Looking ahead a few weeks – ABUDiapers

Someone sure have decided to use a very cute background on there twitter page :)

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Allot of diapers – barkyaanarki

Wow someone sure have made sure that he is not going to run out of diapers anytime soon. I wounder how match money this diaper mountain is worth?

someone sure seems to have decide to be wearing diapers a very long time.

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DemiVeemon luvs Cushies!

DemiVeemon luvs Cushies!

Draw and everything by GrimmInHisCrib

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30691152/

Yes it sure seems like DemiVeemon love his thick and cozy ABU Cushies diaper :)

It sure going to keep him dry and comfy for allot of playtime hours :)

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Back and better than ever – yggiToryM

Wow this sure is one super soggy and soaked diaper here. This diaper boy sure know how to use his diaper and make it super squishy diaper.

He sure most have a very squishy feeling between his legs right now.

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Mores news and information about the PeekABU and Simple Ultra

This sure show that they have made some good change when it comes to the potion on the diaper change. Wounder how different it going to feel to wear now whit this change?

Maybe i decide to find out someday :) I dont wear ABUniverse that match because of the expensive price. But someday i need to check out this PeekABu diaper.

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Mores news and information about the PeekABU and Simple Ultra

Seems like ABUniverse forgot to mention some more improvements that they have done to the PeekABU and Simple Ultra diaper. Good thing they have a Twitter so they dont need to send out another Newsletter about this information.

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Improved PeekABU & Simple Ultra From ABUniverse

ABUniverse recently send out this newsletter whit some exciting information about PeekABU & Simple Ultra.

Improved PeekABU & Simple Ultra From ABUniverse

Fight Off Sogg Monsters & Quell Sneaky Leaks With SUPER Protection!

PeekABU & Simple Ultra diapers are getting a restock and some big changes! Now it’s even better to stock up and stay padded with the most absorbent diaper ever!

Big improvements for the shyest diaper ever!

We know Adult Babies take extra special care when choosing what diaper they wear for “little time” and our ABU R&D teddies take this to heart. We’re super excited to tell you about improvements to our Ultra-Premium Diaper Shell with the addition of a new and improved ADL!
The acquisition distribution layer, or ADL for short, is the powerhouse of diaper performance and wicking. It keeps soggy fronts and sneaky leaks under wraps by channeling moisture to the core for capture, so you can wear your ABU diaper to its maximum potential.
What does this mean for our faithful fans? More diaper for your dollar! With 40% better wicking and absorption in the best ABU diaper ever made, a new ADL means even more fluffiness right out of the pack for you to enjoy! Hurray!

Burrr it’s cold out there! Is it a Husky-spiracy?

It’s an event of frigid proportions! It’s been crazy cold out there! So cold even our diapers are turning blue! That’s right, our new peekABU diapers feature a “Limited Edition” blue core! Secretly we think the PeekABU’s blue husky was behind this somehow and the diaper detectives are investigating! The azure event will be over soon however, as our warehouse teddies will be making sure PeekABU cores are back to their white and fluffy selves soon!
The ABUniverse online store: https://us.abuniverse.com/
It sure going to be nice to see some cool photos of this diaper on Twitter on how it looks like when it is really soggy and well used. Sure going to be some nice and amazing photos :)
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ABU PreSchool Diaper Time – bluecrinklepaws

Looks like someone have manage to get some nice and good diaper photos here :)

I hope he have a nice diaper time :)

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