Some new information about ABU’s New Diapers BunnyHopps & DinoRawrZ

ABU BunnyHopps

ABU BunnyHoppsThese 2-Tape Diapers are packed with features and new goodies for AB/DL’s everywhere, with a touch of pink! BunnyHopps feature 2 adorable alternating panels, our classic core with a NEW Pink ADL, ensuring even distribution and avoiding sneaky leaks! On top of all this we are excited to announce the backsheet is all inner printed; meaning you won’t need to worry about cute little bunnies ending up on your blankies, sheets, or skin. Along with protection from ink bleeds we have also used a new high quality plastic that is translucent; allowing you to see the soft fluffy bunnies clearly; even though they’re printed on the inside of the diapers film.

Our first image releases of ABU BunnyHopps received a lot of attention and In response to everyone’s feedback we are starting to make some adjustments for our next batch! (this first batch is collectors edition! wowzers!). You may have noticed (or maybe you didn’t…Just kidding, you noticed) that the BunnyHopps and DinoRawrZ tape configuration got swapped around. Due to this tape switcharoo we are making the next run of ABU BunnyHopps in both 2-Tape and 4-Tape versions, so everyone can have what they want! We are also going to be changing the plastic/colors on BunnyHopps. The fancy translucent plastic worked TOO WELL and our bunnies lost their soft pastel touch. To correct this and deliver a truly soft pink diaper we will be changing to our widely loved Simple Ultra/PeekABU white plastic backing with some color edits.


ABU DinoRawrz

ABU DinoRawrz‘Another exciting new Hook & Loop diaper packed with crinkle-tatious fun! With 4-Tapes and our Hook & Loop Adhesion system these diapers can be taped and re-taped until you get the perfect fit for you!

DinoRawrZ features 5 different alternating scenic panels & our classic core combined with PeekABUs new ADL to quickly wick liquid and distribute it evenly along the entire diaper to ensure you don’t get little leaks before your diapers full potential is reached! On top of all this we are also pleased to announce the backsheet is all inner printed; meaning you won’t need to worry about any of our cute little dinos ending up on your blankies, sheets or skin. Along with protection from ink bleeds we have also used a new high quality plastic that is translucent; allowing you to see the cute dino design clearly; even though they’re printed on the inside of the diaper film. Our plastic expert, Aito, has given them a touch test with his sensitive paws and says it’s one of our softest, best feeling plastics yet! But you can be the judge of that this September!

ABU DinoRawrz and ABU BunnyHopps

Along with this first glance we are happy to announce that we will be opening these diapers up for early sales of samples; so you can give them a try before you buy and make sure they’re everything you’ve ever wanted! Sales of samples will open to each region as their shipments arrive from their crinkly factories, here are the days you can expect to see samples in the ABU location near you:

ABU USA:  Monday August 19th

ABU Canada:  Monday August 26th

ABU Australia:  Monday August 26th

ABU UK: Monday, August 26th

ABU Europe: Monday, August 26th

ABU Japan: Monday, September 2nd

Be sure to check out there news checking for more amazing news: https://news.abuniverse.com/


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Diaper Facts ABUniverse 1

Wow this sure is allot of diapers that have been ship from ABUniverse.

They sure have allot of things to do and there product sure seems to be selling pretty good.

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I woke up to being soggy – TrevorShep

Someone sure seems to have had a nice and peaceful sleep here. The diaper on the other hand sure seems to have been working overtime in order to keep your bed all nice and dry.

But it sure looks like its pretty close to its max capacity now. So maybe time to get up and have that diaper change?

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Always wanted to work whit diapers?

Now it seems like you have you chance to do that special if you live around Everett, WA!.

ABU Is Looking To Hire 2 New Full Time Shipping Ninjas In Everett, WA!

Dream about working with Diapers? Holding them, packing them and shipping them off to big babbies just like you? ABU Everett is looking to hire two full time (40 hours per week) shipping ninjas!

A shipping Ninja is responsible for:

  • Picking/packing order
  • Making candy bag
  • Keeping working areas, warehouse, and customer areas clean and tidy
  • Working with customers as they walk in to place/pickup orders
  • We require our ninjas to be able to lift up to 43 pounds, and be able to stand for 4 hours.

  • Pay Starts at $12.50 an hour.
  • Benefits available at 90 days (dental, vision, health, paid vacation/sick days, paid holidays)
  • Added bonus of 80 diapers per month!
Working hours are Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm. We are located across the street from the Everett Transit Station.

If you’re looking to crinkle while you work, send your resume to ninjas@abuniverse.com!

So i suggest that you send your resume today. Maybe you are the one of the lucky two to qualify for the job.

I wish you good look and hope you send them a good resume. This sure is a golden opportunity.
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Def a record for me – yggiToryM

Someone sure have been drinking allot of fluid to be able to produce this kind of soggy diaper. Good think he decided to add to 2 ABU Power Ups to the mix. But it sure most be kind of nice to be wearing this squishy heavy diaper between your legs :)

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Peekabu, 2 Booster, new sox – yggiToryM

Looks like someone decided that one PeekABU diaper was not enough. But adding two diaper boosters to the mix sure going to help the diaper to keep the surrounding dry from your bladded accident.

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Random crinkles – yggiToryM

Looks like someone decided to play around a little whit his PeekABU before he decide to change it :)

It sure is nice to play around whit a soggy wet diaper in the morning :)

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This was a comfy night – yggiToryM

It sure looks like it was a soggy night to ;) Your diaper have not mage to get allot of sleep this night. It have been hard working keeping up whit your accident during sleep time ;)

But at lest you are a good boy and wear your thick diaper to bed :)

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