The Firm Bare Bottom Car Spanking!

The Firm Bare Bottom Car Spanking!Hunter, Uria, and their father were all at a toy store, looking for games and toys. Hunter was off by himself looking at PS4 games while Uria and his father were over looking at some small toys for kids. His daddy was looking for some bath toys to get Uria to take a bath, but with every toy he picked, Uria didn’t like it.
He looked down at Uria and asked him if he saw anything in this aisle that he liked, but, like any child, he crossed his arms and pouted

He let out a sigh and picked him up, trying to get him to choose at least one toy, but he wasn’t having it at all. It may have been from a lack of sleep or it just being a bad day, but Uria decided to throw a fit in the middle of the store.
His dad quickly tried calming him down before becoming stern, telling him that he needed to quiet down or else. That did not work at all; instead, he grew louder and angrier!
He tried biting and kicking , but his fatherr held him out away from myself.
His dad knew what  to do, and as soon as “You’re getting a spanking” left my lips, they were off to the car. It had been a while since the last car spanking, but it wouldn’t be the last.
His father  didn’t have a paddle in the car, but he had his trusty belt around his waist, and once they were at the car, the belt was off.

Urias’s father bent him over the car seat and pulled off his shorts and diaper, holding him by his neck. Once he was in position, he raised the belt up high and brought it down on his rear end, giving it a hard smack.
The belt hit down against his rear end over and over, watching as his butt went from grey to a bright pink, and then to red. Uria’s yelps and pleas could be heard throughout the parking lot as I spanked his bottom, but no one came to stop. Instead, those who had little cubs reminded them to act nice or else they would end up like he was, getting a spanking in the car.

Once finished, his father put on a new diaper for him and held him up, walking back into the store to buy Hunter a new game while Uria got nothing of the sort-the only thing Uria got was a long spanking!

Story/idea and characters belongs to Uria7033 and

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Looks like the day in the toy store did dent turn out to good for poor Uria :(

He sure needs to learn to obey so he can avoid getting spanked :)

Kila punish the sheep

Kila punish the sheepWicki thought he could get some of the freshly made cookies without waiting and before dinner. He wasn’t as sneaky as he thought… or did I warned the grand dane? Who knows ? Who care ?! Someone’s bottom is turning red and it’s not mine, and once his mommy get home, they’ll be a second round of spankings for the wooly butt. Wicki has swore revenge, but what revenge can a little baby sheep threaten a big daddy dog with ?

Art by Nelson and Victor, based on Kila’s idea.

Comes from Loupy


Yes someones poor butt sure going to be very very toasted :( It sure most be very painful :( and i bet the second bare bottom spanking is going to be feeling even more painful then the first one :(

Sparks and Sparkette

Sparks and SparketteDraw and everything by pichu90


Nice it looks like Sparks have found himself a girlfriend :) Wounder what sort of fun adventures they are going to end up whit?

They sure seems so happy to be together :)

From a boring day to a fun day!

From a boring day to a fun day!“What a boring day!” Sammy and Remi said to each other!
Remi:”What if we do something fun with dad and the boss?”
Sammy:”Like what?”
Remi:”We are going to regressed them like babies(with dad’s youth formula) for a short time and we will do anything with them! We are going to have fun!”
Sammy:”My bro, you’re a genius!”

And in that way Matt and the boss were transformed into babies for several hours and so  Sammy and Remi’s day was a lot of fun!
Have them also spanked those cute little butts too?
Maybe….***Remi is poking Matt’s cute bottom***

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Yes it sure seems like Sammy and Remi had a very fun day regression there caretakers into cute little baby’s.

But i bet they are going to regret there decision when the youth formula have stop working.

I bet they going to get one massive spanking for this.

Daycare Domination

Daycare DominationLittle puppy Fwo and Radix raccoon have been getting into some naughty activities together, while the adults are away. >///////w////>
Every time Fwo’s momma drops him off at the daycare, he knows just what to do, to get the boys attention. Wave dat fine fatass around, and before long, the other cub(s) find themselves giving the puppy a ride. It happens so often, they even leave a tally mark on his ass.

At the end of the day, when he’s picked up, his momma always asks “Gee, whose writing on your diaper? Its covered in tally marks”

Order by Radix

Draw by OverFlo207


Its kind of strange that all this special noises don’t attract the adults?

But it sure seems like they have some special and fun adult times in there messy soggy heavy diapers.

I sure wounder what the grownup would say if they know what was going on here. I dont think they would like this one bit.

Sleeping together

Sleeping together His new adoptable now have sleep together with his twins brother

Order by Azil34

Draw and above text by toruu90


It sure seems like this two have a nice and cozy time sleeping together :)

I hope that they are dreaming about something nice and fun. Maybe they are dreaming about all the stuff they are going to do when they wake up ?

Not so secret

Not so secretIsland and Naoki were having a great time at the sleep over just enjoying a nice game of pokemon. When all of a sudden a parental voice calls from the hall shocking both boys in the process. Looks like two little secrets came out.

Characters belongs to island and FunpalsTiger

Draw by Blankie


Good thing them both are in need of wearing some good night time protection :)

But it seems like they already wearing it but have not notes each others special underwear. 

A bet they suddenly got a lot of new stuff to talk about and share :)

Cookie Mission Failure

Cookie Mission FailureOne day The Boss had noticed that Remi and Sammy had hidden a stash of cookies inside a cookie jar in an air vent in their home. The Boss figured that the two young pups didn’t notice him as he licked his lips at a very sweet treat that he wanted for himself and he knew just what to do.

He went into his room and he quickly changed into his Solid Snake outfit from the game; Metal Gear Solid. He finished his look by putting on his black headband. “Those cookies WILL be  mine”!, he said triumphantly.

He picked up a toy black machine gun which The Boss thought would complete his look and made his way to the vet. After setting his gun aside, placing it on the wall beside the vent, with a tug, he pulled off the grill to the vent and placed it next to the gun. He then proceeded to crawl inside. He just managed to squeeze his arms through and some of his big belly, where he noticed the cookies in the jar right in front of him. He licked his lips at the sight and proceeded to try and pull himself forward toward them. But he found out that he couldn’t go any further forward, he was quite big for the vent, so he tried to pull himself out, but he couldn’t do that either. He soon realised that he was stuck!

Soon Remi and Sammy came along, wandering to themselves what all the noise was that was coming from the room. There they saw The Boss’ butt sticking out of the vent and the boys could see him jiggling around as he tried to free himself.
“Huh? Boss what are you doing in there”?, asked Sammy.
The Boss stopped moving for a moment as he heard the voice from outside the vent.
“Oh err nothing”., replied the Boss.
“Are you after our cookies”?, asked Remi, who thought the whole thing looked very suspicious.
“Cookies? Err no, no, I wasn’t after any cookies”., answered The Boss.
“Then why are you in that vent”?, asked Sammy.
“I’m err cleaning it”., replied The Boss.
“Wearing your Metal Gear Solid costume”?, asked Remi with a cheeky smile.
“OK boys, I’ll be honest with you. I WAS after your cookies, but now I’m stuck in this vent. Could you guys help me out here”? asked The Boss.
“Oh we’ll help, but just like in the game you need to be punished for getting yourself caught”., said Remi.
“And we know just how to punish you”., smiled Sammy, as he pulled down The Boss’ stealth pants and his white underwear, exposing the dog’s bare blue ass.
“Wha…What are you boys….AAHHHH OW OUCH”!, cried The Boss.
Both Remi and Sammy started to smack his ass silly, with both of them taking turns to smack on each of his two ass cheeks. At first they smacked each cheek in rhythm one side at a time, before they both smacked his ass together. As they did that, The Boss’ cries became even louder.
“OW OW OUCH OW OUCH OUCH OW”!, he cried.
Soon his bottom was a bright pinkish colour from all the smacking, the boys stopped when they decided that it was pink enough.
“OK boys, you had your fun, now can you please get me oughta here”?, begged The Boss.

But the boys had another idea. They saw the toy machine gun propped against the wall by the vent and the two brothers looked at each other with wicked grins, forming in their faces.
They took the toy gun, Remi holding the front with Sammy taking hold of the rear of the toy and they started to slowly push it forward and slide it right into The Boss’ butt. The Boss felt a slight sensation poking him and it made him jump, enough for him to bump his head on the roof of the vent.
“OOOH! Boys what are you doing? What’s going ohhhh OOOHHH”!, moaned The Boss as he tried to ask his question.
Outside Remi and Sammy were still slowly pressing the gun into The Boss’ ass.
“Boy…He’s very tight”., grunted Remi.
“Push harder! I think he’s beginning to really like it”!, urged Sammy.
The two carried on, till the gun was seemingly halfway inside his ass and the rest was still outside. The boys stopped for a moment to look at their handy work and the two had a good laugh at the silly site of a toy gun stuck inside The Boss’s ass.

Just then they heard a door open and in came the boys’ father; Matt.
“Huh? What’s going on here”?!, he exclaimed.
The two boys gasped, as The Boss said from inside the vent. “Boys, how come you stopped? I was getting used to what you were doing”?
Remi and Sammy quickly ran away from Matt and ran back into their room, leaving Matt with The Boss stuck halfway in and out of a vent, with a toy machine gun stuck halfway in and out of his red ass. Matt just couldn’t help but laugh at the silly site and quickly took a photo of it with his phone. The Boss noticed a different voice from outside.
“Who’s there”?, asked The Boss.
“It’s just me, Matt. Do you need any help there”?, asked Matt.
“Well I got myself stuck in this vent and I wanted the twins to help me out, but then they were doing something to my ass that I rather liked. What were they doing”?, asked The Boss.
“Well they were shoving a toy machine gun up your butt”., replied Matt.
“They…WHAT?! That’s my replica gun that they were shoving up my ass”!, exclaimed The Boss.
“Yeah and by the way things are looking, I doubt they could have got it in any further”., smiled Matt.
“Well…Could you help me out of here”?, asked The Boss.
First of all Matt slowly removed the toy out of The Boss’ ass, this of course caused him to moan at the feeling at having the toy extracted from his red butt. After that, Matt then grabbed hold of The Boss’ legs and after a few short pulls, he was able to get The Boss out of the vent.

“Ah! Fresh air at last. OW my ass his sore. I’m gonna go and put some ointment on it. Oh and thank you Matt”., said The Boss, as he pulled up his pants. As he walked past him though, The Boss gave Matt a loving kiss.
“You’re welcome”., smiled Matt.
As The Boss left to go to his room, Matt peeked inside the vent and saw the reason why The Boss had gotten stuck.
“Oh wow cookies”!, exclaimed Matt.
He tried crawling into the air vent himself, squeezing in his arms and some of his belly, but then he too got stuck halfway in and halfway out of the vent, unable to go backwards or forwards.
“Oh damn it! Erm Boss…Boys…Erm I’m kinda stuck here…Help…HELP”!, cried Matt.
Unknown to him though, two pairs of eyes were watching and soon giggling to themselves as Remi and Sammy slowly crept over toward Matt, before pulling down his pants and undies and started smacking his ass.

The End.

Story is written by furloverguy84

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Looks like Sammy and Remi got a opportunity to spank The boss and Matt. I Sure bet they love every moment of it.