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Tykables Little Rawrs – ABDLFactory

Tykables Little Rawrs - ABDLFactory

Completely designed with the adult baby and diaper lover in mind on our thickest adult diaper platform. Each diaper has a 6000+ml absorption rating making these our most absorbent diapers.

Using our Active Littles Grips, Waddle Cut, and our Toddler Tough Plastic we have created something completely new for our line and future products.

This diaper features printed Active Littles Grips landing zone with several cute dinosaurs from other popular Tykables products, they finally got their own diaper! The super soft Toddler Tough Plastic shell is strong, yet delicate to the touch to reduce irritation. Add in our new Waddle cut which is wider than our traditional diapers, you can waddle on. Think you need, or just want, more waddle? Add a Booster to your order and add even more absorbtion and thicknes.

The price for one package is €27.50 and you can place your order here. They also have sample that cost €3.50.


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oats’d, soak’d, smush’d butt – MishkaStinks

Someone sure have ended up whit a pretty heavy and well used diaper here :) Maybe its time to start thinking about changing that diaper before it leaking. But it sure is nice squishy and mussy right now to play around whit.

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Some new information about ABU’s New Diapers BunnyHopps & DinoRawrZ

ABU BunnyHopps

ABU BunnyHoppsThese 2-Tape Diapers are packed with features and new goodies for AB/DL’s everywhere, with a touch of pink! BunnyHopps feature 2 adorable alternating panels, our classic core with a NEW Pink ADL, ensuring even distribution and avoiding sneaky leaks! On top of all this we are excited to announce the backsheet is all inner printed; meaning you won’t need to worry about cute little bunnies ending up on your blankies, sheets, or skin. Along with protection from ink bleeds we have also used a new high quality plastic that is translucent; allowing you to see the soft fluffy bunnies clearly; even though they’re printed on the inside of the diapers film.

Our first image releases of ABU BunnyHopps received a lot of attention and In response to everyone’s feedback we are starting to make some adjustments for our next batch! (this first batch is collectors edition! wowzers!). You may have noticed (or maybe you didn’t…Just kidding, you noticed) that the BunnyHopps and DinoRawrZ tape configuration got swapped around. Due to this tape switcharoo we are making the next run of ABU BunnyHopps in both 2-Tape and 4-Tape versions, so everyone can have what they want! We are also going to be changing the plastic/colors on BunnyHopps. The fancy translucent plastic worked TOO WELL and our bunnies lost their soft pastel touch. To correct this and deliver a truly soft pink diaper we will be changing to our widely loved Simple Ultra/PeekABU white plastic backing with some color edits.


ABU DinoRawrz

ABU DinoRawrz‘Another exciting new Hook & Loop diaper packed with crinkle-tatious fun! With 4-Tapes and our Hook & Loop Adhesion system these diapers can be taped and re-taped until you get the perfect fit for you!

DinoRawrZ features 5 different alternating scenic panels & our classic core combined with PeekABUs new ADL to quickly wick liquid and distribute it evenly along the entire diaper to ensure you don’t get little leaks before your diapers full potential is reached! On top of all this we are also pleased to announce the backsheet is all inner printed; meaning you won’t need to worry about any of our cute little dinos ending up on your blankies, sheets or skin. Along with protection from ink bleeds we have also used a new high quality plastic that is translucent; allowing you to see the cute dino design clearly; even though they’re printed on the inside of the diaper film. Our plastic expert, Aito, has given them a touch test with his sensitive paws and says it’s one of our softest, best feeling plastics yet! But you can be the judge of that this September!

ABU DinoRawrz and ABU BunnyHopps

Along with this first glance we are happy to announce that we will be opening these diapers up for early sales of samples; so you can give them a try before you buy and make sure they’re everything you’ve ever wanted! Sales of samples will open to each region as their shipments arrive from their crinkly factories, here are the days you can expect to see samples in the ABU location near you:

ABU USA:  Monday August 19th

ABU Canada:  Monday August 26th

ABU Australia:  Monday August 26th

ABU UK: Monday, August 26th

ABU Europe: Monday, August 26th

ABU Japan: Monday, September 2nd

Be sure to check out there news checking for more amazing news: https://news.abuniverse.com/


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Rearz Dinosaur Elite Diapers!

Rearz Dinosaur Elite Diapers

 Our newest addition to the Rearz Collection is our Dinosaur Elite Adult Diaper!

Our all-new diaper will bring you the best of what you love into one ultimate experience.  Dinosaur diapers feature an all new softer, smoother plastic for maximum comfort.

They are designed to contain both bladder and bowel incontinence with ease. These are a thick and thirsty brief with a sturdy and ultra soft PE plastic outer layer for ultimate protection. The all-new super absorbent core features a minimum 6200ml capacity, one of the highest on the market today! Featuring extra tall leaks guards that extend to the length of the brief to offer an extra layer of protection from leaks, and to perfectly contain booster pads without shifting or the need to recenter.

Designed with Ease in Mind

This brief features traditional adhesive tapes in combination with a reinforced front panel, which allows for adjustments throughout the day.

To ensure a perfect fit we have also include our super soft and stretchy elastics in both the legs and waistbands (Front & Back).


  • 12+ Hour Protection for Day or Night
  • Our Most absorbent Brief with a 6200ml Capacity
  • 4 Tape Design with Refastenable Adhesive tapes
  • Reinforced Frontal Panel
  • Extra Tall Standing Leg Guards, Perfect for holding Booster Pads in place
  • Super Stretchy Waist and Legs for the perfect fit
  • Cute Dinosaur Themed All Over Print
  • Printed Wetness Indicator Text

12 briefs per pack, 3 packs per case(36 briefs)

Medium Fits Maximum 28-44″ with best fit 28-40″ CA$41.99

Large Fits Maximum 31.5″-55″ with best fit 36-50″ CA$44.99

You find more price information here: https://rearz.ca/rearz-dinosaur-elite-diapers/

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Sword and Shield and Soaked Diapers

 Sword and Shield and Soaked DiapersWho wanted our Sword and Shield trainer, nice and soggy. :3
Hope she can find a place to change…..or just ignore it and keep on catching’em all…or however many do manage to make it into the final game X.x

Support if you can: https://www.patreon.com/OverFlo207

Reward for Soulcaliber345

Draw and above text by OverFlo207

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/32332311/

Someone for sure have ended up whit a pretty soggy diaper here and if she don’t decide to change it i bet it going to be pretty leaky when she have finish the game.

The sure not going to be so match fun then.

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Caretaker Tip: I dont need to wear diapers any more – DaddySnowKitty

Yes sometimes it can be kind of a big fuzz when it comes to the diaper. It sure is a good thing that Mr. Shadow have come up whit some good solutions here how you can deal whit the situation in a good way.

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Caretaker Tip: Build up anticipate – DaddySnowKitty

This sure is going to make them hard to focus about things during the work hours. But at lest they are going to have a wonderful and good evening :)

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Aaaallllll this sog is ready for snoofs – NathenTiger

Yes this diaper sure is in the perfect condition for some nice and squishy diaper play. But sadly its condition also mean that the diaper can leak at any moment and its ready to be change and throw away in to the diaper pail.

But first some nice and squishy playtime :)

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