Subliminal Baby Part 3

This story is written by Elfy

“What on Earth happened?” Karen said as she walked into Ritchie’s room.

Steven and his mom had driven home as soon as possible. As soon as they pulled into the drive Karen had hurried straight up to Ritchie’s room and Steven followed behind her. He pretended to walk into his bedroom but instead creeped up to his brother’s door and pushed his ear against it to hear what was going on.

“I was just playing… It was just like every other game…” Steven could hear Ritchie taking big shuddering breaths in between words, it was clear he was still crying, “And… And… I wet myself.”

They talked for a little longer with Steven eavesdropping on the whole conversation. Ritchie talked about how he had no control, how he didn’t know what was about to happen and about how scared he was.

“Do… Do you think Linda saw what happened?” He asked haltingly, his face going red.

“Honey, everyone saw what happened. If your girlfriend was in the crowd, then she must have seen it.” Karen said gently. This made Ritchie moan loudly followed by the sound of his desk being hit.

When Steven heard his mom say she was heading to the shop and she was going to bring home some heavier protection, Steven knew it was time to scurry back to his own room. Events had escalated almost beyond Steven’s control. He hadn’t expected things to go this far but Steven couldn’t stop himself from wanting to push it further. He was astounded that the subliminal messages were having such a profound effect, now more than ever he wondered how far he could push it.

Steven saw Ritchie walk past his door and head downstairs. Taking a huge risk Steven quickly ran into his brother’s bedroom. The computer was already logged in and Steven quickly found the folder containing the subliminal files. He deleted the message that was already there, hopefully fully implanted permanently, and changed it to a new message.

“Wearing diapers will sexually excite you.”

Steven typed the new message and quickly left the room whilst giggling to himself. Hearing his brother on the stairs he darted into the bathroom and pretended to be using the toilet, he did this because he knew Ritchie would be suspicious if he was around his room for another reason. Steven smiled to himself as he considered the irony of pretending to use the toilet as his brother headed into his room with ever decreasing toilet control.

As Steven walked back past Ritchie’s bedroom on the way back to his own room he saw his brother was already playing his game. The new message already being flashed imperceptibly and absorbed by Ritchie’s brain.

“Go away!” Ritchie yelled when he saw Stephen looking in. Stephen flashed a large toothy smile and sauntered back to his room.

Dinner that night was another quiet affair. Steven was pleasantly surprised that since Ritchie had become so withdrawn that his mom now spent more time talking to him. He didn’t know if it was a conscious decision or not but Steven noticed his mom had started treating him like a much more respectable adult recently.

“I bought you some proper diapers today, Ritchie.” Karen said offhandedly as they were eating. Steven, who hadn’t been expecting such a comment almost choked on the food he was chewing!

“MOM!” Ritchie shouted as he turned red and looked at his brother pointedly as if to say not to talk about it in front of Steven.

“Relax Ritchie. Everyone saw you wet yourself at the game earlier, it’s OK, nothing to be ashamed about.” The boy’s mom said, “There is nothing wrong with getting a little help.”

“I don’t need diapers…” Ritchie almost whispered. He sniffed loudly and looked down at his plate. Ritchie wondered whether he was ever going to be able to show his face around the football club again, he had humiliated himself so badly in front of everyone he knew. He still hadn’t got a text from Linda, he didn’t even know if she was at the match but she wasn’t normally this quiet for this long.

“Looked like you could have used them earlier.” Steven muttered to his brother.

Ritchie stood up suddenly with a face red from the accusation, even if it was true it was certainly not something he wanted to hear over dinner.

“Sit down and finish your dinner Ritchie.” Karen said warningly.

“But he-” Ritchie started before he was cut off.

“Sit.” Karen said.

Ritchie did as he was told and sat back down and started eating again. Steven could see his brother was blinking back tears and his face was still red.

Steven found it very cathartic to be on the other end of the taunting for once. He just wondered how far he could push things, as they ate their dinners silence fell over the table again. All three of them ate quietly for a few minutes before some food that Ritchie had on his fork suddenly fell off and rolled down his shirt.

“Do you need a bib as well?” Steven said in a quiet voice that only his brother, who was sitting next to him, could hear.

Ritchie, with emotions that were all over the place and always threatening to erupt recently, jumped to his feet again. This time he grabbed Steven by the collar of his shirt.

“Ritchie. What do you think you are doing!?” Karen had stood up too.

“He is taunting me.” Ritchie whined with a red face and a voice that suggested he was trying to hold back the tears.

Karen reached around the table and grabbed her oldest son’s wrist. She pulled with strength that it didn’t look like she had and forced Ritchie to stand in front of her.

Steven, who was now free after his brother was pulled away, stared open mouthed as he watched a scene that seemed so familiar to him. Last time he had been an unwilling participant, now it seemed he would be an interested observer.

“Mom don’t… please!” Ritchie cried as his mother pulled him down over her lap.

Without a word the boy’s mother began spanking Ritchie repeatedly. The sound of her hand hitting Ritchie’s pants was the only sound in the room for a while as both the boys were too stunned to really respond in any appreciable manner.

Then the sobbing started. As the spanking continued, Ritchie started kicking out his legs and Steven could hear sobbing as his brother lost control of his emotions. He did his best to hide the satisfaction he was getting from this turnaround from a few days ago.

“You. Do. Not. Bully. Your. Brother.” Karen said. Each word was followed by another spank that seemed harder than the one before.

“Mom please… I… I… Oh no…” Ritchie moaned from his mother’s lap.

Steven couldn’t immediately see what was happening, all he saw was his mother slow down and suddenly stop spanking. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open.

“Are you…” Karen started saying, “Oh Ritchie, No!”

Ritchie scrambled off of his mother’s lap and with horrified eyes he looked down at a wet patch that covered the front of his trousers, a long streak of the wet patch extended to the floor where a small puddle already began to form. He reached down and grabbed his crotch as if he could stop anything that was happening and ran through the living room and headed upstairs.

Steven had to work hard to keep a straight face at what he just witnessed. But he did sense an opportunity.

“Don’t move mum. I’ll get a towel.” Stephen got up and headed to a cupboard in the kitchen. Returning with a towel he began wiping some of his brother’s urine that had ended up on the floor.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” Karen said with a weariness that suggested she was at the end of her rope.

“Maybe he just doesn’t want to grow up.” Steven suggested. Steven felt like now was a good time to stir the pot a little bit.

“What do you mean?” Karen asked as she wiped herself with some paper towels that were nearby.

“Well, you have treated him like the man of the house since dad left.” Steven said as he stood up, a soaking wet towel in hand, “Maybe he is rebelling against it. Maybe it is subconscious… He can’t handle the responsibility and wants to be a kid again. He has certainly been acting like that.”

Steven watched as his mother stopped cleaning herself and looked into the middle distance. He could tell she was giving what he had said some serious thought.

That night Steven watched as, yet again, his mother walked along the landing and to his brother’s room. She was carrying another plastic bag in one hand and in the other hand was a large packet of adult diapers!

Steven snuck out to the landing and watched his mum walk into Ritchie’s room. Steven couldn’t watch this change as he heard the door slam shut and, rather disappointedly, he was forced to go back to his computer whilst all the excitement happened next door.

“Now Ritchie… After that little scene downstairs I don’t want you arguing with me, OK?” Karen said as she set her packages down next to Ritchie’s bed.

Ritchie nodded and looked at the floor, he had been playing his games but turned to his mother as soon as she came in. He felt defeated, wetting his pants like he had twice in one day. How could he deny that he needed heavier protection after his lack of control today.

“I… I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” Ritchie said quietly as he walked over to his bed. The tears that never seemed far away these days threatened to overwhelm him again.

“It’s OK honey, we will take you to a doctor to get you checked up.” Karen said with a reassuring smile and a pat on the back, “But first we need to make sure you don’t leave puddles everywhere.”

Ritchie nodded meekly and laid down on the bed. He allowed his mother to remove his clothes and lay the diaper under him. He winced slightly as he lowered his butt on to the fluffy padding underneath him. After the spanking and the multiple wetting accidents Ritchie didn’t have the energy or mentality to resist, he just laid back and allowed his mother to diaper him like she did when he was a baby.

Ritchie felt a strange sensation as the front of the diaper was pulled up between his legs. To his horror he felt himself becoming excited and it was a relief when his mother covered up his crotch and taped the diaper closed. Ritchie was already embarrassed that his mother was diapering him at his age but getting an erection during the process was even worse, thankfully the diaper was closed before he had got significantly excited and his mom didn’t notice anything amiss.

When Karen left the room Ritchie examined his new underwear. He poked it a couple of times and heard a loud crinkling which caused him to wince again. Even when he rolled over to fall asleep every movement he made was accompanied by more crinkling. It would be impossible to forget about what he was wearing.

It took a long time for Ritchie to drift off that night. The diaper between his legs made it very uncomfortable for him and he woke several times through the night. It seemed like every movement he made caused him to either feel or hear his diaper and it would disturb his sleep every time.

When he finally woke up the next morning he did not feel rested in the slightest. The bed was dry again but this time Ritchie knew not to get excited and instead prodded his diaper. His heart sank, although he wasn’t surprised, as he felt the padding and realised it was soaked.

He started getting ready to pull the tapes off when he had a strange compulsion. His hand went back to the front of the diaper with the soft plastic over his crotch, it felt so smooth and nice. Ritchie moved his hand backwards and forwards slowly. Electricity shot through his body as the touching caused him to feel intense pleasure, his nerves seemed ultra-sensitive and it wasn’t long until he felt himself become very hard within his diaper.

His rational mind was telling him to stop, to remove the diaper and go about his day. His body was screaming to continue touching himself. The wet padding rubbing against him was overriding his brain. He became desperate for pleasure and soon the slow rubbing of the front of the diaper just wasn’t cutting it.

Ritchie looked around for some way to increase the sensations before he realised the pillows behind his head would be perfect. Ritchie sat up, now the crinkling was only increasing his feelings of pleasure rather than embarrassment. He positioned the pillows lengthways on the middle of the bed and straddled them.

Steven was sitting at his computer browsing the internet. He was bored but interested in what the day would bring. After quite a few of his fizzy drinks he felt the need to empty his bladder. He smiled to himself as he did a lot when he used the bathroom these days, his brother’s problems were always brought to the forefront of Steven’s mind at these times and it never failed to amuse him.

As he walked down the landing towards the bathroom he was stopped by a strange sound. As he passed his brother’s bedroom he heard a lot of crinkling.

Steven was unable to contain his curiosity and he carefully pushed the door open slightly, just enough to stick his head in. What Steven saw stunned him and made his eyes fly wide open.

Ritchie, naked except for his obviously soaked diaper, was on top of his pillows and quickly rubbing himself against them. Steven watched in fascination and amusement, he was very relieved that Ritchie was facing the other way and wouldn’t see Steven watching him.

Ritchie was humping his pillows like a man possessed. He was sweating and grunting and seemed to have no idea how loud his crinkling was and how he was being watched by his younger brother. Steven couldn’t pull himself away from the bizarre scene of passion in front of him, a scene that Steven knew he had caused with his subliminal messaging.

Ritchie started speeding up and grunting even louder as he grew closer to completion. His entire mind and body were consumed by the need to orgasm. He humped faster and pressed into the pillows harder.

With a loud moan and a grunt Ritchie thrusted himself forward and pushed himself over the edge. He twitched and jerked as he emptied himself into the front of his diaper.

Steven quickly ducked out of the room realising that Ritchie would soon notice if he stayed around. He headed to the bathroom and then back to his room, although the sights and sounds kept replaying in his mind, Steven was determined to not let anyone know what he had seen.

Ritchie slowly came down from his post climax high. He started feeling a lot of shame for what he had done, he didn’t know what had come over him and suddenly he wanted absolutely nothing to do with the diaper.

Tearing the tapes of the diaper Ritchie released himself from its wet and sticky confines. The surprisingly heavy diaper fell to the floor with a heavy thud and Ritchie, grimacing from the sight, cleaned himself up with some tissues and folded the diaper up. He promised himself that he would never do anything like that again, he was disgusted that he had allowed himself to do what he had just done in his diaper. He hated the diapers, the last thing he wanted to do was have fun in them.

This story is written by Elfy

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Chapter 2

Chapter 4

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Subliminal Baby Part 2

This story is written by Elfy

Just like the previous day, Steven spent the day in his room waiting for Ritchie to go out. Ritchie would have football practice today, he was a formidable goalkeeper, and that would be in the evening so Steven knew that he would have time to plant a new message in Ritchie’s game. Steven knew just what to put, a message that would humiliate Ritchie, a message that would make sure that Steven was no longer seen as the baby of the family.

Eventually, similarly to the previous day, Steven saw Ritchie walk past his open door. This time Ritchie was sipping on another bottle of cola, clearly Ritchie had been playing his game because the message that Steven planted seemed firmly stuck.

As soon as the front door open and closed, Steven grabbed his USB stick and hurried into Ritchie’s room again. Booting up the computer he went straight into the subliminal program and deleted the previous message. Steven typed in a new sentence, a sentence that, if the programme was successful, would cause a very embarrassing problem for his older brother.

“You will wet the bed.”

Steven clicked save and closed the programme. Taking his USB stick he walked back to his own bedroom. He felt a few pangs of guilt about what he had done, perhaps he should forget the whole thing. Then he remembered Ritchie’s taunting, remembered all the things Ritchie was allowed to do and he wasn’t. Steven’s resolve got harder and he walked into his bedroom to play his own game. A small smile crept across Steven’s face as he thought about what would happen the next morning. He couldn’t wait!

The rest of the evening was filled with anticipation of what the morning would bring. Steven struggled to concentrate through dinner as he couldn’t help but get excited at the prospect of what the next morning would bring. He found himself looking over at Ritchie a lot as he was eating, Steven wondered if the message had already stuck in his brother’s brain.

When Steven went to bed that night he tossed and turned as he struggled to relax. He knew what was going to happen in his brother’s room, the thought that as he laid there Ritchie was soaking his bed was strangely exciting to him. Steven felt butterflies in his stomach even, he eventually fell into a restful sleep whilst Ritchie was still playing his game. An hour later Ritchie laid down and fell asleep without any trouble or any inclination that anything was wrong.

As Steven woke the next morning his thoughts went straight to his brother. He knew he had woken up earlier than everyone else in the house, he always went to bed early, so he knew Ritchie was likely still asleep. Steven quickly got dressed, opened his bedroom door and waited.

It took an hour before something happened and when it did happen it was very quick. Steven heard quick footsteps before his brother almost ran past his door, he was clutching his bedclothes. Steven ran to his door and watched his older brother hurry down the stairs to the laundry room.

Steven was shocked. He knew the cola suggestion had worked but this was a big step up and the fact it worked in one evening actually surprised him somewhat. Steven made a move to head downstairs and confront Ritchie but he stopped himself before he left his room. He had a better idea, best not to rush things. He was interested to see what happened next.

The next few days played out in the same way. Each morning found an increasingly distraught Ritchie doing his own washing to hide the fact that he was wetting the bed. Steven noticed that at dinner Ritchie seemed more withdrawn and distracted each night. The cocky and arrogant brother he had known had disappeared in just a few short days. Steven loved it.

On the fourth day that Steven watched Ritchie run past he decided to follow him. Steven walked down to the laundry room where he found his older brother, red in the face, stuffing his bedsheets into the washing machine. Steven leant against the door frame and watched his brother for a second before clearing his throat theatrically.

“You’ve been doing a lot of washing recently… Always bedsheets too by the look of it.” Steven said casually. He had a small smirk which suggested to Ritchie that Steven knew what was going on.

“GET OUT!” Ritchie yelled. He strode over and shoved Steven out of the door. Steven tripped and nearly fell, fortunately the wall opposite the door kept him upright.

“What’s going on?” It was mom. Karen came striding over to the doorway where all the drama was taking place. Karen looked from Steven who was rubbing his shoulder and grimacing over to Ritchie and his laundry that was half in the machine and half on the floor.

There was silence for a few seconds as everyone took in the scene in front of them.

“Steven, go to your room please, I need to speak with your brother.” Karen said quietly to Steven.

Steven had no problem complying with the request, this was an interesting development. He hadn’t figured on his mother finding out about his brother’s nocturnal problems, not yet anyway.

Steven had a plan, whilst Ritchie was speaking to his mom Steven hurried upstairs and into Ritchie’s bedroom. Now that their mother was finding out about what was going on it seemed like a good time to escalate things further. This was initially supposed to be Steven getting some small revenge on Ritchie but Steven found the power he now had intoxicating. He couldn’t help but push the envelope further.

Steven logged into the software and deleted his previous message and replaced it with a new message.

“You will wet yourself when excited.”

Steven wasn’t sure if the bedwetting message would stick. Ritchie’s sudden need for cola disappeared after a day or so, Steven wondered whether being exposed to the bedwetting suggestion for a few days would make the effects last longer. Ritchie had fast become Steven’s guinea pig as he experimented with the power of suggestion.

Steven hurriedly left the room after adjusting the message, eager to see where the new suggestion would lead.

“It’s not what it looks like!” Ritchie said as soon as Steven left the room.

Karen stayed silent and walked forward. She pulled one of the sheets out of the washing machine and held it up. The sunlight coming through the window showed a very clear and very large wet spot on the otherwise clean sheet.

“It’s OK honey.” Karen said with a smile, “This is nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Ritchie felt his eyes watering. What was going on? Why was he suddenly wetting the bed like he was nothing more than a toddler failing at potty training?

Karen dropped the sheet and stepped forward into a tight hug with her son. Ritchie sobbed slightly as he allowed himself to be embraced.

“Don’t worry honey, it’s probably just stress. I will get something that will help in the short term, I’m sure this is temporary.” Karen said in her son’s ear. She pulled herself away from her son’s grasp to see him wiping the tears from his face. She quickly grabbed her keys and headed out of the house.

The rest of the day passed by normally. Steven did some coding on the computer but found himself constantly distracted by his experimentation on his brother. What had started as petty revenge had now become a fascination as Steven had started reading up on subliminal messaging. He spent a lot of his time now researching different suggestion methods and what kind of messages would stick more than others. His new interest quickly became something closer to an obsession.

Ritchie was abnormally quiet. He would normally be out with his friends or playing games and music noisily in his room but all he seemed to be doing today was sit in his room quietly. Steven walked past once or twice to head to the bathroom and saw he was playing his game, very quietly, for most of the day. Each time Steven saw this he felt his heart jump as he realised the message was being planted as he watched, he was very careful to avoid looking at the screen himself.

Steven was lying in bed in his pyjamas when he heard footsteps walk past his door moving towards his brother’s bedroom. Steven heard a knock on the door followed by the door opening. His curiosity getting the better of him, he stood up and tiptoed along the landing to the other bedroom himself. He noticed the door had been left slightly open and he got low to the ground and peeked around the door. He could see his mother with a plastic bag and his brother, who was sitting at the computer looking at her.

“Honey, I have something for you, something that will help with… Your little problem.” Karen said towards Ritchie.

Ritchie looked nervous and didn’t respond.

“Well, I don’t think you will like it but I think it will help.” Karen reached into the bag and pulled out something that both boys instantly recognised, “Now, it’s not a diaper…”

“A diaper!?” Ritchie exclaimed. Even in the darkly lit room Steven could see Ritchie going a bright red.

Steven covered his own mouth with his hands to keep from giving himself away from laughing.

“Not a diaper, sweetie.” Karen corrected her son softly, “It is a pull up, they are made for older boys who have trouble keeping the bed dry.”

“I’m not wearing a diaper!” Ritchie said loudly as he jumped to his feet in indignation. He immediately winced and turned his voice down, the last thing he wanted was for his brother in the room next door to hear.

“Come on, look I will help you into it.” Karen said. She stepped forward and before Ritchie could react she had grabbed his trousers and underwear and wrenched them down.

“MOM!” Ritchie yelled out as he was suddenly exposed.

Steven quickly shut his eyes before he saw anything and carefully moved away from the door. The last thing he wanted was to see his brother naked.

“Oh, come on! It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” Karen said. She held out the pull up and pulled open the waistband for Ritchie to step into.

Ritchie whimpered slightly and, whilst doing his best to cover his crotch with his hand, he stepped forward into the pull up. Karen quickly pulled it up and over Ritchie’s privates.

“There we go.” Karen said as she stepped back and looked at the plain white pull up, “It fits nicely. Normally it is for teens slightly younger than yourself but it should do the job.”

Steven peeked around the door again when he heard his brother wasn’t exposed anymore and, again, had to cover his mouth to stop from laughing loudly at his brother in a very infantile pair of absorbent underwear.

Steven cut short his eavesdropping. This was going so much better than he could ever have hoped, he thought. He quietly and hurriedly went back to his own room and got back into bed. He had a huge grin that he couldn’t hide, his plan was working perfectly and would only get better. The sight of Ritchie in a pull up only inspired Steven to push his plans even further.

Ritchie slowly opened his eyes. The alarm next to his bed was buzzing loudly. He rolled over and sleepily groped for the button and as he shut the alarm off he suddenly realised his bed wasn’t wet!

Ritchie grew a broad smile and jumped out of bed celebrating his success, as he did so his smile rapidly disappeared. He remembered the pull up and as he looked down and felt the pull up with his hand he realised that the soft padding had swelled up and was very obviously used. They had done their job, the bed was dry, but Ritchie wasn’t.

Ritchie sat back down on his bed and put his head in his hands. This couldn’t be happening, he thought, wetting his pull up like this proved that he did indeed need them which was the last thing he wanted to admit. At least this was a night time only problem, Ritchie thought. Nobody outside of the house needed to know, it wouldn’t affect him to badly.

“Ritchie, you are going to be late!” It was mom calling from downstairs.

It took Ritchie a few seconds to work out what she meant. Suddenly he realised that today was the day he played football and that he had to get a move on or he would be late. All of the stress of the previous few days had pushed his football playing to the back of his mind but now he was suddenly reminded of it all as he realised his mother and brother were probably waiting downstairs for him. It was exactly what Ritchie needed, a chance to take his mind off of his problems for a while.

Ritchie ripped the sides of the pull up off and it fell to the floor with a heavy thud. The pull up was absolutely soaked and any more urine would probably have caused a leak. Ritchie got dressed in the closest things to hand and grabbed his kit bag. He charged out of the room and down the stairs. Karen opened the door and the three of them piled in for the short drive. They could have walked to the pitch, which was only just around the corner, but because they were running late and they needed to carry Ritchie’s kit it was just easier to drive.

As Steven got in the back seat behind his brother and the car pulled off he was gratified at the faint smell of urine that seemed to be coming from his brother.

The game was in its closing minutes and Ritchie’s team were winning 1-0. Ritchie played as a goalkeeper and he had very little to do in this match, in fact he had spent most of the game just watching as his team dominated the match.

Steven was watching from the side lines and he was very bored. He had never liked sport but his mom always made him come to the games because she didn’t like him being home alone, despite him being old enough to look after himself, and thought this would allow the two brothers to bond.

Suddenly, and totally against how the game had gone up until this point, one of the opposing strikers took advantage of a defensive slip and ran through on goal.

Ritchie quickly got into position as he rushed towards the edge of the box to close down the striker. He felt his heartbeat racing and adrenaline surged through his veins as he realised this was his moment to win the game for his team.

Ritchie set himself and just as the striker went to shoot, Ritchie stood totally still. It was a poorly hit shot that would have been an easy save but Ritchie was suddenly staring into the middle distance in horror. As the ball trickled into the net and the other team celebrated something else was trickling from Ritchie.

Steven looked more interested all of a sudden as he watched his brother just let the ball roll into the net. He went from being disinterested and looking forward to going home to very interested in events on the field.

Ritchie grabbed his crotch as he felt a wetness spreading and ran towards the side lines and towards the changing rooms. As he ran he felt the wet spot getting bigger and bigger until he felt a small stream of pee running down his leg. He heard his bewildered team mates asking what was going on, the game wasn’t over yet.

Without stopping Ritchie ran straight into the changing room in a panic. He couldn’t believe that his night time problem was now happening here and now. He had a small puddle around his feet when he finally felt himself stopping the flow, it seems that until his bladder was fully empty he couldn’t stop himself wetting like a baby.

“What the hell is going on?” Ritchie’s coach came round the corner into the dressing room to find his star player standing in what was clearly his own piss.

Ritchie felt tears running from his eyes as he saw the look of revulsion on his coach’s face. His crotch was starting to feel cold and uncomfortable as the air cooled his wet clothes.

“Get yourself showered and go home.” The coach said as he turned to leave the room. He looked embarrassed for Ritchie who was now sobbing.

Ritchie, deep in shame, just picked up his things and ran out of the building and towards the alleyway back to his house. He sobbed the entire journey terrified that his night time problem was now a daytime problem.

Meanwhile, back in the stands, Steven felt a combination of excitement and shock. The new command had worked and at a moment of adrenaline Ritchie had wet himself like an overexcited toddler. As Karen anxiously grabbed her things and started ushering Steven towards the car she saw, from the other side of the field, her older son running back towards home. Perhaps her eldest son’s problem was more serious than she thought.

This story is written by Elfy

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 1

Chapter 3

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Subliminal Baby Part 1

This story is written by Elfy

“But mum, everyone is going on this trip.” Steven whined. He stomped his foot on the floor like a child much younger than himself, at 18-years-old he was a little too old to be having a tantrum but he couldn’t help himself. He was sick and tired of being told no when his older brother, Ritchie, was always told yes.

“Steven, a skiing trip sounds very dangerous. I don’t think it would be a good idea for you.” Karen, Steven and Ritchie’s mother was sitting with her children at the dinner table. The three of them had just finished eating and Steven was telling her how much he wanted to go on this school trip, it had been the same every evening for the last week.

“Mum, I’m not a baby!” Steven said throwing up his arms in frustration, “All my friends are going. I’m the only one who hasn’t handed in the permission slip.”

“If you aren’t a baby then maybe you should stop acting like one.” Karen shot back.

Ritchie, who had otherwise been sitting quietly, let out a bark of a laugh. He knew that his mum was overprotective of Steven and he found his little brother’s frustrations very amusing to watch. Ritchie was everything that Steven wasn’t. Steven was small and unassuming, Ritchie was bigger and had much more sporting ability which made him very popular around town. Steven, on the other hand, was much more at home alone in his room working on his computer.

“Shut up, Ritchie!” Steven yelled across the table.

“Steven! Don’t shout at your brother.” Karen said warningly.

“Tell him not to laugh at me then.” Steven said banging his hands against the table and causing the cutlery to rattle.

“If you are going to keep having a tantrum like a baby, I’ll give you a spanking just like one.” Karen warned.

Steven was dumbfounded at the injustice. Ritchie was trying to keep a straight face but his shoulders moving up and down betrayed how funny he found the situation. When Steven saw this he felt his anger rising again.

When Karen looked away for a moment, Ritchie mouth the word “baby” at Steven. Steven lost control of his emotions, he reached back and went to swing at his older brother but as he tried to bring his arm forward he felt someone grab him tightly. Caught off-balance he was pulled around the table and into the lap of his mother.

To Steven’s shock and horror, his mother easily held him in place with one hand whilst with the other she started spanking hard. Ritchie stared across the table wide-eyed and open mouthed as his younger brother was spanked at the dinner table, he could barely contain the laughter that he felt bubbling up inside.

Steven willed himself not to cry as his mother rained down blow after blow on her son. He was in shock as much as anything else, the spanking wasn’t too hard and it didn’t hurt a lot but the surprise of suddenly finding himself in this position stopped him from trying to stop what was happening before it was too late and his mother had gained a firm grip of him.

“You do not hit your brother!” Karen said through gritted teeth, each word was punctuated by another smack. She didn’t seem to see the irony in punishing her son with spanking as a way to tell him not to hit others.

Through eyes clouded with tears, Steven caught the eyes of his brother and could see the amusement in his face at the predicament Steven found himself in. Steven balled his hands into fists as he fought to keep himself from crying openly. The spanking wasn’t particularly painful but it was very embarrassing, especially when he was trying to argue that he wasn’t a baby.

Just as Steven felt his composure slipping the spanking ended and he gingerly picked himself up. Without a word he turned and headed away from the kitchen, he was upset and filled with anger at the injustice of being punished when his brother got away completely free. He didn’t want to stay in the dining room with his family because he was sure he would do or say something to get him in even more trouble.

He stomped straight out of the room and to the stairs. Halfway up he paused when he heard a sound from the kitchen. He heard his brother laughing.

He had half a mind to run back down stairs and go for him again but he just about controlled his emotions and instead would look for a subtler way for revenge. With tears in his eyes he and a face red from the humiliation of the scene in the dining room Steven stamped up to his room and slammed the door closed.

Steven’s room was dominated by the large computer against the far wall. Steven had always been very interested in technology and was very well versed in both software and hardware, he spent most of his time fiddling with his computer in one way or another and was known at school as being rather nerdy. To the sides of the computer were shelves full of books and magazines, most of them technology related but also some fiction books as well.

Steven walked over to his bed and gingerly sat down. His stinging rear end caused him to wince slightly as he reached to his bedside table and grabbed a can of coke which he opened and drank from. Steven was generally quite healthy but his one vice was coke, he couldn’t resist the sugary drinks.

Placing the half-empty can back down he picked up the computing magazine that he had been reading before going down for dinner and he started reading again. It provided a good distraction from all the problems he was dealing with and he felt himself slowly relaxing as he read about various graphics cards and processors.

As Steven read through the magazine he came across an unusual advert on the back cover. It was an advert for something called “Covert Subliminal Software.” Steven read the page with interest, he assumed it was a scam but something about the advert kept attracting his attention. He started to form an idea in his head, about using the software on his brother, what better way for revenge than making a message that forced Ritchie to do something embarrassing? Only a little thing though, he wasn’t cruel, he just wanted to teach Ritchie a lesson.

Steven was broken from his ponderings by a knock on the door. He walked over and swung the door open to reveal Ritchie, he stood several inches taller than Steven and had a very self-satisfied smirk on his face.

“What do you want?” Steven asked coldly.

“I was just wondering if you needed tucking in tonight? Maybe have someone feed you a bottle?” Ritchie said in a mocking voice, he could barely stop himself from cracking up.

“Get lost!” Steven growled through gritted teeth as he slammed the door.

“Don’t throw a tantrum, baby!” Ritchie called through the door before laughing to himself on the way to his bedroom.

“We’ll see who is a baby…” Steven whispered to himself.

He walked over to his computer, went online and visited the website for “Covert Subliminal Software.” After hesitating for just a second he clicked “buy now” and was told the software was on its way. Steven smiled evilly to himself as he came up with the perfect plan for revenge, as soon as the package arrived he would show his family who the baby was.

For a few days afterwards nothing of note happened. Steven kept mostly to himself as usual and made sure to wake up early enough to be the first to check the post every single day in the hope of seeing his package. Time did not diminish his want for revenge, if anything his need to get back at his brother only increased as his brother kept making thinly veiled comments, Steven simply kept his cool and waited.

It was five days later when Steven looked through the mail as it was pushed through the letterbox and found the package he had been waiting for. It was instantly recognisable and Steven was glad to have got to the package first otherwise awkward questions may have come his way, the picture on the box showing a person in a chair and someone swinging a watch in front of them certainly would have caught the eye of Steven’s family.

Steven had done a lot of research on the power of suggestion in the last few days. He knew the stereotypical picture of someone swinging a pocket watch and saying “you are feeling sleepy” was not how this stuff worked.

Steven rushed back to his room with his parcel and ripped it open as soon as the door closed. Taking a drink of his cola he quickly read the pages of the instruction booklet and found that setting up these secret messages would actually be surprisingly simple.

The instruction manual said to keep the messages short and easy to understand, shorter phrases resonate in the brain much easier and would be planted a lot quicker. Steven was still quite sceptical of the whole idea of subliminal messaging but the software was surprisingly cheap and it was worth the risk of investment because if it did work it would be the best revenge he could possibly get.

Steven waited, he did some brief setup of the software on his own computer, it was surprisingly easy to set up and Steven suspected that even if he knew nothing about computers that he would be able to get it to work. He waited for his brother to leave, he waited for an opportunity to sneak into Ritchie’s room and set up the software. He was very impatient, he had a new toy to play with and having to wait before he could use it was almost intolerable.

Finally, a few hours later, Steven saw Ritchie walk past his door with his coat on and a bag slung over his shoulders. As Ritchie walked past he saw Steven watching him and Ritchie paused briefly to give his younger brother the middle finger.

“Going out?” Steven asked. He ignored the rude gesture and hurried over to the doorway as his brother walked away.

“Unlike you, I have a social life, so yes I am.” Ritchie replied.

Steven just nodded but as soon as Ritchie turned his back, Steven let out a devilish smile and ran back into his room to grab the USB stick that contained the subliminal software. Listening out for the sound of the front door closing he hopped from one foot to the other almost unable to contain his excitement.

As soon as Steven heard the door close he practically ran to his older brother’s bedroom and straight over to his computer. Ritchie’s computer was not as powerful as Steven’s but it was just good enough to run Ritchie’s favourite online game, a first person shooter that he spent a lot of his free time on.

Steven quickly logged in to the machine, he had guessed Ritchie’s password quite easily months ago, rather predictably it was his girlfriend’s name Linda.

Steven logged in and immediately booted up the new software. He looked through the menus and adjusted a few things to his specifications. He clicked on the box that said “Message:” and after a moment of thinking Steven typed in “You are very thirsty for cola.”

Steven chose an innocuous message at first, he wanted to test the software with something that wouldn’t cause any damage if it went wrong. Steven knew his more athletic brother never drank sugary drinks, but it was well known that Steven loved them. It would be a good test of the program’s power.

He pressed enter and moved the software into the correct folder so that when Ritchie played his game that message would be flashed at him at quick intervals. It would be so fast that Ritchie wouldn’t notice it, but it would leave an imprint in his brain.

Steven quickly turned the computer off, took his USB stick and retreated back to his bedroom. Now it was a case of waiting, he had to wait for Ritchie to come home and play his game. Steven, knowing it would be a while before that happened, loaded up his own game and began playing. Steven paused only to drink from his large cola supply as he passed the hours. He was impatient and hopped from one game to another, nothing could sustain his interest for long.

Eventually he heard the front door open and close before hearing loud footsteps coming up the stairs, past Steven’s bedroom and to Ritchie’s own bedroom.

Steven felt so excited, he was nervous as well as he sat in his room waiting to see what was going to happen. He wanted to run to Ritchie’s room and watch, to see if it was working, but he knew he had to act as normally as possible. If Steven started hanging around Ritchie’s room, then Ritchie would realise something was up.

It was a full two hours, just when Steven was preparing to give up on the software working when there was a sudden knock on his bedroom door. Steven’s heart skipped a beat as he walked over to the door.

“Yes?” Steven said as he opened the door to his brother. Ritchie had strangely wide eyes and he was salivating quite a bit.

“Yo, this is a bit weird but do you still have that big stash of cola in here?” Ritchie asked. He was not acting like he normally did, there definitely seemed to be something weird going on.

Steven was secretly elated. This was incredible! An act that was totally out of character for his big brother, an act that can only possibly have come from the suggestion of Steven’s subliminal software.

“Yeah.” Steven said as he fought to keep his internal smile from showing.

“Could I have some?” Ritchie asked. He smiled slightly but Steven got the impression that if he said no Ritchie would push his way in and take a drink anyway, he had a look in his eyes that suggested nothing would keep him away from the drink.

Steven leaned over to where his bottles of cola were and picked up one of the smaller ones. He handed it to Ritchie who quickly unscrewed the lid and started drinking deeply from the bottle.

Steven was shocked as he watched his brother, who didn’t like sugary drinks, drink the whole bottle in one go.

When Ritchie was done he lowered the bottle from his mouth and let out an incredibly loud belch. Ritchie looked strangely content, a little trickle of cola had spilled out the side of his mouth but otherwise he looked normal and happy. Steven was quite unnerved by what he saw.

“Boys! Dinner time.” Mother shouted from downstairs. It broke the awkward silence that was developing.

Steven took the initiative and handed another bottle of cola to his brother before they headed downstairs.

Dinner was quiet that evening. Steven spent a lot of his time watching Ritchie who took multiple liberal gulps of the cola. He had become like a fiend for the stuff, it was as if he couldn’t get enough.

“Cola? That’s not like you.” Karen said to her older son.

“I’m just really thirsty for it.” Ritchie said as he took another drink.

That night Steven took a little while to get to sleep, he was thinking about what to do next. The subliminal software clearly worked, Ritchie had taken yet another bottle of cola with him to bed. There was no answer as to why that was happening other than Ritchie was successfully being manipulated.

Steven decided that tomorrow he would change the message. The next day he would put his actual plan into action. It was time for revenge on his older brother, not to mention he didn’t want Ritchie drinking all of his cola!

This story is written by Elfy

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 2

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Where is your brother? – xephy_buns

Where is your brother?

Draw and everything by

I sure think that the boys brother have ended up inside his brothers tummy and now the brother is pushing him out into the waiting diaper. I sure wounder what his mother is going to find inside this cubs diaper?

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Driving around

Driving aroundMy little brother fexi ist laughing about me because I fall asleep while driving and woke up wet *blushes* and trying to hide it.

Characters in this drawing belongs to fexi and BoltX

Text by BoltX

Draw by wen


Poor BoltX it sure is not nice that your little brother is teasing you about your wet diaper. I sure hope there mom is going to put a end to this soon.

But i sure bet that your little brother is going to put his diaper to some good use soon to.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day!Caiden and Kyle got up early (earlier than they usually do) and made their mother breakfast and brought it to her. Cheryl couldn’t be happier that her boys did something that nice for her, but was having a hard time showing it since the “breakfast” that was served to her was probably not safe to ingest.

Characters belongs to tugscarebear

Draw by tato


Awww poor Cheryl she sure going to have a pretty hard time now trying to avoid eating this food.

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Not Good…

 Not Good...

Luckily the curator was able to slide and save the vase and probably his job. Caiden and Kyle started to sneak away when they bumped into their very upset mother. They were both given a stern tongue lashing and forced to apologize to the curator. It was then that their parents decided it was time to leave, but not before they each took one cub into their respective restroom.

Characters and text by tugscarebear

Draw by tato


Awww Kyle and Caiden sure is in a pretty big trouble now. There poor butt sure going to get a massive spanking pretty soon. It sure going to get hurt and look pretty toasted.

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Making Their Own Fun

Making Their Own Fun

Boredom had set in with the cubs and they were getting restless. Mike and Cheryl assured them that they were almost through the museum and even gave them their Ipad, which is something they haven’t done all trip. That didn’t last too long and the boys started running around again. They got a stern warning from both of their parents about running around and being careful and told to settle down. That only lasted for so long before the cubs got away from their parents and started playing tag around some of the vases. They started chasing each other around one of the roped off vases in the center of the room and inevitably bumped the stand and the vase started to wobble dangerously. The curator was watching this whole thing and was already on his way over to grab the cubs and take them to their parents when they bumped the stand. Now he was sprinting over there to save the vase.

Characters and text by tugscarebear

Draw by tato


They sure is in allot of trouble now. Playing around in the museum sure is not a good thing to be doing.

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