ABU Turns 4

ABU could finely have there different type of live stream yesterday after allot of trouble and slow upload and this is what they had to announce for us :) So lay back and relax and don’t forget your plush :)








They sure is about to release allot of new and interesting product over the command months :)

Tykables Pals

TedEBearTykables is bringing a whole new line of plushies to market starting with Ted E Bear from our Puppers print. 32″ tall this big guy will make you feel Little.

You can find the cute teddy bear here:

But i dont know when its going to be in stock or what the price on this teddy bear going to be :(


But Tykables sure seems to be the first ABDL Company that lunch some own plush’s. That sure is kind of exacting news :)

Little Rawrs Diapers – Tykables

Little Rawrs Diapers - Tykables

Our Tykables Little Rawrs have been completely designed with the adult baby and diaper lover in mind on our thickest adult diaper platform. Each diaper has a 6000+ml absorption rating making these our most absorbent diapers.

Using our Active Littles Grips, Waddle Cut, and our Toddler Tough Plastic we have created something completely new for our line and future products.

This diaper features printed Active Littles Grips landing zone with several cute dinosaurs from other popular Tykables products, they finally got their own diaper! The super soft Toddler Tough Plastic shell is strong, yet delicate to the touch to reduce irritation. Add in our new Waddle cut which is wider than our traditional diapers, you can waddle on. Think you need, or just want, more waddle? Add a Dubbler to your order and add even more.

You can find the product here:

Dubbler Booster Pads – Tykables

Dubbler Booster Pads - TykablesTykables Dubbler booster pads are extra long, extra thick, and extra absorbent. Making any daytime product a night time product, and makes any extended or night time diaper even better. Want some extra waddle, add a Dubbler for double the waddle. Long road trip, add a Dubbler. Movies? You get the idea. Works with all Tykables products and most other brands with tall leakguard Tykables Dubblers makes any diaper better.

You can find the product here:

Interesting diaper boosters that Tykables is going to release pretty soon.

Big Littles Wipes – Tykables

Big Littles Wipes - TykablesTykables introduces the Big Littles Wipes, For All Your Littles Messes. Coming in at an oversized 10″ x 13″ (25cm x 33cm) this wipes should handle most messes with ease. Having a baby fresh scent helps put you in that relaxed mood, no matter what mess your cleaning up. Each pack contains 24 wipes making one pack of wipes great for one bag of diapers.

You can check it out here:

Big Littles Diaper Box – Tykables

Wear 24/7 For Only $5 A Day?!

With our new diaper subscription, you can assure you will always have diapers in stock, even if you wear 24/7! The products included in this subscription will be from the Tykables and Nappiesrus family and have one of our two cuts, so you know how they fit.

Basic Subscription

The Basic Big Littles Diaper Box includes 3-4 bags of daytime diapers and 4-5 bags of 5000+ ml diapers totaling 8 bags each month. This box is great for a full time wearer who is looking for a more discreet option throughout the day, and that thicker extra protection throughout the night.

$150.00 USD


Plus Subscription

If you need a little added protection throughout the day, the Plus Big Littles Diaper Box is perfect for you! All diaper bags included are 5000+ ml and will keep you thickly protected both day and night.

$160.00 USD

You can place your order for the box here:

Rearz – Barnyard Diapers

Barnyard Diapers

12 briefs per pack, 3 packs per case(36 briefs)

Our newest addition to the Rearz Collection Barnyard!

Introducing the Barnyard friends Alyssa the Cow, Misty the Horse, Gilbert the Pig, Henrietta the Hen and Snowflake the Sheep. Don’t forget to feed the animals; as the diaper becomes wetter and full, the Barnyard friends will slowly eat up all the grass(Grass acts as a wetness indicator).

Our all-new diaper will bring you the best of what you love into one ultimate experience.

They are designed to contain both bladder and bowel incontinence with ease. These are a very thick and thirsty brief with a sturdy but soft to the touch plastic outer layer to help contain and stop any leaks. The all-new super absorbent core features an impressive 6200ml capacity, one of the highest on the market today! Featuring extra tall leaks guards that extend to the length of the brief to offer an extra layer of protection from leaks, and to perfectly contain booster pads without shifting or the need to recenter.

Designed with Ease in Mind

This brief features Hook and Loop tape technology which allow for an infinite number of adjustments throughout the day. To ensure a perfect fit we have also include our super soft and stretchy elastics in both the legs and waistbands (Front & Back). The odor protection on Barnyard is unlike anything you have experienced featuring an all-new soft scent combined with an all-new odor control system.


    Size       Fit  Best Fit
Medium 26.5″ – 46″ 28″ – 36″
Large 31.5″ – 55″ 36″ – 50″




  • 12+ Hour Protection for Day or Night
  • Our Most absorbent Brief with a 6200ml Capacity
  • 4 Tape Design with Refastenable Hook and Loop Tapes
  • Reinforced Frontal Panel
  • Extra Tall Standing Leg Guards, Perfect for holding Booster Pads in place
  • Super Stretchy Waist and Legs for the perfect fit
  • Superior Odor Protection Technology
  • Cute Barnyard Themed All Over Print
  • Printed Wetness Indicator (Grass will fade)

The price for one package is CA$44.99 and if you want to order a case it cost CA$110.99 for medium and CA$121.99 for large version.

You can place your order of the diaper here:

This sure seems to be one amazing diaper that Rearz have manage to release here and it seems to have amazing capacity and i bet you dont going to need some diaper boosters in this diaper. But one thing that get me thinking here when i read the specification on this diaper is how the tape on the diaper is going to handle this? Even after extended usage. It sure going to be interesting to see photos and videos about this diaper.

Tykables Pride

Tykables Pride

Pride diapers have been designed with most the popular features as requested by you!

  • A smooth outer layer made from thick plastic
  • Soft elasticated waistbands at the front and rear
  • Tall standing leak guards around the legs
  • A strong 4 tape system with enhanced landing zone
  • A total absorption of around 5000ml
  • Designed for longer wearing times and night time protection


  • Tykables Pride FrontTykables Pride Back

Tykables Pride Side

You find the product here:

And the price start at 40 USD for 10 diapers. Yes this sure seems to be one pretty expensive diaper here they have created. But i sure think it is good to check out this diaper. It sure looks kind of comfy to wear special if you look on the photos above. It sure seems to give a nice and comfy fit around your waist.

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