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Vote For A New Babyfur Diaper On

Recently ABUniverse reached out to three very talented artists and asked them to share their ideas for a new baby fur diaper design for ABUniverse to produce as our next high-quality adult diaper: the ABU Furry Diaper.
Each of the three artists came up with a great design in its own right, and we would be proud to offer each. But we must choose just one design to start with, and that is where we need the help of you, our valued ABU Members.
Please have a good look at the approximation of each of the three styles displayed below. The designs and diaper mock-ups below are rough-drafts to show the style of each artist and introduce the characters that would be used for each design should it go on to be the winner of this poll.

Anime Characters Theme

Anime Characters Theme

Cartoon Characters Theme

Cartoon Characters Theme


Jungle Characters Theme

Jungle Characters Theme

Whichever theme wins the new private poll will be the next exclusive diaper created by ABUniverse, the other designs in the poll may be produced at a later time. The purpose of this opinion poll is not to determine the exact design of the next diaper; the artwork displayed above is not a finalized version, but the final product will be closely based on the winning theme in this poll. Our NEW FURRY DIAPER STYLE POLL will remain open for a limited time only.

All of this furry diaper look so cute. Wounder witch design is going to win. You can vote for the one that you like here:

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My second order from Max diaper

Today i decide that i should make a new order from Max diaper. I have not order from that company for a long time so i decided that it should be the right time to order a package of ABU Super Dry Kids. I have not try this diaper for a long time so i hope they work different now then the last time i try this diaper.

I most say that the have fix some nice pitcher of this product how it looks like.


This view make the diaper look very nice and cozy. You st like a baby diaper should be. You can see more pitcher here.

I going to order a par of Tights with cars print to. I hope it going to be a nice and comfortably fit. If you live in US and wont to order a par of Tights with cars print to you can send them a e-mail about that. Max Diapers have let me know that the maybe can fix that for you :).

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The new All Over Printed diaper – Cuddlz

It seams that Cuddlz have release the new printed diaper now. The name of the new diaper is All Over Printed diaper. That is kind of special name for a diaper. do you dont think so?

All Over Printed Adult Nappy

At last – an amazing new design that we have working hard to bring you.

  • All over printed nappy in baby blue and baby pink colours.
  • One large fastening tape each side.
  • Clear frontal panel / landing area.
  • Highly Absorbent.
  • Super Soft feel.
  • Standing leg cuffs to help prevent leaks.

These are brand new fantastic real baby diapers made for adults.

Size info:

Size Medium Fit – 30 to 38 Inch Waist (76cm to 96.5cm)

Size Large Fit – 34 to 56 inches Waist (86cm to 142cm)

You can find the samples of the new diaper here:



I dont know what i should say about the new design. I dont like the design of the teddy bears that match. Looks kind of weird to me. And i dont know about this one large tape thing. When i have try that typ of diaper before i dont get it to fit good around my body. And i wont my diaper to be close to my body and have a nice snuggle fit. Like a diaper should have. I need to try it some time to relay know how the Cuddlz single tape diaper fit me compare to the AB Universe single tape diaper.

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ABU Sissy Diapers

ABU Sissy Diapers

Indulge your girlishness with our enchanted new ABU Sissy Diapers. Now a starry wonderland can await each of your magical fairy adventures. These adorable diapers are so comfortable that they’re sure to put you under a spell and make your divine fantasies come true; you may come to think theres real fairy dust in these.
These adult diapers may seem impish, but they actually are among the highest quality incontinence products available on the market today. We have added an extra surge pads in the middle for increased absorbency and additional thickness. This diaper also features our signature single large 70mm wide tape on each side  just like toddler diapers!
These feature our super smooth, soft and crinkly plastic exterior with the same great absorbency ratings as our other exclusive products.

  • Lots of fiber fluff and Super Absorbent Polymer for 5 bear absorbency rating (same thickness and absorbency as our Super Dry Kids Diapers)
  • Multi-color tape panel on the front for easy changing
  • Stretchy leg gathers provide a comfortable and secure fit
  • One large 70mm extra sticky re-fastenable tape on each side
  • Super smooth, soft and crinkly plastic exterior
  • Available with or without our exclusive classic BabyFresh scent

You can pre-order the new diaper here:

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ABU Cloth Backed Cushies Review – KrinkleNewsNetwork

ABU Cloth Backed Cushies Review

Made by:

Thickness –@ 0:24
Crinkles —- @ 0:38
Prints ——– @ 0:59
Tapes ——– @ 1:45
Absorbancy -@ 3:36
Scent ——— @ 4:06
Price ———- @ 4:32
Sizing ——— @ 5:15
Packaging — @ 5:28
Comfort ——- @ 6:00
Uses ———– @ 6:36
Overall ——— @ 7:42

Music: “Fox Dance” by Matt Davis aka 2 the Ranting Gryphon


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Random Giveaway –


Random Giveaway Introduction:
We hope that you will enjoy participating in our new Facebook Random Giveaway contest. In this new giveaway the selection of the winner should be nearly instantaneous, no more agonizing waiting for the winner to be chosen, respond and then be announced later.
The idea of this contest is to randomly give away products to people who directly respond to an official contest posting by ABUniverse on our official Facebook page. Our official posting will include who would win and how they will be picked. For example an official post might say something like:
“Two FREE pairs of ABU Plastic Pants to
the 20th person to comment on this official
posting (subject to contest rules)”
Because the contest is intended to be random, the prizes themselves along with the day that they are given away and even the criteria needed to win may change with each and every opportunity. The random generator program that we use will determine these criteria and timing for each new individual official posting. We will then announce the next official posting and giveaway opportunity both on the calendar here on this page and as a wall post on our Facebook page.
We are not really in the business of running giveaway contests, but we do so love trying to make our customers happy. We hope you will enjoy playing our new giveaway, the intent of the contest, after all, is for it to be fun. :)

You can read more about this give away on there website. You find the right page here:

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