It never gets easier

It never gets easier

Poor Star, She’s My OC which means that even though she’s not up for it, she’ll be in stories and pictures where she’ll get regressed and once she thinks it’s all over, it’ll just happen again.
She wanted to be an adopt to be adopted by a nice owner who would look after her normally and get some normal art of her but instead she’s stuck with me and her never ending loop of regression and growing up again.

Sorry Star

Furrys ins this drawing belongs to Reva_the_Scarf and BabyStar

Draw and above text by toddlergirl


Yes poor star she sure seems to have some big adjustment here to get use to. But the two sure look way cuter as cubs in there diaper then adult.

She should be thinking about all the attention that she is going to get now.

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Babyfur Comic: Pandora Sensei Whyyyyyyy

Babyfur Comic: Pandora Sensei Whyyyyyyy

She stitched me up. Seriously. I’ll get my revenge….After my naptime.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to BabyStar and BabyPandora

Draw by toddlergirl


Awww poor thing looks like she accidentally forgot to mention the changing part ;)

They sure going to be surprised when they find out that here diaper is still clean and dry. Maybe then they understand that she wanted a cookie to. Or maybe they think she is tired and need a nap.

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On the Stage

On the StageLooks like restitution69 has been tricked into being this evenings entertainment.

Order by restitution69

Draw by BabyStar


Yes it sure seems like restitution69 have been tricked into one kind of blushing entertainment to :(

It sure going to be one blushing moment when the hypnosis stop.


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Caught!The blushing furry belongs to KaleSnowtail

Draw by BabyStar


Poor furry looks like here big secret is out in the opening :(

Looks like someone is going to have a pretty blushing and hard situation in here work relation from this point :(

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Got milk?

Got milk?

Furrys in this drawing belongs to NoxVulpes and two-shoes

Draw by BabyStar


Looks like someone get some nice breastfeeding here :) It sure seems like he have a good time in this girls lap :)

Wounder if he thinking something special now?

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Never Too Old for a Timeout

Never Too Old for a Timeout

Uh oh, someone’s been a naughty bear. I’m not sure which is worst – the spanking, having to stand in the corner for my timeout, or all the people looking at me. Even my socks were taken way until timeout is over.

I have no idea how long I need to stay like this, Ember knows but is forbidden to tell me.

The poor bear and above text belongs to SnowtheBear

Art by babystar
This was a Patreon reward


This poor bear sure most have done something very bad to have earn himself both a spanking and some time in the time out corner. I sure wounder what type of bad thing he could have done?

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A bit of mess – part 2

A bit of mess - part 2 so Trebors girlfriend two-shoes is not particularly happy with him waking up to a soiled bed so shes taking precautions whether he likes it or not.

Furrys in this draw two-shoes and NoxVulpes

Draw and above text by BabyStar


Yes i think we all can agree whit Trebors girlfriend that a diaper sure is the best thing in this case to help avoid that he wakes up whit another set of messy and soggy underwear. It sure it allot more work that needs to be done then to get everything clean and dry again. The only thing the needs to do the next morning if he have another accident in his sleep is to change the diaper instead of everything else :)

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A bit of mess – part 1

A bit of mess - part 1Looks like Trebor has woken up in a bit of a mess, thats really not a fun way to wake up.

Order by NoxVulpes

Draw and text by BabyStar


Yes it sure seems like someone have ended up in a very blushing situation here :( this sure is not something that you want to wake up whit :( I can sure understand way he is so terrify.

How and way did this happen? That i am sure he is thinking about now. Do you don’t think so to?

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