Timmy’s auto-nursery

Timmy's auto-nursery

The two dragons waddle down the street as they opened the door to Timmy’s house as they threw the bag in the main. “See I told you they sold them to the public now,” said Corinn as he layed down on the couch. “Yeah after all the testing they did with you with the robot nursery im glad I got this as I remember you saying its fun,” Timmy said as he pulled the black box out of the bag. “alright lets get started!” they both said as they opened the box. Several hours later they both sat down on the couch looking tired as both of their diapers slowly got bulkier. “So you wanna test it?” Corinn looked at the blue dragon as he went to the wall and pressed the button as robotic gloved hands shot out of holes from the walls as they grabbed Timmy as he looked scared. “They made sure this is safe right?!” The gray dragon looked as he watched Timmy get dragged to a changing mat, “Im sure of it!” Corinn was watching the hands changing the dragon as they were about to pull his new diaper up, “I knew an auto-nursery could be fun, but I didnt know it was like this! How long will this last?!” He was blushing a lot as the sight of robot arms changing his diaper was right in front of him. Corinn watching him as he giggled a bit, “Yeah, well its going to be a while, so you’d better…” Mid sentence a robot hand was pressing into Corinn’s diaper as it was checking him by squishing his diaper front as he was blushing a lot looking nervous. “Hope you get used to it.” They finsihed changing Timmy as they pick him up and dropped him in a bouncer next to his crib. He was blushing the whole time looking nervous as Corinn was quickly dragged over to the mat and quickly getting changed. After the change the robot hands dropped the green dragon in a bouncer next to Timmy. “When does it turn off?,” Timmy questioned Corinn. “When I looked at the box it said by pressing the button again.” Timmy tried to get out of the bouncer but the hands were holding him in there as he paniced and blushed while Corinn is giggling. “What are you laughing about?! I know your already used to this!” “Its funny seeing you squirm like that.” The two looked at each as they bounced, “Welp I guess im stuck here with these machines until I find a way to turn it off. Well I guess this kinda fun to saw the least.” Two robot hands came down as they pacied them as they giggled X3

Corinne, order and above text by ParadoxDragon

Timmy dragon_foxkin

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes it seems like this two dragon have a new life to get use to in the hand of this nursery machine. I bet its going to take a couple of days to get use to. Special if they dont find a way to that off button. I sure think that the machine is going to make that quest kind of difficult.

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Stinker Show

 Stinker ShowSometimes it’s good to just watch what happens.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to TheAnon and Jenny

Draw by catmonkshiro


Giggle this two girls sure have some soggy diapers here and its have already start to leaking here.

Someone sure going to have some cleaning to do when they are done watching this girl.

This furry sure know how to use there Abri Form X-Plus diaper like the good babys there are.

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Mall Daycare Disaster

Mall Daycare Disaster Seems the pair of stinkers have gotten into a bit of trouble.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to darkdraconis and TheAnon

Draw by catmonkshiro


Giggle looks like someone have a big mess to clean up and two very heavy messy diaper to change to.

I sure wounder who is going to be the lucky one to be dealing whit this mess?

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Failure to Fix

Failure to FixPoor lioness had been stuck in a drooly stupor for months. The hyena thought she could help with a bit of hypnosis. One backfired hypnosis session later her colleagues discovered two pairs of pampers in dire need of a change…

Furrys belongs to gibsonscratch and TheAnon

Draw by catmonkshiro


The hypnosis sure seems to have backfired pretty bad here.

Someone sure seems to have allot of cleaning to do here and change and cleanup this two big cubs.

This sure going to take a wile to get them back into clean and dry diapers again.


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It’s a trap! pt 2

It's a trap! pt 2The aftermath of the failed robbery provided no stolen data. Just full diapers.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to anixelle and TheAnon

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes they sure have some well used diaper here. Special the brainwashed fox seems to have been very good on using his diaper. Look how heavy it is from the messy load.

How is all this going to end? That sure is one special question here.

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It’s a trap! pt 1

It's a trap! pt 1An attempt at virtual robbery goes terribly wrong. Or terribly right, depending on your perspective.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to anixelle and TheAnon

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes who knows if this attempt did go right or wrong?

But this two furry sure have been expose to some powerful hypnosis that have mental regress them back to cub age.

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Brain Drain Experiment

Brain Drain ExperimentFurrys in this drawing belongs to TheAnon and anixelle

Draw by catmonkshiro


Something sure is going very wrong whit this experiment. But poor anixelle dont seems to manage to stop the machine before it starting to brainwash this two furry. And mental regress this two furrys mind back to the baby stage.

Someone sure going to have two big babys to taking care of soon.

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Blue Magic, more like Brown!

Blue Magic, more like Brown!After “Mastering” the new Blue Mage class, Nanaja Dragonferret leader of the Malboro’s Breath Free Company, decided to teach one of his guildmates a secret bit of Blue Magic. Taking Karmen out to a field to practice, Nanaja went to cast “Bad Breath”, instead another smelly attack was unleashed. Karmen, being the perfect student learned this “Enemy Skill”. Soon enough, the new secret technique of the Malboro’s Breath Free Company was born. “Blort! Action Acquired”

My loyal fast learning subordinate Vinal211 is a great friend, and silly little Lucario/Luxray Hybrid. His pampers never really stay dry and clean for long.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Vinal211 and Jayferret

Above text by Jayferret

Draw by Catmonkshiro


this two really seems to be fighting some kind of special magic here :)

I only hope they know some sort of diaper changing stuff to. Because it seems like both of them is in need of a new and clean diaper pretty soon.

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