uhhm...The cute little furry belongs to JinnxyCat

Draw by Charry


There is many way in how you can ask for a diaper change. But this way most be the cutest way to do it :)

You can clearly she how heavy his soggy diaper is so he sure making a good point that it is time for a change here. I sure think he is going to get the change that he is asking for :)

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After a long day…

After a long day...The sleeping furry belongs to BandaidRoo

Draw by Charry


Someone sure seems to have a nice dream time here in the car seat during a intensive day. It sure seems like he have been doing allot of stuff whit all the plaster on the different part of his body.

Sure seems like it have been some wild games that he have been up to. But i sure hope that he is going to have some nice dreams now after all the excitement from today’s play  :)

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Babyfur comic: Easily amused Part 1

Easily amused Part 1Draw and everything by Charry


Giggle someone sure love to put his diaper to some good use here :)

But i wounder way he is running around a screaming for daddy now? His daddy sure seems to be surprised to about this.

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Rub'n'HuffDraw and everything by Charry


Looks like someone decided to have a little special playtime whit his plastic pants :)

It really seems that he like playing around whit it. And i bet his pee pee like the attention it receiving inside the diaper :)

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NOO NOT THE SLIDE!!!Order by petit_kitty

Draw by Charry


If i know how cubs think i sure think she is going to go down that slide when she is finish whit here messy businesses.

Someone sure going to have a very messy butt to clean up soon. If here caretaker don’t manage to stop here in time. But he/she should hurry up because i think that she is finish pushing soon :)

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Thank you!

Thank you!Order by Nightwalker

Draw by Charry


Someone sure seems to enjoy getting his butt well spanked here. Son his butt is going to match the colors on his face ;)

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Don’t want to be big

Don't want to be bigDraw and everything by Charry


Aww way should you be a big boy? I love my little baby boy they way he is :)

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fish theme to match your soggy tush!

fish theme to match your soggy tush!This super cute butt icon was order by Kocre and draw by Charry


Giggle looks like someone has order a super cute butt icon here :)

It sure is some super cute prints on this diaper :)

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