Cloth diaper

Grab the swab!

Grab the swab!Order by tailscorra!

Draw by Small_Circles


Poor thing it sure seems like someone is in need of a diaper change here and maybe some thicker diaper to.

Poor thing he sure is not happy over this :( And i can sure understand it.

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New Lambs!

New Lambs!Draw and everything by Diegesis


Awww looks like the dogs is checking out the new the lambs and they sure seems to enjoy the time that they having there at the farm :)

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Diaperfur Comic: The god in the playpen, part 2

Diaperfur Comic: The god in the playpen, part 2Gasping as he clutched at his rebellious stomach, Anubis could only clench his jaw. “I need to–..” he managed to grit out through his teeth, his body trembling as he barely held onto his control.

“Err, sire?” the Anubian guard questioned as he stopped mere feet away from the playpen, looking down at his former lord. The soldier caste were always a powerful breed, though not as broad as the deity, a fact that niggled in the back of Anubis’ mind as he was forced to gaze up at the guard, his eyes baleful but quickly turning soft as he felt his battle was over.

“Uhm,” was all the guard could say as Anubis suddenly let out a defeated bark, grabbing tighter onto the rail of the large playpen as he felt his body resist his commands. Bending at the knee and hunching down, his tail lifted as straight as a banner rod as his body started to release.

No matter how many times Lord Anubis was forced to perform the act, each time felt like the first. The sudden relief was first, followed quickly by the humiliation as the fullness of his stomach became a heavy weight in the seat of his undergarments. Feeling the cotton start to stretch to contain his accident, pulling the golden pins tighter, he started to actively push.

The soft Egyptian cotton grew tighter as he made one final push and slumped down, panting softly as he hung his head in shame. Anubis’ ears pricked as the guard finally spoke, making the dark furred jackal raise his eyes slightly.

“I’ll let the Lord know you need a diaper change, sire.” the guard said, unable to make eye contact with the former deity as he went to inform The Usurper that he was needed to deal with his captive’s state. Despite it all, Anubis hoped the humiliating event would come quickly.

Order and above text by Seifer

Draw by small_circles_


Poor thing looks like he did dent manage to ask for any assistant in time :(

Good thing the cloth diaper is there to handle his messy accident.

But at lest he is not going to have any tummy pain now :) always something even if its not match to be happy about.

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Diaperfur Comic: The god in the playpen, part 1

The god in the playpen, part 1Lord Anubis could only fume in his position. The Usurper had rendered him mortal, with all the drawbacks that came with such a form, and indeed the feline had made sure he experienced every bit part of them.

Forced to remain in an oversized playpen, the jackal lord was only able to keep his fury in check by slapping around several of the soft toys stuffed in with him before growing bored and staring up at the spinning mobile above him.

It had been several weeks already, Anubis subjected to one humiliating act after another as the Usurper cemented his role and the new position of all the jackals under his control. Indeed, all the guards and soldiers were kept in the undergarments of children, while only the former deity himself was ‘gifted’ with the full treatment.

His eyes wandered around the room again, a place once used to store valuable items, it had been redone. The murals painted over and reflecting the jackal lord’s new status with various hieroglyphics of simplistic design, and now was only meant to hold Anubis until the Usurper came to fetch him.

His only companion was one guard standing watch at the door, the jackal’s thighs parted by the cloth bulk pinned around his waist. Anubis never bothered to communicate with the guard, merely conversing with someone so far below his status was unthinkable. Even if things had changed, the former god had his pride.

Though, he quickly felt another aspect forming that caused his jaw to clench as the jackal lord got up onto his knees and then his feet, clutching at the side of the playpen and glaring towards the impassive jackal who watched him.

SLAVE!!! he bellowed, his still strong voice booming in the room as the guard jerked to attention.

“You there, Slave!” the lord repeated, glaring directly at the guard who merely looked bemused. “Come here!!!”

Clutching tighter at the strong wooden bars, Anubis grit his teeth as he felt his knees begin to bend, and his tail flicked as it started to raise of it’s own accord. “I need your..assistance..” he hissed out, knowing time was limited.

HURRY!!! he nearly screamed, the desperation evident in his voice as the guard ambled towards him, crook in hand, and gait a distinct waddle shared by many of his kind.

“Coming, sire.” the jackal replied as he approached the infantilized deity, ready to see what his former lord required.

Order and above text by Seifer

Draw by small_circles_


Someone sure seems to be in a pretty nasty angry mode here :(

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Whenever a toddler hands you a “phone”, you answer it damn it-I mean dang it.

Caiden and Kyle decided to play “telephone” with the classic tin-can-and-a-sting. Kyle rigged it up, gave one end to his little brother, and ran around the corner and down the hall. The two cubs giggled as they sent silly messages back and forward to each other. Those messages progressively got naughtier and naughtier as time went on to the point Kyle was using swear words.

As this was happening, Caiden remembered how his older brother ratted him out when he was sneaking a few cookies. As a result Caiden was given a few swats on his rear and lost dessert privileges for a couple days. The youngest cub was not soon to forget his troubles as he found the perfect opportunity to get back at his brother.

While Kyle was spewing expletives through his end, Caiden caught his mother’s eye with a sweet look on his face and waving the can in his paw, beckoning her to come over and take a turn. His mother accepted (I mean, how could you not?) took the can, and placed it up to her ear. Much to Caiden’s amusement, he saw his mother go from happy to very upset as she heard the naughty words coming from the other end.

Their mother had chided Kyle before about his mouth, but she never heard him spew anything like that before. Cheryl moved her way down the line with her toddler in tow to find a very surprised Kyle at the other end.

The rest of the afternoon did not fair well for Kyle as he was promptly taken to the bathroom to have his mouth washed out with soap. After, he was sent to his room where his mother shortly followed him and paddled his bare hiney red. All the while Caiden had a big smirk on his face as he enjoys a little schadenfreude.

Furrys and above text belongs to tugscarebear

Draw by marinaneira


Someone sure is pretty naughty right now and i sure his butt is going to remember this spanking for a wile.

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Babs From Down-Under

Babs From Down-UnderDraw and everything by Diegesis


Awww looks like this baby kangaroo have found a a good and nice friend to hug :)

They sure seems happy to be together.

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Out for the Count

Out for the Count

Suan and Dewo thought they had what it takes to take the wrestling stage by storm, unfortunately for them, the pamper league has some fun rules for newcomers. Should you get pinned, it is a literal pin, you get diapered up and a golden pin to strapped on, counting down. As it hits closer to zero, your mind begins to swirl and babying thoughts enter your mind, don’t be surprised if you start using your Diaper in this situation.

When the timer hit’s 0, time is up, your eliminated, the pin locks in place and it’s back to the nursery with you. Suans got a one way trip to the pre-school league, and dewo is going to join her soon unless she can get that pin of, accursed booties make everything so much harder!

Order and above text by Neko_Neko_Diamata

Draw by CatMonkShiro


Yes Dewo countdown sure counting down fast to zero. Its only two seconds left so i dont think he is going to be able to remove that safety pin in time here.

Or can he make a rapid comeback here?

But one thing for sure they both sure is in need of some new diapers.

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Daddy’s Home!

Daddy's Home!Draw and everything by Diegesis


Looks like daddy is a favorite on the family :) The kids sure seems to love there daddy allot :)

He sure seems to have allot of things to do whit the kids when he got back from work.

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