth and he talked about the sale of the house and agreed that all the furniture was to be put into storage until they returned home. There was quite a bit more legal chatter but I’d tuned out and was counting the diplomas on the wall and then the number of people in the photographs that surrounded us. I wasn’t listening and would much rather have been with Teddy enjoying a roll around the rug in my bedroom. That’s what I was thinking about when I suddenly realized I was being spoken to.

“Benjamin. Benjamin.” Mr Benson was looking at me.

“Sorry,” I said as I came out of my happy revelry to see a very serious face.

“Benjamin, your mother and father had wanted to be here for this but, well, it seems that’s impossible now.” He waved a sheet of paper in my direction.

“You have reached the age of eighteen and… you are now legally entitled to a trust fund that was set up by your grandfather when you were born.”

He waited until this news sunk in but it didn’t. I had no idea about a trust fund, no one had ever spoken about it and, more to the point, never knew my grandfather as he died when I was just a few months old… so why would he leave me such a thing?

I think he could see that this news had come out of the blue and no one had prepared me to receive such information. I looked at Gwyneth for guidance.

“Sorry Benjy… er Benjamin I’d forgotten all about it until mom reminded me last night. Whilst you were asleep mom called and told me about the job, dad, house and… well… your trust fund.”I still didn’t grasp what was going on but I knew I was anxious because I felt a spurt of pee fill the front of my diaper.

Mr Benson took up the story. “Your paternal grandfather put money into a trust fund for both you and your sister; Gwyneth received hers on her eighteenth so now you also get yours.” He smiled, which looked strange on such a serious face. “You are now, thanks to some clever investments that he also tied in with the fund, worth approximately one point one million,” I think he was expecting some kind of reaction and when one didn’t come he persisted with the news. “Which makes you a very rich teenager.”

Both he and Gwyneth were all smiles but all I did was fill my diaper even more. I couldn’t control the flow and I was so glad I’d asked for my pink protecting plastic pants. I still wasn’t completely aware of what all this meant other than they both appeared very happy with the news. Mr Benson pushed some papers my way for me to sign and before too long, and after another shake of hands, we were out in the street and on our way home.


As we aimed for the car Gwyneth could tell from my walk that I was probably wet but, as she hadn’t brought her normal changing bag, told me I’d have to wait until we got home.

I didn’t mind although it did feel funny having an expanded diaper under my smart trousers and I began to giggle at the sensation. Back in the car and sitting in a squishy diaper I had to ask.

“What just happened?” I was trying to weigh things up but it wasn’t making any sense.

“You have inherited a fortune.” She was being serious.

“But… erm… I don’t know… erm… but why… I haven’t done anything?” I was unsure how to react and it still seemed stupid that I should suddenly have money.

“Because little bro… thankfully… someone thought ahead.”

“But I don’t want all that money. What would I do with it?” I mumbled to myself. “I’m not clever like you so, maybe, you should have it.”

She could see I was in turmoil and smiled and patted my leg. “Don’t worry about it for the time being, we can sort it out later. The only thing you need to think about is… you can be little for as long as you like now.”

Despite the fact that I was dressed in big boy clothes it hadn’t occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to return to being little. In such a relatively short time I’d got so used to the way things were and that I regarded being little as… well… me. It was normal and dressed as I was now was the strange thing. I was desperate to get back home, get out of my long pants and get changed. Maybe Gwyneth would let me wear that nice green and pink onesie with the rocket on the front.


Once home I was in a hurry to race upstairs and change but Gwyneth called me back and made me sit at the table as she wanted to discuss things with me whilst I was still a ‘big boy’.

“Sweetie, I need you to concentrate just for a little while, OK?” Despite my soggy diaper reminding me what I’d done in Mr Benson’s office I nodded as I could see she was serious.

“You now have lots of money. Money you can do anything with but perhaps, thinking ahead, you can leave where it is and take some income from it.”

She looked to see if I was clear about what she was saying but all I could think about was getting an electric train set and some more toys. I wanted to have some of the things Pauly had… and he had loads of stuff. I knew a million was a lot but the number simply didn’t mean anything to me. Although Gwyneth wanted me to think about the future, all I wanted to do was play and live right now. In the end I think Gwyneth knew she was making very little sense to me as I kept asking if I could now get this or that or something else, which she said I could if I wanted.

The previous ‘happy’ look on her face changed to one of concern. She looked into my eyes and asked in a low voice.

“Oh baby, you might not want to be little for ever. You might meet someone…”

She was having problems and I didn’t understand why. We were going to be living together; she would take care of me, she would use the money as she saw fit, she would keep me…

“Sweetheart, things might change…” I wriggled uncomfortable now in my soaked diaper thinking I needed that changing. “I want you to be happy but there are so many things I can see that might get in the way.”

“The movie is going ahead and they want me around to advise but, as production doesn’t start for a few of months…”

She sighed deeply and then held out her hand. “But, for the time being at least, let’s get you cleaned up and changed.”

We walked to the stairs.

“My baby brother is all that matters for the moment and he needs a new outfit.”

I scrambled the last few stairs and ran to my room. I picked out the onesie as I was pulling down my long pants and shucking off my tie.

“My… you are keen.” She un-popped my plastic pants and opened up my wet diaper.

I giggled as I lay there naked. Seconds later I was smeared in lotion, powdered, diapered and in my brand new onesie. We looked in the mirror. Gwyneth held my hand and I felt the years roll away. I was safe and happy and I loved the reflection of the little boy who was looking so cute.

I looked up at her and said: “Thank You Mommy”.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 7

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My 18th Birthday Part 7

This story is written by Les Lea

With no job to worry about I slept right through until Gwyneth came in to wake me. Unfortunately my diaper couldn’t have been any wetter and had leaked slightly, the plastic pants not quite doing their function of containing all the moisture. There was a little pool of dampness on my bottom sheet and I was worried that I would be punished for making more washing. My initial thought was that I might get a spanking for wetting the bed. However, Gwyneth just raised her eyebrows and said that there was no harm done because she’d thought ahead and put a rubber sheet to protect the mattress “Just in case”. Why I should have thought I might get spanked I’m not too sure because getting disciplined wasn’t something that had ever happened before. Well, except for once, when I’d done something that had infuriated dad and he couldn’t contain his anger.

I was seven at the time and had accidently pulled a wire out of something daddy was using to transmit a large, important report to head office. I’d been transfixed by an intense little rainbow that had appeared on his study wall. It looked beautiful, it was so bright and pretty that I’d wanted to take a closer look and in so doing I hadn’t noticed that I’d pulled one of the leads out of the machine. When dad wondered why his report hadn’t gone and saw the wire hanging out he went ballistic. When he asked me if I’d been in his study and I answered yes because I wanted to look at a pretty rainbow his anger was unleashed. I didn’t get a chance to explain further as my shorts came down and he spanked me for ages calling me awful things with every strike; “useless”, “hopeless”, “stupid”, “incompetent”, “a moron”… the rant went on and my bottom took the full force of his rage. There was no way my crying or saying sorry a thousand times helped the situation daddy only stopped when he got tired.

I still fill up and shiver at the memory.

Still bawling my eyes out he sent me to my room with instructions to go to bed and not move until he said otherwise. I was so terrified that’s just what I did and I was still crying when Gwyneth came home from school. She heard my sobbing and came in to see what the matter was. She was horrified at what daddy did but took some of the hurt away when she explained the rainbow phenomenon. She told me about sunlight and glass, and as dad had a prism on his desk, the sunlight coming in and striking it had formed the wonderful rainbow. I still didn’t comprehend how a rainbow could be formed from glass but I was in wonder at Gwyneth as she then went on to tell me the biblical reason for the rainbow. She was a very clever girl and I thought my sister knew everything so by the time she left my room I’d calmed down. However, mommy was home by then and she wasted no time in telling her what daddy had done.

Mommy was furious. She hated violence of any kind, and made him promise never to do it again. Unfortunately, that night I wet the bed. Every time I closed my eyes all I saw was daddy on the rampage and I was scared. When mommy found me cowering in my own pee the following morning she was very understanding but knew how to deal with the problem. Oddly enough she still had some disposables in a closet from when I was five and had wet the bed. She immediately put me in diapers and I wore them day and night for over a week.

Once again they acted as a comfort rather than punishment and I was happy to run around the house dressed like that. On one occasion I heard daddy say to her that I was acting like a two year-old, and added through gritted teeth, I was more sensible at that age. That spanking had a major effect on my young life because, being constantly anxious at home, and worrying I’d do the wrong thing, made sure I kept out of daddy’s way as much as I could. At one point he wanted to send me away to a Military school but mommy wouldn’t have it. However, he didn’t like to see me sulk around the house so, worrying that I might be sent away, I always had to be ‘happy’.


Anyway, my sister seemed to be well ahead on what to do about a boy who wets the bed, which I put down to her being a writer. I knew she researched everything thoroughly before even starting to put pen to paper so assumed that’s where her information came from. Indeed, when I shamefacedly looked up from the damp patch up to Gwyneth she smiled.

“All I need to know for what my little brother needs is on the net,” and dragged the damp sheet off the bed.

“It said this might happen…” and she ruffled my hair and grinned. “It’s only a bit of washing so don’t worry. I’ll keep you better protected from now on”

She carried the sheet away and, for the moment, I was left standing in a very soggy diaper, in the middle of the room, waiting for her to return to change me. I went over to Teddy to check his diaper but he’s a clever bear and was still very dry. At that moment I wished I was a dry bear.


I heard the doorbell ring and wondered who was visiting. I thought it might be Pauly come to play or someone else who Gwyneth had found online. It was the mailman delivering a large package, which Gwyneth brought upstairs for me to watch her open. She seemed as excited as I was to see the contents as she slit the tape and opened the box. It was a special delivery that she’d ordered earlier online and was a fantastic array of new clothes, diapers, plastic pants and other things.

She’d made sure I had a pair of shortalls with the poppers, as well as plastic pants with poppers, thicker rubber pants she’d read I might need at a future date. There were a couple of short onesies, another footer, shortie pjs, shorts with matching jumpers and shirts, she’d gone mad and bought loads of really nice stuff. I couldn’t wait to try it all on but first I had to get rid of the sagging soaked diaper I was wearing.


Once she’d got me all cleaned up the first thing she tried on me was a lovely soft thick fabric diaper. It was much softer and thicker than anything I’d had before and once it was pinned in place felt wonderful to wear. She slipped over a pair of popper plastic pants but the diaper was too huge so she ended up pulling up a large pair of see-thru plastic pants. It was massive but very comfortable although it made walking very difficult. It was decided by Gwyneth that from now on that would be what I would be wearing for bed. She was of the opinion that even I couldn’t flood the size of that diaper in one night… she giggled and jokily warned me that I shouldn’t try.

We tried everything on to make sure it fit and anything that was a little on the large size would fit if I had more padding. I was in my element changing and trying stuff on, well, in truth, Gwyneth dressed me, took me to the mirror for my reaction and then tried me in something else, or a combination of new things. We were at it for ages before I realised I hadn’t had any breakfast, so, Gwyneth put me in a fresh disposable, let me wear the new popper sided pink plastic pants over it and we went down for brunch.


The next few days were fantastic. We went and met up with Dada Peak and Pauly at various locations and had a brilliant time. Pauly’s style was rubbing off on me and I found myself using his ‘toddler talk’ more and more when I spoke to anyone. He was fun to be with but never really left his dada’s side for very long. His dada was constantly attending to his snotty nose, his wet diaper, his messy hair and always making sure that Pauly was tidy, dry and happy.

One night before bed Gwyneth told me that Pauly was twenty-five, had been with Dada Peak for over ten years and he’d been a toddler all that time. His dada loved having his ‘little soldier’ to look after and had told her that he couldn’t imagine life without him. I’m sure that Gwyneth and Dada Peak had long conversations about all manner of subjects but that was all she would tell me, although she did mention that there were quite a few ABDLs (again I wasn’t sure what that was), you know, ‘others’, in the area and Dada Peak would introduce us, if and when, I wanted to.

I was incredibly comfy. My new huge fluffy diaper was pinned in place, the plastic pants were holding me tightly and Gwyneth had just said that magic word, which immediately got my attention.

“Others?” I asked in amazement.

Of course I wanted to meet others. In my head I imagined hordes of us, not unlike my jungle dream, toddlers and kids wearing our protection and playing games, running wild, building LEGO, and painting pictures… oh… I was so excited at the prospect I couldn’t wait. I hoped that the ten year-old boy from the changing room would be there because I liked his smile.


A few days later Gwyneth mentioned that she had to go and meet with her publisher; apparently the movie company had arranged the finances for ‘Smart Moves’ and now wanted to ‘action the script’ and discuss any changes. However, she said that I couldn’t join her because she didn’t know how long she’d be and couldn’t give me her undivided attention. However, she gave me an alternative and hoped I liked the idea. She would drop me off at Dada Peak’s and Pauly’s house and collect me on her way home… that was if I didn’t mind her not being around. She also thought I might have a brilliant time because apparently, Dada Peak had designed the house around Pauly’s needs and that included a huge play area that went from the inside and out into the garden.

“Room for loads of kids to have fun” she enthused, “and besides you two get on so well.”

I was a bit worried not having my sister there but I understood why I couldn’t go and besides, I’d be bored sitting around all day. It was a busy time for her, what with the movie and her new novel well underway, so I realised that I couldn’t be the centre of her world all the time. I think I agreed to going, although, when I think about it, perhaps it had already been decided. Anyway, I was happy to be spending time with Pauly and it would be exciting to visit his home. I asked if there might be ‘others’ there. She said she didn’t know but, well, maybe? That was all the encouragement I needed.


There was a group of about a dozen grown-ups looking on and all of them were laughing, commenting and jeering at us. We were trying our best to be good but nothing we did seemed to please them. We were all in this large play area; Pauly was there wearing only a diaper with a cartoon monkey on the front, sat in a puddle and crying. There were two other boys Ricky and Kim;

Ricky was blubbing because he didn’t like the pretty little dress he had to wear (he couldn’t hide his thick diaper when he tried to pull it down), whilst Kim was head to toe in a spotted onesie but he had a little waggly tail and his head was covered in a doggy mask. The grown-ups were making him sit up and beg, roll over and do tricks, which he was finding difficult in his restricting onesie. There were two girls (I didn’t know their names) one in a ruffled pink rubber dress with enormously bulky matching panties and one in a similar black costume but both had gags in their mouths that looked like pacifiers. There were also four babies crawling around wearing only ultra-thick diapers, colourful pacis and bonnets.

I knew I’d made a mistake. Without Gwyneth there to look after me I was now just one of ‘the others’ and I was at the mercy of what the grown-ups wanted. I know I was unhappy. My diaper was soaked through but every time I thought I’d be changed, one of the daddies or mommies would simply add a new diaper over the old one. I had this massive bulky thing now that made moving at all very difficult and I’d messed myself. I was sobbing, I was dirty and it was all my own fault for wanting to be a kid again.


“Stoopid, stoopid, stoooooopid,” I was so angry with myself for letting it happen. I was rapping my knuckles on my forehead, shouting and scowling at myself because I just couldn’t believe how stupid I’d been.

I know I’m not the brightest person in the world but I should have caught on sooner and I wouldn’t be in the mess, literally, that I was now… sitting in. With my thick diaper stuck to my body I disliked immensely the way the poop stuck to everything and made me feel both dirty and queasy. It didn’t help that I was being chastised for being “A dirty little baby” and made to feel that was all that I would ever achieve.

Banging my head wasn’t helping as it hurt. I sat shaking in my pile of poo unable to do much else and began, as I so often did these past few days, to cry. No doubt I looked the picture of abject misery but, this is what the people had wanted and they were getting just that from my current display.

I tried to escape but I simply couldn’t move, the grown-ups were advancing and I was, I was, I was…

“Help me,” I screamed


Someone was rubbing my shoulder. “Wake up Benjy.”

I was too scared to even open my eyes.

“Come on Benjy,” he continued to gently shake my shoulder, “you’ve having a bad dream.”

Eventually I forced myself to take in what was going on around me. Dada Peak’s face was looking concerned as he gently roused me from sleep.

“You poor thing,” his voice was very soothing, “with all that crying and screaming you must have been having a terrible dream.”

Effortlessly he picked me up, hugged me to his chest and rubbed my back. Slowly my perception of what was going on returned and I realised I’d been asleep and had an awful nightmare. As Dada Peak continued to reassure that all was well, I was able to look around and noticed that Pauly was standing in his crib, wearing a pink and blue onesie (that really showed off his thick diaper), clutching his plushie, although the paci couldn’t hide his look of concern.

Dada Peak was making calming noises as I slowly came back from my horrible dream-inspired ordeal and it was very noticeable that my crib was a complete mess. Blankets and toys were strewn everywhere and there was a huge damp patch. My diaper must have been sodden but that wasn’t worrying Dada Peak, he just wanted to comfort a little chap who was frightened. As I realized it had all been a dream I hugged him back and nuzzled his neck in thanks.

“Are you OK now?” That look of concern made me feel safe. I nodded. “Your mommy, er, Gwyneth, isn’t back yet but she has called and said she will be with us soon.”

He patted my padded bottom and scrunched up his nose. “I think someone needs a change.”


In Pauly’s nursery there was everything; he even had other cribs in case anyone stayed over. There was a huge changing station with powders and lotions arranged along shelves, whilst piles of different coloured disposables filled every other space. There was another, smaller stack of plastic and rubber diaper covers to keep everything suitably in place, look good and leak proof.

Dada Peak was very efficient, he had me out of my soaked diaper, wiped, cleaned, lotioned, powdered and wrapped in a thick, thick disposable in just a matter of seconds. I thought Gwyneth was fast but Dada Peak was superfast. Once he’d finished, by snapping me into a thick pair of cream coloured rubber pants, effortlessly he lifted me up and slipped me into the crib with Pauly.

The concern on his face had changed to a smile and it wasn’t just the grinning image on his paci, he seemed happy I was OK and not traumatised. As Dada Peak set about cleaning up the messy crib I’d recently vacated I settled down with Pauly who inched up close and put his arms around me; his soft onesie and thick diaper rubbing up against my padding being very reassuring. Pauly pushed his plushie into my hands as comfort, whilst I lay there and began to think why I should have had such a dream.

I could hear Pauly softly sucking on his paci whilst he snuggled up closer to my back and wished I’d also had one. Thankfully, Dada Peak was on my wave-length and surreptitiously slipped one between my lips, which I gladly accepted.


Being quite sleepy and trying to work out why I’d had such a terrifying dream was proving difficult, although it may have been down to the fact that I’d seen a few disturbing images about diaper wearers on Gwyneth’s laptop. It is perhaps strange that after that first day of appearing on Facebook and YouTube, and receiving all those comments, once Gwyneth had taken charge I was no longer bothered by it all. In fact, I hadn’t looked at either site since, except, and I know this was naughty of me, I looked the day before when I thought I might be meeting ‘others’ on this visit. I wanted to know who might be around and my curiosity led me to a site I wished I hadn’t seen. I hadn’t told Gwyneth what I’d done but obviously, those images had come back to haunt me right when I didn’t want them to.

Pauly cuddled up even closer and our rhythmic sucking was in perfect sync, which made me drop off again. It hardly seemed moments before I was being woken up again but this time it was the gentle voice of Gwyneth. I could hear her saying to Dada Peak that perhaps she should leave me until morning as I looked so peaceful. However, once I heard her voice I opened my eyes and reached out to her. She bent into the crib and kissed me whilst stroking my brow.

“Hello baby brother,” she cooed, “do you want to stay or shall I take you home?”

Woozily I roused myself and stood up in the crib leaving Pauly sucking gently in a deep and undisturbed sleep. He was on his tummy and his huge protection billowed out from his onesie making a massive padded hill out of his bottom. He looked serene and content. I thanked Dada Peak for a wonderful day, for looking after and changing me with a giggly kiss, which he seemed to appreciate. Then, hand in hand, Gwyneth led me to her car and we drove home.

I was still quite sleepy so we didn’t talk much though I could tell she was excited about something but it would have to wait. I fell asleep on the journey home and the next thing I remember is waking up in my own bed with Teddy smiling down on me.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 6

Chapter 8

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Loud Baby

Loud BabyI just got put down for a nap in my crib when I felt a big grumble in my tummy. Just going to hike my tail and push and…

The raccoon and above text by Mark-the-raccoon

Draw by wonderingwolf18


Awww poor raccoon looks like someone have ended up whit a pretty messy explosion in his diaper :( Looks like his mother is going to have allot of cleaning to do now.

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Babyfur Comic: Wile E’s Reset Ch.2 Pg.6

Wile E's Reset Ch.2 Pg.6Wile E decides to try and escape via window by means of a makeshift slingshot created out of diapers. After prepping one side to the doorknob and the other side to the crib, the small genius backs up on his slingshot to ready his launch. However, both sides of the slingshot snap off leaving the poor coyote covered in padding and failure.

Wile E Coyote © Warner Bros.

Order by YoshiokaidaMasayoshi.

Draw and above text by ArtieCanvas


Poor Wile E looks like his master escape plan did not work :( Diapers sure is not design to work as a slingshot :(

I Sure wounder what his new mother is going to say when she found out what he has been up to? I dont think she is going to be so happy about that he has try to escape from the nursery. Maybe she is going to give him a spanking?

Maybe we are going to find that out on the next page on this comic.

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Crunch Used Hydropump

Crunch Used Hydropump

after a long day of playing outdoors in a nice spring day, it was time for little Crunch to go to bed. after a nice bath and a fresh diaper, Crunch was set down in his crib with Pikachu for the night. Mommy decided that it was best that Crunch wear one of his new Pokémon themed PeekABU diapers since she knew he had been well hydrated throughout the day. Crunch of course said that Pikachu needed to wear a diaper too because he didn’t want Pikachu to wet the bed. Mommy chuckled and gave Crunch a diaper to put on his Pikachu. after all was said and done, Mommy turned off the lights and kissed Crunch goodnight. ^^

as the night progressed, Crunch wet his diaper a few times due to all the water he drank, and because of the dream he was having. he dreamt he was in a Pokémon battle battling with his Blastoise. Crunch commanded his Blastoise to use hydropump on his opponent, but instead got blasted by the water. Crunch awoke suddenly and felt he was completely soaked, but sadly it wasn’t from a Blastoise’s hydropump. Crunch’s diaper leaked so badly that his crib was soaked, Crunch was soaked, and even Pikachu got soaked in the process, soaking Pikachu’s diaper.

Crunch’s eyes soon welled up with tears as he called out for Mommy and Daddy exclaiming that he soaked Pikachu. Mommy rushed in and grabbed Crunch, tore off his diaper, and threw him into the bath tub to clean him up. Daddy then grabbed Pikachu and his sheets and threw them into the wash after removing Pikachu’s diaper. thankfully Crunch has a waterproof mattress cover in his crib, and Daddy quickly cleaned off his mattress before putting on new sheets.

after Crunch was finished with his bath, Mommy decided that she would layer up her pup in 3 PeekABUs to be safe. thankfully Crunch calmed down after being cleaned up and layered up. Crunch apologized for soaking his crib, but Mommy said not to worry since he’s only a puppy and that she;s used to dealing with her puppy’s extra soggy diapers. Crunch of course blushed a little and snuggled into her as Daddy brought back a now fresh and clean Pikachu! ^^

Crunch was then put back to bed, and the rest is history! hopefully Crunch won’t soak through those 3 PeekABU’s before morning, but knowing Crunch, he most certainly will.

Crunch and above text by poochyena

Draw by marealeopard


It is newer fun when you wake up in a wet bed because your diaper have been leaking and its even more sad if your favorite plushy get wet in the process to :(

Way do diapers need to leak and make things you like wet?

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