Lift me up

Lift me upDraven throwing her younger self in the air having fun on a nice summer day.

The dragon and above text belongs to Flare629

Draw by Blankie


This two sure seems to have a awesome and fun time playing around in this nice summer day :)

They sure are two happy furry right now.

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Not so secret

Not so secretIsland and Naoki were having a great time at the sleep over just enjoying a nice game of pokemon. When all of a sudden a parental voice calls from the hall shocking both boys in the process. Looks like two little secrets came out.

Characters belongs to island and FunpalsTiger

Draw by Blankie


Good thing them both are in need of wearing some good night time protection :)

But it seems like they already wearing it but have not notes each others special underwear. 

A bet they suddenly got a lot of new stuff to talk about and share :)

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Bedtime Pants

Bedtime PantsLooks like Masika is gonna need his bedtime pants tonight.

The furry belongs to rocketwuffpup

Draw by Blankie


Looks like someone wants to make sure that the bed his sleeps in is going to be dry all night. It sure is good of this boy to be thinking ahead :)

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Blue’s (not quite) Ready for Bed

Blue's (not quite) Ready for BedThe soggy fox belongs to babybluefox

Draw by Blankie


Yes someoen sure think that she is ready for bed. But what about here diaper? The diaper sure dont seems to be ready for here bedtime. The diaper is more ready for a change then bedtime. Good thing there caretaker seems to notes that :)  Otherwise someone should have wake up in a very soggy bed the next morning.

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Playing in the Sneezebox

 Playing in the SneezeboxGoodness, that’s quite the sneeze!

Order by Zarrix

Draw and above text by Blankie


Looks like someone maybe starting to get a cold :( Or can it maybe be something else?

But it sure interferes whit his playtime in the sandbox.

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Willy’s Change Page 6

Willy's Change Page 6All done. Thanks Nanny!

Draw and everything by Blankie


Yes it sure is nice and fun to be back wearing something clean and dry again :) And the same time receiving a little kiss from your favorite nanny can be nice :)

Looks like it is soon back to some nice and fun playtime again for him :)

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Distracted Gaming

 Distracted GamingWhoops, looks like CodyOmega got a bit too into his game.

Order by CodyOmega

Draw by Blankie


Looks like someone is little busy whit his game here. But it is nothing to worry about :) The diaper is there for a reason during this long car ride :)

Why disturb your parents that you need a potty brake when they have put you in diapers for this car ride :)

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Ultra Soak Page 4

Ultra Soak Page 4The dragon belongs to GibsonScratch

Draw by Blankie


Looks like someones pee pee decided to come outside of Starbucks diaper. He sure have made a little bit of mess now. But it sure seems like have have had a fun time :)

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