Halloween time is candy time

Halloween time is candy timeYogiko and TommyBuizel are going out for the night on the hunt for candy because it’s Halloween, hehe and will trick or treat.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Yogiko and TommyBuizel

Draw by CuddleHooves


Yes Halloween sure seems to be the candy time for this two babyfur :) But i hope they dont eat to match candy so they end up whit a tummy ache. That sure can happen during this time of the year ;)

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Trick or stink

Trick or stinkWell at least his costume fits lol smelly toot toot

Order by sabermantis

Draw and above text by yourfur


Yes someone sure seems to be in need of that clean diaper right now. It sure seems like he have release one big messy load.

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Babyfur Comic: Aria’s Dilemma

Aria's DilemmaAria is reluctant to be under the same treatment as Tsukai and Terri, but the robot hands decide otherwise. Due to her aggressive behavior, she is placed in her own crib following her padding and new costume. The hands also take a picture in the process.

Aria © nekonekodiamata

Draw and text by ArtieCanvas


Poor Aria it sure seems like the robot hands had other things in store for here then she had. Now she have been forced to get through the same process like the other two.

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Squishy Jasuit Fillings

Squishy Jasuit FillingsIt was such a strange sight, thought Remick, as he laid his eyes on the creature in front of him. It wasn’t just the fact that it was a living organism made up of some very in-organic components, it was the nature of those components that he had a hard time wrapping his head around. Well not exactly the nature of but the arrangement. In his mind he could at least imagine a pooltoy critter coming to life, or a plushy critter coming to life but…a diaper critter?

“Scree there, like wacha see?” came the teasing voice of the crinkly bat.
“Wh-what, sorry I didn’t mean to stare,” the mouse stuttered. “I just…well…”
“Never seen a suit like me before have you?”
“N-no Mister um…”
“Jasu, just Jasu.”

Even as he tried to maintain eye contact his eyes drifted down toward the tape adorning the seams that ran all over the living pampery suit. Just as he was starting to wonder just whether or not they were functional, the tapes that held the upper chest in place detached, letting the white frontal portion of the torso hang down openly. Remick’s immediate reaction was to flinch, and Jasu chuckled at the look on his face. “What’s the matter, scared of the inside?”
“N-no I just…wasn’t sure if there was one.”
“A diaper is meant to be worn after all, what good is a diaper critter if you can’t wear it? Why don’t you take a closer look, go on~”

The mouse slowly walked over to the open flap, reaching one of his paws inside just to feel the hollow space. He happened to accidentally brush a few digits on one of the inner walls and noticed how soft and plush it was. The bat smiled as he felt the touch and one of his mitten-like hands pats the shy rodent on the head. “I know that sensation and expression, you wanna wear me don’t you?”
“Wh-what? W-well it does feel really comfy…”
“Just imagine that all over you~”
“No joke, you’re really letting me inside?”
“Weren’t you listening? I’m meant to be worn, but if you really don’t want t-”
“I do!”

There was a moment of silence, the mouse blushing as the bat just grinned wider.

“I mean…it could be nice for a little while at least…” Remick muttered. Without further ado Jasu was tugging the rest of his frontal tapes open to allow a nice and easy opening to step into. Slowly the mouse stepped backwards into the suit, shivering as his foot paws touched the bottom of the crinky legs into plush lining. His hands slipped into the big toon-glove looking mittens as the front taped itself closed, sealing the blushing and giddy mouse within the thick and cozy comfines of the pamper bat. Only his face was left to the open air, poking out of the smiling bats mouth.

Each and every little twitch and figit of muscle caused an audible crinkle into Remick’s ears, making just the experience of looking down at his suited body a loud one. He took a step, the padded feet of the suit easily cushioning his footfall like a pair of the comfiest fuzzy slippers you could imagine. He couldn’t help but giggle as he spread his arms out and started to flap the long wings that were attached, starting to really have fun in the cushiony costume. His laughter died abruptly when he felt a bit of urine escape from him, causing a yelp and a quick clenching of his urethra.

“Wh-what! I didn’t have to…”
Jasu’s voice cut him off, echoing through his mind: “…no, but I made you.”

Remick let out a whimper as his stomach began to grumble and growl, a pressure forming in his bowls that grew heavier and more in need of relief by the moment. He tried to tighten his tailhole and hold it back, but shifting his focus to #2 only made a hefty squirt of #1 spray right into the front of his padding. “Hey- W-wait! no… I never meant for this…” He tried to reach down and undo the tapes on the suits front, but the smooth mittens kept slipping right over them to keep him from gripping.
The bat only chuckled: “Whatever do you mean? That’s what these suits are FOR. It’s only fair…”

Remick whined in frustration as he continued to pee, and despite his clenching he couldn’t hold back the lump that squeezed itself into the back of his diaper. As he did so, he felt his ability to stop it lessen as a wave of dizziness washes over his mind, making it hard to focus. Only when he felt the warmth of his own pee pressed tighter over his crotch did he realize that his own paw was getting pressed into the front of the diaper, squishing it and rubbing his trapped cock, yet he didn’t recall moving it himself.

“Stop struggling,” the voice in his head whispered. “The more that slips free…the less you’ll be able to hold back…and you’re in rough shape as it is…”
“Wh-what are you…making me do…”
“The more you lose control, the more I gain it over you. After all, a helpless little mousie like you doesn’t have any control~”

He was about to protest when a heavier load slid out, sagging the padding down between his legs and causing a squeak to escape his lips that could only be described as full of shame. He had to get help if he couldn’t get out of the suit, but one waddling and gaiting step later and his pampers were flooding like a faucet was running inside them. The added bulk squishing with each little leg movement was making part of him burn for more despite his resistance. “N-nooooooo…”

“Yessss,” came the reply. “That’s it, just a little further and you’ll be mine. Let go of your control and be my poopy little puppet~”
With one last act of resistance, Remick willed his whole body to stop, freeze, tense as hard as he possibly could. His entire posture went rigid, and for the moment his messing stopped. But it was so hard to keep up, he felt so uncomfortable holding it all in, and the sloshy mess he had pushed out was just begging for more! Unable to fight any longer, his whole body relaxed and soon:
*BLRRRRT, PPPFFFFT, Ssssssssss…*
All of his features sagged, his posture, his limbs, even his diaper as he filled it full. His mouth hung open and his eyes glazed over as the suit closed down over his happy and mindless face.

“That’s a good little pants filler, let Jasu take it from here~”

Story and order by remick0

Draw by catmonkshiro


Poor Remick it seems like he dont could hold back his pee and now it is escaping from his bladder into the awaiting thick diaper.

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Bad and sad Halloween for Foxy (Gift art)

Bad and sad Halloween for Foxy (Gift art)
Bad and sad Halloween for Foxy (Gift art).

Foxy is so sad because he don’t have too much halloween candy…and is in front of a house and with little tears on his eyes he said:”Can you give me some candies,please?

Draw and above story by nelson88.

This was Foxys worst Halloween in his whole life. He have bean to allot of house in his cute Pikachu costume but no one have any candy left for him. The only thing he have receive is little a little money and allot of fruits. Now is he visiting the last house on his trick and threat walk and they dont have any candy either. Then Foxy could not hold back the tears any more so he starting to cry big tears so his Pikachu costumes end up wet. The people in the house did dent know what to do about this the only thing they could think of was to call his parents and one minute lather Foxys dad come to the house and pick up his crying son and starting to walk home whit him in his arms.

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Toooo puffy diaper

Toooo puffy diaper
Toooo puffy diaper

Shido really likes the flash so got a costume to play dressup only the measurments dont really take diapers into account LoL.

Cub: Benihime_Shido

Draw and text by: toddlergirl


Yes i can agree that is look like this cloths is not meant to be wearing whit a diaper on. Special that type of poofy diaper that Shido is wearing. But i bet that she needs to wear this type of poofy diaper that can handle the big accidents that she is hawing. Special when she maybe going to be out for a couple of hours. I only hope that she found some other costume that she can play dressup whit. She dont look to happy now and i can understand that. But i hope that she dont take off the poofy diaper that she is wearing.  That should be something really bad and a big mistake. Special if she have an accident and dont wearing that poofy diaper that can handle it.

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