Tricked into Diapers Chapters 15, 16 and 17

This story is written by tammie2


The summer seemed endless. Finally, one morning Nancy came in with some news. “Only three weeks until you go home, young man. I don’t think your mother would appreciate it if she had to start all over with you. It’s a big task, but I think we’ll be able to potty train you on time.”
Tom wasn’t sure how to react to this news. As badly as he wanted to get out of diapers, the prospect of a humiliating toilet training frightened him. He somehow had assumed that one day Nancy would simply end his torture by removing his diaper and handing him his clothes. Sadly, he realized that his control had deteriorated so much that he seldom even knew he was wetting or soiling himself until he felt he diaper bunch between his legs or press against his bottom. The chance of accidents at home, though, scared him even more than the humiliation of potty training.
No sooner had he convinced himself that toilet training wasn’t such a bad idea, however, than Nancy entered the room with a grotesque-looking potty chair. The seat was almost adult-sized, but it sat barely eight inches off of the ground. Beneath the hole in the seat rested a rounded pink plastic bowl. The back of the chair had little lambs and ducks dancing in the rain pasted to it. Tom couldn’t take his eyes off this monstrosity. He was big enough to use the regular toilet and began to say so to Nancy.
“Don’t be nervous, Tommie,” Nancy said sternly, ignoring his protests. “You’re not ready to start using the big-boy potty yet. First we have to keep track of your toilet habits.”
As she spoke, Nancy lifted up a very large cardboard poster board titled “Tommy’s Potty Chart.” The whole next week had been marked out on one side, with the time written in 15-minute intervals along the top. A felt-tip marker dangled from a string in one corner. Nancy hung the chart on the wall above Tom’s changing table.
“From now on, we’ll keep close track of every time you go pee-pee or poo-poo, baby. That way we’ll know when to put you on the potty with the best chance of success. Conditioning should take care of it from there. Of course…” here Tom could hear the smirk in her voice, “we’ll have to check your diaper much more often.
When she finished speaking, Nancy came over and put her hand down the front of Tom’s blue plastic panties. “Oh, my, aren’t you wet this morning. Time for a change.”
As she put Tom down on the changing table, Nancy leaned over and took the marker in her hand. Tom cringed as he watched her write next to the 8:30 a.m. entry , in large letters, “SOAKED.”
That whole week, Nancy and Lisa took every opportunity to check Tom’s condition, either by putting a hand or finger inside his panties or sniffing his crotch and bottom. At times, they checked him every ten or fifteen minutes. Any pride he may have had left vanished. If that wasn’t bad enough, his potty chart began to fill with notes and comments about when he was wet or soiled and even the amount of pee or poop each time. Lying in his crib, looking at the chart that revealed his most intimate functions, the humiliation was immense.
It was a great relief when Nancy announced that his training would begin. Lisa and Nancy each lifted Tom up from the crib, lowered his panties and diapers, and for the first time sat him on the potty chair. His knees came up to his shoulders and he had to squeeze onto the slightly undersized seat. It dawned on him that he hadn’t sat on a toilet seat for over three months.
“Come on, little Tommie, you can do it. Let’s hear a little tinkle for Mommy and Auntie Lisa.” Tom looked up at Lisa as she taunted him. He was sure she had deliberately chosen to wear a revealing halter top and short skirt as a tease. It seemed like years since she had moaned with pleasure at his passion. Now she saw his penis mainly as a tool that needed her help to urinate.
Tom wanted to pee, but the two women hovering over him urging him on and occasionally directing his penis down into the potty was too much. The embarrassment seemed to dry him up.
After five minutes or so, Nancy gave up. “Ok, baby, we’ll try again later. Let’s get those didies back on.” As Tom stood up and turned back toward the changing table, the release or tension relaxed his bladder. Within seconds, a gusher of pee streamed from him, soaking Nancy and leaving a puddle on the floor. Tom was horrified as Nancy glared at him, speechless, and Lisa howled with laughter.
“Man, he really got you that time! Are you sure he can’t control himself?” Lisa gasped, breathless with glee. Nancy said nothing as she cleaned Tom up, put a fresh diaper on and then placed him back into the crib. Five minutes later, a more solemn Lisa entered the room with a bucket and mop.


Tom lay in the crib for half a day without being changed or placed on the potty. Nancy entered the room with bottles of formula but never spoke. Tom was too scared to say anything.
Finally, Nancy came in and stood by the side of the crib. She looked calm and spoke softly. “I shouldn’t have been angry earlier. Once I calmed down, I realized that you couldn’t have done that on purpose. You have no more control of your eliminations than any 12-month old. Now, what do you say we take off that smelly diaper and try the potty again?”
Tom nodded eagerly. As soon as he sat on the potty, he heard the tinkling of urine hitting the plastic guard and trickling into the bowl. He looked down, astonished and pleased. Nancy beamed and even bent down and kissed him. She took a silver star from her pocket and put it on his potty chart. “Gold is for BMs,” she told him, smiling. Tom was smiling, too, as Nancy re-diapered him, never once reflecting on how foolish he would have felt three months earlier at being proud of peeing into a bowl.
Within three days, Tom’s chart began to get more stars, silver and gold, than anything else. The women had begun to write “ACCIDENT” in big letters whenever he used his diapers, and the embarrassment of looking at these entries on the chart gave him even more incentive to regain control of his toilet habits.
When the chart finally began to show only two or three accidents daily, Nancy presented Tom with several pairs of brightly-colored training pants. Tom was so pleased to be out of diapers that he didn’t even complain that some of the panties were pink while others had little slogans stitched on the front or back, like “Slippery When Wet ” and “The Devil Made Me Do It.”
Tom’s freedom began to increase as he moved around the house, unencumbered by the thick cloth diapers he had worn for so long. He was permitted to walk, not crawl, and he began to feel more like an adult each day, with one notable exception. Whenever he felt the urge to go to the bathroom, he wasn’t allowed to go to the toilet on his own. He had to tell Nancy or Lisa, and then either bring the potty chair to them or have them go with him to the nursery.
One day shortly after his training began, Tom sat watching television when Sherry, Nancy’s friend, dropped by. Tom was able to ignore the chatter for awhile, but then felt an urgent need to urinate. He glanced at Sherry, hoping she would leave. Showing no indication that she would be departing soon, he got up and whispered in Nancy’s ear.
“Well, then, go get the potty chair and bring it here,” Nancy said in a loud voice. “And you’d better hurry, so that we don’t have a repeat of your accident this morning.”
Tom blushed as he ran up the stairs and got the potty chair. Returning to the living room, he avoided Sherry’s eyes as he set the chair on the rubber sheet Nancy had spread out on the floor. He stood still as Nancy undid his jeans and pulled them to his ankles, revealing pink training panties with white lacy trim. Tom quickly sat on the potty. Nancy kneeled beside him and held his penis in a downward position. No sooner had she done this than Tom’s bladder released, and the familiar splatter of pee onto plastic sounded loudly in the room.
“How wonderful!” Tom heard Sherry say, then cringed as the woman came up next to him. “You’ve grown up so much. It seems like only yesterday you were suckling from my breast in your dirty, smelly diapers. Now you’re wearing such pretty big-girl panties. Stand up and let me see.”
As Tom stood, a light odor of the yellow puddle beneath him rose to his nose. Nancy took the bowl out and showed it to Sherry, who gushed at the progress the “little baby” had made. As Nancy left the room to empty the bowl into the toilet, Tom stood before Sherry with his panties and jeans still at his ankles. He would be spanked if he pulled them up himself.
Sherry smiled at Tom’s awkward condition. “Let me help you,” she said. “My, these are pretty panties. Let’s check them, shall we? Let’s see, the front and crotch are dry, although I believe those little yellow stains show that you’re not quite a big girl yet. And, oh dear. You’ve soiled these panties recently, haven’t you? It’s so hard to get all those panty stains clean in the wash. You really should do better.”
Tom stood silently as Sherry buckled his pants, ignoring her comments about his still being a long way from ready to have the boys get into his panties. As she finished, Nancy entered the room. Tom fled to the laughter of the two women, more determined than ever to regain total control.


Tom beamed when, only one day before his mother arrived to pick him up, he made it back into his own underwear and clothes. He hadn’t had an accident for almost two days. He felt confident and cocky, especially when Nancy and Lisa sat with him for an hour coming up with a story of how Tom spent his summer that he could use on his mother and his friends back home.
Tom ran to his mother’s car when she came to pick him up, anxious to leave and to return to some level of normalcy. He was disappointed when she berated him for his rude behavior and had him come back inside for a drink of tea with Nancy before they left. Finally, they were packed and on the road.
Nancy leaned against the front door as she watched the car disappear down the road. Soon, she found herself smiling. The effects of the powerful diuretic and laxative she had spiked Tom’s tea with would begin to be felt in about 45 minutes, just after the only stop on the tollway for over seventy miles. The way Tom’s mother drove, never going above fifty miles per hour, he wouldn’t come even close to making it. She laughed as she closed the door, anxious for the phone call she knew would come soon.

The end.

This story is written by tammie2

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Salvo’s “Usual” Diaper Change!

Salvo's "Usual" Diaper Change!
Sam: “Aww come on what did you expect would happen, I would let you go to bed in a messy diaper? Look Kody is already in bed and is not here to bother you…That would just be me! ^^ *Sam mocked Salvo, sticking her tongue out him, who is still just a little (lot) embarrassed about his little accident fiasco in front of his youngest Cousin Kody*

Salvo: “Come on Sam, you have been in this situation before as well. You have accidents ALL the time around Kody and our families!” *Salvo points out when he recalled Sam being changed in both the evening and morning by her parents or aunts/uncles right in the middle of the living room after she had an accident of some kind*

Sam: “Yeah that may be true, however its just funny that my “little” cousin just happened to have an accident right after I diapered you for bed, it reminds me of that time when you were 5 and I was 10 and Daddy was getting me and you ready for bed when you had that accident all over the carpet…and Daddy still won’t let spend the night in our house without a diaper on to this day!” X3 *Sam laughed remembering one of her favorite stories to tell people about Salvo that she remembers from her youth*

Salvo” “Oh yeah, well I remember the time when we were going to the Grand Canyon when I was 10 in my dad’s car and while he was diapering me in the back you refused to wear your diaper because you said quote “Mr. Wild, no offence but I am a big Girl and can go without her diaper on a simple Car ride, I don’t think I am going to fall asleep at all in the car!”. Only to later not only fall asleep before me, but have an accident only 30 minutes into the ride that made us have to stop the car, get it cleaned at that car wash, and you wear only a shirt and diaper for the rest of the trip. Even at stops X3 *Salvo retorted in response with one of his fave stories and noting how worse of a nighttime wetter Sam is*

Sam: “Ok that is fair. lets just agree that we are quite the pair of Cousins! Now let’s finish getting you into a clean diaper so we can finish that movie! Here I even found your favorite Pacifier!” *Sam said waving it in front of Salvos face who is contemplating if he wants it or not right now, being in mid change*

So as some of you might remember this pic:
Well this pic is the continuation of that pic. This pic picks up after Kody’s diaper change and as the last pic goes, I am sure you were able to guess But its Salvo’s turn for a change X3

Story and order by aerospacerocks840

Draw by MaxximusRexx


Awww it looks like things newer change ;)

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Jody’s New Job Chapter 4

Story written by neverdry.

Susan watched as Jody wiped. Just as she was going to stand, Susan stepped back into the stall. She put her hand under Jody’s chin and gently pulled it upwards. “Jody, It’s okay. Don’t worry about it. Remember, I’m a Doctor. I see all sorts of things, everyday.”

Jody could feel some tears starting to form in her eyes. The last thing she needed to do was cry. Jody felt a tear roll down her cheek. Quietly she said, “I’m sorry.”

“Oh honey. You don’t need to be sorry. I’m sure it was because you are over tired and maybe a little excited. I’m sure this does not happen all the time.”

Jody did not want to respond to that. She closed her eyes. In fact, it did happen more then she would like. She always took a change of clothes to the factory. Bathroom breaks only happened four times a day there. Like today, there would be a line up in the bathroom and sometimes she just couldn’t hold it.

Susan smiled as Jody closed her eyes. It must happen, she thought. Perfect. “Honey, come on, lets get you home.” Susan let go of Jody’s chin and placed it on her arm, lifting her up off the toilet. Susan reached down, to pull up Jody’s underwear.

“I can do it.” Jody said, as she reached for her panties.

Susan did not want to push it. So in a motherly tone. One she has used many times with her toddler patients. “Okay honey. You do it.”  Jody pulled up her panties, Susan was surprise at how wet they were. “Come on. Let’s wash our hands and get out of here.”

Susan stepped backwards out of the stall. Jody slowly walked towards the sinks. Susan washed her hands, and watched Jody to the same. As soon as they had both dried there hands under the blower, Susan took Jody’s hand and they walked out of the bathroom. Jody did not care that Dr. Wells had taken her hand at this point. Her thought was, she just might take her to buy a return ticket back home.

When they stepped on the pavement in the parking lot. Jody looked up at Dr. Wells. In a meek voice she asked, “Are you sure, you still want me to work for you?”

Susan stopped walking. She bent down and took Jody’s other hand. “Yes, of course I do honey. Stop worrying about what just happened.” Susan paused for a second. “Honey, you never answered me about this happening before. Remember, I’m a Doctor. You can tell me. Maybe I can help?”

Jody’s hands were shaking. They would be shaking more if they were not being held by Dr. Wells. Finally, she got the strength up to say, “It does happen sometimes.”

Susan let go of Jody’s hands and wrapped her arms around her. Giving a big hug. She held it for a few seconds. Susan stood back up, took Jody’s hand and walked towards the truck and Kim.

Kim stood watching as Susan and Jody walked hand in hand towards her. Again, Kim smiled wide. Looks like Jody as no problem with getting her hand held.  Once they arrived, Kim asks.”Everything okay.”

“Yes. Everything is good. There was just a long line up for the POTTY.”

Jody never caught the choice of word Dr. Wells used for the bathroom, but Kim did. Jody was thinking about the hug she just received. Dr. Wells has been so nice. The thought of returning home was still there, and when Susan opened the truck door, letting go of Jody’s hand. Jody blurted out, “Maybe I should just go back home!”

Susan looked at Kim who was standing just behind Jody. “Why do you want to go back home? You just got here.” Kim asked.

Before Jody could answer, Susan spoke. “Jody is upset because there was a line up and she had a little accident. I told her it was no big deal.”

Kim could not believe what Susan had just said. It took a moment for it to sink in. She had to say something. “Oh Jody, that’s not a big thing. That can happen to anyone.” Kim then bend down so that she was eye level with Jody. She slowly took the bottom of Jody’s sweater and lifted it up. She had to see for herself. “Your pants are hardly wet. I think you are making a big deal out of nothing. Come on, hop up into the truck.”

Jody looked down at her pants when Kim had lifted her sweater. There was a little wet spot that had formed, but it was not that noticeable. Jody felt a couple tears run down her face. She wiped them away. ‘I need to stop acting like this. I’m 22 for god sake.’  Jody hesitated but then  turned and climbed into the seat. She sat down, wiped a few more tears off her cheeks. She could feel her wet panties against her privates. ‘I need to start acting like a adult. Why do I do this to myself?’

Susan closed the door and held out her hand. Kim placed her’s into it. They both gave a little squeeze and smiled. Kim walked around the back of the truck and Susan got into the drivers seat. Once Kim got her seat belt on, she turned so she could see Jody. Jody’s  sweater was pushed up from the seat belt. Kim could see the wet spot on her jeans. Kim could hardly stop herself from climbing back and giving her a big hug. She looked so young and cute. No way, would she  ever think Jody was 22. Even without the wet  pants.  Kim decided to try and start some sort of conversion.   “So, Dr. Wells told me that you have been working in a factory?”

Jody was moving around trying to get somewhat comfortable. Her wet panties were making that near impossible. Trying to regain some composer, she cleared her throat. “Yes. Ever since I finished high school.”

“I bet you are looking forward to working in a office then?”

Jody thought about the $23.00 a hour she was going to be making and she finally smiled a little. “I am looking forward to it, but I  don’t think I made a very good first impression. ”

Everyone in the truck laughed. Kim wanted to say, ‘Oh, you made a great first impression.’ but she held it in and continued to laugh. “So, you went to college while you worked?”

“Yes. Night school.”

“Well, that must have been some long days?”

“It was not to bad. But there were some days I did not feel like getting out of bed.”

“I bet. Well I’m looking forward to working with you.” Kim said turning back, facing forward and grinning.

Susan pulled into the old victorian home. Jody noticed the sign out front. Dr. Susan Wells Family Doctor. Jody was looking forward to working in the office. It has to be better then that assembly line. The truck came to a stop. Jody took her seat belt off and went to push the door open. She pulled on the handle but the door would not move. She tried three more times with no luck. The door finally opened and Susan stood holding it. Jody jumped down. Susan closed the door and started walking towards the back door of the house.

“We use the back door because the office is on the main floor.” Susan said.

Kim held the back door of the house open and let Susan enter first. Susan started to climb up the stairs. Jody followed along. Susan opened another door at the top of the stairs and held it open for Jody. Jody looked around the kitchen. It was the nicest kitchen she thought she had ever seen. All the appliances were stainless steel. Black counter tops and nothing was out of place. Jody heard the door close and she turned, looking at Susan and Kim. They both had huge smiles on the faces.

“Well, what to you think?” Kim asked.

“This is very nice. I don’t think i’ve seen a kitchen this big and nice.”

Susan went to the fridge and grabbed two bottles of water. One bottle had a black mark on the white lid. She opened that one and handed it to Jody. She handed the other one to Kim.

“Would you like a snack?” Supper will not be ready for a little while.”

Jody took the bottle of water. “Uhmm. Sure I guess.”

“Have a seat.” Susan said, pulling out a kitchen chair.

Jody sat down and placed the water bottle on the table. Sitting down on the hard wooden chair made Jody flitch. Her panties were still wet and felt very uncomfortable.  Kim pulled out a chair and sat next to her. Making sure to place her water bottle away from Jody’s. Susan set  a plate full of rice crispy squares down between Kim and Jody.  Jody needed to get out of her wet panties. She looked around and did not see her suitcases. She had never thought about getting them from the truck.  She took a drink of water and then said, “I should get my suitcases.”

Susan and Kim never imagined Jody would have wet pants the first day. They could see she was fidgeting in her chair. She looked like an over excited toddler not wanting to stay seated. Susan stood  up. “i’m so sorry Jody. I’m sure you want to get out of those wet panties.”

Jody’s face turned red. Her head went down. “I would.” she said.

“Would you like to take a hot bath?”

Jody thought that would be nice. At least then, she could get out of her wet clothes. “Sure, I guess.” she replied, then took another drink of water.

Kim stood up. “I will go get your suitcases for you. Here, have a square. Susan makes the best ones.”

Jody took a square off the plate. “Thank you.” She took a bit of the square and it did taste pretty good.  Kim walked out the door. Jody could heard her walking down the long stair case.

Susan watched as Jody ate the square and in-between bites, drink her water. Susan knew  that it would only take about 10-15 minutes for the effect of the medication she had put in Jody’s water to take affect. Soon, Jody would feel a little disoriented. It would not last long, maybe 10 minutes. She just needed her a little out of it when she stepped into the bathroom.  Susan hoped Kim would take her time returning with Jody’s suitcases.

“Once you get done with your bath, I will show you the office. There was one thing I forget to ask you. Have you had a flu shoot?”

Jody set down her almost empty water bottle. “Uhmm..No.”

“I will need to give you one. Working in a Doctor’s office is the worst place for getting the flu virus.”

Jody hated needles. She was not looking forward to that. “Ohh…Okay.”

“That did not sound like you like needles.”

Jody grabbed the bottle of water and finished it.  “I’m not a real fan of needles.”

Susan laughed. “I hear that almost everyday. Don’t worry. I will be gentle. Do you like pasta? I thought thats what we could have for supper.”

Jody forced a smile. “Yes, I like pasta.”  Jody was listening for Kim, hoping she would return with her suitcases. It seem to take a long time. Susan stood up and walked towards the kitchen sink. Jody put her hand down and tried to pull her pants and panties away from her crotch. Finally,  she heard the sound of Kim coming up the stairs.

Kim set the suitcases on the floor. Jody got out of her chair and when her feet hit the floor she felt dizzy. She placed her hand on the table to get her balance. Her vision went  blurry. . She stood for a few seconds holding onto  the table. She slowly let go of the table and stood, making sure she was going to be able too. She took a couple slow steps. She had to really focus on putting one foot after the other. She made it to her suitcases and Kim without falling. Kim immediately noticed Jody was having some problems. She of course knew why.

Susan came over to Jody. “We can get your suitcases. Why don’t you head to the bathroom. It’s the first door on the left. Just down there.” Susan said, pointing towards the hallway that ran off the kitchen.

Jody turned slowly and started walking towards the hallway. Her legs seemed like they were 3 times heavier then normal. She got to the hallway and put her hand up against the wall. Each step seem to take a lot of effort. Jody made it to the doorway of the bathroom. The door was open. She walked in. Jody stopped once she got a few feet. She looked at the sink and then the toilet. They seemed so big, but why? She closed her eyes and then re-opened them.

Susan and Kim waited for Jody to enter the bathroom before turning towards each other. They hugged and kissed.

“Can you believe how cute she is?” Kim asked.

“No. Can you believe our little girl already peed in her panties?”

“No I can’t. How did that happen?” Kim asked

“Well, I made sure to take the long way around. Then there was a line up. You should have seen her trying so hard not to pee in her pants. It was the cutest ever. One lady thought she was just starting to potty train,”

Kim laughed quietly. “Oh, I wish I could have seen that.”

“Don’t worry. I’m positive, it’s going to happen a lot in the next few days. I should go check on her.” Susan kissed Kim and walked toward the bathroom.

“I will start supper then.”

Jody stood looking around the bathroom. Her legs slowly started to feel less heavy. Her vision was coming back. She turned and looked to her right. She put her hands on the edge of the tub. Her chin just made it over. How was she going to get in there? She turned back and looked at the toilet. This can’t be right. I can’t get up there. She started to panic. Her breathing became heavy and fast.

Susan stood in the doorway watching Jody. “Is everything okay in here?”

Jody turned and pointed at the toilet. “I..I..I can’t use that.”

“Oh Jody. Did you pee in your pants again?”

Jody was a little taken back at the question. “Noooo. I mean, look it’s so big.” she said, pointing at the toilet.

Susan walked in and bent down, placing her hands on each of Jody’s arms. Calmly and quietly she said.  “Sweetie, calm down. I can’t understand what you are saying.”

Jody moved her arm back and forth pointing again at the toilet. “Look!” Not getting why Dr. Wells did not understand what she was talking about.

Again, Susan spoke very slowly and quietly. “It’s a potty. Do you need to use the potty? Is that what you are trying to say?” She was trying to confuse and frustrate Jody.

Jody was getting upset. Why could Dr. Wells not see that the toilet was high, much higher then normal. She kept pointing at it. “It….It. That bigger.”

Susan held back her smile. Just a few more minutes of this and Jody would be putty in her hands. Again, slow and quiet. “You are a big girl, but you don’t want to use the potty. Is that it?”

Jody picked up her right foot and stomped on the floor. “Noooo….tha….”

“That’s okay sweetie. You don’t have to use the potty, but you do need a bath.”

Jody again stomped her foot on the ground. ‘Was she not speaking english’. All of a sudden Jody was lifted up and sat on the side of the tube. Her feet were off the floor. Susan kept one hand on Jody and reached in and turned the water on. Jody looked at the water flowing into the tub. “Nooo..Why don’t you understand.” she said, just as her sweater was brought up and covered her face. Then it was gone as quick as it got there. She was then set back down on the floor. Dr. Wells took a hold of her pants. “But….But.” is all that came out before she started to sob. Frustrated as to why Dr. Wells could not understand her.  Tears flowed down her cheeks as Susan pulled down her pants and panties. Jody’s right foot was lifted and then her left. She stood naked and crying trying to say something, but nothing would come out. She just kept pointing at the toilet. Susan turned the water off, picked up Jody and set her in the tub. Jody looked up at Susan and pointed again towards the toilet. “It big.” she said, between sobs.

Susan stood up straight, looking down at little Jody in the tub. Jody just kept pointing in the direction of the toilet but not saying anything. Susan let her point for a little while and then she said, “Potty. Can you say potty?” like she was taking to a 2 year old.

Jody was not sure what to do. Again Susan said, “Potty.” then again and again. Finally after 15 maybe 20 times of Susan saying, “potty”. Jody pointed and said, “Yes. Potty. It big.”

Susan had to turn and look away from Jody. She just could not keep from smiling. She was usually good at keeping a straight face, but today she just couldn’t do it. Susan opened the side closet and took out a washcloth and towel. She set the towel on the floor and knelt down on it.

“That’s right. It’s a potty. Good girl.” Susan said, dipping the washcloth in the water.

Jody was fixated on the toilet. She could not take her eyes off it. She pointed at it again. “Why so big?” She did not realize she was leaving the little words out of her sentences.

Susan started to rub the washcloth on Jody’s back. “That’s right honey. That’s where big girls go pee-pee. Are you a big girl?”

Jody finally looked away from the toilet and up at Susan. She really wanted to make Dr. Wells understand that the toilet was so much bigger. She wanted to know why it was bigger. She paid no attention to the fact that Susan was washing her. There had to be a way she could get Dr. Wells to understand what she was trying to tell her. Pointing again this time with both hands at the toilet she said, “The potty is big.”

Susan placed the washcloth between Jody’s legs. She spread her legs apart and gently cleaned her private area. Thinking Jody may protest, she took it slow and easy. Then asked. “What did you say sweetie?”

Jody a little louder this time, and still pointing with both her hands. “The potty is big.”

“That’s right sweetie. Big girls use the potty. You are so smart.”

Jody slammed her hands down in the water. Some water splashed up and over the tub.  “No. No. No. It’s big!”

Susan lifted Jody up so that she was standing in the tub. She used the cloth to clean her bum. “You’re being silly. Splashing like that. Look, you got me all wet.”

It was like Dr. Wells could not hear her or something.  She brought her foot up and stomped it in the water. “Please. Why so big?”

Susan quickly lifted Jody out of the tub. She wrapped the towel around her, making it so it was fitted just under her armpits. She took Jody’s hand.  “You don’t want to use the big potty? That’s okay sweetie. You don’t have to.” Susan started walking towards the doorway. Jody turned and looked at the toilet once again. She walked behind Dr. Wells but kept looking at the toilet.  Once they got out of the bathroom and Jody could no longer see the toilet, she turned and saw Kim standing in the kitchen. Kim. Kim,  she could tell Kim about the toilet. She would understand. Jody started to run and got past Susan. Susan let go of Jody’s hand and watched her run up to Kim. Susan loudly said, “Confused.”

Kim watched Jody running up towards her. She heard Susan say “confused.” She hoped Susan’s  theory was right. Confuse someone until they can’t  think straight. Then, they get so confused and frustrated they will give in to almost anything you tell them.

Kim let Jody run right up to her. “Kim, Kim. Why the potty big.” Jody could hardly get the words out, she was so determined to get someone to understand what she was talking about.

Susan and Kim had talked about this happening. Susan had convinced Kim that it was possible. You could  almost make a person crazy by  answering like you don’t understand them.   Kim was a little sceptical, until Susan did it with her. Slowly and quietly like Susan told her to, she said, “You went pee on the big potty?”

Jody’s face went blank. She jumped up a little. “No. No. The toilet…potty big.”

“That’s right sweetie. Big girls use the potty.” Kim looked up at Susan who was standing just behind Jody. Susan nodded her head and smiled.

Jody stomped her foot down like she had earlier. “Noooo. The potty…bathroom it’s big!”

Kim bent down just a little. “Oh honey. Did you not make it to the potty.”

Tears started to roll down Jody’s face What the hell is going on? Why can’t these people understand what she is trying to tell them.  She stomped her foot on the floor three times. “No. No. No. I want know why potty big?”

“You don’t have to use the big potty sweetie.”

Jody had had enough. She was wore out, trying to get this two to understand.  She just let herself fall to the floor. Landing on her bum. She started to cry loudly. She slapped her hands on the floor.

Kim and Susan looked at each other and then down at 22 year old Jody sitting on the floor, throwing a huge temper tantrum. They let Jody tantrum for about a minute, before Kim bent down and picked her up. She had no problems sitting Jody on her hip. Jody’s face buried into Kim shoulder. Kim started to bounce crying Jody on her hip. “Shhh. Shhh. It’s okay sweetie. You don’t have to use the big potty.” Jody started crying harder and  pushed her face closer to Kim.  Kim walked around the kitchen, rubbing Jody’s  back.  Over and over she said,  “That’s okay baby. You don’t have to use the potty.”
Carrying a 90 pound girl around for 5 minutes was all Kim could take. She slowly handed her to Susan. Susan used the same words  Kim had been using, “That’s okay baby. You don’t have to use the potty.” Kim went to finish up supper. Susan got tired and sat down in one of the kitchen chairs, holding Jody close to her. and never stopped talking to her.

Story written by neverdry.

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Mommy’s gonna kill me!

Mommy's gonna kill me!
Mommy’s gonna kill me!

Accidents can happen… for some, more often than to others <.<

Text, Cub and draw by: TheGentileFenrir


I dont think your mommy is going to kill you for wetting your pants. Like you sad accidents can happens and some cub have more wet pants during potty training then other. But if it is like you say that you end up whit allot of wet pants i can understand that it is kind of hard for your mom to wash all this wet pants that you having. Maybe it should be best for your if you begin wearing diapers again to you are ready to tray again. Or maybe you can have some training pants that you can wear during the potty training. Maybe that can be something that should work for you? I can understand how hard it is for you and your mom whit all this wet pants.

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