I think I’m ready for the day – CossyPrintessa

Yes someone sure seems to be ready for a good day here and that diaper sure going to help whit that :)

I hope he have something fun planed for today and i hope he don’t forget to bring spare diapers in case he ends up whit a accident.

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Distracted Gaming

 Distracted GamingWhoops, looks like CodyOmega got a bit too into his game.

Order by CodyOmega

Draw by Blankie

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31402960/

Looks like someone is little busy whit his game here. But it is nothing to worry about :) The diaper is there for a reason during this long car ride :)

Why disturb your parents that you need a potty brake when they have put you in diapers for this car ride :)

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One very soggy heavy morning – yggiToryM

Someone sure love to show us all the squishy heavy diaper that he manage to get :) Someone sure show us what a heavy wetter he is and way he still needs his thick diapers :)

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ABU Turns 4

ABU could finely have there different type of live stream yesterday after allot of trouble and slow upload and this is what they had to announce for us :) So lay back and relax and don’t forget your plush :)








They sure is about to release allot of new and interesting product over the command months :)

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Heavy diaper – PamperPuppyroo

Looks like it was sure time for this diaper boy to be changing his diaper. It sure made a big noise when it landed on the floor.

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Shower pamps – yggiToryM

This diaper sure has been busy during this boys shower time. It sure most feel very heavy to be wearing and waddle around whit. Kind of amazing that the tape manage to hold everything in place.

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The helper Mr. Raccoon – JaykeDaPup

Yes i am sure that Mr. Raccoon is going to help your pants to be all dry and clean during your work day. But i bet that Mr. Raccoon is going to be pretty soggy and heavy when you are finish whit all the work :) I sure wounder how the diaper is going to look when you are finish?

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ABDL Twink Boy Desperately Wet`s His Diaper

Looks like this diaper boy finely come around and using his diaper after all this playing around whit it :)

But i can sure understand it is kind of fun to play around and pet your diaper even when it is dry :)

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