Recommended ABDL Storys

I read allot of different ABDL story that have been public over the years on different website and forums. I have decided to start linking to some of this story’s on this blog page that i think is wort reading. I hope you are going to feel the same after you have read them :)

A difficult 11 year old – Sandra is a single parent who is at her wit’s end with her unruly 11-year-old son, Matthew. One day while surfing the Internet for ideas on what to do with her son, she comes across a web page dealing with diaper punishment. At first she dismisses the idea, but the more she thinks about it, she realizes that a diaper might just be the ticket to regain control over her ill-mannered son. She hatches a plan to get her son back into a diaper without him ever realizing that his mother is behind his gradual loss of control of his bodily functions.

Diapers For AJ – AJ Lange was one of the most popular kids in high school. He was a handsome kid, tall and slender with dark brown hair and highlights. He was a junior in high school and had many friends. However it was those friends that would cause him a punishment that would change his life forever. AJ got in with what you could call, the wrong crowd, a group of kids who smoked, drank and did drugs. He would hang out with this crowd because he thought he’d be cool if he did. As it turned out his mother, Jill was a lot smarter than he thought she was. She had an idea that AJ was getting into the wrong crowd. She could tell by his behavior at home. He always had his music blasting on full volume and she often smelled smoke seeping from under his door. She didn’t know at all what to do to get her son back. One day everything changed.

Christmas Wishing – Kevin and Peter are friends who wish they could go back full time to diapers but they are afraid of their parents’ reaction. What will their parents do when they accidentally find out about their sons’ wishes? Will Tommy’s desire to have the family’s Christmas Wishing Star ritual performed be the key to unlock hidden desires? And what about the other unexpected discoveries they make along the way?

Cimberly Clark UltraDrys – This is a story about what would happen if Cimberly Clark, the maker of Huggies, started making larger sized, baby style diapers for older children . It is completely a “what-if” scenario. It follows one young teen, Sean, and his experiences surrounding the release. Again, this is NOT real, so don’t run off to the nearest supermarket to pick some up.

Country Life – This is a work of fiction about imaginary kids who wear diapers.

Curiosity Kills the Brat – I had never done anything like this before. In fact, I felt completely detached from the experience—as if it were someone else experimenting with this diaper. My fingers worked clumsily as I re-taped it for the third time. I didn’t know why I had stolen three of my cousin Larry’s diapers (especially considering the hell I always put him through for needing them) nor why I had been curious about what it felt like to wear them. I finally got it closed correctly and moved about the room. I was conscious of the massive amount of material between my legs… but not in an uncomfortable way. The crinkling noises it made were louder than I had expected. Luckily, I was alone in the house with nobody around to hear.

Anna’s Baby – Anna Petrovana was borne in Leningrad to a prominent family in the communist party. As she grew she herself joined the party and attended the University in Moscow. Shortly before she graduated she was approached by a family friend and recruited into the illustrious KGB. She was trained in torture, along with her training she used the skills as a biochemist and psychologist to further advance the communist cause. In 1991 she was 39 years old when the bottom was fell out of her universe. The Berlin Wall fell and her own government was on the verge of collapse.

Diapered Giant -From the start, Randy Wolfe was a big boy. At birth, he weighed a whopping 11 pounds, Huge for a first baby. Both his parents were quite large and came from large-size families. His mother, Grace, was a tall, wide-bodied woman with long, sandy hair and a pretty face. His Father, Shane, was a big Negro man, over six feet in height and powerfully built. Shane was a very successful veterinarian, specializing in animal massage. Grace was a registered nurse. Between them, they were quite rich and lived in a comfortable house on the edge of town. Apart from his size, Randy seemed like a normal baby boy. He was one of those placid types who rarely cried unless in need of something. The one strange thing about him was the speed at which he seemed to be growing. Friends and relatives joked that he’d be over seven feet tall when he was full grown! He was also an unusually quick learner. By 6mths, he was crawling. He walked at 10mths and was talking well before his second birthday. By then, he was over 3 feet tall and still growing fast.

Diapered on a Friday – Darren Bodner was just like any other 15-year-old kid. He enjoyed playing video games on his computer and his Sony PlayStation as well as playing hockey and football. He was slightly small for his age but what he lacked in size he made up in pure will and determination. Although usually not the first pick when it came time to choose teams for sports, he was never too far off. In fact, you could say that Darren was the model of a typical teenager. That is of course, if you discounted his deepest and darkest secret. It was something so secret that even his best friend of 10 years did not know. No, it wasn’t that he was gay, or even bi-sexual, seemingly the biggest fear of parents of kids his age. Darren’s deep, dark secret was that he enjoyed wearing and using diapers for their intended purposes. It wasn’t that he needed to wear diapers, it was just that somewhere deep inside he had a deep feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment every time he put one on.

Diaperer to the Diapered – This I think is a family story, but it does contain scenes with a sexual nature, so please do not read on if are or think you will be offended. This story is a classic story with the love and hate between the two brothers of the story, so needless to say they are the main characters. There are some twists in the story but that would be for you to find out ;) although they may be predictable it will always be heartwarming.

Diapers and Sunshine – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

The TrainerAs I felt the pleasant vibration again, I knew I lost. This was the third time in the last hour that I was being rewarded without consciously letting go, and it was only Tuesday.

Josh Taylor’s Story – Josh being forced back to diapers full time because of his bedwetting problems and his parents have even more things in store for him. Like his own nursery and high chair.


List of good E-books on Amazon

My New Life in Diapers Book Pete and Stephanie begin a journey into serious dominance / submission games when Stacy brings home a book on female domination. Pete unconsciously chooses the adult baby theme and his life will never be the same again! Contains intense scenes of female domination, adult baby themes, adult forced diapering, and strong humiliation themes. Not for those who want a cuddly abdl story. This story is for those into intense humiliation.