Baby Pants Hypnosis Part 1

Baby Pants Hypnosis File Part 1

Bedwetting info

Bedwetting is much more prevalent than the common perception. It’s one of those little secrets that is seldom shared. It’s often associated with heavy anxiety. Parents push babies to potty train like it was an olympic event which only adds anxiety at an early age. But what if it was OK to wet your bed? What if you could be back in the security of your diapers and no longer felt anxious about wetting the bed. Now you can with the assistance of this therapy session download. Now you can have a “do over.” This session will train you to wet the bed or your diapers. You can become so anxiety and stress free that you will wet your bed every night while also ridding yourself of the embarrassment and guilt of wearing diapers and rubber pants to bed.

Before you embark on these exercises to achieve anxiety and stress free nights of sleep, please be aware that this isn’t like a light switch. When you go on vacation you’ll need to take diapers.If you take an afternoon nap, you’d better be diapered. And finally if you ever decide that you want to be a big kid, it is a process to achieve those dry nights. Embedded in your therapy sessions are the suggestions that will allow you to work your way back to dry after the hard work of potty training.

We would like to suggest a number of things that will help you in your quest to shed your bed wetting anxiety. You must not have any fear of leak problems. Hands down cloth diapers are far better than paper diapers at preventing leaks while you sleep. Cloth diapers provide more absorption even on the sides where paper diapers are lacking. Don’t try to undersize your plastic pants. With double diapers and correctly sized plastic pants you will minimize leaks. But eventually, occasionally you will have a little leaking. This is why we recommend that bedwetters sleep in cribs. Not only do you get the protection of a waterproof mattress but you eliminate the anxiety of falling out of bed. As every mother knows the only way to keep a baby in a crib warm all night long is to put them in a blanket sleeper. A baby blanket is good but won’t replace a footed blanket sleeper. Of course pillows need to be inside waterproof covers. Everything is the crib must be waterproof or washable. You may not be able to move directly into a crib but the same principles apply. Washable and waterproof takes away anxiety. We’ve heard the questionable advice to drink gallons just before bed. We’d like to offer an alternative. A dry diaper will contribute to your anxiety because you have been taught to keep dry. However a wet diaper won’t cause the same concern and resistance to wetting. After all it’s just a little more, right? You should practice wetting in any and all positions. You can even extend this practice by wearing a day diaper. Practice good hydration. You should drink 8 to 12 glasses of water throughout the day. This is a healthy practice but it also keeps you flowing. Just before bed drink a glass of water. Take a baby bottle to bed with you. It only makes sense since a glass in the dark is subject to spilling. Not only will this keep you hydrating at night but if you are also using the Pacifier Dependence session, you will awake refreshed.

Pacifier Dependence session

This hypnotic training session is designed to help you accept the continual use of your pacifier, and to depend upon it for comfort and stress-relief in much the same way that a very young child does. Repeated use will strip away any shame or resistance you may feel when using your pacifier, allowing you to fully enjoy and appreciate the wonderful feelings of peace and calm associated with it. This session is intended to bring about a permanent change in your mind set; the ultimate goal being that you will feel the need to take your pacifier everywhere you go, and possibly even use it in public. Without it, you may feel lost and on edge, your pacifier is your ultimate security blanket, and that’s just how you like it.

Daytime Wetting

This hypnotic training session is designed specifically for those that wish to cultivate more infantile habits during the daytime, and follows closely from the previous bed wetting session. Re-train your body and mind to accept that wetting yourself during the day is natural and easy, and that wearing your diaper and plastic pants every day will keep you feeling safe and secure in your inability to hold your bladder. This is a semi-permanent training session which can only be undone by taking the same steps as a young child, in potty training. So before you download this mp3, be quite sure that you are willing and prepared to take this step. If you are ready, this session will help you to achieve your goal of stress free days without concern to stay dry while cultivating a wonderful attachment between you and your diaper.

Obedience and Crying

In this session, we will be exploring the mind set of a young baby or child. Often when children are very young, they may have little concept of right and wrong, and may need firm guidance in learning how to be obedient to their parent or guardian. In this session we will be implanting suggestions of child-like obedience to your carer, which of course incorporates trust and a desire to have your carer be proud of you. As adults, we are taught that showing strong emotions is a sign of weakness, whereas in young children it is completely natural and expected that there will be incidents of tears as well as of smiles. This training session will help you to accept that showing your emotions by crying is a good thing, and that tears can be beneficial in dealing with matters of conscience.

Regressed Arousal

You would like to rid yourself of adult problems, difficulties and shed the adult baggage. Probably the most difficult adult baggage you would like to shed is getting aroused when you wear a diaper. It’s so distracting when you are trying hard to only have baby thoughts and get rid of all those adult stresses. In this session your therapist will work with you implanting suggestions that anytime you are wearing your diaper and rubber pants and feel any arousal, your mind will fill with baby thoughts that will become stronger and stronger making you feel younger and younger. The more arousing things you see or think, the younger you will feel and the more baby your experience will be, until you are too innocent to notice any kind of arousal.

When this session is accompanied by the obedience session a parent/baby relationship will be enhanced in that the parent, by denying the baby permission to remove their diaper, can deny the baby any kind of adult sexual experience.


You can bay this Baby Pants Hypnosis file on there web page: hope you have a nice diaper time. And the info i have post above come from the same link there you can bay you mp3 files.

6 thoughts on “Baby Pants Hypnosis Part 1”

  1. I can’t imagine it’ll ever be “ok” to wet the bed, much less your pants. But I believe that it should be ok to wear diapers and to use them for their intended purposes. No matter how healthy one is, or how bright one is mentally, no one can hold indefinitely and he or she will need to pee or poo. Unfortunately, one can’t just poop in his pants. That’d be gross, not to mention smelly and unhealthy. So, why not wear diapers?

  2. I put my 12 yearold son back in diapers because I found some of his wet pants he tried to hide from me. I also fund his wet bed sheets he tried to hide. I told because he was wetting and messing his pants like baby he was going back into diapers like a baby. He did like it at first so I ordered
    the diaper tapes for him to use to get use to wearing and using only his diapers for his potty need. When I put him back into diapers 24/7 I had him listen to the tapes while he was sleeping. It did not take very long before he was wetting and messing his diapers just like a baby. Now he goes potty in his diapers just like when he was a small baby. He does it now without knowing he even he needed to go potty. I ordered most of your tapes for him. He now drinks from a bottle, asks for his bottle when he needs a drink. It no longer bother him when other people see him in his diapers drink from a baby bottle. He even crys and acts like a two year old. The tapes worked very well for him.

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  4. I fully agree that it is important to wear a thick Cloth diaper and large plastic pants to feel cometely secure and a pacifier is much help when you still fear their could be a leak.

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