Rub'n'HuffDraw and everything by Charry


Looks like someone decided to have a little special playtime whit his plastic pants :)

It really seems that he like playing around whit it. And i bet his pee pee like the attention it receiving inside the diaper :)

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NOO NOT THE SLIDE!!!Order by petit_kitty

Draw by Charry


If i know how cubs think i sure think she is going to go down that slide when she is finish whit here messy businesses.

Someone sure going to have a very messy butt to clean up soon. If here caretaker don’t manage to stop here in time. But he/she should hurry up because i think that she is finish pushing soon :)

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Thank you!

Thank you!Order by Nightwalker

Draw by Charry


Someone sure seems to enjoy getting his butt well spanked here. Son his butt is going to match the colors on his face ;)

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Don’t want to be big

Don't want to be bigDraw and everything by Charry


Aww way should you be a big boy? I love my little baby boy they way he is :)

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fish theme to match your soggy tush!

fish theme to match your soggy tush!This super cute butt icon was order by Kocre and draw by Charry


Giggle looks like someone has order a super cute butt icon here :)

It sure is some super cute prints on this diaper :)

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Ready for changies!!

Ready for changies!!Order by irnub

Draw by Charry


Looks like someone want to have a new diaper. But is the diaper ready to be change? It look to be wet but is the diaper ready to be change?

Is it enough use that sure is a question. Maybe he need to have his diaper check?

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That time again huh?

That time again huh?I supose i was fussy at first being changes in a somewhat public place.. but halfway through i realized it wasnt too bad I had daddy and he knew best!

Draw and everything by Charry


Daddy always know when it is the right time when his little boy is in need of a new clean and dry diaper. a change can happen at home or in a public place like this.

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Good morning

Good morning

The furry belongs to Kyatto

Draw by Charry


Looks like it is time for someone to get his morning diaper change and from the look and smell it sure seems like he really needs a new clean diaper :)

I sure bet it is pretty smelly inside that nursery now and i sure think he looking forward to a new diaper :)

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