Fabine Megabuster 7 Lieter

Received this nice and good newsletter from the Buntewindel company:

Dear customers,

Today we would like to inform you that the new Fabine Mega Booster 7 liters is finished and the production is running on high speed.

It is expected to arrive in our warehouse at the end of September. The Fabine Mega Booster 7 liters it is currently only

Exclusively in our sales.

The Fabine Exclusive Mega Booster 7 liters is produced with the latest technology, with a new wet distributor and moisture absorption system.

Since numerous requests reach us, if it is possible to sell our Fabine exclusive Mega Booster,

we would like to say – yes, that is possible. To do this, you only need to be an authorized reseller.

So if you are interested in reselling our diapers and would like to become our sales partner, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Then we have good news.

We are celebrating the completion of the Fabine Exkulsiv Mega Booster 7 liters,

Therefore we lower the price of the Fabine Exkulsiv dreamlike for 14 days at 11.50 Euros per package, as a thank you for our loyal customers.

Attention, this is not a permanent price cut, but only an action, as a thank you for our loyal customers.

Mystery diaper dumper

This sure is not something that you read everyday that the police order a DNA test to see if they found out who is dumping bags of use diaper on the road.

You can read all about it here:

I hope they found the person that is behind this.


NEW YEARS SALE EXTRAVAGANZA - Bambino DiapersBellissimo
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– 10% OFF Medium and Large cases

Reminder – The New Years Sale Extravaganza ends on 1/2 at Midnight PT!

Looks like Bambino Diapers decided to end this year whit a big sale :)

Crinkle Crate Upcoming Theme December 2016

shops_1479623391502-december_theme_winterwonderland_website_v1As you may understand the upcoming theme from Crinkle Crate is going to have something related to the winter. Maybe you going to receive some nice new sleeper if you have the Premium Crinkle Crate.

If you wont to get a chance to receive the Winter Wonderland Crinkle Crate you have around 25 days to make your order :) So it is plenty of time for you to think about it.

Crinkle Crate – Black Friday Sale 2016

Recently received this newsletter in my mailbox.

Crinkle Crate logo  Is going to have 15% off on following things in the black friday sale.

That’s 15% off all one-time purchases,
15% off all new Crinkle Crate subscriptions*,
and 15% off all Black & Red Boxes!

You st entering following code during checkout: BLACKFRIDAYSALE

ABU PreSchool – Plastic And Black Friday

ABU recently send out a newsletter to there costumers whit some exacting news. The ABU PreSchool diaper is now available in a Plastic version. They also had some information about there Black Friday offer. When you order a case of diapers you get a ABU N’ CHILL T-shirt.

Get An “ABU N’ CHILL” T-Shirt FREE* 

  • *ONLY ON BLACK FRIDAY when purchased with any case of diapers.
  • Do this by adding an 80-case & the “ABU N’ CHILL” T-Shirt to your cart on November 25th.
  • Discount to T-Shirt is applied at checkout.

So be sure to check out there website on Black Friday if you wont to use this offer :)

Adult Baby Store Draws Protest In Mount Prospect Part 3

It looks like the discussion about the Tykables store that is located in Mount Prospect 20 miles northwest of Chicago have hit the The Washington Post now. You can even find an article in the NY Daily News that have a  news video  included in there article that i including below.


Wow this starting to be a kind of big news now when the big newspapers is start talking about this. This seems to be spreading around the US now. This is going to give the store owner and the brand Tykables allot of advertising.

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