My Little Lullaby

You find the following hypnosis file on My Little Lullaby. Every file cost $9.99 except Sleep Like a Baby that are free. Each order include two files one for boys and one for girls :)

Wetting the Bed

Wetting the bed is something all little children experience, and you are no different!

I know it can be hard for your adult self to accept sometimes, but this file is here to help. Whether you are wearing a diaper or not, when the urge to go pee starts to wake you in the night, your sleepy little mind can’t quite muster the energy to bring you completely out of dream-land. There’s nothing nice about having to drag yourself out of your cozy warm bed and stumble into the unwelcoming bathroom, so you just won’t do it.

Instead, you’ll stay snug in your bed and let your body take care of itself, let your body do what comes naturally to make you comfortable, so you can drift right back off to sleep. Wetting the bed is a normal, natural part of childhood. So in your regressed sleepy state, it’s a normal and natural part of your life too.

NOTE: This file encourages CONSCIOUS wetting at night. This means when the urge to pee starts to wake you, your automatic response will be to simply let go and wet. Also, please note that this file will encourage wetting the bet whether you are wearing a diaper or not. If that’s not something you desire, please don’t listen!

Forever Young

I know one of the big problems in little worlds is the urge to purge! So many struggle with negative emotions surrounding their little selves, resulting shame and anxiety, and in the end turn to throwing away all the toys, clothes, diapers, and other lovely baby things they have acquired.

It can be a really painful cycle, and a difficult one to break. Full of sweet, honest, comforting reassurance that everything about your little world and your little self is perfectly okay, this file is a hug in audio form. But it’s also more than that! Listening to this session will help ease those negative feelings, should they arise again, by channeling them elsewhere and allowing your to process them without going through a purge.

And that’s such a good thing… Because you don’t deserve to feel so negatively toward any aspect of yourself. Being little feels good and brings you pleasure, and doesn’t harm anyone else. That means you should never, ever feel bad about it! So listen lots and let’s work on that!

Little Emotions

In the adult world, we are often taught to hide our emotions and feelings, to keep them under control and even to display false emotions! Sometimes, that’s the right thing to do. Sometimes, you need to do that to keep your life running smoothly.

But when you are regressed and your little self is out and about, there is no need for such silliness! Children are not expected to keep their feelings at bay. Children are expected to express their little emotions, physically and honestly.

The trouble is, sometimes it’s hard to forget the adult “rules” about your emotions when you are in little-mode. So this file will help you take care of that! It is designed to allow you to easily accept and express all of your emotions when you are little, without any shame or reservation. Knowing that you are behaving just as you are meant to when you let your emotions live so close to the surface. When something delights you, letting happy sounds burst from your lips, or happy dances wiggle through your hips! When you are hungry or sad, to be fussy or cry. No matter what you’re feeling, and no matter how you instinctively want to express it, you are always doing the right thing by letting your little emotions free!

Diaper Messing

A whole new chapter in your diaper training! Yes, the absolute best and most effective diaper training will always, always be one-on-one and custom-crafted… But don’t underestimate the transformative powers of general hypnosis to get you into the right mindset!

And that’s exactly what this file does. This file has a nice, long induction to ensure you will be taken to into a very deep state of trance where all your adult worries, cares, and those pesky learned reactions can be completely washed away, leaving your little self to listen to my suggestions.

It will be so easy to see, to feel, to know that you must wear your diapers, that you must wet your diapers, and of course that you must mess in your diapers as well. Logic says so. Your minds says so. Your heart says so. And, most importantly, I say so!

Messing in your diaper is the most natural thing in the world. The act and the feeling are tied tightly to the comfort and security of your diaper, and they are free from the learned reactions of shame or disgust. Those feelings have no place here. Only the feeling of doing exactly as you’re supposed to do, like a good little child.

Using a Bottle

When you were little, drinking from your bottle was the most natural thing in the world. And it meant safety, security, happiness, and contentment. It meant you could fill your little belly and not be hungry or thirsty anymore. It meant someone loved and cared for you.

This file will help recover those lost feelings, letting them bloom bright within you once again! Whether it’s warm milk (perhaps with something sweet in it!), some fresh juice, or anything else you love to drink, it will feel perfectly natural and right once again to drink it from a bottle.

With no worries or cares, no need to think about spilling or dropping a cup or mug, and no need to worry about breaking anything, drinking from a bottle is such a wonderful source of comfort and peace. You can even fall asleep with it tucked between your little lips.

This lovely file will have you automatically reaching for your bottle when you need a little nourishment and a sense of peace, calm, and care!

Comfort Object

One of the very best things about being little is having your very own comfort object. Something to keep you safe and secure, something to make you feel better no matter what. Even if you’re sad or angry, tired or sick, your comfort object can make everything better.

Whether you already have one and wish to strengthen your bond, or have not yet chosen something to be your comfort object, this file is for you! You will automatically reach for your comfort object and a sense of peace and contentment will wash over you. Whether you are your adult self, or in your little mind-space, the bond will remain. And if you want to take your comfort object with you into the adult world, perhaps tucked safely away in a backpack or the trunk of your car, you can do that, knowing it’s waiting for you if you need it. But if you want to keep it safe at home, that’s okay too. This special bond that you have with your chosen object, is yours alone, and you can enjoy it in whatever way feels best to you.

As you hold your special comfort object close, you will find all negative feelings recede. Replaced by the warm, bright glow of safety, of security, of simple happiness. Replaced by the feeling of innocent pleasure that radiates out from that magical object, and flows through your body and mind, making everything a little easier. Until everything in your whole little world feels right and good once again.

Diaper Wetting

Nothing should be so natural as a child wetting his or her diaper… And yet, some little ones still struggle to wet without hesitation. This file is carefully designed to help you understand that you can simply let go. Let go of any fears or worries. Let go of any adult hang ups.  And just let go of your bladder, of course!

You will be able to allow yourself to thoroughly enjoy the sensation of a warm, comfy diaper bundled around you, snugly fastened around your hips. The soft bulk of it, the security it provides. Putting your diaper on will feel so good and welcome, because it will encourage you to easily slip into the sweet head-space of your little self.

And wetting your diaper will feel just as it should feel – completely natural. The right thing to do. You will be aware of when you need to go pee – even little babies know they need to pee – but you will understand that there is nothing you can do about it but wet your diaper. That’s why you’re wearing one, after all. Soaking your diaper will feel absolutely wonderful, serving as a reminder that you are safe and cared for, little and innocent, free to be yourself without any worries at all.

Note: This file will NOT make you lose conscious control of your bladder, nor will it encourage you to wet when you are not wearing a diaper.

Age Regression

This file uses a series of happy thoughts and memories to help you mentally regress as far back as you’d like to go. With practice, transitioning between your adult and little self becomes a fluid, seamless, and effortless pleasure. No worries, cares, or negativity will follow you in either direction.

At the end of this trance, you are encouraged to wake up, feeling bright and fresh, as your little self. You will remain in little-mode until it naturally fades and you are ready to be your adult self again. So this session is extra nice if you can arrange to have some little play time right after you listen!

Sleep Like a Baby

This is such a sweet file – perfect for right before bedtime. Cuddling up for bed is a wonderful time to indulge your young self, don’t you think? To let go of all those adult thoughts and concerns. To be cherished and adored, young and innocent. To let yourself sleep like a baby.

By listening to this file, you will find that every time you go to sleep, safe and snug in your own bed, you sink into your little self as you drift off towards your dreams. So peaceful and relaxed, with no worries to keep you up at night. Sleepy and happy, knowing you are the center of someone’s universe, knowing it’s perfectly all right to want and need that sort of attention and care.

There is no awakener, so when the file is over you can drift happily as the music fades, falling into the world of sweet little dreams.