Cleaning your Pacifiers or bottles! – Rearz

Cleaning your Pacifiers or bottles! - Rearz

Pacifiers and bottles are 2 of the most common items for an AB(Adult Baby), along with diapers. Some littles also like to use pacifiers, but not everyone knows how to properly clean or take care of their paci or bottle. Hopefully, this blog entry will help with that.

So, while we will mostly be talking about your basic adult pacifiers such as the Rearz Princess Pink, Safari and Lil Monsters or the multicoloured pacifiers these methods can also be used on your bottles and bottle nipples.

First, when you get your paci or bottle remember even though it is in a bag or little box or some kind of packaging it may not be entirely clean. Someone had to put those pacis and bottles into those bags or little boxes and we don’t know if they washed their hands or even if they wore gloves. So, what we like to do with a new pacifier is take it apart and give it a good clean.

Basic Pacifier – Again this method is for all your basic adult pacifiers.

Step 1:
Remove pacifier from any packaging and remove any paci clip that may be attached so that you only have the pacifier.

Pacifier 1

Step 2
Very carefully remove the ring. The little “pegs” are known to break so you must be very careful when removing and reattaching the ring.

Pacifier 2

Step 3
Once the ring is removed the “button” should be pretty easy to remove, just simply pull it off.

Pacifier 3

Step 4
With the “button” off you can just pull the nipple through the hole so you have 4 separate pieces.

Pacifier 4Step 5

Now that you have the paci in 4 pieces you need to wash them.

At this stage I like to use Dawn dish soap with hot water. I give all 4 pieces a good wash and rinse, and then let dry.

For a bottle, I use Dawn dish soap and you may want to get yourself a bottle brush. You can often find these anyplace they sell baby items.

With bottle brushes often there is a big end and a small end. The big end is for the bottle and the small you can use to clean the nipple, and yes this does work for adult nipples.

Step 6
Once you’re finished all you have to do is to put it back together. You can even mix and match the colours if you like as I have done here.

Pacifier 5

Additional Info

Now that the initial cleaning is done you just need to worry about keeping it clean. For this there are different things you can do.
Soap and water – You don’t need to take it apart again, you can if you like but you don’t have to, just hand wash with Dawn and a clean cloth in warm water. You can also use any basic dish soap, we just personally like Dawn since it’s known to be the safest and most effective and it’s environmentally friendly.

Vinegar and water – For this you need 1 tsp of vinegar, 1 ½ cups of hot water, Q-Tips or cotton balls and a bowl. Mix the water and vinegar in the bowl, again you can take the paci apart or not. Place the parts into the bowl for 3-5 minutes. Using the Q-Tips or cotton balls, wipe down each part after removing from the bowl and dry with a clean cloth.

Dishwasher – Most of the ab pacifiers can go in the dishwasher but some baby pacifiers and deco pacis cannot. Plain ones like I have pictured can go into the dishwasher once a week or so depending on how often you use it. Bottles, on the other hand, cannot all go into the dishwasher. We suggest you check with the manufacturer before placing a bottle in the dishwasher.

Pacifier wipes – This is by far the easiest and also most expensive way to clean a pacifier or bottle nipple. “Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby pacifier and toy wipes” are great for the diaper bag and great to use when on the go if your ab or little drops their paci or bottle. These wipes are natural and vegan and are also biodegradable.


Cleaning a Deco Paci or Deco Bottle

Deco pacis and bottles are a little tricky because they need extra care as you can’t always take pacifiers apart and because of the glue you can’t put them into the dishwasher or steamer.

If you have a deco paci or bottle we recommend using the vinegar and water method. Use Q-tips, one side to clean by dipping the Q-tip into your vinegar and water and cleaning the deco paci/bottle and then use the other end to dry it.

Pacifier wipes are also good on deco pacis and bottle nipples. Dawn soap and water is also good, just make sure the water isn’t so hot that it’ll affect the glue.

This step by step guide is created by Rearz. You can find there pacifier selection here.

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For those who wear 24/7 and want a monthly supply delivered each month.

Each month you will receive 96-108 diapers from our inventory. Diapers may be all one style some months and may be a mix of styles/brands other months.

You will receive either all printed diapers or a mix of printed and plain.

Some months may also include other items such as boosters or wipes in addition to the diapers!

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