A little bit more, pumpkin?

A little bit more, pumpkin?After a fun day for Skyy, The Boss decided it was the perfect moment for a diaper change,a good bath and a  nap too!
And the best! A good bottle full of milk!

But it seems that the little one after finishing it … he wanted a little bit more!

The cute baby otter Skyy belongs to SkyyRayner

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Looks like someone is going to wake up whit a very wet diaper in the morning from all this milk :) But his diaper sure seems to be thick enough to handle the task :)

If he now get another bottle of milk.

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Oh No! My bed!

Oh No! My bed!

Danny got bigger’d and broke his bed!

The big fox belongs to nh63879

Draw and above text by Blankie


Poor thing looks like someone have grow to match here :(

How is his parents going to react?

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A bit of mess – part 1

A bit of mess - part 1Looks like Trebor has woken up in a bit of a mess, thats really not a fun way to wake up.

Order by NoxVulpes

Draw and text by BabyStar


Yes it sure seems like someone have ended up in a very blushing situation here :( this sure is not something that you want to wake up whit :( I can sure understand way he is so terrify.

How and way did this happen? That i am sure he is thinking about now. Do you don’t think so to?

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Some fun time

Some fun time

The padded furry belongs to aerospacerocks840

Draw by Wob


Looks like someone decided to be ready for many hours of playtime whit that thick diaper he is wearing :)

But at least it seems like he really have a fun time here playing whit his video game console.

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It’s So Comfy!

It's So Comfy!

It’s Fluffz first time getting padded up and she’s feeling wonderfully little.

Draw and everything by Blankie


Yes first time wearing diapers again sure feels kind of special and awesome. You love that padded feeling between your legs and everything feels so soft and special.

Looks like this is the first off many diaper times for Fluffz :)

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Not Cute!

Not Cute!Ben doesn’t like being called cute>.>

The cute padded dog belongs to ethan86

Draw by cubdrawer


Awww but that is what you cutie diaper butt say ;)

Looks like someone decide to write something on the back of his diaper.

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Why’d you stop reading? – ABBaxxter

Awww looks like someone dont have notes that he have ended up messy his diaper here. But his daddy sure notes that stinky smell start filling the room.

Looks like they need to take a brake for a diaper change before continue the reading.

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I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t want a race-car bed – BlankiePlush

Yes a race-car bed it sure every little boys dream to be sleeping in :)

And it seems like this boy have getting his wish come thru :) I only hope that he have some good and amazing dreams :)

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