Supersoaked through two layers – DiaperSome

Someone sure seems to have been busy and i am not talking about the boy ;) The thing that have been busy is the diaper :) It sure seems to be pretty soggy and heavy right now.

Bet he can have some nice and fun squishy playtime in that soggy wet diaper.

An important message – ludisluteo

An important message - ludisluteo

Order by and draw by

Giggle someone sure is in a hurry to let everyone know what is happen inside his diaper. And i bet they can hear the loud noise coming from it to ;)

But who is going to change his well used diaper? It sure going to be one stinky task.

A little messy accident – ludisluteo

A little messy accident - ludisluteosketch for who’s suddenly having a hard time making it to the potty

Draw and above text by

Poor thing he almost made it in time to the big boys potty. But at lest his diaper is there to handle things when his bowel fail him :)

Poor thing he sure have a pretty blushing face right now.

I bet it going to be even more red during his messy diaper change.

Diaper Facts ABUniverse 1

Wow this sure is allot of diapers that have been ship from ABUniverse.

They sure have allot of things to do and there product sure seems to be selling pretty good.

Miltank loading his diaper

Miltank loading his diaperMiltank drawing for by

Poor Miltank it sure seems like a big explosion have happen inside his diaper :(

It sure going to take a wile to change that diaper. At lest his pacifier can give him some comfort in this hard time :)

Heavy messy diaper animated – fetimation

Its looks like someone have ended up whit a bad and angry tummy here to be able to end up whit this kind of heavy diaper. Or maybe he have been tacking some laxative ?

But at lest his diaper is there to handle the heavy messy load :)

It sure is one kind of nice animation that Fet have created here.

Diaper & Chill – calibabyboy98

Wearing a good thick diaper and relaxing sure is a good combination :) And add a movie to that make it even better :)