Bowel incontinence

The baby business part 8

Copyright (c) 1995 by Babydoc.

As the time dragged on, Doug became more uncomfortable than he could ever remember being. His arms burned, his hands were numb, his back was stiff, and his bottom and legs were cold, wet, and squishy. This isn’t at all the way he thought things would turn out. He watched as his clock crept toward the three hour mark, indicating that his test was over, and at the exact instant it read three hours, he heard a key turn a lock in his front door downstairs. Damn, he thought, she’s good.

He listened to the sounds of Mrs. Warren climbing the stairs, whistling to herself. He saw her enter the bathroom with her clipboard in her hand.

“Whew!” she commented. “Smells like there’s a little boy who has some stinky pants that need changing.”

He lowered his eyes in silence. Words couldn’t describe how humiliated he felt as he sat tied up in his bathtup with very messy and wet pants. She made it worse by laughing when she looked closer at him.

“Well, I hope you don’t mind my pronouncing judgment BEFORE we look at your underpants, but I think it’s quite safe to say you didn’t exactly pass this test.” She chuckled again. “I mean, I’ve seen other little boys fail, but not with so much enthusiasm.” She leaned over to inspect him. “You certainly did quite a number on those pants, and it’s porbably a blessing that you won’t be needing to wear those underpants again at any time in the near future. I don’t even WANT to know what color they are now. Deal?” she asked cheerfully as she packed her timer and monitor into her little black bag.

He couldn’t speak. He was simply mortified. That this could happen at all, that anyone would see him, that she would make fun of him. It was all so terrible.

She sat on the toilet lid to talk to him, then saw his expression and knew his feelings. “Oh, don’t worry, little boy,” she said, reaching over to stroke his hair maternally. “As I said, I’ve had lots of boys fail my test. You weren’t the first. And likewise, you won’t be the first to wear diapers for me, either. It doesn’t have to be a big deal at all, if you just accept it. Life goes on, even if you have an accident, and even if you’re wearing diapers.”

“But…” Doug tried to speak for the first time. “But I really don’t NEED to wear diapers,” he insisted, nearly in tears. “I’m NOT incontinent.”

“Uh, huh, of course you aren’t,” Mrs. Warren said with a patronizing lilt. “But your pants might want to argue with you. Maybe we don’t understand what incontinent means,” she suggested gently.

“No,” he said acidly. “I know exactly what it means. I’m just saying that I had horrible luck today. I’m sick, I think, and I had a lot of beer last night. I…I never have accidents normally,” he sputtered with exasperation.

“No, you’re not sick,” she replied. “Part of it was the diaper juice.”


“The diaper juice,” she repeated. This was always tricky. “It wasn’t Gatorade you drank, though it is very similar. It had a touch of a mild laxative in it,” she lied. Giving a hint of the truth often helped her credibility. But she found it best to keep him doubting his ability to stay clean and dry. He’ll be easier in the short run if he wonders whether he actually needs the diapers.

“I like to call it diaper juice because it helps me decide who needs diapers. You see, it doesn’t make everyone soil their pants, just those with some underlying incontinence. If your sphincters are a little weak anyway, this stuff will tip you over the edge, and you’ll have an accident. Or two,” she added, noting the wetness in his pants as well.

“My company has spent a lot of time testing this drink, and we’ve found that the vast majority of people are a little `challenged’ by the test, but that they stay clean and dry with no real problems. Only those we know by other tests to be incontinent had a soiling problem. It turns out to be quite a valid test,” she concluded. She had phrased that well. He ought to believe that story. “Of course, that doesn’t reeally explain why you wet your pants as well. The diaper juice doesn’t have anything in it to cause that. You did that on your own,” she lied.

As Doug heard this, Mrs. Warren’s words made his head spin. So, it had been a laxative, but he should have been able to hold it. But he didn’t, so was he really incontinent? And he had peed in his pants, too, so that juice wasn’t entirely to blame. He didn’t know what to think. He had to admit, it sounded like he had legitimately failed this test. But…but he simply wasn’t incontinent. He mumbled this again, since it was his only line of defense.

“That’s simply denial,” she responded easily. “And I don’t blame you for using denial as a defense mechanism. Bladder and bowel control are some of our most elemental skills. It’s embarrassing and a little scary when we discover somehow that we have lost it to some degree, even if it’s just temporary. I know that you are scared and embarrassed. Now, I can’t tell you why you are incontinent, only a doctor can. And Mrs. Sheffield says you’ve been to see a doctor already about it, so I’ll take your word for it, and we don’t need to address the reasons WHY you’re incontinent. Our job is to deal with it.”

Doug cursed himself for having mentioned a doctor in his made-up story about needing diapers last Saturday. But he never thought it would be used against him.

She went on. “But whether you choose to accept it or not, or whether you were aware of it or not, today we have proven that you have a problem with incontinence.”

He still felt dizzy. She sounded so reasonable. “But if I AM incontinent, I should have known about it. Right?”

“And I’m sure you did, on some level, but you chose to ignore it, or not to believe it. Perhaps we can find some other earlier clues. Think back. I bet you can remember wetting your bed, or having daytime accidents when you were very little. Right?”

He nodded. He could. But couldn’t everyone?

“Studies we have done have shown that our incontinent clients have specific memories like that more often than people with good control. And this makes sense. If you can remember such incidents, you were probably older than most people by the time you gained control, and late bloomers often have trouble throughout life with bladder and bowel control.” This was a fabrication she had practiced many times, and it usually had the desired effect. It did here. She could see that it had made him think. Time to hit him with more lies.

“Here’s another clue. Another subtle sign of an underlying incontinence problem is if after you pee (and I mean intentionally, in the toilet) you ever have a little problem dribbling into your underpants once you’re finished. Normal people don’t have this problem, but all of my other little boys do, and it’s another pretty sensitive sign.” Of course, Mrs. Warren chuckled to herself, how could this boy know that was a lie? Most men didn’t examine other men in public restrooms. And indeed, Doug looked shocked. He had thought that a little dribbling was normal. Mrs. Warren smiled. Time to hit him with the big one.

“Finally, psychologists tell us that we sometimes deeply desire things we know we need but which we can’t admit we need, out of embarrassment or fear. These desires appear in different ways, but one way incontinent people manifest the desire for additional bladder protection is a sexual attraction to diapers. You mentioned something earlier about this, so I’ll bet that’s the case with you, and I bet that from an early age you’ve had a fetish for diapers. It may seem perverted to you, or embarrassing, so you probably haven’t told a lot of people. But the fact is that this is your unconscious telling you that you have a serious problem, and that if you aren’t going to fix it consciously, your unconscious will help you fix it automatically. It’s true, isn’t it? You’ve secretly worn diapers before, haven’t you?”

She was looking at him with such a knowing expression. Doug nodded slowly as she nodded with him. Yes, of course he’d worn diapers. Was this why he liked them?

Mrs. Warren smiled. That was one thing she could count on. All of these poor boys wanted to know why they liked diapers, and they tended to believe any credible reason you gave them.

“You see, you’ve always had this problem, and you’ve always wanted help, but have been too afraid or embarrassed to get it. Not anymore. From now on, you’ll get the help you need, Doug. And to make it easier on your ego, I’m not going to give you a choice. Sometimes we can’t admit what we need, but we still need it. You may not be able to tell me you need to wear diapers, but you have all the symptoms of incontinence, and we proved today that you have a problem.

“Now, it would be nice if you could admit you have a problem, so that we can work together to fix it. Working together is so much nicer than struggling with each other, and my experience is that it helps you more to admit your problem and cooperate with me. But I must tell you that it is hardly necessary for you to help me. It’s far more pleasant for you if you cooperate, but one way or another you’ll be wearing your diapers like a good little boy.”

She reached into her black bag, drew out a camera, and before Doug could object, she took several pictures of him as he sat in his obviously wet and messy pants in the tub.

“What are you doing?” he cried. Evidence of his experience today was the last thing he wanted. He thought of his job, his grad program application.

“Now just relax,” she cooed, replacing her camera. “These pictures won’t find their way anywhere important if you behave yourself. They are more as an insurance policy for me. As I said, I’m not going to give you the option of not participating in this program. I know your tendency is to avoid the issue of your incontinence, but I’m very serious about forcing you to confront it, or at the very least, to control it. The pictures will just help me make sure you’ll stay in my program.”

That was bad news indeed. This woman was arming herself with more and more weapons, Doug saw. How could he avoid this catastrophe?

“Okay,” Mrs. Warren said, noting that the pictures had the desired effect. She would take more pictures later, and they would be her trump card for this fellow. “The next order of business is signing a contract for your personal incontinence control program, or ICP. After we do that, we can get you a little more comfortable.” With that, she showed him her clipboard, which had on it an official-looking document with a space to sign his name. Doug got a sudden feeling of panic. He couldn’t sign. This was it, the last nail in his coffin. If he signed this, he’d never be able to get out of this program thing.

So he shook his head. “I’m not signing,” he said defiantly.

Mrs. Warren took the clipboard back and shook her head. “Your choice,” she clucked. “You don’t have to sign now.” Doug was relieved. Maybe there was some way out of this. “But I will tell you that you don’t move from that tub until I have your John Hancock on this page. As long as you’re comfortable, you don’t have to sign. You want to sit for a while?”

Doug grimaced. He couldn’t bear sitting here any more. But…

When he didn’t answer immediately, Mrs. Warren stood. “Fine,” she said. “I’ll check back in a little while, after I’ve prepared your apartment. If you’re not ready to sign by then, I can leave you until tomorrow morning. I’ve certainly got plenty of time, you won’t starve before then, and you don’t exactly need special bathroom facilities. And if you get thirsty, I’ve always got some Gatorade you could have.” He heard her chuckling as she went downstairs.

When he was alone he lifted himself up a little and relieved himself once more into his pants. He had had cramps throughout that conversation but had held on until she left. That would have been way too embarrassing.

Now what could he do? She had him by the balls, he knew. She had blackmail material, and he couldn’t sit here forever. He was so stiff and sore and generally uncomfortable that even a dry diaper sounded like a dream to him. This lady was too good, and right now she had him right where she wanted him. He had to sign the paper. There was no way around it. He dejectedly accepted this over the next few moments.

More disturbing was the thought she had planted in his head about actually being incontinent. It didn’t sound possible, but she made it sound obvious. And if it was true, did he have any business objecting to this ICP thing?

But his bladder and bowel control was fine, he thought. He never had an accident. He’d never needed diapers before. And yet, why did he always want them? His head spun with the implications, and he was far too hungry and uncomfortable to sort it all out. He’d be best off if he signed the damn paper, got out of this tub, and got her out of his house. Then he could think about it all he needed to, and devise some way to get out of this whole mess. He couldn’t think of any ways now, but there had to be some escape.

He listened to the sounds of the house while he waited for her to return. He heard the front door open and close several times, and Mrs. Warren made several trips up and down the stairs as well. He heard bags ripping, and the downstairs toilet flush. He had no idea what was going on. And honestly, he didn’t care. His mind was set on getting out of here. So when Mrs. Warren finally reappeared in the bathroom and asked if he was interested in joined her ICP, Doug nodded vigorously.

“Good,” she said, and held out her clipboard.

Copyright (c) 1995 by Babydoc.

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Bailley – Stuck With Diapers

Bailley - Stuck With DiapersLittle Bailley, the child super soldier experiment. Born in a small African village, this mysterious girl was experimented on at a very young age, by an unknown military group, to become a powerful super soldier. She was rescued by Flo, the military service dog, and has since been under close observation by the army.

Bailley, who is beginning to show signs of the symptoms, has now grown a tail and animal ears, though the species remain unknown. Furthermore, her aim, speed and reflexes have also excelled to near super-human level. Way too young for combat, she has been enrolled into preschool, and helps the army train and maintain all the service animals, including Flo and Maisy. She’s a girl scout, she’s a very fast learner and has become a child prodigy, envied by all the other preschool girls. Arrogant, with bragging rights, she has every reason to be proud and cocky……….

*crinkle-crinkle*………except she can’t pass her Potty Training Test……..A side effect from her super soldier testing, Bailley seems to have lost all control of her bathroom urges, and has become desperately dependent on diapers to prevent accidents. Perfectly flawed, she has become very nervous and self-conscious about her padding, and experiences much ridicule by students when she needs to get the teacher to change her diaper. She often hides from class, preferring to hang out with Flo and the other service animals, seeing that Flo and Maisy are also incontinent. Its only around other padded kids and animals, where she feels most comfortable. Her dream is to one day graduate to training pants.

Draw and everything by OverFlo207


Poor little Bailley it seems like she is going to be forced to wear diapers for the rest of here life. Now when she have ended up being incontinent.

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Diaper story stealing diapers

This story comes from

James strange desire to wear diaper was consuming his life. The strange addition was controlling him, like some weird drug. Running low on money James desires was strong they want and need for more diapers. James was trying new ways to get diapers. One day Driving thought an alley behind a nursing home James saw a storage building full of boxes. On card board box label adult Diapers. James slow down to case the building and no body was around. James quickly circled back to examine again. James heart raced as he builds up the nerve to leave his car. Suddenly James jump from the driving sit and ran into the storage building. Reading the label careful looking for a large size style diaper James sudden grab one large box and carried them back to the car. Throwing the large case of diapers into the back sit. James quickly drove home and carried the box into his house. Stripping his clothes off, has he stood there eager to get in a thick comfortable diaper? Relaxing in bed James drifted off into a deep sleep.

Back at the Nursing home one the head nurse saw James jump from his car and grab a case of diapers. So the head nurse walks out to where James had stopped his car and saw a piece of paper lying on the ground. She quickly discovered it was a piece of James mail that had fallen from James car. She took the paper back into the owner of the company and tells her what she had witness on her camera system. Lora the company owner tells her head nurse she will handle the matter.

Driving over to James house, she discovers the door open quarter of the way. Peering in and yelling hello she get no answer. She walks into the house and discovers James lying in bed. Looking around the round she discover James computer on scrolling image of women wear diapers over and over again different images. Thinking to her James was of sick freak you would see on Jerry Springer. One of those people who liked to wearing diapers, and who got off on wearing diapers. With one hard jerk she pulled the cover off of James exposing James naked body all except for a diaper around his waist. James suddenly came to attention “what the hell are you doing here”. Lora the owner of the company replied what hell are you doing stealing from me? James tried to form words and mumble spurted out of mouth. James grew with fear and knowing he was caught tried to hide is naked body. Lora slaps him on the head. James quickly grabs his blanket and tried to cover up. Lora stated to him “I’m going to give you two choices and I want answer now. Choice one is I call the cop and show them the video of you stealing the diapers and wearing the diapers. Click the sound of her phone snapping a shot of James diaper ass. James said what my second choice and liked I have Choice? Lora you come back to the Nursing home and work for me and pay off your dept. James Said let me get dressed, Lora replied no, what your choice going to be. James out of work and need to make money stated I’ll go work for you. James grab his t-shirt and put it on but when grab his pants, Lora jerk them out his hand and threw across room. Lora pulled James arm and said let go now. Lora told James not to say one more words. Pulling out his house wearing nothing but a diaper and shirt she told him to get the back of her car. James scared and worried his was off to police he did what she said. James got in the car and Lora started to drive away. Lora made a phone call has she was driving and all James could hear was I got him and you need to have the paper ready for power when I get there.
Lora and James arrived at the nursing home and heavy set woman greet them in the parking lot. Has James sat in the back seat, Lora made James fill out an employee packet and made him sign a large packet on last page without reading what he signed. Sudden the heavy set woman open the back door and shove a needle in James arm and other women swarm the car. James went light headed and weak, had no energy to fight. The women call for wheelchair and James was push into the nursing home and down a long hall to a room a medical bed an supplies. The women then lift him out the wheel chair and place him a large changing table. They ripped his diaper off and threw in the trash. They began to shave his genitals and his legs. James tried to fight them off but the shot in the arm seem to sedative him. Drugged and helpless James was not able to move an inch. James tried to scream and soon his mouth open a large pad was placed in his mouth. Unable to speak tears started to form around James eyes. James grew worried want did he get self into. Another shot in the arm a James eye began to close shut, trying to fight of the drugs James’s body enter slumber.
James awoke to find his leg and his arm tied down to exam table. James Leg was high up in stirrup. Blind fold James could hear to women talking. One a nurse and other a Doctor, the nurse was talking about how Lora got James to sign over his rights. The Doctor replied to the nurse that why I’m here to preform assement of her new patient. James could feel the sharp pain in his right arm, and IV was placed in his arm. James scream out that the two women” you f@#$ B^*(* you need to let me go now! Without warning James hear and felt the sound of his plastic diaper being ripped open. Pain pressure engulfed his penis has doctor squeezed it. James cried out loud. The Doctor releases his privates and told him to be good boy. James nodded his head yes and just lay still. Has James laid still and warm feel started in his Right arm and began to make it way thought body. James was giving another dose of a sedative drug. James hears the Doctor talk and told the nurse Lora want to catharsizes him. The doctor asks for a Foley catheter. Nurse looked at James “you poor thing this little tube is going straight into you little pee pee hole and straight into you bladder. Guess what you have no control of urine; guess who going to need diapers. James tried to move the drug retard is movement. James could feel the long tube slide inside his penis deep inside his bladder, sudden a stream of urine oozed on the end. The call for a syringe to inflated the balloon. James body limp and lifeless they untied him and placed him on stretcher and wheel him down to room mark behavior studies private. The door only had keycard swipe on it. The door slow open with the sound of an electric motor powering them. James was push past nurse desk with Women laughing and pointing finger at him. Push by endless hallway and push into elevator. James was being taken down into the basement.
The sound of key unlocks the door switch and old white padded cell room, from the smell and look of it was not used for longtime. James was lifted and transfer to another stretcher fitted with restraints. Two nurses applying diaper James and began to fasten the restraints. Large hand mitts were tight to James wrist for the nurse protection. James body was firmly secured and cover with a large blanket the light was shut off has the nurse left padded cell. James began to scream and moan has he lain trapped in padded room. One stream of light fills the room with sunshine coming from window high in the room. Camera hung in three corners of the room James beg and pleading for, help mercy, a way out of here. Lora sat in office and reviewed James employment application for work and began to fill in the blanks on the large packet James signed in the park lot. Lora just sat in office chair smiling and laughing as she fills out the packet. Lora watched James on computer and zoom in on with amazement.

James Struggled and pull again his restraint. James had no hope the medical restraint were design well. James had no change of escape. He lay in the dark padded room, his remained tied for hours because the sun was gone. James voice was gone from screaming and moaning for hours. A flash appear has the light came on the room. James raised his head to see another coming in, she apouched the bed with another bag of saline and another clear small IV bag. She changed out the IV bags and patted James wet gions . She unfastens the restraint around James waist and began to untapped his diapers. James wiggles and pulled at his restraints. James was grabbed by his ball and told to lift his ass. James lift his ass has high as he could; only to have diaper pulled out from him. The nurse dangle his swelling extreme wet diaper in front his eye. James could believe his eyes he had never soak a diaper complete. The nurse stated to James” you poor little baby that catheter is cause you to have no control over bladder, awww. Plus to top all things off the keep pumping saline in body mixed with diuretic drug. The nurse order James to raise his again and thicker diaper was slid under his behind with thick booster pad. Just think you have many more soaked diapered coming your way the nurse told James.
Now James was wheel down into another room where Lora stood waiting to greet James. Lora told James I have well new for you and bad news for you. When the doctor examines you she found to know reason why you need diapers. So that makes me wonder why you would steal a case of diapers from me. Lora stood there with a needle in hand surround by various diaper and pads. Lora looked at James expecting answer. James just laid there in silent with burn evil eyes staring at her. James spout you have no right to keep me here. I know what did was wrong but this has gone too far. Lora replied you have no rights you sign your right away to me and the nursing home. We have power of attorney over you now. When we get done with you wished you never saw a diaper in your life. On the lighter side the doctor and I feel that you are a threat to yourself and others. So having an empty mental ward collecting dust now will have it first patient in years. James looked at Lora dumb founded and began to cry. We plan on keep you here for a long time until you can fit back into society. Now little catheter when remain in for long time cause you dribble and wet your diapers. The longer the catheter remain in your bladder the smaller it get, that right the bladder shrink to the size of a walnut if left in a few months. Don’t worries we plan on take good care of you. Lora said let the punishment fit the crime you stealing diaper for the fun of it and now we are insuring that you will need diapers for long term. When plan on increasing the size of Foley catheter from 16 to a 24 fringe. By increase the size of catheter slowly will expand your spinster muscles attached to neck of bladder and stretch them out complete never allowing closing again.
James was giving another shot of sedative into IV. And effect where immeditive. Lora explains to James were going to you heavy drugged and restraint for you own good. Lora told James your basically prop tries of the nurse home now. James lifts and transfers to a hospital bed and restraint again. James was place on large absorbent blue pad and splitter mask was placed on his head. Lora we are going to follow proper policy set by the state and government. Now the Doctor and I agree keep you catheter and diaper is necessary. The longer we keep you in this shape the less change you have of return to a normal life. The diaper will soon become permanent and you will start to loose muscle mass in your body. The longer we keep you drugged and restraint the worst muscle atrophy set in. James looks at her puzzled. Lora looked that James and said you poor thing you don’t understand big words. Muscle atrophy is when you muscle shrink and get weaker, reversible with excise and movement. So say we keep you here tied up and sedative for three month. You will lose the able to stand on your own. Six month you’ll be in a wheelchair with a vest because you won’t be able to sit up, walk, or use your arms to move around. One year of special treatment you will in a baby like state, Trapped in grown man body but have bowel loss and urine loss in you diaper. Unable to move have wait for someone to change you and feed you. Now you get some sleep and will start bowel training in the morning.
After long night of trying to adjust to the fact of wearing diaper and have catheter indwelling inside me. I awoke to women unstrapping my ankles and attach them to hoist lift hang over bed. The hum of electric motor lift my leg way to the air and nurses work on both side of the bed. The diaper was cut off with scissor and fell to the pad on the bed. The diaper four time the sizes it start out complete soak and seeping with urine the diaper could not hold any more. The nurse began talking if this work out I would like to put my son in here, the other replied my husband the good for nothing unemployed beer drinker sit out the house all day watching the outdoor channel. I pay the entire bills at the house and he does nothing. The other ask why your son. She told the other nurse he on drugs, steal from me and just won’t stay out trouble with the law. Maybe this experiment will turn out success and create more hours and more jobs. James was thinking to his self what experiment and was I the experiment. The nurse removed the large blue pad and the diaper and disposed of it the trash. The placed a large pad underneath him. They leave the room with James ass exposed and high the air by the hoist system. Another nurse walked in with what seem to be large plug inflated with an assistant push a cart the gloves and other medical supplies. James kick and scream pull at restraint. Leg hanging the air leaving his ass exposed for invasion. A large size black rubber gag was forced into James mouth has he screamed. Securely with leather strap, the nurse began to but on latex gloves. James Lora want to study the effect of anal stretching with is plug. The quickly deflated was large but no has large when inflated. The deflate size was about three inch wide at the base. When inflated it grow to become about seven inch at the base. The assistant nurse began prep James rectum with lube, by rubbing the outer rim. Then she slow pushed a large syringe fill with lube, into James cavity, Push the plunger in slow James could fill his ass fill with slick ooze. After filled with lube the main nurse started to probe James ass with her finger. She spoke to James, we plan dilate you ass and study the effect of prolong stretching, it going to be painful at first but your body with adjust with time. James felt one finger push and turn and a second enter. James was starting to get erection from the anal stimulation. The main nurse started to started to talk to her assistant , the male body has a prostate gland located in the anal canal close to the bladder in should be about the size of walnut. Now you put your two fingers in and feel for it. Reach over there and hand me at steel wand, the steel wand had a wire attached to back. The steel wand was gentle inserted into James ass and press on is prostate gland. The main nurse the slid a small collar in shaft of penis and pushed it all the down to his balls. Nurse removing diapers stack on her cart unveiling a small electric box. Power then was turn on and electric shock pulsed in James ass then without warning he started to produce cum. The main nurse laugh and told her assistant nurse poor man just been milked drain of all of his sperms. James cried and moans these gagged and felt humiliations, he ejectalated but felt no pleasure from it. The main nurse removes her wand or so-called sperm milkier device. The main nurse lean in and patted James on the head and looked at him. Now for the fun part she deflated the black plug and began pushing on James outer dark rim. Twisting and push the large head invaded James’s ass stretching and hurting him. The smiled and said we had not even reached the first rib on the toy. So pulling in and out the toy sudden made James pop, the first rib was past he spinster muscle. The assistant applied more lube to the toy has the main nurse twisted and pushed deep into rectum. Sudden the main nurse jerked the toy always out popping past the first ridge James body jump in pain. The head nurse held the plug close to James eyes and show the pointed to where it was. The head stated to James sees the plug only a third way in you has to take it all. The head began inserted again this James was adjusted the size of the first part twisting and turn the first rib pop in easy. A hard jab and force the second rib penetrate deeper into his dark hole. Twisting in turn the nurse said just one more to go. James body shaking and quaking he couldn’t handle much more. James felt like he was raped. The toy jolted all the way out of the ass and with one hard push the rush past all the rib to the flush base of the toy. James moan and flay has leg hung in the air. The main nurse just smiled and began squeezing the black bulb attached to the toy. Air slow expanded the plug dwelling inside James orifice. James moans and cried after the three pump the quit. The nurse lean down close to James and started to talk to him. Dear boy this plug is design to dilate and stretch your ass out, daily treatment with this wonderful device will leave bowel incontinence for a while. But if I keep pumping it larger every your poor little asshole nerve and muscle will be destroyed. Now we have to leave in for a couple of hours and let your ass adjust when we come back will remove it.James leg was lower back down and unstrapped. Two came in to the room and unfasten all James restraint. The nurse then transfers James over to a wheelchair and tie his arm to the armrest and fasten a mesh vest over is chest and tied it in back. The nurses then tie his feet to the foot rest of the wheelchair. James sat in the hard bottom wheelchair has weight of body force the large anal plug deeper. The two nurses changed James bedding out. Lora enters the room behind James and push down on James shoulders. James looked up to see Lora smiling. Lora un fasten the large gag in James mouth an open his mouth and began to move his jaw around trying to excise it. Lora pulls up a chair in front of James and attached a catheter bag to hose hanging out of James penis. Lora sat down and asks James how he was enjoying the stay. James state really, well where to I started you kidnapped me, use shove a tube in my penis and raped my ass and so much more. You can’t keep me here like this, the staff is going to tell someone and you will end up someone bitch in prison you sick person. Lora laugh my staff work me and the government. My staff signs formal paper with discloser they can’t talk about what goes on here to anybody. If my staff does get caught talking to any outside source they might end up like you. Lora quickly shoved a large molded gag into James mouth attached with a long tube. Next she pulled up an IV stand and hung a black bag of something on the IV stand. Attaching the bag to the tube Lora asks James if he want some breakfast. Lora looked at James we can does this easy way or the hard way were we shove a tube thought your nose and force it in stomach and feed you. James unable to speak just nodded his head yes. Lora turns a small valve and fluid began to flow. Lora sat back down in chair and watch James. James forced to sallow every second began to taste coffee. Lora asks James with his coffee was good James just nodded yes, but James found it to be awful. Lora smiled and told James it her special blend of coffee. See we the call the bomb because when finish drink it your but hole will exploded. We mixed Marla and prune juice and milk of manganese with coffee for super strong laxative. See are upstairs patient get a small dose when their plumping fail to work right, that small dose usually leave them couple hours with loose bowel movement. But you got a triple dose were you have to go all day and night. Aww but you can’t because you all plug up, Lora grab the air bulb to the black plug and deflated, oop did I do that Lora said with evil in voice. Sudden Lora pumped the bulb back up six time larger then what was before and James continue to drink the fluid flowing into his mouth as tear roll down his cheek. Lora looked at clock read only nine fifteen, Lora you have retrain that plug until twelve I’m sorry I forgot. Lora told James all the paper work is final the government is allowing me to reopen the basement here and run a small mental behavior study clinic down here. All thank to you James. We have six empty rooms down here and one of them is going to be your permanent home. James we have men packing up you house and getting ready to sell everything you own to pay the startup cost of this program. All accept your computer it will study and exam to see what thing you like. I have an Ideal to put a large TV in your room display all the diaper image on computer play with subliminal music. Just think James a life of diaper and worries just lay there and we will do all the work. James rocking back and forth in wheelchair was growing anger; he didn’t like the ideal of this. Lora laugh at James has the bag drain empty. Lora asks the nurse to go the hall and grab the protein shake. James watches as nurse the exit and enters with large white of stuff. Lora then hooks the bag up to the IV pole and removed the old. The white stuff was sweet and paste like as seep to James mouth.
Lora started to talk to James has the bag was empty very slowly. With the country over crowded in the prisons and world going all chaotic, we need change. Technology close to creating robot that will act slave for human but we not really close and the price is way too high. So with a shortage of mental hospital and other problem, I came up with a plan. A great plan to educate, reform, and repurpose your fellow human. Image a criminal living among other and have a purpose, but not causing problem but help follow man. James you’re the first example of this, with training and reeducation you should be intergraded back into society. The first step is to break you down, take way rights, your freedom, and your identify. Image being the base model the prototype of the future. Your just sit there and enjoy yourself James and let us help you become a better person for everyone. Lora unhooked his bag when it was empty and left the gag in his mouth.
James sat in his wheelchair with ass throbbing in pain and drinking his protein shake has filled his mouth. Cramp form in his stomach has strong laxative took effect. Sitting for a few hours one after disconnecting his IV, nurses pulls his wheel chair out the room and down hallway. Open a door with a large shower and whirlpool tub James felt a strap run under his arm both side. The nurse uncoupled the connection to the catheter bag and put plastic plug into the end the catheter. The nurse untied his hand and arm from the wheelchair. Then tried to strike the women untie him arm, in his weakling state he hit the stomach and unfasten the vest around the chest. Sudden shock of electric surge threw his body and he went limp. James was just Taser and two set of women remove from wheel chair remove his restraint. Hoisted in the air by the strap running underneath James armpits. The nurse James tried to strike firmly slap his backside and grab the base plug and twisted it. James moans and reaches for the wall to grab a large rubber apron. Putting on the rubber apron she smile and tell James you want to cause me pain let me because you pain. Grabbing the base of huge inflated plug she pulled hard and pops it out of James ass. James scream were muffled by the large rubber feeding gag in his mouth. James bowels sudden gush with fowl fecal matter spotting on floor has bowel exploded with violent cramps. The nurse hand and forearm now cover with large pink gloves, she reach in James bowel with four finger and yell to the other nurse stand in the doorway he dilate to about five centimeters. Hanging in the air the nurse turns the shower on and grabs the removable shower head. Ice cold water rain on his naked body as wave cramp cause his body quiver and shake. The spraying his entails approach his swallow asshole, she slow eased the head of nozzle into his gaping ass. Cold water rushed thought bowel has nursed laughed to camera here to save you. The pressure of water cause his stomach to swell and large amount of water pour out his ass. The nurse told James a good rinse never hurt anybody, pulling the head the nozzle out James hung lifeless like all energy was drain from his body. As James cold body hung in the air the nurse applied white thick creamy lotion to all part of his body. Careful rubbing it on James face, James could smell the sour odor of chemical. James complete white all except the hair on head the nurse stood back to admire their work making sure no part was miss James hung like a pale white ghost. Sound of water running James gazed at large tub being full with water after hang for about James was lower into the large handicapped tub. The hot felt so good on James body but sitting a molded plastic seat in the shower made swollen rose bud ass hurt more. The nurse turns on the jet in the tube and reach for James right arm. Grabbing James right arm the injected another dose of strong sedative into James arm. After sit in the warm whirlpool jet James fought to keep his head and study the dark blue his body was engulf. The nurse gentle swipe James face of the white cream and James discover drool was seeping from his mouth. Never drugged like this before James body turn in to rag doll. James notice little string of dark hair floating in the water. James mumble threw his gag as he realizes they use depilatories cream, a damn hair removing cream. James tried to raise his arm or move his leg but he had hard time focus on anything. The water drain slowly out he tub has James body was wipe down to remove any remaining hair gentle spray off with warm. James body smooth and silky like newborn baby not one hair remain on his lower body. James heard sound of the electric winch hoist him into the air has was being laid back on cot cover in towel. Wheel down the hall back to his room James could see a cart display all the diapers and product James would now be wearing. Transfer back to clean bed the nurse began to hook back IV and upper body restraints. Still drooling the nurse gentle slid a neck brace around James neck and secure it place. Unplugging the catheter slowly drain in a bed side pan, then lift his leg back in the air with the hoist system. She began to put new diaper and booster pads on him. Thick and larger diapers were now being used because the nurse only wants to change him every four hours. James body was then lower down and total restraint back to the bed. The mixture of new drugs ran it course threw James body has lain in zombie state. Fight to keep his eye slid open the nurse slid an rubber helmet over his head covering his ear and eyes, the helmet was design to calm down mental patients and prevent them harming themselves. With click of the chin strap James ears and eyes were thick cover by rubber padding, no longer able see or hear . James bed began to move the laid down to a reclined position. The nurse place a bib around James neck as his holly drooled threw the rubber gag in mouth.James left alone in catatonic state his mind race with negative thoughts. James was wondering how stealing dealing diaper from a nursing home destroyed his life. Unable to see, hear, speak or move inch James fantasy about this in short term environment but not full time. James body stripped of all hair except hair on top off head. James unable to move feels the constant drip of urine trace down his inner thighs drip into the thick absorbency material of the diaper. James stripped of all freedom to unable to watch TV or go outside. Prisoned in basement mental ward and treat like a big experiment. James tries to determine what will be next. James robbed of his home and his earthly proptries. After long sleep James id woke up by the removal of the rubber helmet on his head by two young nurses. The remove the restraint that bind James to the bed and tell him one false move will beat the shit out of you. Like James had choice still the effect of drug linger in his system. The girl uses the hoist to remove James soiled diapers, James diapers seem wetter and smeller. The one the nurse pulls a four inch wide glass plug that hollow, gentle lubing it and inserting into his ass. The lay down three cloths diaper and began to rub barrier cream and coat James private area with fresh baby powder. James had developed a small rash from two whole days in wet diapers. Lowering James down the girl pin James diapers shut only to raise his leg again to slide thick absorbent diaper with two extra booster pads. Then lower him back down taping the disposable diaper shut and slid pink rubber panties up to his and over the diapers. The rubber pantie was design to catch any moister or urine leaking out. The nurse sat James up bed and removes his soaked bib. Then the nurses slide a nice white shirt over James head around the neck brace. The lower the bed in a laid down position to grab the lower part of the shirt and began to pull toward James crotch area. James realized it was not a white tee shirt but adult onesie, pull the fabric in-between James leg and over huge thick diaper the sound of click has the onesie button were closer one by one. The nurse then slid James feet off the edge of the bed to stand him up. Has James stood there they place a pink robe on him gentle pull his arm thought. The slow walk James toward the door and just outside the doorway was a walker.
James hands grappled the walker and waddle on the hallway. Thick diaper wrapping his and spreading his leg part James found it hard walk. Light head and weak from the sedative James had nurses on both side of him just in case if fell. James butt so fluffy and huge nurse’s study the pronouns outline of diapers. Walking behind the walker heat began build up between his leg, James not aware he bowel was seep through hollow plug because the liquid diet and laxatives. Walking past chair sudden turn to seat down in get, James weakens state made it hard walk ten feet. Has James collapsed in the chair the painful reminder of the hollow and swollen rim cause immense pain? James discovers a hot dirty fowl muss spear though out his James. James now in a fully incontinence state had adjust his life. Nurse removing James feeding gag told James wait for a while and rest. James strong willed stood up and grabbed the walker and continued on. Nurse guide him the elevator and were plan on taking him up stairs. Once upstairs James was taken to an outside courtyard. James study his surround has he sat in a patio chair. Beautiful rose brushes and black cast iron table with umbra made the court outstand and wonderful place to see.. James dream of escaping, he slow stood up looking around but the neck brace made it hard to turn his head. Grasping the walker James walked to the towards the back parking lot, only to discover his car parked back there. . Smile appear on James face , as James off the curbside and power jolt of electrics surged through his body. James body fell to the ground has shocks of electrics pulsed of the neckbrace. lora voice filled with glee has she walk around the backside of building. Aww you poor baby were you trying to leave , you can’t leave you haven’tpaid off your dept. Lora dragged James back to the black cast iron table sitting him down in chair the violent shock stop has soon James past back over the curbside. Lora produced to key remotes and. Said one go to your old car and one go to New improvedneck brace , slash attitude adjuster . Lora sudde push a red button on one of the remote and another volt coursed though his weaking body . Lora told James if you go far from the facility you will immobilized with a power shock ,if you

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You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

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Tranquility Swimmates Disposable Swim Diapers

swimmates-einweg-schwimm-windeln-jugend-teenager-erwachsenen--228x228Swimmates are the first disposable swim briefs especially for bowel containment. Designed to be worn discretely underneath a regular swimwear then torn away and disposed of after swimming. Swimmates won’t swell up from the pool water, they don’t come apart and are Latex-free. Feel confident, enjoy the water, and experience the advantages of buoyant exercise without the worry of embarrassment. It has inner leg cuffs designed to secure bowel incontinence, Blue rear waist elastic moisture barrier and full-rise waist panel for a perfect fit making it easy to pull up and down.

With a wide range of sizes to fit youth, teen and adult swimmers.
Made in USA.
S = 56-91cm(22-36″), 36-57kg(80-125lbs), 22 Pack.
M = 86-122cm(34-48″), 54-79kg(120-175lbs), 20 Pack.
L = 112-137cm(44-54″), 77-95kg(170-210lbs), 18 Pack.
XL = 122-168cm(48-66″), 95-113kg(210-250lbs), 14 Pack.
XXL = 157-203cm(62-80″), 113+ kg(250+ lbs), 12 Pack.
Tranquility Swimmates Disposable Swim Diapers can you order from and the price is 40.
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Ensure Demand-supply of incontinence aids without additional payment!

Die Unterzeichner dieser Petition fordern, dass Menschen mit Inkontinenz ohne aus eigener Tasche aufzuzahlen die Inkontinenzhilfen in der Qualität und Menge bekommen, die sie für ihre Versorgung benötigen und die ihnen gesetzlich zustehen. Dazu sollen Krankenkassen Verträge schließen, die Patienten ein Wahlrecht zwischen verschiedenen Anbietern und Produkten ermöglichen. Ausschreibungsverfahren für Inkontinenzhilfen sind so anzupassen, dass der Schweregrad der Inkontinenz bei der Ausschreibung berücksichtigt wird.


Jeder Mensch mit Inkontinenz ist anders. Darum hat auch jeder Mensch einen unterschiedlichen Bedarf bei der Inkontinenzversorgung. Obwohl Menschen mit Inkontinenz laut Gesetz einen Anspruch auf eine angemessene Versorgung mit Inkontinenzhilfen haben, werden viele Betroffene heute nicht mehr in ausreichender Menge und Qualität versorgt. Sie müssen vielmehr aus eigener Tasche aufzahlen, um weiterhin die Inkontinenzhilfen zu bekommen, die sie benötigen und gewohnt sind.

Krankenkassen können durch Ausschreibungen über 20 Prozent Kosten einsparen. Aktuell wurden Verträge zu einer Monatspauschale von teilweise EUR 12,50 geschlossen. Auf diesem Preisniveau ist eine bedarfsgerechte Versorgung nicht zu gewährleisten.

Inkontinenz kann so zur individuellen Qual werden. Als Folge eines unzureichenden Inkontinenzschutzes nässen Patienten sich unnötig ein. Dadurch steigt das Risiko von Infektionskrankheiten sowie von Druckstellen und Druckgeschwüren. Die sozialen Auswirkungen sind ebenso gravierend: Menschen mit Inkontinenz genieren sich und können am sozialen Leben nicht mehr teilnehmen. Ihre Lebensqualität wird massiv beeinträchtigt – ihnen bleibt nichts anderes übrig als den Mehrbedarf per Aufzahlung selbst zu übernehmen. Inkontinenz wird dadurch nicht nur zu einem gesundheitlichen, sondern auch zu einem sozialen Problem.

Eine angemessene Versorgung der Patienten kann nur gewährleistet werden, wenn der Schweregrad der Inkontinenz bei den Verträgen und Ausschreibungen verpflichtend berücksichtigt werden muss. Eine Unterteilung in Produktgruppen bzw. -arten ermöglicht eine Versorgung der Patienten nach ihren individuellen Bedürfnissen sowie eine differenzierte Preisgestaltung. So können qualitativ angemessene Produkte zu sachgemäßen Preisen angeboten werden.

Außerdem ist die Beratung der Patienten von den wirtschaftlichen Interessen zu trennen. Die Festlegung des Bedarfs muss entsprechend durch den verordnenden Arzt erfolgen. Eine bedarfsgerechte Versorgung kann somit sichergestellt und grundlose Aufzahlungen verhindert werden.

Below is a translated version of the text you see above.

The signatories to this petition demanding that people with incontinence without out of pocket enumerate the incontinence aids in the quality and quantity get that they need for their care and they are entitled to by law. These should include health insurance contracts that allow patients a choice between different vendors and products. Tendering procedures for incontinence aids must be adapted so that the severity of incontinence is included in the tender.

Every person with incontinence is different. Thus each person has different needs in incontinence care. Although people with incontinence have a right to an adequate supply of incontinence aids according to the law, many sufferers are no longer supplied in sufficient quantity and quality today. You need to pay extra out of pocket rather to continue to get the incontinence aids they need and are used to.

Health insurance can save by tender for 20 percent cost. Current contracts were signed to a monthly fee of partially EUR 12.50. At this price level Adequate supplies can not be guaranteed.

Incontinence can be so for individual agony. As a result of an inadequate incontinence protection drench patients unnecessarily. This reduces the risk of infectious diseases as well as pressure sores and pressure ulcers increases. The social consequences are equally serious: people with incontinence embarrassed and can no longer participate in social life. Their quality of life is severely impaired – they have no choice but to take over as the increased demand by enumeration itself. Incontinence is thus not only a health but also a social problem.

An appropriate patient care can only be guaranteed if the severity of incontinence should be considered mandatory for contracts and tenders. A subdivision into product groups or types allows patient care according to their individual needs and differentiated pricing. Thus, appropriate quality products are offered at proper prices.

In addition, the counseling of patients must be disconnected from the economic interests. The identification of specific needs must be in accordance with the prescriber. Adequate supplies can thus assured and gratuitous Supplements can be prevented.

Text is translated whit help of Google Translater.

If you would like yo sign this petition you find it here:

And help people thats need there health insurance when it comes to there needs for incontinence protection.

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How to find the right type of incontinence product?

Incontinence can be a sensitive or taboo topic for some people. However, AgeComfort as Canada’s largest online retailer of Adult Incontinence products, we would like to let you know you’re not alone in this. In this video, we are talking about “How to Choose the Right Type of Incontinence Products.”

Video and text posted by agecomfort

This video describe in a weary educational way what type of different incontinence product that is available on the market.

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Gabby’s Adult Swim Diapers

Now when it is summer time can it be great to have some swim diapers. Special if you are bowel incontinence. Here is some tips of some swim diapers that you can get from



Product Description: Gabby’s Swim Diapers are a great solution for the swimmer with bowel incontinence. In the swimming pool, hot tub or at the beach, Gabby’s Swim Diapers may be worn alone or under a swimsuit. Gabby’s Pull-On Pool Pant has an outer layer of Oxford Nylon which helps prevent the seepage of stool into the water. The inner layer is 100% Cotton Flannelette for comfort and durability. The Pull-On Pool Pant has elasticized legs and waist for a snug fit. May be worn alone or under a swimsuit.

Sizes Available:

Assorted Colours

Small (24″ – 29″ Waist) (100 – 130 lbs.)
Medium (30″ – 34″ Waist) (130 – 150 lbs.)
Large (35″ – 39″ Waist) (150 – 180 lbs.)
X-Large (40″ – 44″ Waist) (180 – 200 lbs.)

Price: $34.99
You can get the pants here or click on the product above.



Product Description: Gabby’s Swim Diapers are a great solution for the swimmer with bowel incontinence. In the swimming pool, hot tub or at the beach, Gabby’s Swim Diapers may be worn alone or under a swimsuit. The outer layer is 100% Nylon and the inner layer 100% cotton flannelette, which allows for more comfort and durability. Gabby’s Swim Diapers contain solids while allowing liquids to sieve through, but will not fill with air and balloon out or absorb large amounts of water and act as an anchor.

These products are not suitable for those with chronic diarrhea

Size Available:

Assorted Colours

Small ( 26″ – 30″ Waist )
Medium ( 31″ – 35″ Waist )
Large ( 36″ – 40″ Waist )
XLarge ( 41 – 45″ Waist )
2X (45- 50” Waist)

Price: $29.99.
You can get the pants here or click on the product above to get to the site.
From the picture i should say that the last swim diapers look the most nice thing to wear. What do you say about swim diapers? Do you have any special that you wear when you are going to the pool or beach?

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Adult Diapering – Google Play

I found this adult diaper app on Google play when i look around the last night. I have bean waiting for some one to release this type of app. Can be a very nice app to have in your mobile phone.

Adult Diapering - Google Play

Information about the Adult Diapering App.

Adult Diapering helps people with medical conditions such as bowel or/and bladder incontinence track their daily brief changes. Features:
– Tracks daily diaper changes for adults.
– Logs diaper size, time, stool type and urine volume.
– No permissions are required; 100% safe.
Note: Some devices may experience crashes. The developer is trying to fix them as soon as possible. You can help by pressing button “Report” on crash dialog so that the developer can know what and where the bug is. Sending report requires 3G, WIFI or Internet to reach Google Play.

Sounds like a very nice and good app. It can be very good thing to have if you wont to keep track on your diaper change. You can find more picture on how the app looks like on Google Play.

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