Cloth diaper

Kenny Part 8

This story is written by Les Lea

When Jake arrived home he took one look at me and asked if I was now a baby. I laughed because I’d seen my reflection in the mirror and had to agree, with the puffed out diaper, rubber pants and a t-shirt that hardly covered anything, that is precisely what I looked like. However, I immediately wrestled him to the ground and as we play-fought I asked him if a baby could pin him down like I was doing, or tickle him until he squealed. I remembered the last time Kenny and I had tickled him, he’d wet himself and I was in two minds whether to try and make that happen again, just so I could tease him. My mind raced to the consequences… of seeing mum wondering what was happening to her sons. Her remedy, I imagined, would be to immediately offer my little wet brother some kind of safeguard so, as I would be in my thick diaper, perhaps he would look cute in those racing car, slightly padded, pull-ups.

However, he was still in his school uniform, so that would mean extra washing for mum and more importantly, I’m not that type of brother. We do get angry at one and other but usually it will last a few minutes and then we’re back to normal. Still, with us rolling around the floor, he got to grips with my rubber pants and thick diaper. I suppose like any inquisitive kid he was just checking things out and he was giggling the whole time. In the end I let him win. Sitting on my padded mound and declaring himself victor just had me laughing as much as he was… and… I love my brother and wouldn’t want to harm or embarrass him just to make me feel better.

Any possible embarrassing moment soon passed. Mum explained that I’d just caught some bug and this was all a precaution. Whether Jake was convinced, having seen all the new powders and diapers stacked in the room, he never said, but things settled down when I asked him to tell me about his sleepover. It seems that he’d had a pretty cool weekend himself staying at Armi Patel’s place with four other boys from his grade. They’d camped out, in the Patel’s back garden, and Mr Patel had a telescope, which he’d used to explain about the stars and planets, and had shown them Saturn… close-up. So, at this particular sleepover, his rocket covered PJs had proved very popular and all the boys decided they wanted some. Jake was very pleased with himself for starting a trend.


Mum calling me to get up and get ready for school roused me from the best night’s sleep I’d had for a few days. I was still in my thick defence and cautiously examined myself for any further accidents. I was dry… hoorah… I was dry and not messy. Mum came in and saw the relief on my face.

She smiled. “Come on, get up, we don’t want you missing another day of school.”

I was eager to prove I was still dry and almost insisted that she check my diaper herself, which, after much provoking, she did and told me I was a “Good boy… now get washed and then decide what you’ll wear today.”

A dry night had improved my confidence a little, and I thought that as I would be awake, the chances of me accidentally wetting while at school would be minimal. However, Kenny had said he was back in almost permanent disposables for the foreseeable future (he’d had a couple of bad messy nights himself) so I thought I’d compliment his bulging padding with something of my own. I pulled on two pull-ups and put my plastic pants on over them, the rubber ones being too thick to wear with my shorts, so he wouldn’t be alone in diapers at school.


When mum was transferred to her new job, part of the deal was that Jake and I would be sent to the top school in the area. She’d read the prospectus and liked what Oakland offered, even if they were a bit more strict about school dress, social manners and general teaching, she wanted the best for her boys. I never gave much thought to just how bad my other school was until, with smaller classes, and a much more rigid way of learning, I suddenly found myself quite good at subjects that had never interested me before. I’m sure part of that, or more probably, the reason for that, was Kenny. His friendship, enthusiasm, even temper and keenness to learn, had rubbed off on me and I was desperate to prove myself worthy of being a friend to my blond angel.

It wasn’t like we spent the entire time together. We had a few different classes and he spent plenty of time with his sporting mates at break or after school. I had a few other friends but none in the league of Kenny and certainly none I would share any intimacies as I did with him. With his parents in such busy and demanding jobs, and the fact that he was a very popular boy, there were times when I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked in his company. When at last we were able to come together, he was always happy; the hug, smiles, compliments and enthusiastic conversations that followed always made me feel relieved… and special.

He already knew about my ‘messy’ problem because his mother had told him and we’d spoken on the telephone about it. I think he, like his mummy had done, was trying not make a big deal about it and when he saw that I’d taken precautions with the double pull-ups, he laughed at my inventiveness and hugged me in appreciation. He must have realised that it was done for him as much as I’d done it for myself and if I could make Kenny smile… well… it made my day.


Over the next few days mum was working very hard at the bank and then coming home to work at the computer on some other important project. She always made time for me and Jake but we could both tell that she was looking exhausted and, for the first time in a long while, a bit worried. She announced that Auntie Rose was coming to stay for a week as she had to go off to a conference in the capital and then on to some meetings at the bank’s head office, so would be away for a two or three nights.

I didn’t want to cause mum any further concerns so took to diapering myself on a night just to be on the safe side. As it was, I only wet a little one night but managed to recognise what was happening, wake up and get to the bathroom in time to finish the job… so to speak. The thick diaper I’d been wearing had served its purpose and nothing else got wet. However, I was grateful it had been there to soak up my pee when I couldn’t help myself and the experience convinced me that I slept a lot easier if I was wearing some form of protection.


We hadn’t seen Auntie Rose since we moved west. In fact, we hadn’t seen any of our friends from back home although we had spoken occasionally on the phone or sent e-mails. Dad was still living there but had more or less cut us from his life now he had another family to look after. I was quite sad about this, and I’d get upset sometimes thinking about how it could have been when I watched Kenny and his daddy playing together. Up at the lake I was getting a bit down at seeing all those families where the kids had a mum and a dad… that was until I saw Buddy getting spanked by his stepdad… then I was suddenly glad I only had a loving mother to think about.

When Jake and I arrived home from school on Friday Auntie Rose had already arrived, she was sat at the kitchen table with mum and they were in deep conversation. That didn’t stop us throwing ourselves at her in an enthusiastic greeting and bombarding her with questions and hugs. She told us how smart we both looked in our uniforms, how much we’d grown and I was eager to point out my ‘A’ rated story still stuck to the fridge. She told me that mum had already told her how proud she was of my achievements and that she suspected I had a future in writing books as a living. She always was a very positive force was Aunty Rose and we always liked to be around her, she had some great ideas for fun and games.

Before we dragged her off to show her our rooms and toys… and we both knew that she would have brought us gifts, although we were too polite to ask for them, I noticed mum was looking a bit apprehensive. I asked her if she was OK but she half smiled and said that she had to speak at the conference and had to give a report. I went to the fridge and took down my story and gave it to her, telling her that she could use it if it would help. Both her and auntie burst into huge fits of laughter and I was pleased that I was the cause of so much joy. Aunty Rose ushered us in to the living room while mum finished getting the meal ready.


Jake received a model rocket from the latest Sci-Fi show he was enjoying and auntie had bought me a new game for my Xbox, she also said she had something else for us but we’d have to wait for that.
We were intrigued but no matter how many times we asked her what it was she wouldn’t say.

Later in the evening a taxi arrived to take mum off to the airport and we were left a little sad that we wouldn’t be seeing her for a few days. We’d never been without mum since… well… ever… we had always been together so this was quite a wrench for both of us, although Jake was more tearful than me… I was still quite upset.

It was getting late and Auntie Rose said it was time for bed but we were to have a bath first. Once she’d run it we both got in and had some fun as she washed and played ‘dive-bombers’ with us. Water was splashing everywhere and we had auntie soaked through in seconds… she just laughed and splashed us back. It was fun and we’d forgotten about how sad we were by the time she had us dried off and looking for our pajamas.

“Hold it boys,” she said. “I have something else for you guys… I hope you like them. I thought they might be fun.” And she produced two new presents from underneath a towel.

We excitedly ripped open the packages to find that auntie, who was always clever at making things, had made us individual ‘fun’ onesies. She helped Jake into his bright green and yellow footed onesie that was in the design of a dinosaur. He looked so sweet in it but I saw a nervous look pass over her face wondering if it wasn’t too childish for him. It wasn’t. He loved it and thanked her with a huge kiss on the cheek. He growled as he ran off pawing the air and roaring at… well nothing in particular. I was standing with just a towel around me when she looked at me to see what my reaction was to my present. It was very strange. She had made me a white onesie, which, with the hood up, looked like a fluffy rabbit… not unlike the one Kenny wore in my dream. I didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t my type of thing as I like to have my legs free when I sleep, but the fact that it was one Kenny had worn, even if only in my dream, I wanted it. After all, Kenny had told me he had a few onesies in his possession and loved them. I kissed my thanks and saw relief flood from Aunty Rose who was glad her presents had gone down well.


When auntie lived with us, after dad had gone, she used to make clothes for Jake and me all the time. She was brilliant with a sewing machine and if you gave her a piece of material, any material, she could conjure up an amazing shirt or skirt or pair of pants. On many occasions she would have produced, almost overnight, matching outfits for us boys to wear. I remember going to the park in newly made little sailor suits that had all the other mummies there making a huge fuss. We always had something different to the other kids, which seemed a matter of pride to both auntie and mum.

Jake was happy to spend the rest of the night in his onesie, however, I was too hot in mine and after wearing it for just a few minutes told auntie that I needed to change back to my shorts.

“Oh, I’m sorry Simon, I forgot… your mother told me you needed to wear… erm… protection at night…”

I felt that the world had opened up to swallow me, why would mum tell Aunty Rose… she knows I can take care of myself. At that moment I was angry at mum for what I saw as betraying a secret but auntie didn’t seem judgemental, she just nodded and said.

“So let’s get you organised.”

As she ushered me into my bedroom I was trying to say that I could do it myself but she had already started pulling diapers, plastic pants, cream and lotions from the cupboard.

“Your mum said that you prefer cloth diapers to sleep in… is that right?”

“It’s OK auntie… I can do it myself… I am…”

“Not to worry, let’s get you in these things and then we can watch TV for a while.”

It is hard to protest against anything that auntie does because she is such a whirlwind for getting things done. She’d sorted through the diapers and had them spread out on my bed in a matter of moments, then had me powdered and pinned into a thick diaper the next second. She folded the material into a triangle and, unlike mother who used two diaper pins at my hips, auntie folded all the points of the triangle to meet in the center and used one big pin to hold it together. She then asked me if one diaper was enough. I just nodded and she held up a couple of different colored pairs of pants and asked which I preferred. She ended up pulling a pair of pale blue ones up and then asked if I needed anything else.
I shook my head and tried to put on a pair of my boxer shorts, it was a struggle but eventually I had them over the slippery material and together with a pale blue t-shirt joined Jake who was sitting on the sofa, growling as he watched a nature program about bears.

Jake looked brilliant in his dinosaur onesie but had fallen asleep within five minutes so auntie took him off to bed. Once she’d got him settled we sat watching a comedy together and it was nice to have her around. She let me crawl up next to her and snuggle into her lap where she put a comforting arm around me and gently stroked my hair. I too was quite sleepy but managed to stay awake until the end of the program when she led me to my room, kissed me goodnight and said, as I was dropping off, that she’d make me something special for tomorrow.

Saturday morning Jake was picked up by the Munroes, as their son James was having a play day and then a sleepover that evening. He disappeared off with his backpack, complete with dinosaur onesie which he wanted to show off to his friends and we didn’t expect to see him again until Sunday afternoon.

So it was just me and auntie, who took me shopping with her to the mall. She bought several items, some fabric, various patterns and other bits and bobs – none of which I took much notice of, but the best bit was having lunch in the food court. It’s rare that I’m allowed burgers, mum doesn’t let us eat what she calls ‘junk food’ even though I quite like it, so this was a treat I really enjoyed; burgers, French fries, a caramel milkshake and a toy, what better way was there to spend lunchtime?

The toy was a rocket, which I decided was more appropriate for Jake, so slipped it into my shorts pocket, where I could feel the double pair of pull-ups I’d put on myself that morning (after another wet-free night) before auntie came in to check. Yes, I was up and dressed and playing the new game on my Xbox when she eventually got up, so I didn’t have to do any explaining… she could see the diaper on top of the pail was dry.

When we got home the weather had clouded over and it looked like it might rain so I settled in front of the TV, hooked up the Xbox and played my game all afternoon. Auntie had found mum’s old sewing machine and set about making something, I suspected it was new drapes as mum had mentioned in the past that we needed some new ones for the spare room… and that’s where auntie was sleeping now.


The new Xbox game was fantastic and I didn’t appreciate how quickly time passed, when auntie called me for dinner, it had gotten quite late. However, without being aware, when I got up to go to the kitchen I suddenly realised I had wet myself. The double pull-ups were quite sodden and my shorts seemed to be as damp as the rest of me because I hadn’t been wearing any plastic pants. I wanted to avoid auntie seeing me so, rushed to the bathroom to change as quickly as I could. However, the smell of pee is quite distinctive and auntie noticed before I had even reached the bathroom door.

“Hold it young man.” She ordered and I stood rooted to the spot. “What have you done?”

“Sorry auntie… erm… I’ve…erm… accidently… err…” and turned around to show her my bulging soaked shorts.

“Now, that is unfortunate…” she said without any malice or anger, “let’s get you washed up and changed so we can then eat.”

I stripped out of all my clothes, and at auntie’s insistence, took a long shower. When I reappeared in my bedroom auntie was waiting for me and for one moment I wondered if she was going to spank me. Why I wondered this I wasn’t sure but since the Buddy incident, I suspected that I’d be punished at some point for wetting. That wasn’t the case. Auntie just made sure I was clean and dry and had those triangles of diaper fabric lain out on my bed. I didn’t feel I was in a position to argue my independence and let her powder me. She told funny stories about when I was a baby and she used to change me. While rubbing some oil into my groin she remembered an incident when the oil had squirted everywhere, which had us both laughing. She had more memories as the powder rained down on me and any embarrassment I might have had with my auntie changing me evaporated with each burst of the giggles. She put one diaper around me and fastened it, then, as she said, just to be sure, she tightly pinned a second one over the first. She pulled the thick rubber pants over them all and it looked massive and I worried about how I was going to be able to walk but then she produced another item I wasn’t expecting.


I thought she’d bought me a new t-shirt, it was pale yellow with blue cuffs and she told me to hold my hands up. I did as I was told and she pulled it over my head, fed my arms in and slowly unravelled it down my body. When she got slightly passed my immense diaper the fabric stopped and I saw that there was more to it. There were little studs across the two sides of the fabric and when she pulled them together, they fastened between my legs.

“I know you prefer to have your legs uncovered when you sleep,” she said taking in my surprise, “so, I made you these and hope you like them.”

This all happened so fast. One minute I’m in the shower, the next I’m bound in an ultra-thick diaper and fastened into a short-legged onesie. It felt like it was gripping my diaper and pushing it up into my body. The legs of the rubber pants could just be seen but overall the item was very effective in holding everything tightly in. Auntie explained that the studs were for easy release so that if I did wet myself, I could be changed quickly. I remembered that Jake had a few of these little easy-change onesies when he was a baby, and they fastened in the same place for exactly the same reason. I wasn’t sure why auntie had made me a grown-up version but, after my initial shock, I thought it was quite cool and bet that Kenny would love something like this. After all, hadn’t he dreamt of me wearing something like this already?


With just Auntie Rose and me, it was a very relaxed evening. After the meal, which I must admit felt funny sitting at the table in my excessively padded onesie, we settled down to a night of watching TV. Although I had a slight waddle if I walked, once I was sitting on the sofa, snuggled up against auntie, it all seemed perfect. Auntie had me laughing when she came up with a game as we watched TV. Every time a certain word was spoken, or we spotted a red car, we had to make a silly noise. Auntie came up with some fantastic sounds that had us both rolling around the sofa hardly able to contain ourselves and often missing great chunks of the show as we tried to pull ourselves together.

Later she went off to make my favourite drink, hot chocolate milk and on her return I was surprised to see what she’d put it in – a baby’s bottle. I looked at her in bewilderment and wondered why she thought I’d drink from a something like that.

“That’s not mine…” I tried to explain. “I don’t need a bottle… I’m not a baby”

“Oh sorry Si. I saw it in amongst your diapers and plastic pants and thought it might be something you used… occasionally.” She offered as a reasonable reason.

I looked at her dumbfounded. I’d just said I wasn’t a baby yet here I was wearing diapers, rubber pants and a snap on onesie, no wonder she thought it was appropriate.

“Look,” she tapped the sofa next to her beckoning me closer, “you don’t have to if you don’t want to… but… I think you’d enjoy it… aaaannnddd…” she drew out the word, “it would be like it was when I used to look after you when you were a little baby.”

She smiled and again invited me to come and sit next to her. “But I’m not a little baby auntie. I don’t want to be a little baby…”

She shrugged her shoulders, “It’s OK Si… I know you aren’t… but… to me you are the sweetest boy I know.” She tapped her lap and invited me to sit there. “I would love to feed you this lovely bottle of chocolate milk like I used to.” I still wasn’t too sure. “It’ll be fun… there’s no one here except you and me so I won’t tell anyone if you don’t… and I think you’ll enjoy it.”

She could see me wavering so held out her hand, which I took, and gently pulled me onto her lap. She hugged me close and patted my diapered bottom and said what a lovely boy I was. I snuggled up close and once she knew I was ready brought the bottle to my lips and let the rubber teat slip between them.
As I sucked in the warm liquid she started gently rocking me and whispering encouraging words, which soothed me as much as the milk.

It was delicious and as I sucked in more I suddenly remembered some of Kenny’s words about why he liked being a baby. He felt… safe… and right at that moment I could completely understand his point of view because I also had never felt so safe.

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 7

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Kenny Part 7

This story is written by Les Lea

Mum woke me for school in the morning. Still half asleep I wasn’t fully aware of what I was wearing but I knew I’d had a rough night. To begin with I could still detect the aroma of mum’s baking session, the sweet warm smell being very comforting. However, there was a distant-dream at the back of my mind that had disturbed me but I couldn’t quite remember any of the details. Still, once the drowsiness had lifted and I grasped I was in my own room, in my own bed, my unintentionally exploring fingers made me realise that underneath the smooth rubber… I’d wet myself. I gave a huge sigh of resignation just as mum came in to make sure I was up and I recognised another, not so delicious, aroma.

As I sat with my legs dangling over the bedside she could see the slight pained expression on my face and, typical of mum, had deduced the problem.

“Are you wet?”

I gave her a self-conscious nod and she came over and sat by me. I’m sure the smell alerted her to just how big the problem was.

“I had a terrible dream…” she hugged me close, “I guess I must have been scared.” I reasoned. “I’m sorry mum… it won’t happen again… I promise.”

At that moment Jake appeared at the door. Not being awake when I arrived home he wanted to know all about my weekend and to tell me about his sleepover. He saw me sat there in thick rubber pants and mum hugging me… the tears in my eyes were through sheer embarrassment, although now my younger brother knew about my soiled diaper I felt even more humiliated.


After being comforted by mum for a while I eventually went to the bathroom to remove my night time protection. At least the bed hadn’t been ruined so I felt some relief that mum didn’t have to do any special washing. I slipped out of my rubber pants, pulled off the nasty disposable and climbed into the shower. As I let the soothing spray ease my shame mum came in, gathered up the mess and removed it without me being conscious that she’d even been in the room.

As she did every day, mum had got my school uniform ready. My shirt was ironed, my shorts pressed, my tie pre-tied and my blazer checked and sponged clean of any stains, it was all waiting on the chair next to my desk. She had put my underpants on top of the pile, as they are the first things I climb into when getting dressed. I paused a moment, wondering if I wasn’t taking too much of a chance about not having any more accidents. I knew the odds of me wetting at school were minimal but… my confidence had suffered a serious blow and I didn’t want to take any risks. I knew I didn’t have any diapers left but none-the-less I checked my secret hiding place (where I’d hidden Kenny’s wet diaper all that time ago) just to make sure I hadn’t missed any he’d bequeathed on that visit. I knew I had secretly used them already, so it was silly to check but, and I don’t know why I had this need, I thought it would be safer to wear a diaper to school. I went over to my underwear drawer and thought about putting several pairs of those on over each other. To my surprise mum had washed and dried my plastic pants from my dirty accident a few days earlier and had put them away with the rest of my briefs.

I wasn’t sure what to make of this turn of events except, well, to be truthful, I was so happy to see them there and thankful that mum hadn’t just thrown them away in error… or disgust. I thought perhaps she knew I wanted to keep them but at that moment, all I really knew was that I’d put a couple of extra pairs of undies on and then wear the plastic pants over them… that way… I’d feel relatively protected and safe.

Sat at the breakfast table eating my cereal I could hear a slight rustling every time I moved but neither mum nor Jake seemed to pick up on it. I thought I might just get away with it.


It felt strange. Well it felt tight really. The extra briefs I was wearing, topped by my plastic pants made me constantly aware that I had added this protection because I was terrified of wetting myself in public. I know I’d only accidentally done so a couple of times so far but I didn’t want it to happen again and until I was more confident of my bladder, I wanted to take this simple precaution. However, Kenny was in class and he was back in diapers, I could see the bulge under his shorts and when he bent down or over to do something, his plastic pants were very obvious. I didn’t realise how obvious mine were until Gregg Wilson poked his finger up my shorts leg hole, hooked it under the elastic cuff of my plastic pants and pulled at the slippery material. He laughed as he exposed my not so secure security revealing to all part at least of what I was wearing.

As I flushed a deep shade of red, Miss Pendle told Gregg off saying that we (that meant all the children in class) don’t go around trying to embarrass other pupils. However, the cat was out of the bag (a saying I’d heard my mum use) so there was no point in denying it I just had to battle through any ridicule or insults. It didn’t happen. Kenny came and put a comforting arm around my shoulder and there was a general hiss of annoyance at Gregg’s actions. I couldn’t believe it. In fact, more boys were offering their support and it was Gregg that was teased. He didn’t take it very well and started to cry his apologies but he was, well at least until the lunch break, the one made to feel embarrassed.

At lunch I told Kenny what had happened that night and how I’d had a bad dream, which had ended up with my ‘accident’. I explained that, as I didn’t have any disposables left I had to make do as best I could. As we walked to the lunchroom together I could hear both of us softly rustling in our plastic pants. I felt really close to my best friend again, we now had this connection and, perhaps oddly enough, I would have been just as happy with more bulk on show like he had. As I told him of my search that morning for protection he nodded in agreement, smiled then tucked into his lunchbox and produced a couple of cookies.

“Your mummy makes the best cookies,” and he handed me one. “I ate two this morning at breakfast, even mummy and daddy had some, and they loved them as well.”

As I took the one offered the memory of my dream came flooding back.


I was in what appeared to be a hospital. It was a circular room and there were beds all around, like a clock face. The beds had people from the lake in them, well the kids at least. Buddy and Tim and another I couldn’t quite identify were face-down, naked and with the bottoms looking very red as if they had received a very harsh spanking. All the other kids were facing upwards and were naked apart from wearing huge diapers and blue plastic ruffled pants. Everyone was stuck, they couldn’t move, though I didn’t know if they were tied down or if something else was holding them, but all they could do was move their heads. Faceless nurses came in and gave every one a cookie and a bottle of warm milk, which they had to suck like a baby because they couldn’t move their arms. Meanwhile, Buddy, Tim and the other boy had their spanking resumed, so no cookies for them. As the nurses fed all the other patients the milk and cookies, I was left on my own with a blue pacifier stuck in my mouth, which for some reason, as I took in the scene, I was sucking on furiously.

I was wearing a blue short-legged onesie (but it didn’t have a duck like the one Kenny had dreamed about), it was however, very tight around my crotch. I could see a huge bulging diaper, which was covered by a pair of enormous plastic pants with cartoon characters all over them. I realised they were the same style as the toddler by the lake had worn. However, these were massive and obvious because the onesie, which was fastened between my legs, pulled it up and that just emphasised how colossal my padding was. Then Kenny arrived, wearing a white footed onesie that made him look like a rabbit. He had a huge cookie in his hand and he was offering it to me.

I guess that was the trigger to my memory.

The problem was, as I ate the cookie it got bigger and bigger but I had to keep eating it. The baby bottle full of warm milk I was sucking on between each bite was also getting larger and my belly was getting fit to burst. Kenny was insisting that I finish it up so we could go and play, but my belly began to cramp and I could think of only one-way to ease the pain. I reluctantly did a giant poop. The relief was fantastic and it seemed to release all the other patients from their immobility and they walked… or more precise… faded away. However, the bulging diaper had also expanded and I was worried about how I would be able to walk, never mind play out, with Kenny. He was telling me not to worry, it would all be OK and that we would have some fun at school…

A distant command to wake-up…time for school, brought me out of the hospital and into my own bed.


Kenny didn’t seem put off by my dream. As we munched on our cookies he tried to help me understand it. Well, understand is perhaps too big an idea, he suggested possible reasons for it. The weekend had been full of experiences and events, the like of which had never happened to me before. The biggest thing in my past was the actual move we’d made for my mum’s job. I did find that a bit traumatic, especially the new school with the uniform and all its rules, but it hadn’t given me nightmares or even a dream of any kind.

It was terrific listening to Kenny, he was full of ideas, and sat next to him, with our bare knees touching and knowing we were both wearing our protection, his more so, lifted my previous feelings of embarrassment completely. As always, when I see his diaper I just want to touch, stroke and feel its bulk and get a thrill from fondling his silky plastic pants. As he talked I tentatively ran my fingers up the leg of his shorts and tickled his inner thigh, whilst also stroking the plastic cuff. He spread his legs a little wider to give me better access but carried on talking about all the possibilities… as he saw them.

All too soon we were back in class but, joy of joy, I got my first straight ‘A’ for my composition “A Fantastic Weekend” that I’d written that morning. Miss Pendle liked it so much she asked me to read it out and because I was so proud of what Kenny and I had done, I lost all my natural shyness to address the class and happily shared our experience with them all. It was great to see 20 faces all taking an interest in what we’d done. The fact that I was standing in my school shorts and they all knew about my plastic pants didn’t seem to make any difference, and the occasional comment of “wow”, “fantastic” or just the sound of an intake of breath from my audience (and the appreciative smile from Kenny because he was mentioned all the time) filled me full of a confidence I didn’t know I had. I even got some applause when I finished… though I didn’t mention in my story what we’d had to wear to sleep in.


School was actually proving really good for me. At my other one I’d not been a very successful student and (according to the teacher’s report to my mum on Parent’s Evening) my early grades were very poor. So, when I got home with an ‘A’ on my story my mum was so pleased she put it up on the fridge as a reminder. In fact, during my relatively short time at Oakland, my grades had improved dramatically and I was now, like Kenny, in the top stream.

Once home I stripped out of my uniform and, as we were still experiencing a warm spell, slipped into my thin white gym shorts and t-shirt. I put my layers of underpants to wash and returned the plastic pants to the drawer. Over our evening meal, which consisted of some of mum’s fantastic cooking, I read my ‘A’ rated masterpiece to my audience of two and again it was received very well. I know mum is a fabulous baker but somehow, because there was praise from Kenny and his family, it all tasted so much better and I was full of compliments for mum’s efforts. Jake seemed to have forgotten about his sleepover as he bombarded me with questions about the lake. He tried to make mum promise that we’d all go up to stay sometime soon. Mum nodded and said it was a great idea and that we probably would manage it … at some point. This seemed good enough for Jake and he came to my room to find out more of what to expect… ‘Did I think they’d have fireworks?’… ‘Did I think the jets would be still around?’ The questions were almost nonstop until mum, said it was time for bed.


She took Jake off to the bathroom to supervise his washing and teeth cleaning regime; sometimes he was very sparse with his toothbrush and even less thorough with the wash-cloth. Once he was ready and in his PJs, like she does for me, she organise his school clothes so that there was no last minute panic in the morning. Once she’d settled and kissed him goodnight she came in to me and said she thought we should ‘talk’. I was immediately apprehensive and felt a chill run up my back.

She told me she’d been speaking to Mrs Morrison about the trip and they’d talked about the protection Kenny and I had worn on a night. She saw the worried look on my face so put her arm around my shoulders to comfort me. I couldn’t look her straight in the face as I realised what I thought was a secret was now known to everyone… everyone being my mum. She tried to keep the conversation light but with each mention of the thick fabric diapers and rubber pants, my eyes became fascinated by what was on the ground. Even my bare toes appeared to be curling up in shame.

Mum, as always, was fantastic. She saw what had happened as a sensible precaution and that I should have nothing to worry about but she wanted to know if I was happy wearing such things. I was reluctant to admit anything but I eventually nodded and sobbed with relief. Mum held me tightly and said:

“In that case… I have something for you… should you decide it’s something you want to do.”

Mum took my hand and we moved over to my big closet. She opened it up and there was a huge package on one of the shelves. She asked me to open it. It was a pack of pull-ups for older boys. I didn’t know what to say. Part of me wanted to reject the idea of going back into such childish items of underwear, whilst the other side of me desperately wanted to slip straight into a pair.

Mum said that after the morning’s ‘messy’ experience she had sought some advice from Kenny’s mother and she had suggested that I be given free rein to choose for myself what I wanted to do… if ‘indeed anything’. Mum made it clear that she wasn’t forcing anything on me but, as she noticed the plastic pants missing, and had realised I was wearing more underwear than usual that morning that perhaps, just perhaps, I was worrying over something that I need not have to.


I cried. Mum was so loving and understanding. She wasn’t angry, she didn’t think there was something wrong with me, she just… knew. I was so grateful to her right then and sobbed in gratitude and, I suppose, relief. She held me close stroking my hair and let me get my young emotions under control before she said that I should get ready for bed. I felt worn out and was desperately in need of sleep but she left my room, letting me decide for myself what I thought I needed to wear.

I toyed with just wearing my usual t-shirt and boxers, did I really want to be wearing pull-ups, would I be admitting to something I wasn’t ready to admit to? These were questions I was afraid to answer, however, I pulled apart the folded pull-up, it had a cartoon racing car on the front, and examined it.
It appeared to be thinner than the disposables I’d worn and considerably thinner than the fabric diaper I’d worn at the lake. I slipped it on and looked at myself in the mirror. Although it was slightly bulkier than my briefs, they looked just the same. I thought that I could wear these to school if I had to and no one would know but I realised that if I did have another accident, on the scale of my last one, these wouldn’t help much.

I was feeling sleepy so I just pulled my plastic pants over them and crawled into bed, I didn’t even bother with my boxers.

In the morning I was horrified – I’d done it again. Despite my promise to mum that I wouldn’t, my pull-up was soaked and messy and the plastic pants had offered little protection. My bed was in a state and I couldn’t blame it on a nightmare because I couldn’t remember having one, I must have just… done it. I knew I couldn’t hide it from mum but I also had no idea how to tell her without alerting Jake to what had happened. I didn’t have to worry. Jake came into my room and, wrinkling his nose, wanted to know what the smell was. He called out to mum that “Simon’s pooped himself” and once she arrived he hung around in the doorway to see what would happen next.

Mum shook her head in disbelief although she could see that I’d taken some kind of precaution but that the pull-ups weren’t going to be good enough for such accidents. Jake was standing in his shorty PJs and didn’t quite know what to make of his older brother covered in poop and crying about it. Mum told him to go and get ready for school but he was fascinated at what had happened. Mum insisted that he “move or else”, which sent him scurrying off, but she appeared to be at a loss as to what to do next.

I didn’t help as I was lost in sobbing and in my apparent disgrace – I had done something which I hadn’t since I was a baby and failed at being her grown-up son. As I cried I wondered if it was something I’d ‘caught’ from Kenny. Was I now going to be a big baby, wondering around in diapers and protective pants for the rest of my life? What was I to do?


Jake had to catch the school bus on his own, with a stern warning from mum not to speak or discuss what had happened to me with anyone… not even a teacher. She put in a call to school telling them I was unwell and that she was keeping me home and then put a call in to Kenny’s mum. I didn’t hear all the conversation, just little bits from what mum said but I could tell mum was worried.

It was lucky that Mrs Morrison was on late shift that day and came round to help mum with me. She brought diapers, disposables, plastic and rubber pants and an assortment of lotions, creams and powders and set them out in the living room. Although mum had cleaned me up before she arrived, I was sitting at the table in my boxers and t-shirt terrified I might wet or poop again. Mum could see the worry on my face and my constant apologising at putting her out and missing work didn’t seem to be helping.

Mum and Mrs Morrison decided that to help allay my obvious distress I should be put into a thick cloth diaper and heavy duty rubber pants, just so I would stop worrying (and in case the worst happened). Of course Mrs Morrison had changed me recently and wouldn’t have batted an eyelid at doing so again but she obviously didn’t think it was her place with my mum there. However, she encouraged mum to take charge and to get on with the job in hand. As usual, mum was very cheery as she stripped me out of my clothes, wiped and oiled the relative part of my body and then jokingly sprinkled loads of powder all around it. Mrs Morrison passed her a thick cloth diaper and within seconds I was tightly pinned in and covered in a substantial pair of rubber pants. Strangely, I did feel less panicky once I was dressed that way and felt able to move about the house. I went to my room to play, whilst the two women in my life discussed what was to be done.

Again, I wasn’t in the room for that conversation but, after about two hours, Mrs Morrison left and mum gave the impression of being a bit more certain about what was to be done. I waved Kenny’s mum off and she told me that he’d call me when he got home from school. I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to know but I suppose he (and the Morrisons) had become like family, so maybe there was no need for secrets.


The rest of the day passed without incident; mum worked at her desk, while I played on my Xbox in my room or watched TV. The thick diaper was a constant reminder of what I’d done but even the bulk between my legs that hindered my walking… or cute waddle as mum put it (I think she was trying make the experience easier for me to cope with) didn’t depress me like I imagined it would. I suppose in some way the experience of having to wear such thick diapers and pants up at the lake had prepared me for just this event. I did feel a lot safer knowing that if I did have an accident… it would all be contained… and that was a relief.

In fact, suddenly I realised what Kenny had been telling me; that all the extra care was really very nice. The hugs, the cleaning, the kisses, the constant attention and words of approval, I could happily get used to. What I looked like mattered less and I found more and more comfort dressed in my diaper, which was probably just as well as I couldn’t find any of my pants or shorts with enough room to contain it all. The bulk I could see in a positive way, the texture of the rubber I enjoyed getting used to and my mum looking at me with concern but love in her eyes… made me very grateful.

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 6

Chapter 8

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Kenny Part 5

This story is written by Les Lea

The following day at school I wasn’t sure if I should tell Kenny what had happened. I was aware that I regarded our bond as something special but I didn’t know if I could admit to having messed myself… just yet. He’d introduced me to some new experiences, well, not new exactly as I’d worn diapers and plastic pants as a baby, but they were different now I was older and had a choice. The fact that he’d told me he wanted to be a baby seemed an obvious thing for him to want to be as he loved all that type of stuff. However, I had come to the conclusion, especially after my night time incident, I definitely didn’t want to be a baby again… it was far too unpleasant.

Despite that, I did like wearing diapers; the fullness around my groin, the padded and protected feel under my shorts, the slipperiness of the plastic, it was all fantastic. I suppose for Kenny, as he’d been wearing these items for so long, the fact of being a messy kid with a problem was how he managed to maintain a supply. I told you Kenny was a smart lad. However, as smart as he was, I wasn’t sure if he would let his parents know of his real desire.

As we lined up to go into class I noticed that Kenny was still wearing a diaper, although it wasn’t as thick so it didn’t look like he was bursting out of his shorts. He was smiling and beckoning me as if he had an urgent message to deliver.

“Do you want to come over this weekend?” He was so happy I knew there was something more. “We are off up to the lake and mummy said I could bring you if you want to come.”

He looked expectantly at me but I think he knew that there was no way I would miss out on a trip to the lake (a place I had yet to see) or spend a weekend in his company. “Yes… I’d love to… but I’d better check with mum first. I’ll get her to call your mum tonight.”

I think mum was delighted that the offer had been made. Jake was already planning on spending a weekend with a friend so with me off her hands she could have some time to herself. When I got home from school on the Friday afternoon mum had already packed my bag so there was only time for me to change out of my uniform and dress for the lake. Less than an hour later mum had delivered Jake to his destination and we were arriving at the Morrison’s home. Their pick-up truck looked already loaded so just minutes after my mum drove off we were on our way to the eagerly anticipated lake. Both Mr and Mrs Morrison were dressed for a vacation; Mrs Morrison in a denim shirt and cut-down jeans that hugged her hips and made her look incredibly young, whilst Mr Morrison was in a faded brown button down shirt and matching shorts. They both looked as much like a couple of kids as Kenny and me.

Since I was asked to come on the trip Kenny had not stopped going on about how ‘fantastic’ it was by the lake. He’d been once before when he was 7 and remembered it as being ‘fantastic’. His daddy had borrowed a colleague’s cabin then and now it had been offered again… so everyone was enthusiastic about the place. We would be going swimming, hiking, canoeing and having barbeques… Kenny was just full of excitement and everything was going to be ‘fantastic’. As he filled me in on what to expect I noticed that his loose, white Team America soccer shorts looked as if there was padding underneath. I sneakily gave them a little pat when I didn’t think his parents were looking and received a huge smile, even bigger than usual, from my buddy as we continued on our journey.

It was getting late when we approached the lake and the sun was going down. Mrs Morrison suggested we call in at a chicken restaurant on the main road for dinner as it would save all the trouble of cooking, and eating, at a late hour. We pulled into the parking lot and it was bursting with buses and cars which appeared to be full of Boy Scouts of America on their way to somewhere special. Apparently, further around the lake from where we were staying there was a big scouting jamboree planned so that was why so many kids, in their fantastic smart and colorful uniforms, were scurrying noisily around the place.


The restaurant was busy but we were able to find a table and it was ‘fantastic’ to see so many kids of all ages, excitedly milling around. I went to the restroom for a pee and as I was standing there a scout came and used the stall next to me. He was about 15 years-old and wore his uniform with pride. He had green shorts, and a green shirt with badges all over it… all set off by his blue and yellow scarf. He looked across at me and asked why I was still in ‘civvies’. I had no idea what he was talking about but he asked if I wasn’t going to the jamboree. When I told him I didn’t know anything about it he said I should join the scouts as I’d have a ‘terrific time’. He’d been to one every year since he was ten and said he wouldn’t miss them for the world.

As I found my way back to the table I overheard a group of young hikers talking and they were looking over at Kenny and his family, one said to the others how beautiful the ‘blond boy’ was and there was a murmured chorus of approval. I was delighted at that moment to know that my best friend was regarded as beautiful by others… and I was as proud to be the one with him as the scouts were proud of their uniforms.

The chicken was fantastic.


When we arrived at the cabin it was quite dark and we were unable to take in the full splendour of the location. Mr and Mrs Morrison unloaded everything and we two took our backpacks to the room that had been allocated for us. When we opened the bedroom door I was surprised to see a big double bed and very little else apart from a box of toys and games shoved in the corner. I thought it was going to be fun. The last time I’d slept in such a big bed was with my mum a few years ago, so I was looking forward to sleeping with Kenny as it looked very comfortable.

As it was dark we didn’t get much chance to explore although we did walk the few feet down from the cabin to the lake edge and skipped some stones across it’s glassy surface, Mr Morrison, dressed in his faded brown shirt and shorts, looked as good as the scout masters we’d seen at the restaurant and was brilliant at getting the most ‘skips’ – 12 was the best score before we decided to call it a day. We took a walk along the small wooden jetty to see if we could see any fish swimming around (Kenny had said that on his last visit there had been some huge ones darting about). It was too dark to see much but there was a small boat tied up at the end and in our excitement running towards it I tripped up, which ended up launching both of us into the lake. It was cold.

While laughing at our misfortune, Mr Morrison pulled us to safety but of course we were soaked. He guided us to the cabin to be greeted by a surprised Mrs Morrison who pretended to tell her husband off for not looking after ‘her’ boys. She stripped us both down and told us to go for a shower. My shivering and naked best friend went first as I sat and waited on the toilet for him to finish. His mum came in and told him to be quick and not keep me waiting. I suppose we could have both got in together but it would have been a crush. She stood waiting for him with a towel poised and ready so as Kenny and I swapped places she wrapped it around her son and dried him off.


As the shower was only just warm I didn’t spend a great deal of time under it but at least I’d got the blood circulating again. I finished and found a towel that Mrs Morrison had left on a rail at the side and started to dry myself. As I walked into the bedroom Mrs Morrison was diapering Kenny. He’d just had the lotion and powder applied and she was about to fit a thick piece of material into place. She smiled at me and carried on with her job to a lot of giggling and humor from both of them. Soon he was fastened in and she pulled up a pair of rubber pants, like the ones I’d seen him wear at school, over it all. It looked huge but he had that happy smile on his face that meant all was well. I noticed that there was another piece of material on the bed, though not immediately realising that it was for me.

Mrs Morrison looked at me. “I hope you don’t mind Simon…”

I wasn’t sure what she meant but she carried on.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t brought the double waterproof sheet for the bed and we don’t want any accidents… so…” She indicated the diaper. “Would you mind…?”

I looked across at my happily diapered friend and his smile and animated nodding made it impossible for me to say ‘No’ so I just wondered over to the bed and lay out as Mrs Morrison indicated. I was lotioned, powdered and diapered in seconds. The thick material spreading my legs wider than the disposables I’d worn in the past, all of which was soon covered by a pair of rubber pants similar to those Kenny was wearing. We looked like twin babies in our bulky, night time protection, one blond, one dark but both I suspect very cute.


As it was getting late we both clambered into bed. It wasn’t a cold night, and the warm shower had at least brought back a bit of a glow to us… so neither of us bothered wearing a t-shirt. Mrs Morrison kissed us goodnight, which was nice, she smelled lovely and Mr Morrison came in and did the same. I’m not sure what he smelled like but I liked it. Once they’d left the room we snuggled up close together and I asked him if he’d told his parents about him wanting to be a baby. He said no, he hadn’t wanted things to change, but he had told his mum how much he preferred the cloth diapers. So now on a night, that is what he got to wear, and, if he needed them, the disposables were for school.

There was no escaping the thickness of the diaper and the feel of the rubber pants but I had to admit that the cloth did feel nicer than the disposable. Kenny was excited now I was wearing the same as he was and stroked my rubber pants as I did the same to him. The silky texture being very compulsive, I don’t think either of us could stop fondling the material. I remembered to tell him about my discovery whilst rubbing myself up against the mattress and that we should give it a try. Unfortunately, the diaper was way too thick for our pee-pees (Kenny’s name for it) to be encouraged, even if it did feel nice I couldn’t achieve that shudder I’d experienced in my own bed. However, we fell asleep like we had before, a couple of diapered spoons, him with his padded bottom resting against my padded… pee pee.

Whenever I woke up during the night the sensation of our bodies together was just so comforting and right I happily fell back to sleep snuggling up close and stroking the front of his rubber pants. The material was warm, soft and super to touch… a bit like Kenny himself.


The morning arrived and once again I was awake before Kenny, who I’d begun to think would sleep all day if he wasn’t told to get up. I enjoyed a few moments of watching him as he dozed; his fine white/blond hair slightly dishevelled, his breathing gentle and slow, his eyelashes white and long, fluttering occasionally as he began to come round… if there are such things as angels, I bet they all look like Kenny.

He saw me looking and yawned a smile. “I love waking up next to you.”

I smiled back, who can resist being complimented but I wanted to get up and see the sights. “Is it OK to get up or do we have to wait for you parents to come for us.”

I felt his hand go to the front of my diaper. “Have you wet as well?”

I was about to say no when I realised I actually had and just didn’t know it. “Erm… yesss… erm… I suppose I have.”

Kenny seemed pleased and pushed back the blankets. The rubber pants had done their job because although both diapers were soaking wet, there were no leaks on the sheets. It was a first for me and I giggled guiltily at how easy it had been to be so comfortable and warm in bed that I didn’t want to go to the toilet. Having said that, I’m not sure I actually made a decision not to go… I just went in the diaper, so it was just as well that I’d been fitted with all that rubber shielding for the bed. We got up and pulled down our protective pants, the thick diaper material just sagged heavily between our legs. The white material was now pale yellow and we chuckled as we touched each other’s soggy mess, I couldn’t help but think that we’d been actually cuddling together in our wet diapers. The fabric on both of us was pulling down at our hips where the pins had gathered the sides and I thought there must have been a gallon of liquid soaked in… then I wondered if that was all.

I hesitantly let my fingers stray around the leg holes and was relieved that they found nothing, Kenny was the same… we were both just wet.


I was about to get dressed when Mrs Morrison reprimanded me for not putting oil and powder around my diaper area.

“Your mother will think we don’t know how to look after you.” She said as she grabbed the various bottles and canisters and before I could say anything she had me wiped, oiled up and dusted with baby powder.

I stood their naked wondering what to do next. Did Mrs Morrison have any special instructions? Did I have to wait to be diapered for the day? Thankfully, once Kenny was equally cleaned and powdered he just ran off to put his underpants, shorts and t-shirt on, which was my prompt to do the same.

With breakfast over we were let loose from the cabin and the area was wonderful, the view around the lake was simply spectacular. To me the sky had never seemed so blue and its reflection in the lake made it all very inviting. The morning sun was pleasantly warm as kids of all ages were already out playing; cycling, swimming, canoeing, rowing, throwing balls, fishing… there was just so much to do.

Kenny and I made our way to the little rowing boat that was moored at the end of the jetty, where Mr Morrison had already kitted it out with a couple of oars and lifesaving vests. We were made to put them on before he’d allow us to row out any distance and he gave us a brief lecture on water safety. Once he was sure we understood and had agreed to his rules, a “Yes sir” from me and “Yes daddy” from Kenny, we couldn’t wait to get underway.


We rowed a little way out and marvelled at just how huge the lake was. Looking along the shoreline we could see that there were about ten cabins near ours and other groups scattered at regular intervals. About a mile away was a camping ground with RVs and tents and there were individual large properties discreetly overlooking the lake from hillsides. To my young eyes, this place was a truly magical spot and I couldn’t wait to explore further. There were islands dotted around the lake and speedboats pulling water-skiers, it appeared that everyone had left the city to enjoy their weekend in some kind of activity.

The rowing was harder than I thought it would be but I pretended it was easy. As I rowed Kenny asked if I’d liked wearing a cloth diaper. I had to agree that it was nice and that I’d even enjoyed the thick rubber pants we’d had to wear. Kenny was smiling, as if he knew a secret, my secret. I wasn’t sure what that was but Kenny did. I thought it was strange just how much I had enjoyed wearing the rubber pants. A couple of days previously I’d admired them on Kenny when I first saw his bulging diaper and I had, in my own small way, become obsessed about owning a pair. The thought of wearing such an item when I was changed the night before had sent a thrill through my body and I think, waiting around to get dressed that morning, I’d sort of hoped we might be put back into them. However, charging around the lakeside, in and out of the water, I was glad I just had my briefs on under my shorts. A soaking wet diaper with all these other kids around might have been embarrassing.


Back on land and we joined in a very exciting volleyball match, which changed into a game of soccer, which became a swimming challenge. We didn’t stop until we were called for lunch by the clanging of an old iron cowboy dinner triangle. All the parents must have been busy while we were out playing because two large tables had been set out for us to eat as a community. This was fantastic (Kenny had been correct, everything was fantastic) men were scooping up barbeque sausages, burgers, chicken and steak onto big platters, bowls full of fries, salad and beans were set along each table. Huge bottles of soda and cola were attacked by us kids desperate to quench our thirst after such a hectic morning. Including the adults there were maybe thirty people eating, talking, joking, laughing… everyone seemed to be having a good time, even us kids were getting along fine.

As we ate I noticed a young mother with her two toddlers, well there was little girl about a year old and a little boy about 2 and she was holding their hands as they paddled in the water. What drew my attention was what they were wearing. The girl had a thick diaper, which was covered by blue plastic pants that had ruffles across the bottom, while the boy also wore a diaper, which was showing over his shiny plastic pants that had bright cartoon characters all over them. I found myself staring at them as they tested the water by dipping their toes in and then giggling at the temperature. Kenny noticed me looking and in return, he gave me that knowing look again. I think I turned bright red, if I didn’t then it sure felt like I had. It was difficult pretending that you hadn’t been staring when you’ve been caught red-handed but I tried to plead ‘not guilty’ by pointing out some ducks that had just landed on the water near where the family were walking and then quickly taking a bite out of my burger.

As Kenny watched and smiled I was trying my best to get the image of those two little kids out of my mind but it was difficult. It was a strange sensation when I suddenly realised I was jealous. Jealous of their diapers and their plastic pants, both of which I wished I could have and would have loved to have worn myself. Without a word being spoken I looked across at Kenny and knew, he knew and was happy for me.

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 4

Chapter 6

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Kenny Part 4

This story is written by Les Lea

The hot weather continued and once again we found our favourite lunchtime spot up on the playing field and away from any eavesdroppers. As usual Kenny looked fantastic; his school uniform looking pristine and even his cumbersome shorts didn’t detract from what a handsome boy my best friend was. However, on this occasion his usual glowing smile was replaced by an anxious look. He was being very secretive, which was unlike him, normally he was open about everything. Because he was being a bit guarded, I began to worry that something really traumatic might have happened; was his family about to up and move to another part of the country, did he have some dreaded disease, had he tried some drugs (my mum had recently warned me of such dangers at school) I just couldn’t accept the thought of something happening to my best friend.

Nevertheless, as it was particularly evident as we walked up to the field I wanted to know… why such a thick diaper.

“Mummy didn’t have any disposables left.”

I think he assumed that was enough of a reason but seeing my blank face he continued.

“Once I was all cleaned up they couldn’t find any disposables… daddy eventually found some of my old cloth diapers from when I was a bit younger.”

He pulled open his shorts to let me see the thick towelling under the heavy yellowy, translucent material he had to wear. It was just see-through enough to make out that the sides of the diaper were held together by big safety pins, with blue ends, but it all looked a hefty thing to have to wear.

“I could hardly get my shorts on this morning but the idea of just wearing…” and he pointed to his thick protective covering by way of explanation.

I shook my head and unconsciously stretched out my hand to touch the thick material.

“They’re rubber…” he paused.

“Mummy thought I might need much more protection so…” he confided, “this is a double diaper.”

He went on, “She wanted to keep me home but I said I’d be all right.”

“No wonder your shorts look so tight.” I ventured, “There’s no hiding what you’re wearing.”

I continued stroking the rubber pants. “These feel different to your plastic ones… do they feel… different to wear?”

“Mummy brought them from the hospital ages ago… but I have sometimes had to wear them in the past… they’re ‘medical’.”

Well that made sense, with his mother being a nurse and all. I suppose one of the perks of the job is being able to get hold of such things if they’re needed.

I lay the palm of my hand against the front area, well as much as my hand could cover and said: “It all feels very tight.”

“It is… but I needed them tight to get my shorts on. It doesn’t worry me… I’m used to it… even if it does show.”

Handling his thick diaper had brought me back in touch with my best friend. It was the thing I thought bound us together and I was grateful to have him… and it… back. In fact, once again there was a brief feeling of jealousy that he could be so brave and not care what people thought and I’d been worried about what a bully on the school bus had said… and I wasn’t even wearing one. Once again I felt like I’d let him down in some way.


There were a few moments of silence between us and I suddenly realised that he was peeing in to his thick diaper.

I asked, “Are you OK?”

Even though I’d already guessed what he was doing. He said nothing but looked at me with his huge eyes, which basically told me what I already knew.

“Do you need to go to the school nurse to get changed?”

I was concerned but after a couple of moments he just said, “It’s OK… I quite like the warm feeling…”

I didn’t quite understand. Not having wet myself either accidently or on purpose I had no real idea of what he was experiencing… but he continued as he slowly fondled the front of his rubber pants.

“The double diaper and thick rubber will keep everything from leaking until home time.”

I was worried that my wet friend would be uncomfortable. “Don’t you like the nurse?”

“She’s OK but…” he thought about it, “she usually changes younger boys.”

This was the first time I realised he was actually embarrassed about something to do with his diaper. He’d be the oldest boy that the nurse had to attend to and he was uncomfortable about that. His bright eyes peered up at me again and I just nodded in agreement… he looked relieved he didn’t have to explain.

However I added, “Wouldn’t she have some disposables for you to wear instead of this…” and I massaged the rubber.

Despite my concern I was getting to like the new material. It felt completely different to the plastic pants I had recently become used to wearing at home and I wondered if I could get a pair for myself.

Kenny was silent for a while then he said how much he liked the cloth diapers more than the disposables.

“They’re much more comfy.” He pulled up the front of his school shorts and tried to squeeze himself back in. “Mummy and daddy… erm… say how cute I look when I have to wear them and I… erm… think they feel nicer too.”

I had no idea if they did or didn’t so I would have to take my best friends word for it but they looked so bulky I was sure they must make it more difficult to walk… but I didn’t say anything.


“I was dreaming about you.”

There had been a long silence before Kenny came up with this statement and I wasn’t sure to what he was referring.

“Last night, when I had my… accident…”

I realised he was now about to tell me his secret but before I could say anything he carried on.

“We were… erm… in my bedroom… erm… except it wasn’t my bedroom… it was in my old nursery.”

I looked at him in surprise because I know I dream but I can never remember what I’ve been dreaming about when I wake up. I didn’t comment I just let him carry on… I was quite pleased he’d been dreaming of me.

“We were in two cribs. You were in one and I was in another but we wanted to play together but neither of us could get out of the cribs, the sides were too high, we were only babies and you were crying.”

I was intrigued to say the least but being a baby… well!!! but I stayed silent. He looked straight into my eyes and there was something intense that I’d never seen before.

“I wanted to play too but… I didn’t like to see you cry”

For a brief second his face broke into that lovely, genuine smile of his, “You looked so cute in your pale green onesie… it had a duck on the front… your diaper was really thick so you may have been wet as well.”

My mind was filled with the image he described; me as a baby, in a crib, wearing a onesie and upset… and wet… I wasn’t sure what to say as he resumed his story.

“No one was coming to help and it felt like you’d been crying for some attention for ages so we could play. Then I remembered thinking… and this seems strange but… we were the age we are now but… just babies and couldn’t do anything for ourselves… and I thought… mummy and daddy come if my diaper is wet so, in my dream I purposely tried to wet myself.”

He paused to let all that sink in and my mind was swamped with the image he’d placed in my head.

“That’s when I woke up to find mummy and daddy rushing into my room wondering why I was crying out so loudly. It was the first night I’d not worn any protection to sleep and I’d made a mess… a real mess…”

I looked at him shaking my head. Such different feelings were running through my mind and I wasn’t sure whether I was horrified at what he’d described or trying to be an understanding friend. I didn’t realise that my hand was resting on his bottom and stroking him and again I didn’t know if it was Kenny I was touching or the fact that I liked the feeling of the padding. He seemed to appreciate the contact and wriggled a bit as he continued.

“My PJs, my bedding, ME… it was everywhere.”

I let out a sort of “Jeeez…” as if that carried my opinion that he’d been through a lot… but there was more.


I really felt sorry for Kenny, the one night he didn’t have his diaper to protect him and that happened… however, lowering his voice to an absolute whisper he told me more.

“As mummy was trying to calm me down… apparently I’d become a bit hysterical … and she continued cleaning me up… all I could think of was that I’d left you crying.” He looked at me with the most concerned expression on his face. “I wasn’t thinking straight and thought, if I could get back to you, everything would be alright.”

This was making very little sense but, I suppose a dream, or in this case a nightmare, very rarely adds up when looked at in the daylight. However, I was wrapped up in what he had to say and didn’t want to stop his explanation as it was obviously something he needed to speak about.

“Mummy hugged me close for ages as daddy changed my bed and found the old diapers… she quickly had me back in my protection and to soothe me I was sucking on her thumb as I did when I was little.”

I didn’t mention the fact that he’d done it to me as well because I realised what he was trying to tell me was very important to him.

“I must have fallen asleep but I didn’t get back to you because I woke up in the morning in my bed and in a soaked diaper… but I remembered… you.” He looked shyly away. “Normally I don’t remember dreams once I wake up but… this time… I did because you were in my dream.”

I smiled and gently stroked his arm trying to be concerned, understanding and a friend… his best friend. Although our lunch-break was disappearing fast I somehow knew that there was something else… a revelation that was yet to be spoken of.

“I suddenly remembered all my dreams.”

His voice was so low I nearly missed what he was saying.

“I’m not sure why but… erm… whenever, in the past, I’ve had my ‘accidents’…” It was as if he’d put the word in quotes, “I think I’ve been dreaming I’m a baby again.”

There was a stunned silence from me but I continued to encourage him to speak by unwittingly stroking his bare leg.

“I can’t explain it but I like it when mummy and daddy ‘baby’ me.”

The expression on his face was as if he was trying to cope with this realisation.

“I like the care, the kisses, the cuddles, the fun, the diapers… everything that goes with it. I just like being their little baby boy…”


I didn’t know what to say. I was still casually caressing his thigh whilst I listened to him but I had no idea how to respond. He looked down at my hand as it continued stoking his slim leg and smiled.

“Thanks for understanding.”

I’m not sure I did but I asked the question. “What do your parents think?”

He gazed shyly back at me with those radiant eyes, all bright and trusting.

“You’re the first person I’ve told.”

I stared back surprised. I always assumed that he could and would tell his ‘mummy and daddy’ everything and it would be accepted without a moment’s hesitation but this… this huge thing in Kenny’s life… he trusted to me first. Even as a ten year-old I knew that this bond between us was stronger than I had thought and that I was his confidante… so what fantastic response did I come up with?

“Oooh… erm… wow.”

Once again I wondered if I’d let him down in some way but I got my thoughts together and asked

“What were you wearing?”

He looked startled at my question as if he didn’t know what I was talking about but I continued.

“In your dream… I was in a green onesie… what were you wearing.”

He beamed. I think once he realised I wasn’t going to run away after his ‘baby’ revelation we were back to being best friends.

“My pink onesie… it’s my favourite.”

“You have a onesie?”

“Yes. I have three; a pink short one that fastens between my legs, a green footed one with dinosaurs all over it… and a pale blue fleecy one for when it gets cold.”

He seemed pretty pleased with them and told me he’d received them as gifts from family at Christmas and his birthday.

The time had just flown by and we could see that everyone was moving off the playing field and returning to school. As we resumed class I could tell that there were lots of thoughts swimming around in his head. His diaper was even more noticeable now it was wet but it didn’t seem to have any effect on Kenny as we settled back into the afternoon’s lessons.


That night I was in my bedroom and thinking about Kenny’s admission; he wet… and worse… because he wanted to be a baby again? Most kids our age couldn’t wait to grow up and we wanted out of diapers and childish things as soon as possible. Even Jake had been worried the time when Kenny stayed over. He’d run away when he thought we were going to diaper him and locked himself in his room. I knew Kenny was special on so many levels because he was so unlike anyone else. Great at sport, friendly with everyone, good in class… I think all the teachers liked him and he was my best friend. I didn’t quite understand why he wanted to be a baby again but, alone in my room, I thought I’d try and see if I could find out.

I went to my draw and pulled out the little plastic bag that contained the diaper that Kenny had wet when he stayed over. It had dried now and was a bit stiff in parts but I managed to unfurl it and, surprisingly, the tapes had stayed sticky so I was able to pull it on and fasten it around my waist. It didn’t feel particularly nice, although it also didn’t smell of pee, well it did but not so that it overpowered everything else. There was a smell of baby powder that hung around as I had manoeuvred it into position. I pulled the plastic pants over it and, for what I was about to do next, checked that the plastic was tight around my legs and sealed me into the diaper.


I turned off my bedside light and tried to concentrate on making myself pee. It was harder than I thought it would be and it was several minutes, and quite a bit of bladder straining, to even get the feeling that I might be able to succeed at it. Eventually I managed a tiny, quick spurt but that didn’t appear to make any difference, so I tried again, straining as hard as I could. This was a huge mistake as not only did the pee flow like a torrent… I’d managed to make myself poo as well.

I stood in the middle of my room not knowing what to do. Warm pee flooded my diaper but I was now really worried about what was filling the seat. Once I started there seemed to be no stopping the chain of events as the smell and a really soggy diaper was held captive by my plastic pants. I was frozen to the spot and on the verge of tears because of my stupidity. I wanted to call mum to come and help but realised I would have some embarrassing questions to answer. I knew she was down stairs working and I thought that if I could make it to the bathroom, I’d somehow be able to sort the problem out.


My full diaper made it impossible to run to the bathroom so I sort of waddled, desperately hoping not to alert mum or Jake to my situation. I turned on the light and stood looking at myself in the mirror. The diaper had expanded and the plastic pants appeared to have billowed out a bit but I was eager to get out of them as soon as I could. I gingerly lowered the pants and the diaper sagged around my bottom. I knew I had no option so I pulled at the tapes and the entire soggy, smelly, poopy mass slopped onto the floor. The smell was awful but that was the least of my worries as I wondered how to get rid of the mess I had made.

I looked in the mirror and saw the nasty streaks around my bottom so I turned on the shower and climbed in to clean myself up before I started on anything else. It never occurred to me that the shower being turned on would alert mum to the fact that there was something going on upstairs. It came as a bit of a shock when I looked around to see mum standing in the doorway. I’d been caught red-handed and I feared the worst so I did the only thing I could think of doing, I started to cry.


Mum took in the sight of the plastic pants, the messy diaper and her eldest son desperately cleaning himself up and put all the parts together. Tearfully, I climbed out of the shower expecting to be spanked (although mum had never done such a thing to either of us in the past) but she just grabbed a towel, opened it up and invited me in to its soft warm embrace to be dried by her.

She never said a word as I was being rubbed in the comfort of the bath towel. She never said a word as she guided me to my room and got a clean pair of shorts and a t-shirt out for me. She put me to bed with a kiss and went off to tidy up the disaster on the bathroom floor. I lay awake hearing her set about the job I’d left for her and I felt the guilt creep over me. Eventually, the nasty task was over and I heard her turn the light off. She came and sat on my bed and put her hand on my head and stroked my hair.

“You’re a good friend to Kenny.”

She must have known that the diaper and pants were his… I would have pretended to be asleep but thought I’d better let mum say whatever it was she was thinking. I nodded.

“I’m sure his little problem has made you wonder…”

She changed tack.

“You have a natural empathy…”

I didn’t know what that was but mum’s voice didn’t sound angry so I supposed it was something OK.

“You wanted to experience what your friend experienced… you wanted to be a good friend to Kenny… his best friend.”

The hair stroking continued and I found her gentle caress and her words very soothing, so I closed my eyes and just listened to mum’s words.

“You’re a sweet, understanding boy Simon… and every boy should have a friend like you…”

She seemed to be lost in her own thoughts for a moment.

“With your father gone I worried about you and Jake. Worried I couldn’t bring you up or that you’d miss the influence of your dad and that I’d fail you…”

It had begun to feel like she was talking to herself rather than me but, as she continued to stroke my brow I slipped into a deep and peaceful sleep.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 3

Chapter 5

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The Weight of Shame

The Weight of ShameThe once great lord of the dead looked around the room that had once been his throne room. Anubis’s great power was no more – The Usurper’s rise to power was not something he could explain; it had simply happened. Anubis was a plaything, forever – no longer to rule over the Land of the Dead, but now the diapered pet of the insolent feline. Perhaps it was all those mortals worshiping their damned cats that had led to the canine deity’s fall from power. Anubis could only speculate, but it made little difference in the end. The truth was cold and hard: he was now a baby. For eternity.

There was only one possible escape from this predicament for him: he looked over and saw his way out. The feather of Ma’at. Balance. It sat on a scale that bobbed up and down, having nothing to balance against anymore since Anubis no longer weighed the hearts of the dead against it. But if he could somehow make the scale balance again, his power would be restored. There had to be a way. He didn’t know what it was, but there had to be a way.

In the meantime, he was willing to bide his time. With the blocks on the floor, he began to build a small pyramid. A reminder of his glory days – a reminder of the days still to come, when he would restore balance and chain that insolent kitten in the dungeon, only to pull him out when he needed a slave for the lowest of tasks. His two Anubian guards sat on the floor nearby – one consoled himself of his new predicament by rocking back and forth while hugging a cat plush. The other wasn’t faring nearly so well; the dark-furred jackal guard paced around the room, then stopped by the large column in the center of the room and began to shuffle around on his feet a bit.

Anubis growled when he realized what was happening. “Fight it, you weak fool!” He snapped. His Anubian whimpered in response, shuffling more frantically and grasping at his loins. It was to no avail, of course; a few more moments of desperation, and the jackal gave up, his ears and tail wilting and the musky scent of piss filling Anubis’s nostrils as the guard flooded the cloth diaper pinned around his waist. Seeing the sad state of his compatriot, the other Anubian guard couldn’t contain his bladder, and soon HIS diaper was also quite soggy.

“Imbeciles!” the once-powerful god roared, “I should have you beaten!” He stepped back towards the throne that had once been his. “I… I…” he began in fits and starts of rage, but as he approached closer and closer to his throne, he felt himself losing continence with each step he took, and his own diaper was soon completely flooded. Undeterred, he continued to stammer in rage at his two cowering bodyguards, but the first step he took to stand on the dais where the throne sat, and his rage turned to growls of defeat as he clutched his stomach.

It was as if even trying to approach his seat of power caused him to lose all control of his body. He stepped down from the dais, but the damage had already been done, and the churning in his belly did not lessen. He tried to walk away from the throne, but each step became more of a waddle, and then a squat, until finally he could hold it no longer – he squatted in place, tears of frustration escaping the corners of his eyes, and he soon felt the inevitable warm, mushy mess get pushed into the seat of his diaper, making it bulge behind him and slowly begin to sag as it grew fuller with his shame.

As if on cue, the accursed cat came in right at that moment to see him squatting on the floor – and for nothing but what seemed extra meanness, The Usurper kicked over the block pyramid the jackal god had been building. “Uh-oh!” the jaguar said condescendingly, “It sounds like someone is having a temper tantrum! Is it nap time?” The new Lord finally pretended to notice Anubis – as if he hadn’t noticed all along, “Does someone need his diaper changed?”

Anubis did not dare answer, but only growled in reply. The cat was INSUFFERABLE! Seifer didn’t wait for an answer, of course; he never did. “Change him, my pets,” he commanded – and of course, the Anubians obeyed. They had resisted once, but The Usurper’s punishments were harsh, and their weak wills had been broken. Or at the very least, they’d learned when resistance was no good. Before long, Anubis was freshly diapered in clean Egyptian cotton – the diapers were exquisite, but they were still diapers! Thinking the cat had had his fun for the day, Anubis began to move back to the blocks to rebuild his fallen pyramid.

But The Usurper, it seemed, would not allow him even THAT dignity. He didn’t hear The Lord’s commands to the Anubian guards, but he did know that within moments, he was chained to the column in the middle of the room, held fast. The Usurper ascended the dais and sat on the throne – his throne – and looked to Anubis. “You were so hoping to balance this scale once again, weren’t you?” he asked, already knowing the answer. “Well, perhaps this is your chance.” He nodded at the guards, and they approached the scale as they’d done countless times before. Anubis waited to see a heart, or soul, or something of metaphysical substance, to be placed on the tray opposite the feather.

But he watched in horror – tears escaping his eyes and a growl escaping his throat – as the jackal took hold of the diaper he’d just been changed out of. It was filled with the weight of the once-mighty god’s shame. It would never balance, if that was the test. Anubis could already feel his guts beginning to churn again at the thought.

Above text and order by Seifer

Draw by airwolf1987


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My 18th Birthday Part 7

This story is written by Les Lea

With no job to worry about I slept right through until Gwyneth came in to wake me. Unfortunately my diaper couldn’t have been any wetter and had leaked slightly, the plastic pants not quite doing their function of containing all the moisture. There was a little pool of dampness on my bottom sheet and I was worried that I would be punished for making more washing. My initial thought was that I might get a spanking for wetting the bed. However, Gwyneth just raised her eyebrows and said that there was no harm done because she’d thought ahead and put a rubber sheet to protect the mattress “Just in case”. Why I should have thought I might get spanked I’m not too sure because getting disciplined wasn’t something that had ever happened before. Well, except for once, when I’d done something that had infuriated dad and he couldn’t contain his anger.

I was seven at the time and had accidently pulled a wire out of something daddy was using to transmit a large, important report to head office. I’d been transfixed by an intense little rainbow that had appeared on his study wall. It looked beautiful, it was so bright and pretty that I’d wanted to take a closer look and in so doing I hadn’t noticed that I’d pulled one of the leads out of the machine. When dad wondered why his report hadn’t gone and saw the wire hanging out he went ballistic. When he asked me if I’d been in his study and I answered yes because I wanted to look at a pretty rainbow his anger was unleashed. I didn’t get a chance to explain further as my shorts came down and he spanked me for ages calling me awful things with every strike; “useless”, “hopeless”, “stupid”, “incompetent”, “a moron”… the rant went on and my bottom took the full force of his rage. There was no way my crying or saying sorry a thousand times helped the situation daddy only stopped when he got tired.

I still fill up and shiver at the memory.

Still bawling my eyes out he sent me to my room with instructions to go to bed and not move until he said otherwise. I was so terrified that’s just what I did and I was still crying when Gwyneth came home from school. She heard my sobbing and came in to see what the matter was. She was horrified at what daddy did but took some of the hurt away when she explained the rainbow phenomenon. She told me about sunlight and glass, and as dad had a prism on his desk, the sunlight coming in and striking it had formed the wonderful rainbow. I still didn’t comprehend how a rainbow could be formed from glass but I was in wonder at Gwyneth as she then went on to tell me the biblical reason for the rainbow. She was a very clever girl and I thought my sister knew everything so by the time she left my room I’d calmed down. However, mommy was home by then and she wasted no time in telling her what daddy had done.

Mommy was furious. She hated violence of any kind, and made him promise never to do it again. Unfortunately, that night I wet the bed. Every time I closed my eyes all I saw was daddy on the rampage and I was scared. When mommy found me cowering in my own pee the following morning she was very understanding but knew how to deal with the problem. Oddly enough she still had some disposables in a closet from when I was five and had wet the bed. She immediately put me in diapers and I wore them day and night for over a week.

Once again they acted as a comfort rather than punishment and I was happy to run around the house dressed like that. On one occasion I heard daddy say to her that I was acting like a two year-old, and added through gritted teeth, I was more sensible at that age. That spanking had a major effect on my young life because, being constantly anxious at home, and worrying I’d do the wrong thing, made sure I kept out of daddy’s way as much as I could. At one point he wanted to send me away to a Military school but mommy wouldn’t have it. However, he didn’t like to see me sulk around the house so, worrying that I might be sent away, I always had to be ‘happy’.


Anyway, my sister seemed to be well ahead on what to do about a boy who wets the bed, which I put down to her being a writer. I knew she researched everything thoroughly before even starting to put pen to paper so assumed that’s where her information came from. Indeed, when I shamefacedly looked up from the damp patch up to Gwyneth she smiled.

“All I need to know for what my little brother needs is on the net,” and dragged the damp sheet off the bed.

“It said this might happen…” and she ruffled my hair and grinned. “It’s only a bit of washing so don’t worry. I’ll keep you better protected from now on”

She carried the sheet away and, for the moment, I was left standing in a very soggy diaper, in the middle of the room, waiting for her to return to change me. I went over to Teddy to check his diaper but he’s a clever bear and was still very dry. At that moment I wished I was a dry bear.


I heard the doorbell ring and wondered who was visiting. I thought it might be Pauly come to play or someone else who Gwyneth had found online. It was the mailman delivering a large package, which Gwyneth brought upstairs for me to watch her open. She seemed as excited as I was to see the contents as she slit the tape and opened the box. It was a special delivery that she’d ordered earlier online and was a fantastic array of new clothes, diapers, plastic pants and other things.

She’d made sure I had a pair of shortalls with the poppers, as well as plastic pants with poppers, thicker rubber pants she’d read I might need at a future date. There were a couple of short onesies, another footer, shortie pjs, shorts with matching jumpers and shirts, she’d gone mad and bought loads of really nice stuff. I couldn’t wait to try it all on but first I had to get rid of the sagging soaked diaper I was wearing.


Once she’d got me all cleaned up the first thing she tried on me was a lovely soft thick fabric diaper. It was much softer and thicker than anything I’d had before and once it was pinned in place felt wonderful to wear. She slipped over a pair of popper plastic pants but the diaper was too huge so she ended up pulling up a large pair of see-thru plastic pants. It was massive but very comfortable although it made walking very difficult. It was decided by Gwyneth that from now on that would be what I would be wearing for bed. She was of the opinion that even I couldn’t flood the size of that diaper in one night… she giggled and jokily warned me that I shouldn’t try.

We tried everything on to make sure it fit and anything that was a little on the large size would fit if I had more padding. I was in my element changing and trying stuff on, well, in truth, Gwyneth dressed me, took me to the mirror for my reaction and then tried me in something else, or a combination of new things. We were at it for ages before I realised I hadn’t had any breakfast, so, Gwyneth put me in a fresh disposable, let me wear the new popper sided pink plastic pants over it and we went down for brunch.


The next few days were fantastic. We went and met up with Dada Peak and Pauly at various locations and had a brilliant time. Pauly’s style was rubbing off on me and I found myself using his ‘toddler talk’ more and more when I spoke to anyone. He was fun to be with but never really left his dada’s side for very long. His dada was constantly attending to his snotty nose, his wet diaper, his messy hair and always making sure that Pauly was tidy, dry and happy.

One night before bed Gwyneth told me that Pauly was twenty-five, had been with Dada Peak for over ten years and he’d been a toddler all that time. His dada loved having his ‘little soldier’ to look after and had told her that he couldn’t imagine life without him. I’m sure that Gwyneth and Dada Peak had long conversations about all manner of subjects but that was all she would tell me, although she did mention that there were quite a few ABDLs (again I wasn’t sure what that was), you know, ‘others’, in the area and Dada Peak would introduce us, if and when, I wanted to.

I was incredibly comfy. My new huge fluffy diaper was pinned in place, the plastic pants were holding me tightly and Gwyneth had just said that magic word, which immediately got my attention.

“Others?” I asked in amazement.

Of course I wanted to meet others. In my head I imagined hordes of us, not unlike my jungle dream, toddlers and kids wearing our protection and playing games, running wild, building LEGO, and painting pictures… oh… I was so excited at the prospect I couldn’t wait. I hoped that the ten year-old boy from the changing room would be there because I liked his smile.


A few days later Gwyneth mentioned that she had to go and meet with her publisher; apparently the movie company had arranged the finances for ‘Smart Moves’ and now wanted to ‘action the script’ and discuss any changes. However, she said that I couldn’t join her because she didn’t know how long she’d be and couldn’t give me her undivided attention. However, she gave me an alternative and hoped I liked the idea. She would drop me off at Dada Peak’s and Pauly’s house and collect me on her way home… that was if I didn’t mind her not being around. She also thought I might have a brilliant time because apparently, Dada Peak had designed the house around Pauly’s needs and that included a huge play area that went from the inside and out into the garden.

“Room for loads of kids to have fun” she enthused, “and besides you two get on so well.”

I was a bit worried not having my sister there but I understood why I couldn’t go and besides, I’d be bored sitting around all day. It was a busy time for her, what with the movie and her new novel well underway, so I realised that I couldn’t be the centre of her world all the time. I think I agreed to going, although, when I think about it, perhaps it had already been decided. Anyway, I was happy to be spending time with Pauly and it would be exciting to visit his home. I asked if there might be ‘others’ there. She said she didn’t know but, well, maybe? That was all the encouragement I needed.


There was a group of about a dozen grown-ups looking on and all of them were laughing, commenting and jeering at us. We were trying our best to be good but nothing we did seemed to please them. We were all in this large play area; Pauly was there wearing only a diaper with a cartoon monkey on the front, sat in a puddle and crying. There were two other boys Ricky and Kim;

Ricky was blubbing because he didn’t like the pretty little dress he had to wear (he couldn’t hide his thick diaper when he tried to pull it down), whilst Kim was head to toe in a spotted onesie but he had a little waggly tail and his head was covered in a doggy mask. The grown-ups were making him sit up and beg, roll over and do tricks, which he was finding difficult in his restricting onesie. There were two girls (I didn’t know their names) one in a ruffled pink rubber dress with enormously bulky matching panties and one in a similar black costume but both had gags in their mouths that looked like pacifiers. There were also four babies crawling around wearing only ultra-thick diapers, colourful pacis and bonnets.

I knew I’d made a mistake. Without Gwyneth there to look after me I was now just one of ‘the others’ and I was at the mercy of what the grown-ups wanted. I know I was unhappy. My diaper was soaked through but every time I thought I’d be changed, one of the daddies or mommies would simply add a new diaper over the old one. I had this massive bulky thing now that made moving at all very difficult and I’d messed myself. I was sobbing, I was dirty and it was all my own fault for wanting to be a kid again.


“Stoopid, stoopid, stoooooopid,” I was so angry with myself for letting it happen. I was rapping my knuckles on my forehead, shouting and scowling at myself because I just couldn’t believe how stupid I’d been.

I know I’m not the brightest person in the world but I should have caught on sooner and I wouldn’t be in the mess, literally, that I was now… sitting in. With my thick diaper stuck to my body I disliked immensely the way the poop stuck to everything and made me feel both dirty and queasy. It didn’t help that I was being chastised for being “A dirty little baby” and made to feel that was all that I would ever achieve.

Banging my head wasn’t helping as it hurt. I sat shaking in my pile of poo unable to do much else and began, as I so often did these past few days, to cry. No doubt I looked the picture of abject misery but, this is what the people had wanted and they were getting just that from my current display.

I tried to escape but I simply couldn’t move, the grown-ups were advancing and I was, I was, I was…

“Help me,” I screamed


Someone was rubbing my shoulder. “Wake up Benjy.”

I was too scared to even open my eyes.

“Come on Benjy,” he continued to gently shake my shoulder, “you’ve having a bad dream.”

Eventually I forced myself to take in what was going on around me. Dada Peak’s face was looking concerned as he gently roused me from sleep.

“You poor thing,” his voice was very soothing, “with all that crying and screaming you must have been having a terrible dream.”

Effortlessly he picked me up, hugged me to his chest and rubbed my back. Slowly my perception of what was going on returned and I realised I’d been asleep and had an awful nightmare. As Dada Peak continued to reassure that all was well, I was able to look around and noticed that Pauly was standing in his crib, wearing a pink and blue onesie (that really showed off his thick diaper), clutching his plushie, although the paci couldn’t hide his look of concern.

Dada Peak was making calming noises as I slowly came back from my horrible dream-inspired ordeal and it was very noticeable that my crib was a complete mess. Blankets and toys were strewn everywhere and there was a huge damp patch. My diaper must have been sodden but that wasn’t worrying Dada Peak, he just wanted to comfort a little chap who was frightened. As I realized it had all been a dream I hugged him back and nuzzled his neck in thanks.

“Are you OK now?” That look of concern made me feel safe. I nodded. “Your mommy, er, Gwyneth, isn’t back yet but she has called and said she will be with us soon.”

He patted my padded bottom and scrunched up his nose. “I think someone needs a change.”


In Pauly’s nursery there was everything; he even had other cribs in case anyone stayed over. There was a huge changing station with powders and lotions arranged along shelves, whilst piles of different coloured disposables filled every other space. There was another, smaller stack of plastic and rubber diaper covers to keep everything suitably in place, look good and leak proof.

Dada Peak was very efficient, he had me out of my soaked diaper, wiped, cleaned, lotioned, powdered and wrapped in a thick, thick disposable in just a matter of seconds. I thought Gwyneth was fast but Dada Peak was superfast. Once he’d finished, by snapping me into a thick pair of cream coloured rubber pants, effortlessly he lifted me up and slipped me into the crib with Pauly.

The concern on his face had changed to a smile and it wasn’t just the grinning image on his paci, he seemed happy I was OK and not traumatised. As Dada Peak set about cleaning up the messy crib I’d recently vacated I settled down with Pauly who inched up close and put his arms around me; his soft onesie and thick diaper rubbing up against my padding being very reassuring. Pauly pushed his plushie into my hands as comfort, whilst I lay there and began to think why I should have had such a dream.

I could hear Pauly softly sucking on his paci whilst he snuggled up closer to my back and wished I’d also had one. Thankfully, Dada Peak was on my wave-length and surreptitiously slipped one between my lips, which I gladly accepted.


Being quite sleepy and trying to work out why I’d had such a terrifying dream was proving difficult, although it may have been down to the fact that I’d seen a few disturbing images about diaper wearers on Gwyneth’s laptop. It is perhaps strange that after that first day of appearing on Facebook and YouTube, and receiving all those comments, once Gwyneth had taken charge I was no longer bothered by it all. In fact, I hadn’t looked at either site since, except, and I know this was naughty of me, I looked the day before when I thought I might be meeting ‘others’ on this visit. I wanted to know who might be around and my curiosity led me to a site I wished I hadn’t seen. I hadn’t told Gwyneth what I’d done but obviously, those images had come back to haunt me right when I didn’t want them to.

Pauly cuddled up even closer and our rhythmic sucking was in perfect sync, which made me drop off again. It hardly seemed moments before I was being woken up again but this time it was the gentle voice of Gwyneth. I could hear her saying to Dada Peak that perhaps she should leave me until morning as I looked so peaceful. However, once I heard her voice I opened my eyes and reached out to her. She bent into the crib and kissed me whilst stroking my brow.

“Hello baby brother,” she cooed, “do you want to stay or shall I take you home?”

Woozily I roused myself and stood up in the crib leaving Pauly sucking gently in a deep and undisturbed sleep. He was on his tummy and his huge protection billowed out from his onesie making a massive padded hill out of his bottom. He looked serene and content. I thanked Dada Peak for a wonderful day, for looking after and changing me with a giggly kiss, which he seemed to appreciate. Then, hand in hand, Gwyneth led me to her car and we drove home.

I was still quite sleepy so we didn’t talk much though I could tell she was excited about something but it would have to wait. I fell asleep on the journey home and the next thing I remember is waking up in my own bed with Teddy smiling down on me.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 6

Chapter 8

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My 18th Birthday Part 4

This story is written by Les Lea

Wearing a wet diaper wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d thought it would be and after a while, and despite the bulk, I’d forgotten that I’d wet them. After we’d eaten we had a game of ‘ISpy’ and a rather interesting competition of cloud watching; it really is incredible the shapes you can interpret into actual things. We were coming up with some silly and clearly outrageous suggestions and this had us giggling quite a lot. However, after a couple of hours, and several cans of soda, I was desperate for another pee.

Gwyneth looked at me when I said I needed to go because I was searching for a private spot to do my duty. She just reminded me that I’d already used my diaper once so it would be silly not to do so again. I thought I couldn’t do it deliberately but Gwyneth pounced, rolled on top of me and began to tickle. Whether I wanted to or not that got the old pee flowing, and it is to the credit of the diaper’s absorption powers that nothing trickled out.


We lay in the sun enjoying the final few rays before we returned home. I wondered if I’d have to squish all the way but my ever prepared sister opened the little backpack I’d carried, emptied it out and there were spare disposables, plastic pants, creams, lotions and of course a supply of wipes and baby powder. I had no idea that was what I was carrying but, as she pulled at the tapes off my swollen diaper I was rather pleased she’d planned ahead. It was a relief when she removed the soggy thing. It had expanded to quite a size and again I was amazed that I’d been wearing that grossly expanded object between my legs and, perhaps more to the point, it hadn’t concerned me in the least. As she wiped me clean but before she applied the creams and powder a light breeze blew against my naked genitals and sent tiny ripples of bliss through my body. My penis reacted and grew under her deft handiwork but she just smiled, pulled the diaper between my well-powdered groin and quickly taped it into place; flattening its stiffness against my body and blocking any further thoughts I might have had regarding that particular bit of my anatomy.

This time the plastic pants I stepped into were blue and I was dressed like that for a few minutes as we packed everything else away. Gwyneth took more photographs and kept on reminding me how wonderful and sweet she thought I looked. In fact, at every opportunity she kept complementing the way I looked and patting my padded bottom, which made me chuckle, I liked the attention. The day had been nothing like any other I could remember. I couldn’t remember ever doing this with mom or dad, days out were just something other kids got to experience with their parents. This was great and even in diapers, it had been a fantastic day… in fact I was appreciating even more the incredible efforts my sister had gone to for me to feel special on my eighteenth.


Back home we sat and watched TV for a while (her in her summer dress and me wearing nothing but a diaper and plastic pants), before she recommended I had a bath before bed – to make sure, she jokingly said, that there was no residue pee left secreted in any ‘crevices’. Normally, I have a shower in the morning and that’s it but her reasonable suggestion made me think it probably wasn’t a bad idea so off I went. I shucked off my diaper, which wasn’t wet, and happily climbed into the suds. The water was very hot but I could just about stand it; my sister’s lavender bubble bath I’d ladled in helped me to fully relax as I let myself soak for quite some time.

It had been one hell of a day and as I washed my hair and gently scrubbed those all-important places I began to feel ‘playful’ again. Wearing a diaper had a major drawback for a horny eighteen year-old, it restricted (if not completely prevented) any cock and ball play. A toddler may not think that way but, now I was out of those confining things, I intended on having a different kind of fun. However, just as I was enjoying the gentle caress of my own soapy hand, Gwyneth walked in with a towel. I was slightly embarrassed at being caught in mid-stroke but she just smiled and told me that I’d wrinkle up if I didn’t get out of the bath. I was hoping she’d go so I could continue with my efforts but she just stood there, towel outstretched, waiting for me to rise from the foam. Reluctantly I climbed out and Gwyneth proceeded to give me the most thorough drying I think I’ve ever received; every bit of my body was methodically rubbed. Unfortunately, she ignored the very part of me that would have benefitted from such an enthusiastic massage and I was left more than a little frustrated.


She guided me to my room and of course her supplies were all laid out ready for me to be diapered for the night. I really thought that it would be back to my usual boxers and t-shirt to sleep in but obviously Gwyneth had other ideas. I was about to complain, or try and reason with her at least, but she’d gone to such extraordinary lengths so far to make me happy I wondered if this was perhaps another thing I thought I didn’t want but actually did. Anyway, the upshot was that she carefully applied lotions and creams, lashings of powder and an ultra-thick fabric diaper, which was held in place with two huge pink pins. Once again she slipped up a pair of clear plastic pants that snugly held it all together and, just as I thought she’d finished and was about to crawl into bed, she produced something else, a pair of footed pjs.

I wasn’t expecting this and wondered how the hell she’d been able to get hold of something my size so quickly. The pjs were blue with cartoon stars and planets all over them and, as she fed my feet into them, I marvelled at how soft the fabric was as it touched and caressed my skin. Soon my arms were encased and she stood me up for the final action. The zip was at the back and stretched from hips to neck, which she closed with a flourish. Then we stood together looking in the mirror and it was an amazing sight. For a brief second I was stunned at the reflection; I thought she looked like mom and I was back to being a toddler, I was even holding her hand and, as a shiver ran through my body, and despite my size, I really did feel like I was back to being a little kid.

I was speechless as Gwyneth gently led me to my bed, pulled back the covers, where Teddy was lying still dressed in his own diaper, and urged me in. I was dazed at this strange ‘mirror revelation’, a glimpse of my past that really shook me and, because I was distracted thinking about it, wasn’t even aware that she had slipped a babies bottle full of warm milk between my lips.

As she held it to my mouth, and with my mind elsewhere, I naturally began to suck and closed my eyes as I rhythmically downed the entire contents. Later she replaced the bottle with my paci and left me cuddling Teddy as I drifted off to sleep after what, one way and another, had been a pretty eventful day.


My dreams were of Teddy and me and Gwyneth and me, where Gwyneth was actually my mommy and Teddy was my father… weird. At one point mommy (Gwyneth) was telling me what a ‘good boy’ I was because I’d managed to use the potty correctly but daddy (Teddy) was threatening to spank me if I didn’t wear my diaper like he was (yes in my dreams Teddy/daddy was still wearing his diaper). In my dreams I was doing all I could to please them both and each one was telling me what a ‘clever baby’ I was being.

I woke up desperate for a pee. I climbed out of bed and made my way to the bathroom but once there found I couldn’t reach the zip on the rear of my footer. I tugged and tugged but for some reason I just couldn’t budge it, in the end I had no option but to fill my diaper. I argued with myself that was what the diaper was for, and Gwyneth had encouraged me to think of it in that way,

“Just do it” had been her advice, so that’s what I did. To begin with it was a strange warm sensation, which I didn’t mind much, luckily the diaper and plastic pants held it all in and I was able to fall back to sleep relatively quickly. In the early hours I felt I needed to go again but this time I made no attempt to get to the bathroom so lay there and with little effort further filled my diaper.

When I eventually did wake up the diaper was thick between my legs and my plastic pants where a shiny stretched reminder at just how much I’d drunk the night before. However, and this fact was a bit of an eye-opener, it didn’t worry me what I’d done. Just the day before the very thought had made me recoil in horror but here I was wearing a fully soaked diaper and not being bothered about it in the slightest.


I got up and sought out Gwyneth because I needed help getting out of the footer. She was already downstairs making breakfast and smiled as I shuffled into the kitchen. Another few photographs were taken as I asked her to let me out but she just told me to sit down and have the bacon and eggs she’d cooked before they got cold, and which had been cut into bite sized pieces. I waddled to the table (I was waddling everywhere at that time) sat down and it was a squelchy diaper that cushioned my bottom. Once again everything was served in the new little kiddie bowl and I was given only the matching spoon to use. My juice was served in a sippy cup and despite any doubts I may have had I was so famished I happily ate and drank the lot.

Once my plate was clean and I’d taken it to be washed Gwyneth led me back upstairs to be changed. She tweaked the zipper and it easily came down but I informed her that I was very, very wet because I couldn’t get to the bathroom to go properly. She just smiled as I stepped out of my pjs making small talk about what the plans were for the day and as if changing an eighteen year-old was the most natural thing to do. I shucked down my plastic pants and the fabric beneath was saturated. She asked if I’d messed as well but I just made an “Uuuurrrghhh” type of noise to indicate no and she patted my swollen bottom and unpinned me. How she could be OK with all this changing business I didn’t know but I suppose, thinking about what I’d assumed earlier, she was substituting me for her lost baby… well maybe. I certainly didn’t want to be the one to spoil whatever fantasy or need she had at that moment because, well, I was still enjoying playing this game myself.


Gwyneth had been correct about there being a ‘little’ me somewhere inside and that the people online and who commented on YouTube had also noticed it so, I was feeling part of a pretty cute group. I liked the term ‘little’ and, as my sister had shown me, dressed in diapers had released me to be the fun person she suspected I was all along. With her encouragement being childish was nothing to be ashamed about and living an enjoyable life as a toddler certainly beat stacking shelves. However, work was on the horizon and I wanted to make the most of my time off before it was back to the grindstone. I’d even begun to think that perhaps I might be able to wear a diaper or something similar under my uniform but I was sure the outline would be obvious as the pants were so tight.

I showered and Gwyneth once again got me ready for the day. She put a couple of pads in the disposable and pulled up the clear plastic pants. She pointed to a mark on the front and told me that, if I wet them, then the mark would change colour and she could check without me saying anything if I needed changing. Then she pulled out a new yellow t-shirt with tiny toy rocking horses all over them and slipped it over my head. Although I did a sort of double-take because it looked so childish she then produced a matching pair of shorts which she quickly fed my legs into and pulled up to my waist. Again that feeling of just being a little kid with mommy dressing me coursed through my body and I stood transfixed by my new outfit. Although I was eighteen I wasn’t a large teenager, in fact, Gwyneth was a good two inches taller than me and looked much bigger. However, I didn’t get chance to be pleased or complain because Gwyneth was guiding my crinkling butt down the stairs and out to the car.


I had no idea where we were going but Gwyneth was telling me about some of the online comments she had read. According to her, loads of them had said that it was best to make the ‘little one’ happy and comfortable in clothes that were soft, colourful and reminded them of when they were a toddler. Toys and colouring books were also an important aspect to all this so that’s where we were going now, to a mall that had a huge toy store.

For every reason I put up not to go (especially dressed as I was) she had a comment that said the opposite. There was no doubt that the bulky diaper I was sitting on was a constant reminder of what I liked and perhaps surprisingly I found the hugging of my hips and groin very pleasing. However, although I quite liked it I thought my little yellow outfit was maybe going too far to be seen in public. Gwyneth said I shouldn’t worry, everything would be alright and was convinced no one would say a thing. I doubted that and remained silent for the rest of the journey.


In the silence I began to think. How come she had a footer my size? How come she had this outfit ready? How come she had a paci, bowl, diapers and plastic…? Just as my suspicions were growing I suddenly got a pain in my stomach. I groaned and Gwyneth asked me what was wrong. I tried to tell her about the pain but almost instantaneously my guts started to churn. I begged Gwyneth to pull over as I needed to go to the bathroom but she said there wasn’t one nearby. She said that I should just pee in the diaper but I moaned I thought it might be more than that.

“OK, just hold on we’re not far away.” She said with concern etched on her face.

Unfortunately, the turmoil in my stomach wasn’t open to any constraints from me and I couldn’t hold back. With a loud wet fart the contents of my bowel erupted into my diaper and I was crying in humiliation and disgust as wave after wave of poop exited my bottom. The smell in the car was awful and Gwyneth had to roll down the window to get us both some air. I sat in my own rapidly filling diaper stunned at what was happening. As soon as my guts exploded the pain had instantly gone but I was mortified by the strange and disgusting feeling in my pants… my emotions took over and there were more tears.

A couple of minutes later and we arrived at the mall but I thought in my state I just couldn’t leave the car. However, she insisted that I couldn’t just sit in the mess and that I wasn’t to worry she’d have me cleaned up in no time. She grabbed my hand and led me crying and gingerly waddling towards Toys’r’Us, which was the first store in the mall nearest to where we parked. There were a few kids already looking at toys with their parents but Gwyneth led me straight to the baby changing area.

It was empty when we went in and although I was crying and embarrassed I let her take charge. My little shorts were pulled off, which thankfully were still clean, she then tentatively shimmied the plastic pants down to reveal my bloated and discoloured disposable. Mercifully, the extra padding had absorbed most of the liquid but I was still a mess. She quickly stripped me out of it all and, with barely any acknowledgement to the smell, set about cleaning me up. I hadn’t noticed the large bag she was carrying but as she lay me out on one of the counters, she opened it up to reveal a host of stuff she’d need to fix me. First she used toilet paper and then going over to the sink soaped up a cloth she’d brought and began to wipe away the debris. I was still sniffling when someone else came in. A woman with a baby took one look at me, looked pityingly at Gwyneth and then set about changing her own child. My clean-up took quite some time and during that period I lay there motionless, self-conscious and desperate not to make eye contact with any of the other patrons using the facilities.


A lady with a boy aged about ten came in, found the empty table next to mine and stripped her son out of his shortalls by simply popping some studs at his crotch, laying him out and then popping the studs on his cute cartoon plastic pants, which instantly gave her easy access to his soaked diaper. Gwyneth watched how easily it all appeared and asked the lady where she had bought her boy’s shortalls. After a brief discussion about their usefulness and hardwearing properties (“Just the thing for an active boy”) she made a note of the name she’d been given, thanked her and resumed my re-diapering. The young boy and I were finished together. Gwyneth pulled up my yellow shorts as his mother finished pressing the last few poppers back together. He bashfully smiled at me as his mum picked him up, patted his freshly padded bottom and they set off to finish their shopping… and quite unexpectedly I cautiously waved back.

The young boy’s attitude to being changed in public had stopped me blubbing as he seemed untroubled by the process. That sweet little smile had really got to me and I wished we could play together. I was no longer thinking of our age difference only what we had in common and we both wore diapers and had accidents in them. It was a revelation and suddenly I didn’t feel so self-conscious.


Once Gwyneth had packed all her stuff away, and before we left the bathroom, she asked if I was OK. Now I was clean, dry and wearing my thick ‘protection’ (now I knew what Gwyneth had meant by that term) I was comfortable and quite happy to continue.

“Good,” she said as she patted my freshly padded bottom and we entered the main part of the store.

The array of toys was spellbinding. Mom and dad had never been keen on my playing with such childish things and because Gwyneth, even as a youngster, preferred to read, I wasn’t encouraged or given many toys to play with. As we toured the aisles I was spoilt for choice, I just didn’t know what to get for the best. Over in the kids play area right next to the store I saw the young boy from earlier running around with some younger kids sliding into the ball pit, running on the rope bridge and playing on the JungleGym. He noticed me and waved again and it was the first time I noticed that his diaper was really quite obvious and thick. However, he seemed unconcerned as he smiled, whooped with pleasure and chased some other kids into another part of the ‘playzone’.


Sitting on the floor in front of a plastic toy garage was another guy, perhaps a few years older than me, seeing how the wind-up lift worked that took the toy cars to the top to let them zigzag down again. He was wearing denim shorts but because he was bent over there was no hiding the top of his diaper from showing above the waistband. As I walked past he looked up and smiled, whilst running one of the four vehicles scattered around him along the ground and making car noises.

“That looks fun,” I said and he invited me to join him on the floor.

He was a lot older than his clothes would have suggested; he had a huge cartoon character on the front of his sweatshirt and his socks also had the same image festooned all over them. His sneakers had lights in the heel which flashed as he walked and he spoke, well, like a toddler. He was both shy and enthusiastic to have someone to play with but then I saw an older man approach who asked him if he’d made a friend.

Gwyneth and the man got talking as we played together and inspected all the secrets that the garage contained. I didn’t hear what they were saying because my new friend grabbed my hand and took me to another aisle to look at the latest huge toy castle that he said his ‘dada’ was going to buy him. His voice was soft, as if he didn’t want anyone to notice him, but he was enthusiastic as he explained all the fantastic things the castle contained and all the dragons, monsters and soldiers you could get to do battle. He seemed so excited but then his ‘dada’ called him and he went rushing off to hold his hand. Even though he was older than me he acted like a little kid; shyly holding his ‘dada’s’ hand and swinging a foot whilst he waited for him to stop chatting with Gwyneth. I have to admit, knowing he was wearing a diaper like me was heart-warming, he looked so sweet and just as at ease as the ten year-old boy had been. I sat where I was inspecting the massive plastic castle with all its turrets and towers and wondered if I should get one. He’d fired my imagination and I liked the idea of dragons and knights and fantastic mythical encounters. A few moments later Gwyneth called me but I hadn’t made up my mind.

We spent a good couple of hours looking at everything but I really wished I could play in the kids Playzone with all the other children as it looked fun. However, I realised that it just wasn’t built for someone my size and I’d just have to watch. After the two encounters with other ‘older’ diaper wearers, now I was all clean and tidy myself I never gave what I was wearing much thought and it was only the knowing smile from an adult, or a gawping look from a toddler that occasionally made me hesitate. However, I had work to do and decisions to make and they didn’t come easily. In the end I settled on some cars, a large truck and loads of little figures and colouring books from the latest Pixar movie.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 3

Chapter 5

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The Fate of Anubis

The Fate of Anubis
The mighty jackal god would NOT whimper! He was the lord of the After. Ruler of the Land of the Dead! He decided who entered and who didn’t. But with each swat to his reddening rump, he began to lose his resolve, and a tear even formed in his eye. For centuries, he had weighed the hearts of those who entered, but now he supposed it was an ironic balance that he was the one being given a stiff punishment. He didn’t know how he ended up in this situation, but he had been babied, forced into diapers, forced into punishment – in short, the Throne of Anubis had been usurped. And now he was a pet – to be confined to this nursery, to be subject to the jaguar’s whims for all time.

Order and above text by Seifer

Draw by airwolf1987


The Jaguar sure seems to be kind of happy right now when he have this three jackal to punish.

I sure wounder what bad they have done to deserve a treatment like this one.

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