Clean diaper

Clean diaper related blog post that you can find on My ABDL Life. Its like the title above say :)

Babyfur Comic: Aether Foundation Infiltration page 3

Babyfur Comic: Aether Foundation Infiltration page 3Order by Rogeykun

Draw by tato


Giggle it did dent take long for him to start using his diaper. And now it seems like he dont want to get back to a clean diaper. Maybe he starting to understand how nice it can be to have a wet squishy diaper between his legs ;)

But i think its more that he dont want to go through a blushing embarrassing diaper change. But i sure think this special train Sylveon is going to be able to catch him again.

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Babyfur Comic: Aether Foundation Infiltration 2

Babyfur Comic: Aether Foundation Infiltration 2Order by Rogeykun

Draw by tato


Yes this was what i thought would happen when he starting to act all fuzzy. But i was expecting a pacifier instead of a baby bottle. But maybe that is going to come in the next page?

He sure is one cranky fuzzy angry diaper boy right now. But i bet this Sylveon have everything a baby needs. Even if it is a big baby like this one.

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Unhappy ashchu

Unhappy ashchuAfter some unfortunate events, ash has been turned into a pikachu and then proceed to be diapered by his friends
And the worst part is, there might not be a solution.

Draw and everything by UselessMan


Poor Ashchu he sure is not happy about the situation :(

But he sure look super cute when he is crying together whit that diaper. Maybe someone should give him a pacifier or a hug? It sure seems like someone is in big need of some good comfort.

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Crinkly Cookout

Crinkly CookoutCadyr and Zephyr like to cook, and also wearing thick diapers. Here they are “rustling” up some grub for what’s likely a rambunctious babyfur get-together.

A art reward for ? from ChocolateKitsune


Liking to wear diapers sure can be pretty handy :) Now can they focus on the food and lat the diaper handle the rest. After all that is what its made for to do ;)

They sure seems to have a great time and i think the food is going to good good.

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Curious Pup

Curious PupA little puppy explores a new pamper his babysitter just put him in. It’s not his usual brand!

A art reward for ? made by ChocolateKitsune


Exploring your new diaper sure can be a bit fun. Special if it is a diaper that you don’t have seen before.

And this sure seems to be one curious cub here that like exploring new stuff :) Even when it comes to his diaper :)

I only hope his babysitter have put him in a good diaper that is going to keep him dry and happy.

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Suddenly Littlemouse

Suddenly LittlemouseTrevorFox, suddenly stuck in his mouse form, is surprised by his change! The shift from fox was quite a shock, too.

A patreon reward for ? from  ChocolateKitsune


Yes i bet it is a big shock to suddenly be stuck in something :(

He sure is not one happy mouse right now. But at lest his diaper is there to keep him dry and clean :)

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AshachuDraw and everything by Anonymilk


Awww look what we have here a cute little Ashchu that is waddling around whit his thick diaper :)

He sure don’t look to be happy about the situation.

But he sure look super cute.

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Is this necessary?

Is this necessary?Draw and everything by CrumblingCookie


Yes wearing a diaper sure is necessary and sorry this is the only diaper brand in your size the had in the store. But dont worry you sure look super cute in this pink diaper :)

And i bet that we going to find the right boy diaper brand for you in the next city. But for now you have to wear this. We sure wants to be on the safe side here :)

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