Little Drummer

Little DrummerWhat’s better than to make your own music? Right, exactly… there isn’t.
So it seems a little bearkitty has tons of fun, drumming away on a pot with a cooking spoon.
And probably waiting for his little brother Kuraiko to join in soon.

This is a reward drawing to Ghostbear2k from airwolf1987

Above text by Ghostbear2k


Cubs sure love to make allot of noises special loud noises. So a cooking spoon and a pot sure make that kind of combination that a cub love to play around whit.

But i am sure that his parents or caretaker don’t like all this loud noises that he is making right now.

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Not normal chocolate

Not normal chocolateThe blushing bear belongs to SnowtheBear

Draw by Nelaya


Poor Snow looks like someone thought he find a nice candy bar. Instead it seems like it was some powerful chocolate laxative. Someone sure seems to have produce one kind of stinky diaper now whit help of that laxative.

Someone sure have one stinky diaper to change here when the laxative have stop working.

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Stumped at Bruce’s House

Stumped at Bruce's HouseCaiden went over to his friend Bruce’s house for a playdate. Things were fine throughout most of the day until it was naptime. Caiden had no intention of going down for a nap and started misbehaving in hopes that Bruce’s parents would let him have his way. Bruce’s lumberjack dad wasn’t about to be bossed around by a naughty toddler, so he took Caiden to the stump out back, placed him over his knee, and spanked Caiden’s bare hiney red.

Order and above text by tugscarebear

Draw by LittleBearArnold


Yes this sure was a very bad move by Caiden :( I bet he is going to be ready for that naptime when Bruce’s lumberjack dad is finish whit his poor bottom. I bet it`s going to be very difficult to get some nice sleep after this massive punishment and i bet that his butt is going to hurt allot.

I bet that Caiden not going to be fuzzy and naughty cub any time soon when Bruce’s lumberjack dad is around.

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Willy’s Change Page 6

Willy's Change Page 6All done. Thanks Nanny!

Draw and everything by Blankie


Yes it sure is nice and fun to be back wearing something clean and dry again :) And the same time receiving a little kiss from your favorite nanny can be nice :)

Looks like it is soon back to some nice and fun playtime again for him :)

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Charmin Diaper Endorsement

Charmin Diaper EndorsementCharmin released a new product and this bear feels it has superior strength and absorbency than the competition.

Draw and everything by Xepher777


Awww looks like the bear have found something that is match better then some toilet paper :)

He sure seems to be pretty happy about his decision.

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Willy’s Change 5/6

Willy's Change 5/6

Nanny’s a pro, soon Willy will be back to running around and drinking too much juice.

(Part 5 of 6)

Draw and everything by Blankie


Yes soon he can be playing around again and putting his newly changed diaper into some good use :)

I sure hope that he is going to play something nice and fun :)

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Willy’s Change Page 4

Willy's Change Page 4
Better safe than sorry, time for a change!

Draw and everything by Blankie


It seems like Rosie decided that it was a good time to be changing Willys diaper after all. Maybe that was a good thing we dont want him to end up whit a diaper rash or maybe a leaking diaper. Then Rosie should have more stuff to do then changing his diaper.

Willy sure seems to be pretty relax on that changing table :)

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Willy’s Change Part 3

Willy's Change Part 3

Rosie’s going in for that dreaded diaper check.

Draw and everything by Blankie


Poor Willy he sure seems to be one worry little bear right now :(

I sure wounder way he is so worry about Rosie is checking his diaper? Maybe he dont want Rosie to find out that he maybe need a diaper change?

I sure wounder if Rosie is going to decide if Willy needs a new clean diaper or not. I bet we are going to find that out in the next drawing from Blankie.

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