Bad dreams


PARENT'S COMFORTOrder by xcliber

Draw by LilChu


Yes some thing sure newer change like the comfort of your favorite plush and the cozy of your parents lap.

Bath at lest he have some sweet and nice dreams now.

The only thing that is missing now is a pacifier and a thick night diaper.

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Who’s the baby now?

Who's the baby now?Aleu may be Balto’s baby, but in dreams things are different.

Balto and Aleu ©Universal Pictures

Draw and everything by Barn


Awww someone sure seems to have one of a special dream here. Wounder way he is dreaming that he is a baby?

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Pokemon Comic: pika is here to protect you from nightmares!!

Aww poor girl looks like she is having a bad dreams but its seems like its good that she have a nice Pikachu friends that can calm here down :)

They sure have some nice snuggling time :)

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