Christmas tree

Aty and Spits Christmas

Aty and Spits Christmas

I guess Astus lucked out on his Christmas this year! He god a brand new Xfox one from Santa Paws, Oh mi ! But unfortunately for Spitty, hes not so lucky. It Appear’s Santa Paws felt that he needed another supply a diapers. As you can tell from Spit’s expression and his unhappy comment that this has happened before. And what that means is there will be no hope in using the potty again this year! Maybe next year Santa Paws will feel different. Then again maybe not.

PS. Same thing for Astus too, otherwise he would have gotten a potty instead ;3 Looks like its going to be a soggy new year for both of them.

Order by Astusthefox and Spittybunbun

Draw and above text by cubdrawer


Poor Spitty looks like he not looking forward to spend another year in diapers :( Poor thing i should have guessed that he should have been use to it now.

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Silent Night

Silent NightMerry Christmas, lil bear~ <3

Order by GibsonScratch ??

Draw by Blankie


Awww poor cubs looks like it wwas to hard to be up waiting for Santa :)

At lest they have a comfy position to sleep and i hope they have some nice dreams :)

They sure look super cute when they are sucking on there pacifier. And it sure is kind of easy to see the thick diapers that they are wearing ;)

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Special Present

Special Present
Looks like Santa left a little something extra for someone who’s been really nice this year. She may need a change, but you’ll have to wait until Christmas for that. ;)

The deer and above text belongs to ominousfurry210

Draw by SmallCircles


Yes someone sure is getting one special present here and if now this diaper is not allow to be changed until Christmas it sure going to be pretty well used bye then.

Good thing it seems to be a thick diaper but i bet the room is going to end up pretty smelly to.

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boxes=best play things!

boxes=best play things!The happy playing fox Auva

Draw by Charry


It looks like this Foxs best present during this Christmas was this big box :)

He sure seems to be pretty happy when he plays around whit it.

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Christmas ‘Present’

Christmas 'Present'Caiden noticed that he received coal in his stockings this year so he left a little present for his caretakers in return. I’m sure this won’t end well for our spoiled toddler.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by tato


No this sure is not going to be ending well for this spoiled naughty toddler. Looks like his is going to receive more then coal this year as a present. I bet it is a spanking present waiting for his poor butt now.

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ChristmasWaiting for Santa to come

The cute sleeping pichu and text by Pichuboy

Draw by TaviMunk


Looks like Ricky dont had the strange to be up all night and wait for Santa. But i bet he going to find some nice presents when he wakes up in the morning.

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A Warm Christmas Time!

A Warm Christmas Time!A very last but really warm and comfy drawing of Nick and Marcus!

Draw and everything by Battouga-Sharingan


It sure looks like this two really have some nice and cozy sleep together :)

I hope they have something nice to dream about.

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XMessDraw and everything by Ludis-Luteo


Poor little kitty it seems like his mother is going to get some special present this morning.

He is so terrified and embarrassed that he releasing a big stinky load into his thick and poofy Christmas diaper.

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