A little bit more, pumpkin?

A little bit more, pumpkin?After a fun day for Skyy, The Boss decided it was the perfect moment for a diaper change,a good bath and a  nap too!
And the best! A good bottle full of milk!

But it seems that the little one after finishing it … he wanted a little bit more!

The cute baby otter Skyy belongs to SkyyRayner

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Looks like someone is going to wake up whit a very wet diaper in the morning from all this milk :) But his diaper sure seems to be thick enough to handle the task :)

If he now get another bottle of milk.

Vlue – Out for a Walk 2

Vlue - Out for a Walk 2This was a complimentary art reward for a patron on my Patreon page.

Vlue’s walk ended with a very big need to go potty. Thankfully her master prepared her for just such a situation.

Draw and above text by ChocolateKitsune


Yes it sure like that diaper really had a hard work here keep up whit here wetting here. Looks how match she is wetting here diaper.

Here diaper butt really seems to start looking kind of wet. She is really flooding here diaper big times here :) Good thing it seems to be able to keep up whit here :)

What is a potty for?

What is a potty for?Order by TikaGauntley

Draw by YuniWusky


At lest she knows the right place :) But maybe next time she remembers to take off the diaper before she is doing here business on the big girl potty :)

The whining kitten!

The whining kitten!Mia wanted a dessert before lunch, but The Boss had previously told her no!
The boss was taking care of the little kitten girl for a whole day!

But Mia didn’t want to give up and wanted the dessert immediately!
And she started a whining to try to get it!

The Boss very patiently carried her in his arms, took her to the sofa, sat down, laid her on his lap, lowered her pants and panties and  … she was punishment with a good spanking!

Next time be  patient, little Mia!^^

Mia beongs by NewbornRay

Draw and above text by nelson88


Poor Mia but maybe next time she decide to be a little more patient even if it is pretty hard for a cub to be that. But if she manage that she can avoid some more spanking bye the boss.

Puppy Pamper Playtime

Puppy Pamper PlaytimeRussel is sometimes naughty, and gets into the diaper pail to bumps them around the place like one of his toys.

A art reward on Patreon

Draw and above text by ChocolateKitsune


It looks like this puppy wants to play whit a different kind of toy here. But playing around whit your old diaper maybe not the best thing and i bet your mother and father dont like that.

But at lest this time he did dent pike a messy one.

Sirius – Little Showoff

Sirius - Little ShowoffSirius’ caretaker asked them to show off their handiwork after a diaper change, and being the good boy that he is, he did as he was told.

Reward for someone on Patreon

Draw and above text by ChocolateKitsune


He sure being a very good boy here and same time showing off his super cute diaper butt :)

Even if this is a little blushing moment but this sure make him look super cute :)

Knoton – Playtime Potty Break

Knoton - Playtime Potty Break
Knoton was so busy playing with their teddy, that something ended up totally sneaking up on them! Luckily for them, their pampers are perfectly suited for such occasions.

I art reward for?

Draw and above text by ChocolateKitsune


Yes diapers sure is made to handle this type of things to :) Good thing he was wearing one now when someone decide to scare him :)

But he dont seems so happy that he have end up messing his diaper :( Good thing he have his plush that give him some comfort :)

An Embarrassing Situation

An Embarrassing SituationFortunately pacifiers help.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to tfbaxxter and DamianTheDolphin

Draw by arkham-insanity


Aww poor fox looks like he have ended up whit a messy diaper during playtime :( That sure can be kind of embarrass special if you are not alone.

Good thing the pacifier can be there and give you some sort of comfort so you dont end up being a fuzzy fox in front of your friend.

But it sure seems like he dont mind that you have ended up whit a messy diaper :) Accident can happen and it is nothing to be blushing about :)

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