Caretaker Tip: It’s a rookie mistake – DaddySnowKitty

I sure think this is kind of a good approach. Or what do you think?

Pokemon audition from Detective Pikachu

Giggle this sure is one cute sneak peak of the Pokemon in Detective Pikachu :)

And if you look really close at the end off this clip it seems like Pikachu is seating in a car seat.

Soaked it – RockyPupshep

Seems like someone have been a pretty good boy here and using his diaper :( Or he sure show that he is not ready for big boys underwear yet.

Why can we never get over this feelin? – yggiToryM

Looks like someone have some nice time playing around whit a squishy diaper here :) This sure is one off the best feelings that you can have :)

Nick got his little boy a new pacifier! – Kuneho_hon

Looks like this little fox have got a quite big pacifier to playing around whit :) But maybe Nick should have pick a size that is fitting his cub better.

Morning diaper – LilRyga

Someone sure seems to have ended up whit a pretty well use diaper here. I wounder if the diaper have end up leaking yet? It sure looks like it is close to start leaking.

One soggy adventure – yggiToryM

To me it looks more that you needs to start thinking about diaper change and nothing else. This sure is one heavy soggy diaper that this diaper boy is waddling around whit.

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