ABDL Diaper

ABDL diaper`s is designed for the ABDL community. They are designed whit great absorbency and cute front panel print to bring out your inner child. You sure going to find a good and cute diaper here.

Distracted Gaming

 Distracted GamingWhoops, looks like CodyOmega got a bit too into his game.

Order by CodyOmega

Draw by Blankie

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31402960/

Looks like someone is little busy whit his game here. But it is nothing to worry about :) The diaper is there for a reason during this long car ride :)

Why disturb your parents that you need a potty brake when they have put you in diapers for this car ride :)

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Soggy Pride morning – kleinemaxx


Looks like someones diaper have been working pretty hard here and it seems to start getting pretty heavy :)

Maybe time to thinking about a change before it start leaking.

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who’s gonna snoooof

Seems like it is diaper change time here for this boy :) Special now when it seems like you have ended up whit a very stinky diaper here :)

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One very soggy heavy morning – yggiToryM

Someone sure love to show us all the squishy heavy diaper that he manage to get :) Someone sure show us what a heavy wetter he is and way he still needs his thick diapers :)

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Leaking diaper boy – RicochetCurl

Yes it sure seems like it was a very bad move to do something like that :( Now he is standing there whit a super heavy diaper and a wet t-shirt.

Maybe now it is the time to be waddling away to change that diaper? I bet it going to start leaking more if he not decide to change the diaper :( And that is not going to be fun waddling away whit a dripping diaper.

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ABU Turns 4

ABU could finely have there different type of live stream yesterday after allot of trouble and slow upload and this is what they had to announce for us :) So lay back and relax and don’t forget your plush :)








They sure is about to release allot of new and interesting product over the command months :)

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Little Rawrs Diapers – Tykables

Little Rawrs Diapers - Tykables

Our Tykables Little Rawrs have been completely designed with the adult baby and diaper lover in mind on our thickest adult diaper platform. Each diaper has a 6000+ml absorption rating making these our most absorbent diapers.

Using our Active Littles Grips, Waddle Cut, and our Toddler Tough Plastic we have created something completely new for our line and future products.

This diaper features printed Active Littles Grips landing zone with several cute dinosaurs from other popular Tykables products, they finally got their own diaper! The super soft Toddler Tough Plastic shell is strong, yet delicate to the touch to reduce irritation. Add in our new Waddle cut which is wider than our traditional diapers, you can waddle on. Think you need, or just want, more waddle? Add a Dubbler to your order and add even more.

You can find the product here: https://tykables.com/products/little-rawrs-diapers

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Heavy diaper – PamperPuppyroo

Looks like it was sure time for this diaper boy to be changing his diaper. It sure made a big noise when it landed on the floor.

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