Tying Shoes is Hard!

Tying Shoes is Hard!

Seems like poor Vee here has not quite got the hang of tying his own shoes, it’s just not as easy as it looks! Oh well, there should be an adult nearby to give this little cub a hand!

The poor babyfur belongs to Chrisdavee

Draw and text by Diegesis


Aww poor Vee he sure seems to be having a pretty hard time when it comes to trying out the shoes. I sure hope some adult found this cub and give him a hand. He sure seems to be needing it.

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Tickle Hands

Tickle HandsOrder by Chrisdavee

Draw by ttede-cuteartfan


Awww poor little furry looks like he have get in the hands by the tickling monster. Good thing he is wearing diapers because it looks like the tickling monster have force him to use them. But it is kind of easy to start using the diaper special of someone is tickling you.

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blushy diaper check

blushy diaper check
blushy diaper check.

a YCH done by fangthefox of my otty Lil-Spicy doing a surprise diaper check X//3.

Cubs: Lil-Spicy and Chrisdavee.

Draw by: fangthefox.


Awww you dont need to blushing little Chrisdavee i am only going to check your diaper and see if you need a change it is nothing to worry about. All parents and babysitter do this type of check many times in a day whit cubs around the world so you have nothing to be embarrassed about. We dont wont you to walk around in a messy or weary wet diaper that can leads to some bad diaper rash and i dont think you dont wont to end up whit something like that. It going to hurt allot and you going to cry allot and wish this should go away soon. But it take a couple of days before you going to be good again so i think you should let Lil-Spicy do the diaper check or maybe go and tell him when you are wet or messy so he can check you to see if you need a diaper change right now or if it can wait to later. But that only happens when you are wet a messy diaper need to be change so fast as possible.

I think you have a weary cute prints on your diaper. It is nice to see that they have made some diaper whit pokeballs print it look so sweet on you.

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