A babyfur is a member of the furry fandom who enjoys roleplaying as younger characters. In this category you find everything that is related to that on My ABDL Life. Most of that is cute drawings.

Babyfur Comic: Wile E’s Reset Ch.2 Pg.7

Babyfur Comic: Wile E's Reset Ch.2 Pg.7Following Wile E’s failed escape attempt, Mom E returns to the nursery to find the mess made. To properly punish her little genius for wasting so many diapers, she takes him to the changing table, secures him to the table, and presses a hidden button underneath. Just then, some robotic hands appear and place a mysterious bonnet on top of Wile E’s head.

Order by YoshiokaidaMasayoshi

Draw and above text by ArtieCanvas


I Sure wounder what is going to happen next whit him? And what do see mean whit messies to clean this up?

It sure going to be kind of interesting to see what is going to happen in the next chapter of this comic.

Looks like Mom E have some surprises in store for Wile E.

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Magical Egg Hunt – ludisluteo

Aww looks like all this furry`s have found some very special easter eggs during there hunt. I bet they wish they newer found this curse magic eggs.

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Caretaker Tip: Keeping a cub in the little headspace – DaddySnowKitty

Yes it sure is allot of things that you can do for your cub to make him or here happy and feel safe and secure in your care :)

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Big Piddle Lynx

Big Piddle LynxThe cat belongs to ?

Draw by tehcutepyro


Poor cat :( But we can easy see way you still needs your diaper :) This Lynx sure have a long way to go before he manage to be the master over his bladder.

Good thing the diaper can be there on the way and help whit his accidents :) Even if it can be blushing moments sometimes.

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Inflatable rubber pants – ludisluteo

Awww poor furry looks like playing around whit the inflatable rubber pants was a very bad thing :(

I sure wounder what is going to happen when something pop.

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An Embarrassing Situation

An Embarrassing SituationFortunately pacifiers help.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to tfbaxxter and DamianTheDolphin

Draw by arkham-insanity


Aww poor fox looks like he have ended up whit a messy diaper during playtime :( That sure can be kind of embarrass special if you are not alone.

Good thing the pacifier can be there and give you some sort of comfort so you dont end up being a fuzzy fox in front of your friend.

But it sure seems like he dont mind that you have ended up whit a messy diaper :) Accident can happen and it is nothing to be blushing about :)

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De-volvedWoops, someone broke the de-evolution ray~!
Commission for CaliberS

Draw and everything by Myoti

Support Myoti on Patreon


Awww looks like somethings sure is going to change here now. Poor Shinx he sure dont seems to be so happy about the coming changes :(

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Apple Picnic

Apple PicnicOrder by pichuboy and raresox

Draw by pichu90


Looks like this three baby’s have allot of fun together sharing some nice and big apple :)

They sure seems to have a fun and relaxing time together :)

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