Babyfur Comic: Diaper Factory pg4

Babyfur Comic: Diaper Factory pg4Draw and everything by Fliskets


Looks like she has found one very special diaper factory here. a factory was fuel is dirty stinky messy diapers. Looks like this dog sure going to be force to produce allot of stinky diapers here. It sure going to be hard on here special because she is the only baby in the factory.

I sure wounder what is going to happen in the next page of this comic? It sure is kind of interesting to see what is going to happen and i bet that special baby food that the machine force here to eat include some laxatives. Or what do you think?  Maybe that is something we are going to find out in the next page :)

Little accident

Little accidentDraw and everything by furrychrome


Poor boy looks like someone ended up whit a messy accident here and it seems like it is a pretty big load he release into the waiting diaper.

Looks like someone going to have a some big cleaning to looking forward to. His diaper butt sure seems to have get a little bigger and have a little mountain. From the messy load that is hiding inside his diaper.

Ready for changies!!

Ready for changies!!Order by irnub

Draw by Charry


Looks like someone want to have a new diaper. But is the diaper ready to be change? It look to be wet but is the diaper ready to be change?

Is it enough use that sure is a question. Maybe he need to have his diaper check?

DemiVeemon luvs Cushies!

DemiVeemon luvs Cushies!

Draw and everything by GrimmInHisCrib


Yes it sure seems like DemiVeemon love his thick and cozy ABU Cushies diaper :)

It sure going to keep him dry and comfy for allot of playtime hours :)

Chu Check

Chu Checklilchu deciding to rub it in that I’m now a baby Pokemon…

Furrys in this drawing Rogeykun and lilchu

Sketch by tato


Awww looks like Raichu decided to check if Pichu is in need of a new diaper :)

But it still seems like Pichu is still dry and clean so she not in need of a new diaper yet :)

Waddle Cubs

Waddle CubsHaving a hard time getting down those stairs!!!

Order by GibsonScratch

Draw and above text by BabySteps


Walking the stars sure can be a hard time for a cub. It can be even more difficult if you are wearing a thick and poofy diaper like this two cubs do. But finely the manage to get down stars :)

But how is it going to be when they need to go back up again?

Nock got Stuck Again

Nock got Stuck AgainAllison warned Nock that he’d get stuck if he tried to get in the baby swing. Now half the playground knows he’s wearing pull-ups!

Order by Aito

Draw and above text by Blankie


Maybe he should have listing on the advice that Allison told him about. Then your pull ups maybe not should have been on display for everyone in the playground :(

We sure needs to hope that no one notes this :)

Pichu Pull ups

Pichu Pull upsNever trust anonymilk when he offers you free pull ups ;//^//;

It’s so weird being this close to the ground!

Order by anonymilk

Draw by Boredomwithfriends


Looks like we are going to see some cute Pichu waddling around here :)

They sure going to have little difficult to walk whit this thick diaper that they are wearing.

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