Sneaky Squirt

Sneaky SquirtMisha thinking he’s being clever. Poor Kobie!

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Draw and text by Blankie


Awww poor Kobie i sure wounder way his friend Misha decide to do something like this?

Maybe he wants to make sure that his friend stay well padded like he?

Sometimes it can be hard to understand way cubs do the things that they do.

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Back Seat Sleeper

Back Seat Sleeper

We can all agree sleeping Kammy is the best Kammy…
Mostly because it’s just about the only time her big mouth isn’t being indignant. ^_^

Draw and everything by Kammypup


Cubs sure are cute and quiet when they are sleeping :)

I sure hope that she have some nice and wonderful dreams.

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Roadtrip Blowout!

Roadtrip Blowout!

Out on the road and Ian really had to poop. The grownup said surely he can wait – he’s an older kid. Watching stop after stop go by, Ian’s tummy churned and growled until it wasn’t his tummy that hurt anymore, and finally he just couldn’t keep it in. After a little came out, he gave in to the need and lifted his legs up, pushing and not hold anything back. That’ll teach the grownups for thinking he could hold it for the rest of the journey!

The poor kitty and text belongs to Ian-Roberts

Draw by shingekiskunk


At least he is not going to complain about that he needs to poop now. And it sure most feel kind of nice that his tummy have calm down now.

But now the grown up sure have allot of cleaning to do now.

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Lion King Presentation

Lion King PresentationIn one of Mike’s more spontaneous moments, he decided to present his newborn baby boy just like in the Lion King movie. His wife seems less than pleased and concerned that her husband is holding her firstborn.

Charterers and text belongs to tugscarebear

Draw by Tato


Yes you can sure call this a Lion King presentation. It looks kind of funny and Kyle’s daddy sure seems to like the thing he come up whit. But his mother sure seems to be pretty worry and i can understand. You newer know what a little cub can be up to or if something bad happen.

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Babyfur Comic: Broken Law, Busted Butt Part 2

Babyfur Comic: Broken Law, Busted Butt Part 2Mike and Caiden belongs to tugscarebear

Draw by tato


It maybe not was the the best thing to eat the lollipop in front off his father. He sure looks to be pretty angry now when he notes what his son is up to in the back seat.

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Sleepy time after adventure in the park – BlankiePlush

After a couple off hours at the park playing it is time for a diaper change and heading back home. And like all others babyfur they almost instantly fall asleep. I only hope that he is going to have some nice dreams now.

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Snug and secure

Snug and secure Oh my… It looks like Tupi and his boyfriend Rezio, got themselves in some seriously babyish and embarrassing trouble yet again! But actually, it seems like someone has “helped” them to end up like this – put in thick, puffy diapers covered by bright, warmy snowsuits and snuggly secured in baby carseats with 3-point straps squeezing their chubby tummies. Then a pair of padded, slippy mitties to make sure they don’t fiddle around the buckles too much and finally, their very favorite pacifiers fitted with special holders, so they don’t “accidentally” fall out of their muzzles. The “babies” are ready for a veeeery long trip!
It seems like they’re kind of shy, though – Rezio is squirming and kicking his legs, making crinkling noises, while his raccoon boyfriend is trying to somehow figure the buckle out – but let’s be honest, both escape plans look equally hopeless and the boys will remain helplessly snug and secure in their cute carseats for the whole trip!

Draw and everything by KaaLover


Yes this two cubs sure looks secure for there car trip and it dont seems like they can do anything about it. Wounder what sort of place they are going to be tacking to? They sure look worry about the situation they have ended up in.

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Floofeon Suit // Smoosheon Suit

Floofeon Suit // Smoosheon SuitDraw and everything by Ludis-Luteo


Poor little boy it seems like he is trap inside a cute flareon costume and recently ended up whit a messy diaper.

it most be very stinky inside dear now trap whit all that heat and and stinky diaper.

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