Hi and welcome to My ABDL Life.

I decide to create this blog June 2010 and now i would like to inform my readers way i decide to start this blog and what kind of goals i have whit it. I know if can be some miss spelling in this text i have post. Please inform me if you find any thing wrong in the text so i can fix it.

My imported goal whit this blog is to let so many people as possibly know about the ABDL and babyfur world. Yes i wont people to know and understand way some adults like to run around in diapers and use them for what they are made for.

The second goal is that i wont to inform the ABDL and babyfur world about new product that they may like to have or know about. I even inform what kind of product that i bought or thinking about to do. I see this as something that i like to inform my readers about what i think about different kind of product (That include ABDL related product) or diapers there is on the market both in Europe and the U.S.

The third goal. Like many of my readers already know i post allot of babyfur art on my blog. I decide that it was something i like to share whit my readers all this nice and beautiful drawings. Some of the drawing i post have i order for my self but most of the art have i ask the person who owns it if it is okay if i can post his art on my blog. And most of the people that i ask give me the ok to post it and that make me very happy. Because it is allot of nice art out there that i would like to show to my reads. Only to make every thing clear i always link to the source and i mention in every post who is involve in the drawing that i post.

The 98% of the time when i wear diapers is disposable (All-in-one diapers). I have try cloth diapers some time and pull ups to. But i dont like that kind of diapers. Dont feels like a real kind of diapers to me and cloth diapers do you need to wash every time you use it witch can be hard when you dont have your own washing machine in your apartment. It is match more comfy and cozy to very a disposable diaper special when you get this good fit that you can get whit some of the diapers. I have wear many kind of different brand but most like other diaper carrier i like: Tena Slip Maxi, Abri Form X-plus and Forma Care X-plus that is the diaper i wear most of the kind.

The only thing i have problem whit is that when it comes to most AB diapers i have kind of size problem. I am in the middle of two sizes there Medium is a little bit small and Large to big. I can only hope its going to be a change to this in the future because most of the AB diapers look so cute to wear.

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