Baby Buizel

Baby BuizelInking and coloring Chaptude

Other GrimmInHisCrib


This baby Buizel  sure is cute and seems to be very happy to wearing some thick and poofy diapers :)

This sure is one good cub :)

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Baby Poochyena

Baby PoochyenaInking and coloring the drawing Chaptude

Other stuff: GrimmInHisCrib


Poor Poochyena looks like he is embarrass over that he still needs to wear diapers :(

But it sure make him look super cute :)

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Baby Marowak

Baby Marowakinking and coloring by Chaptude

Sketch and art by GrimmInHisCrib


Marowak look kind of cute wearing a diaper :)

It sure seems to fit him pretty good :)

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Big pokemon deserve big(ger) diapers!

Yes a big Pokemon like Feraligatr needs to wear bigger and thicker diaper then smaller Pokemon like Pikachu.

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