Border collie

Toon Diaper Butt Doctor

Toon Diaper Butt DoctorDraw and everything by Diegesis


Looks like the doctor have a strange weird diaper butt that is visiting him today. But it seems like he have some problem to find out whats wrong here :( Poor thing looks like he have allot of things to considering now :(

I sure hope he manage to figure out whats wrong whit this kangaroos butt :)

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You stink, bro!

You stink, bro!

It ain’t easy for you to deny that you’ve just used your diaper. Especially in the toony realm, where hiding your dirty diaper is near impossible due to those pesky visible stink lines telling the whole world what kind of business you’ve just done in your diaper. ;P

Characters in this drawing belongs to poochyena and  Diegesis

Draw and text by Diegesis


Aww it sure is not easy to hide that you have made a stinky in you diaper.

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For Science! (Toony Style)

For Science! (Toony Style)

The toon world is full of wacky scientific principles, some of whom need to be tested! And little o’Corinn here “volunteered” to be one of my test subjects like the good toony dragon he is! ;)

A pic for paradoxdragon

Draw, text and border collie by Diegesis


Poor paradoxdragon i bet he regret his decision now.

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Would You Like Some Diapers?

Would You Like Some Diapers?illy trying to make some pocket money with his new business venture. :P

Draw and everything by Diegesis


Wounder if Billys new diaper service is working out great for him?

I bet his mother is the only costumer ;)

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Napping Collie

Napping CollieThe cute sleeping Border Collie Diegesis


Looks like this cute sleeping Billy have ended up making a stinky in his cloth diaper during his sleep. Good thing he is wearing his diaper when that happens. Someone sure going to have one stinky job to clean his up when Billy wakes up from his nap.

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One Way to Shear a Lamb

One Way to Shear a LambDraw and everything by Diegesis


Yes this sure is one way to collect the wool from the lamb and it seems like it works to :)

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