Loud Baby

Loud BabyI just got put down for a nap in my crib when I felt a big grumble in my tummy. Just going to hike my tail and push and…

The raccoon and above text by Mark-the-raccoon

Draw by wonderingwolf18


Awww poor raccoon looks like someone have ended up whit a pretty messy explosion in his diaper :( Looks like his mother is going to have allot of cleaning to do now.

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Babyfur Comic: Wile E’s Reset Ch.2 Pg.6

Wile E's Reset Ch.2 Pg.6Wile E decides to try and escape via window by means of a makeshift slingshot created out of diapers. After prepping one side to the doorknob and the other side to the crib, the small genius backs up on his slingshot to ready his launch. However, both sides of the slingshot snap off leaving the poor coyote covered in padding and failure.

Wile E Coyote © Warner Bros.

Order by YoshiokaidaMasayoshi.

Draw and above text by ArtieCanvas


Poor Wile E looks like his master escape plan did not work :( Diapers sure is not design to work as a slingshot :(

I Sure wounder what his new mother is going to say when she found out what he has been up to? I dont think she is going to be so happy about that he has try to escape from the nursery. Maybe she is going to give him a spanking?

Maybe we are going to find that out on the next page on this comic.

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Crunch Used Hydropump

Crunch Used Hydropump

after a long day of playing outdoors in a nice spring day, it was time for little Crunch to go to bed. after a nice bath and a fresh diaper, Crunch was set down in his crib with Pikachu for the night. Mommy decided that it was best that Crunch wear one of his new Pokémon themed PeekABU diapers since she knew he had been well hydrated throughout the day. Crunch of course said that Pikachu needed to wear a diaper too because he didn’t want Pikachu to wet the bed. Mommy chuckled and gave Crunch a diaper to put on his Pikachu. after all was said and done, Mommy turned off the lights and kissed Crunch goodnight. ^^

as the night progressed, Crunch wet his diaper a few times due to all the water he drank, and because of the dream he was having. he dreamt he was in a Pokémon battle battling with his Blastoise. Crunch commanded his Blastoise to use hydropump on his opponent, but instead got blasted by the water. Crunch awoke suddenly and felt he was completely soaked, but sadly it wasn’t from a Blastoise’s hydropump. Crunch’s diaper leaked so badly that his crib was soaked, Crunch was soaked, and even Pikachu got soaked in the process, soaking Pikachu’s diaper.

Crunch’s eyes soon welled up with tears as he called out for Mommy and Daddy exclaiming that he soaked Pikachu. Mommy rushed in and grabbed Crunch, tore off his diaper, and threw him into the bath tub to clean him up. Daddy then grabbed Pikachu and his sheets and threw them into the wash after removing Pikachu’s diaper. thankfully Crunch has a waterproof mattress cover in his crib, and Daddy quickly cleaned off his mattress before putting on new sheets.

after Crunch was finished with his bath, Mommy decided that she would layer up her pup in 3 PeekABUs to be safe. thankfully Crunch calmed down after being cleaned up and layered up. Crunch apologized for soaking his crib, but Mommy said not to worry since he’s only a puppy and that she;s used to dealing with her puppy’s extra soggy diapers. Crunch of course blushed a little and snuggled into her as Daddy brought back a now fresh and clean Pikachu! ^^

Crunch was then put back to bed, and the rest is history! hopefully Crunch won’t soak through those 3 PeekABU’s before morning, but knowing Crunch, he most certainly will.

Crunch and above text by poochyena

Draw by marealeopard


It is newer fun when you wake up in a wet bed because your diaper have been leaking and its even more sad if your favorite plushy get wet in the process to :(

Way do diapers need to leak and make things you like wet?

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Messy punishment

messy punishment

Order by zerchves

Draw by Subdivisions


Someone sure have ended up whit one kind of stinky and nasty punishment here.

It sure most be kind of nasty to be so close to all the stinky and messy diaper that is loaded on that special baby mobile.

I sure wounder how long here punishment is going to last? I hope its over soon.

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Babyfur Comic: Independent Ixi

Independent Ixi Ixi finds herself in an automated babying contraption with robot hands, conveyor belt, and everything else much like previous ponies before her. However, unlike them she prefers to go through the whole process by her own hooves. Ixi pauses the robot hands in their advance. She then proceeds with powdering, diapering, and even changing into a Taokaka-like outfit before jumping into a crib nearby. After waving to the robot hands that she’s all good, one of the hands seems baffled and decides to call it a day.

Ixi © nekonekodiamata

Draw and above text by ArtieCanvas


Some sure seems to be pretty happy to be back in diapers and wear some cute baby cloths :) Looks like the machine find the perfect object :)

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Changing Malfunction

Changing Malfunction

OC at the mercy of an overloading mechanical nursery which is in the process of overloading her padding with layers.

Order by raifuru

Draw and above text by liljdude


Awww yes this girl sure seems to have ended up whit allot of trouble whit this diaper changing machine.

I sure wounder how many layers of diaper the machine is going to add? This sure going to be one crazy thick diaper. Poor girl she sure going to have allot of trouble here.

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Mysteries of Padding

Mysteries of PaddingOrder by skippychipskunk

Kate belongs to Banco Productions

Draw by liljdude


Poor Kate she sure semes to have ended up in one blushing situation here where she is force to wear this thick diaper and drink something.

I sure wounder what sort of liquid she is force to drink?

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Babyfur Comic: Wile E’s Reset Ch.2 Pg.5

Babyfur Comic: Wile E's Reset Ch.2 Pg.5This page is more of a filler page of Wile E trying to draw out some escape plans in crayon. He has several ideas to go with, but the genius still continues to brainstorms other means of getting out of the nursery. The ideas range from a spring-launcher, a catapult, and a possible mechanical stork from ACME(?). Maybe not the last one, but Wile E continues his thinking.

Wile E Coyote © Warner Bros.
Mom E Coyote © YoshiokaidaMasayoshi

Draw and above text by ArtieCanvas


It sure seems like he have come up whit some interesting plans to get out of this crib and the nursery. But is it going to work?

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