Baby Pants Hypnosis Part 2

Baby Pants Hypnosis Part 2.

Potty Diaper Nights.

I’m sure you’ve all been called or know of someone who has been called “Potty Pants” when the odor from filling your diaper fills the air. But perhaps being a “Potty Pants” isn’t a bad thing. Constipation occurs when the baby’s stools cause significant difficulty and discomfort when being passed. Anxiety, stress and the lingering negative associations with having “Potty Pants” are strong contributors to constipation. This session will help you overcome all of this, and accept that it’s a very good thing to do a poopy in your diaper, avoiding retention. You will learn to accept that wearing a diaper, being a baby and having potty pants are all good for you. The focus of the session will be directed primarily on achieving these positive results while sleeping soundly. While you are working on these session results we recommend that you add dark fruit (prune or pear) juice to your baby formula. Also, just take extra nursing bottles of water or electrolyte solution between feedings, especially in this hot weather.

Nursing Dependence.

Nursing is a natural instinct for all of us. As we grow and are weaned this instictual behavior is overcome by inhibitions, guilt and embarrassment. Adult males presented with a breast often revert to instinctual behavior because they really don’t know what else to do. This becomes part of their courting behavior even though the breast is not a sexual organ. This therapy session will help repurpose the adult nursing instinct instilling deep satisfaction when nursing with a baby bottle or breast. The inhibitions, guilt and embarrassment you might feel today will be overcome leaving you with the sweet natural instict you were born with. The urge to nurse and the deep satisfaction it produces will be so strong that you will sleep like a baby when you nurse before bed. You may find that you prefer a bottle to a glass and you may even find that nursing in public is natural. You might be able to temporarily relieve the necessity to nurse by sucking your pacifier. The nursing and pacifier dependence sessions are a very powerful combination.

Baby Acceptance.

A very common problem that many babies face is the constant binge-purge cycle, constantly buying the products a baby needs but then feeling guilty that you have indulged the baby inside and discarding anything baby. Even though you feel guilty you know that the baby will always be there. This session will help you come to peace with this turmoil. To accept that you really are a baby and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You will understand and accept that you sometimes have to pretend to be an adult. You will understand and accept that you are a baby. You will learn to love the gentle, kind, innocent baby that you are. You will no longer be ashamed or embarrassed that you are a baby. You won’t be ashamed or embarrassed that you wet your pants or the bed because after all, you are a baby. You won’t be ashamed or embarrassed when your parent puts you in diapers or you put yourself in them. You will be proud that you wear diapers and plastic panties so your pants stay dry. You will feel that innocent excitement whenever you get new baby clothes, nursing bottles, pacifiers or anything that is uniquely baby, especially for you. You won’t even care if your parent dresses you in snappy pants puts a baby leash on you and takes you to the park. You are after all a baby and you will now totally accept this.

Attachment Objects

Whether it’s a threadbare blankie or a dog-eared doggy, babies form strong attachment bonds. These attachments peak at about two years old so there is no reason to believe that your needs are any different. This session will help you become completely bonded to your lovey. You will loose all shame and embarrassment over this characteristic baby behavior allowing you to take your lovey with you to work, to the store, or when you play. You will find comfort having your lovey close to you and you will be agitated when it isn’t. You will find deep peaceful sleep when you take your lovey to bed with you at night.

You can bay this Baby Pants Hypnosis file on there web page: hope you have a nice diaper time. And the info i have post above come from the same link there you can bay you mp3 files.

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