Tavi’s Beach Birthday

Tavi's Beach BirthdayIt was time once again for Tavi’s birthday, and this time both he and Ozzie were taken to the beach to celebrate it. Ozzie even made a sand birthday cake! Its okay if they can’t eat it. They can have real cake when they get home. ^^

Furrys in this drawing belongs to OzzieKitSkunk and TaviMunk

Above text by OzzieKitSkunk

Draw by overflo207


I bet they try to eat a beat of this sand cake. Cubs like this two sure love to play around in the sand and teats it :)

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PokePadded – Mega Garchomp

PokePadded - Mega Garchomp
“Now, why is my favourite Garchomp being such a grump? It’s a such beautiful day at the beach, and the ocean is practically begging you to go for a swim. You’re even wearing your floaties and your new swim nappies I got for you. The water’s not gonna hurt you…oh-ho, is that it? Is my big baby sharky afraid of going into the water? Afraid that a Sharpedo will come up and bite your toes? Awww, don’t be scared, honey. Here, you can hold my hand if you’re feeling scared~”

the–shambles half of the trade whit poofydragon


Aww poor Mega Garchomp it sure seems like he have ended up ine one very blushy situation here at the beach :(

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A walk on the beach

 A walk on the beachThis drawing is order by BabyAJ

Draw by Tropicana


Spending some time on the beach sure can be something fun and interesting. You sure can find allot of different kind of animal to check out :)

Looks like this two cubs have some lucky when it comes to that :)

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Not a swim Diaper

Not a swim Diaper

Enjoy Little Kela not very happy with Melissa for putting on a non-swimming diaper on her making all the sea water go and fill up her diaper. tut tut Melissa.

Draw and everything by chuckybb


Poor Kela looks like someone used the wrong type of diaper here or did they? Maybe Melissa wont to find out how Kela would react.

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Diaperfur Comic: Super soggy

Diaperfur Comic: Super soggySo on a recent trip to Tahoe I forgot my trunks like an idiot. Luckily the gift shop came to the rescue. When I told my wife about the thought that would eventually become this drawing, she suggested I go hop in the water all padded up anyway so she could take pictures for….reference.

Draw and everything by Reva_the_Scarf


Aww now it sure seems like someone is in need of that clean diaper ;) And i sure agree whit the screaming fox.

Its kind of amazing that the tapes of the diaper is manage the heavy load now. Maybe he soon is going to stand there half naked and showing his bare butt. It sure should be nice to see another page of this comic.

Maybe they need to invest in some swim diapers ;)

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Draw and everything by Charry


Awww poor babyfur looks like he have found a very scary jellyfish :( I sure hope his daddy is manage to calm him down and explain that its nothing to be scared about.

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First Stop: The Beach

First Stop: The Beach
After a couple hours on the road, they finally reached their first destination and the cubs couldn’t be anymore excited. They had arrived at the beach. Mike helped Caiden into his swim diaper while Kyle changed into his swim trunks. After that they were ready to go and the little ones headed for the water while Mike and Cheryl watched from the beach. They spent the whole day there. At the end of the day they piled back in the car and checked into a hotel for the night.

Characters and text by tugscarebear

Draw by tato


Yes it sure seems like this was a good first stop. They sure seems to have allot of fun playing in the ocean :) This two sure going to be sleeping good tonight.

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It’s all good dude…Just relax…

It's all good dude...Just relax...Order by Half-Awake-Jake

Draw by FillyScoots42


Aww looks like Meowth have a nice and relaxing time on the beach wearing nothing else then his thick poofy diaper :)

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