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Kenny Part 20

This story is written by Les Lea

Monday morning and I was up bright and early. Even though the weather had turned a bit gloomy I was very excited about going back to school and seeing Kenny again, I had so much to tell him and, I suspect, he had loads to tell me. Perhaps, for the first time, I didn’t mind my schoolboy uniform. I had realised what an important part it had played in me and Kenny becoming friends and now, I was eager to wear it again, a sort of acknowledgement of what our friendship meant to me.

Yesterday, when we’d arrived home, I had already written most of my report which I was eager to deliver to Miss Pendle. I’d been making notes every night in a diary and it had been easy to copy out and make into a pretty good essay, even if I do say so myself. Of course I didn’t mention everything. I didn’t mention my crying or wetting myself or… or… the bully and his mates (or Jake shoving him in the pool) but I did mention all the things we visited. I was quite pleased with it and looked forward to sharing its contents with Kenny. I know I was excited at the prospect of hearing all about his exploits while away.

As usual my uniform was already laid out waiting for me and as I returned from the bathroom I was in a bit of a dilemma as to what to wear under the shorts. I’d worn a mixture of briefs or pull-ups whilst we were away, even though I’d been wearing only my briefs to school before the break. However, I wanted to show some kind of affinity to our early experiences together, and thought that Kenny might appreciate the new purple quilted diaper cover that auntie had made for me. To be honest it worked better the thicker the diaper underneath it covered; it made it tight and full and looked shiny and sheer. Without a thick diaper it looked a bit cumbersome but I pulled the sides tight, the Velcro ripping as I kept readjusting until I was happy with my reflection. It still wasn’t perfect but I’d decided that I wanted to wear it on its own on this occasion. I also liked the slight rustling noise it made when I walked and when I had my grey shorts pulled up I thought no one would be able to tell what I was wearing.


I arrived at school and was looking around for Kenny. Jake had gone off to meet his friends (who mobbed him and seemed happy to see his return) even Adam, who sheepishly waved to me, was soon engulfed in the posse of third and fourth graders who swamped my brother. Still I couldn’t see Kenny anywhere. I asked a few of his mates from the various teams that he played for but no one had seen him. Like me they had only got the answering machine when I’d called the night before, so that didn’t help any.

As we went into class I handed in my report to Miss Pendle and asked if she knew where Kenny was. She looked around and seemed surprised he wasn’t there but suggested that he may have been held up if his plane got in late. This partially put my mind at rest but I was uneasy not having my best friend nearby. It was strange because I couldn’t really concentrate on my morning lessons and at break, with still no Kenny, I began to worry. I begged Miss Pendle to find out what had happened and she said she would try and get me an answer.

She returned with the news that the Principal had received a call saying that the Morrisons had been held up in the UK, although she didn’t specify for what reason. Although she did try to put my worries aside when she said that in Europe, they were always having strikes and disputes that affected the airlines. I hoped this was the case but I was still getting quite emotional that he wasn’t around.


I spent lunch time sitting with a few friends of Kenny’s but hardly contributed much to the chatter. When we returned to class Miss Pendle had marked everyone’s essays and addressed the twenty faces that were looking up at her.

“I’d like to thank everyone for doing such incredible work and writing such amazing accounts about what you’ve all been doing in your break.” She looked around the room and added in a conspiritol tone, “Some of you have had a very exciting time.”

I was quite distracted in my thoughts as to what had happened to Kenny so wasn’t really paying too much attention to what she was saying. Suddenly I heard my name called and I was summoned to the front of the class. I was dreading that she must have some further news about Kenny but she was beaming a huge smile.

“However, I’d like to ask Simon here to read his to you all. You may remember he had us spellbound with one of his earlier stories and I think this report of his visit to the capital deserves for everyone to hear it.”

She handed me back my pages and I was stunned to see ‘A+’ circled at the top of my paper.

“I think you have done really well,” she quietly encouraged me, “I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I’d like the rest of your classmates to hear about you experiences.”

Unexpectedly I was consumed by nerves. I could feel the plastic interior of my purple quilted diaper cover fill with sweat and, without Kenny on hand to offer some kind of support, I wasn’t sure I could go through with it. The moist, slickness and slipperiness of the plastic next to my skin sent a strange feeling to my head. I knew it was something I liked but at that moment I just wasn’t sure. I hummed and shuffled the pages a bit whilst I tried to compose my feelings. Miss Pendle was still smiling and reassuring but there was something else in my head as a wriggled and tried to rearrange things in my shorts.

My anxiety returned and I suddenly worried that I might wet myself in front of the entire class. As I tugged at my shorts, the shiny quilted cover slipped down slightly displaying the shiny purple edging around the top of my legs and could be seen by anyone who looked. However, that minor change in the way the cover fit sent a shiver of excitement as it released the snugness from around my penis. The sensation was like an electric charge caressing my leg and I heard myself make an audible noise (that wasn’t the start of my story) so, to try and cover that strange sound, I hesitantly began my report.


Something had happened in my pants. I wasn’t sure what but I was hopeful it wasn’t pee. I sort of dreaded that there would be a trickle down the inside of my thighs but, as the sensual feeling dulled, I grew more confident in my story, I realised that, although those who could see would see my purple pants hanging down, thankfully nothing else would be visible. After all, this class had seen both Kenny and myself wearing thick diapers and no one had batted an eyelid. So, as I got into the report my self-assurance grew and I became more animated in the telling.

They all sat attentive as I told them of all the monuments we had visited. They laughed as I told them about Jake’s encounter with dinosaurs at the museum and how he greeted each one with a growl and wondered if he shouldn’t have put on his dinosaur onesie to meet them. There was a chorus of “Typical Jake” and “That’s Jake for you” and once again I realised just what a popular boy my brother was… everyone knew him. With my final words I looked up and was suddenly depressed because there was no one at the desk where Kenny normally sat. However, there was a surprising spontaneous cheer and wild applause that brought me back to the real world.

Even Miss Pendle was clapping me. “That was excellent Simon,” she patted my… well… what felt like my unbelievably slippery bottom and sent me back to my seat. “I think we can all agree that our Simon…” the applause continued, “may one day be a famous writer.”

I returned to my seat having never experienced anything like it before. I was getting pats on the back and ‘Well dones” from all my class mates and I could feel my squishy plastic diaper cover offering a different thrill as I sat and humbly wondered what had happened… and wishing that Kenny had been there to hear it.


By Wednesday there was still no sign of Kenny so I asked both mum and auntie if they would call his mother and find out what was happening. They didn’t really want to disturb the family in the UK but saw how distressed I was getting (and perhaps worried that they may have been some further wetting problems on the horizon) mum eventually called Mrs Morrison’s cell.

Mum talked for ages, I wasn’t able to hear all that was being said and my requests to speak with Kenny were always received with a shake of the head as she continued the conversation. Eventually she put the phone down and said she was sorry, but Kenny hadn’t been around to chat he was still in Edinburgh with his grandfather, while they were in London trying to sort out all manner of visas and late return flights. Apparently, Mr Morrison’s father, Kenny’s grandfather, had insisted that his grandson should be taught in one of Scotland’s top boarding schools. It had been something he hadn’t been able to do for his own sons because of the divorce and he had no money, but now he was a successful businessman, he wanted to at least try and give his grandchildren some advantages.


Mr McDorran had been married to Pearl for six years when they divorced. He had an affair with a barmaid and Pearl took her two sons; John, who was 5 and the eldest and Gordon, Kenny’s daddy, who was then 3 years old to start a new life. Pearl met and married an American, Thomas Morrison, and they returned to his home town of Oakland in the USA. Over the years, Mr McDorran continued his wild and impetuous lifestyle until ten years later he met and married his current wife, Margret Magraw. She was more than a match for him and steered him into a new fledgling business that over the years proved to be very successful. Mr and Mrs McDorran were now very wealthy and very well respected but the one regret he had was his abandonment of his two sons. With his wife’s encouragement he set about tracing them and try to make amends. Eventually he tracked down Gordon, it was just after his son Kenny was born, and offered help. That first approach was immediately rejected. However, as Gordon and John had stayed in close contact, and he didn’t see why he should deny his brother the contact he’d rejected, he did offer his father an address by which he could get in touch his eldest.

John, who after a very turbulent child and early adulthood, was now living as a woman called Joanne in a nearby town. She broke down on meeting her father after all this time and was most grateful for the help he offered. So, to some extent, the healing had begun. It took Gordon a further ten years before he was anywhere near forgiving his father but, as his mother and step-father were dead, thought he should at least try to form some kind of bridge between them. This visit was supposed to be that bridge.


A cold shiver ran down my spine as I realised what mum was telling me – I may never see Kenny again. I burst into tears and, despite both mum’s and auntie’s comforting arms, was quite inconsolable. I ran, bleary-eyed to my room and threw myself down on my bed, the bed where Kenny and I had snuggled and hugged and kissed together, and let out a roar of pain that I didn’t know I had in me.

I lay sobbing for what seemed like ages unable to come to terms with the fact that Kenny had moved on without me. I alternated between anger and sadness and wasn’t sure which took priority as I stared at the treasured framed photographs on my desk top of us two together.

Eventually, mum’s calming and soothing fingers stroking my hair and whispering understanding words sent me off to sleep. My mind must have put the trauma I was feeling on hold as I slept right through until morning and I was still in the same, fully-clothed position I was in when I threw myself onto the bed.
I really didn’t want to get up and go to school, but, in our house at least, that wasn’t going to be an option.


Mum had set out my uniform while I’d slept and I could hear the rest of the family getting up and ready for the day ahead. The shower washed away some of my sadness and the appearance of Jake at the bathroom door looking as upset as I was came as a surprise. As I got out of the warming spray he came over and hugged me tightly, he also had tears in his eyes and said that we’d all miss Kenny. It was then that I understood that Kenny had made a huge impression on all the family. It wasn’t only me that was depressed it was everyone. It was everyone who knew him yet it was me who he’d made his best friend. It was me who was special to him and I’m sure if he’d had a choice, he would have chosen Oakland… and me.

I wondered into the kitchen and saw that mum was re-reading my ‘A+’ report on our trip to the capital. She had tears in her eyes as well and she quoted my last lines out loud.

The capital may have dinosaurs, monuments, large buildings, big business and huge shopping centers but it doesn’t have what Oakland has… my school, my heart and my best friend.


Meanwhile, as the Hudson family huddled to comfort each other the secretary at a famous boarding school in Edinburgh had just finished sending out the letter of rejection and acceptance of the new crop of hopefuls to be admitted into its hallowed halls. Of the forty-five applicants only twenty would be accepted… the You’ve Got Mail sign pinged on computers around the world informing the successful. Meanwhile, those who didn’t make the list would receive their rejection a little later…

The end

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 19

Kenny Part 19

This story is written by Les Lea

The dark damp patch was spreading down my jogging pants and I felt miserable and, just as mum turned to look at me, I burst into tears.

“Oh Si… come here,” I could tell she was sorry that I’d overheard her but she wasn’t angry, she just wanted to comfort me. “Come on sweetie… come and sit with me.”

Her arms were outstretched and though part of me was angry, another part was desperate to be held. I was still crying when mum folded her arms around me and gently pulled me into her bosom. I was wet, crying and feeling like a silly little kid but because mum was hugging me tightly I felt I could let out all my anxieties in an explosion of tears. I heard her ask auntie to go and fetch Jake so I was left with mum as she stroked my hair and made reassuring noises.

As I calmed down I became more aware of my soaked pants. My briefs had not stopped the flood in anyway and I felt the dampness was more shameful because I was in a public place.

“I’m sorry mummy.” I heard the word as soon as I’d said it, ‘mummy’, and thought that w,and we’ll chat about what has happened recently.”

Jake arrived with auntie and noticed, but didn’t make any comment, about my wet patch. It would have been so easy for him to get one-up on his big brother but, and this is how he was now continually amazing me, he actually had a look of sympathy on his face.

Back in the room the first thing was to get changed. It was getting late so we both shrugged off our clothes and got ready for bed. Jake was in his racing car pajamas that auntie had made for him, whilst mum and me were in her bathroom getting wiped and powdered. Despite feeling stupid and childish having mum clean me up and fit me into a night time diaper felt really nice. Being taken care off was lovely and although auntie was very good at it, I’d missed this closeness with mum.

Once I was powdered and padded and we’d climbed into bed mum began to explain what had been happening over the last few months. Apparently, her system for the bank had gone global and the firm were now making more and more demands on her time. Her bosses had been desperate for her to relocate again but this time here in the capital and had offered her a tremendous increase in salary and ‘benefits’. Two of those benefits were that they would pay for Jake and my schooling, at the city’s best (and private) academy, there would also be a huge house (with pool) but they wanted mum close by, should she be needed, as she was too important to be halfway across the country.

Mum wasn’t boasting, she was just telling us the facts and, if truth be told, I was getting a huge feeling of pride that she was so important to the company. She said that it had come down to the point where the travelling, and more importantly, missing us, had made the decision for her… we were definitely moving.


Just hearing those words ‘definitely moving’ stabbed me in the stomach. I knew we’d been expecting it but it still sort of hurt and I wasn’t only thinking of Kenny at that point. I was about to say something when Jake got up out of bed and hugged mum.

“We hate not having you around mum. We love auntie…” He had a brief thought, “Is auntie coming with us too?”

“I’ve asked her but,” she quietly replied, “Auntie Rose has her own life… but I hope so.”

After a few seconds he went on, “We want to be with you mum…” There were hugs and kisses all round while mum explained a few more things. In the morning she was going to show us the academy, which was to be our new place of learning and the proposed new home. By the time she’d finished talking to us, we were getting quite excited about… everything.

When Jake and I were left alone we chatted about all the changes that might be about to happen. There was no doubt that he was handling the information far better than I was but I was trying to keep positive for him, and more especially for myself, I didn’t want to get anxious and pee my pants in public ever again.


At ten the following morning a company limo came and picked the four of us up and took us on a quick tour around the city before heading off into the outskirts. It was a pleasantly sunny day but a bit chillier than what we’d come to expect in Oakwood. However, as the day progressed so did the temperature and the trip proved very pleasurable.

The house was fantastic. Each of our bedrooms was at least twice the size of the ones back home, in fact, everything was bigger and we had loads of space. The one thing missing though was that it didn’t have the empty space out back like Oakwood, although it did have a pool, which unfortunately was covered when we went to look. We all thought the house was impressive and I even noticed auntie ‘earmarking’ one of the backrooms as a possible work space for her sewing.

We spent quite some time at the new place and even had a meal in the garden, well it was half in the garden and half in the kitchen as it all opened out into one another. Sliding glass frames made access to different parts of the house easy and at times you felt you were outside when in fact you were inside. It was all fantastic and even better because we had a chef to make us our lunch and she provided some very yummy things Jake and I had never eaten before.


As we were tucking in to another tasty little tartlet auntie’s phone pinged. She flipped it open and smiled as she read something on her text. She then showed me the screen and I saw Kenny wearing a kilt standing next to his daddy wearing his… they both looked brilliant.

Auntie read out the message and adopted a terrible Scottish accent. “A wee laddie and his daddy in Highland pose”, which had us all laughing. They were standing in front of some historic castle and really looked the part but, despite my happiness at seeing Kenny again, I suddenly realised that being without him hadn’t set me off crying. Of course I missed him but there was just too much going on here and the pang of… er… sadness that he wasn’t here soon passed as we were whisked off to check out the academy.

To my eyes the building was like a castle. The drive up to the main hall took forever but the grounds were beautifully kept. We saw a few boys wondering around in their uniforms, which were very smart and… none of them were wearing shorts. Then I wondered why they were there, were they not on break as well?

We met the principal, who apparently was reading our reports from Oakwood and was saying that we were just the kind of students the Academy was built for. He asked one of the ‘House Supervisors’ to show us around the campus and it quickly became apparent it was a place where you could easily get lost. I mentioned the boys we’d seen in the grounds and he said that they were borders and were staying on over the break because they couldn’t go home for “…one reason or another.”

I panicked and a sudden chill ran down my back as I meekly asked mum if we were going to be borders as well. She hugged both Jake and me together. “As if I wouldn’t want my boys with me all the time.” I felt relieved but still had a doubt about this place.

“Is the uniform the same for everybody?” I asked the House Supervisor.

“Yes. From the age of 7, which are our youngest students, until 18, the uniform stays much the same… mainly it’s the tie that differs, but that shouldn’t worry you just yet.” He smiled pleasantly at both Jake and myself and nodded reassuringly to mum and auntie.

Jake piped up, “Do we were short trousers…?”

“Not in class. You can wear shorts for certain sports of course but we have a very strict dress code here and everyone follows it.” He seemed very proud of that fact.

Mum and auntie nodded as we continued our tour, which took forever.


After the tour the limo dropped us back at the hotel and we sat in the coffee shop discussing what we’d seen. The new big house definitely got the thumbs up but I was less than excited about the prospect of the Academy. Having said that, at least schoolboy grey shorts weren’t part of the uniform so, I suppose, on that count, it was good.

I hadn’t been wearing a diaper or pull-ups all day and was pleased that I’d got through all the excitement without any accidents and my briefs were still dry. However, I wanted to get all wet, and as we couldn’t use the swimming pool at the house, mum let Jake and me go for a swim in the hotels large heated pool. We didn’t even have to go back to the room to collect our things because auntie had packed them in her bag as a precaution, just in case we could have gone in the pool at the new house.

Mum and auntie watched as we boys joined a group of other kids in some very wet and splashy games. I think mum looked relieved that we hadn’t rejected her plan and in the quiet moments when it was just me and Jake, we had decided mum was more important than Oakland. Not that we had a choice but we thought we should be grown up about it.


The rest of the week was spent sightseeing, sometimes just with auntie (if mum had to go into work), and other times all of us, which was really good fun. I was surprised there was so much to see and do in the city and even liked the huge monuments to our country’s heroes. Jake particularly liked the dinosaur exhibition in one of the museums, whilst I liked the old aircraft in another.

By the end of the week were all exhausted but it had been a fun and exciting few days. We were returning to Oakland on the Sunday but we had one more social function to attend before that. Mum’s CEO was having a garden party for some of the bank’s ‘elite’ staff at his home. She’d laughed when she said ‘elite’ as if dismissing the idea but I was very proud that mum was among those who were chosen to attend.

The night before we were due to go to the party I was lying in bed thinking about what we’d seen and done and I thought of Kenny. I wished I’d had auntie’s cell there and then so I could look at the photo of him in his kilt but then I got to thinking about other things to do with me and him. At the Academy I’d been pleased that the school uniform hadn’t included grey shorts, or indeed any colored shorts, but now that depressed me. Wasn’t it the fact that Kenny couldn’t conceal his diapers and plastic pants under his shorts that had drawn us together? Wasn’t my fascination with, and his openness about, his problem the reason we’d become best friends? As I gave more and more thought to my mental images of Kenny in his padded protection I found myself, for the first time in ages, gently rubbing myself up against the bedding. I wasn’t aware whether Jake was asleep in the opposite bed or not I just found my thoughts, the movement and the happiness I always felt about Kenny, quickly giving me that wonderful sensation that electrified my body. My boxers were messy but I slept like a… like a… like a contented cat.


As we were getting ready to go to the garden party we were wondering what to wear. Auntie had made some fantastic new clothes but, after the night thinking about Kenny, I wanted to feel near to him so I choose the pink shorts. Not only that, but I put on a disposable and plastic pants just so I felt even closer to him. I was hoping that at some point on his visit to Scotland he’d worn my green shorts but then thought about him running around in a kilt and that made me smile. I also wondered if he’d wear a diaper under it… or even if it was allowed… as Kenny had mentioned in an earlier chat about Scotland that nothing was worn under the kilt. Still, as I pulled the shorts over my padding I felt happy and comfortable. Auntie had knitted us jumpers, so Jake had a navy blue one to go with his pale blue shorts whereas mine was pale blue and white hoops. Both mum and auntie whistled in appreciation when we presented ourselves to them in their room.

A limo came to collect us and Brian the driver also commented on how smart we both looked, which pleased us boys tremendously and I’m sure I detected some pride in mum’s and auntie’s eyes.


Mum’s CEO Marcus Hetherington’s home was huge and when we arrived the garden party was already underway. We were greeted by Mr Hetherington and his wife Martha who quickly whisked mum off to meet some important guests. There were a few other kids there and, as it was such a pleasantly hot day, the magnificent pool looked blue and most inviting. However, with my protection in place I wasn’t planning on doing any swimming. Mrs Hetherington insisted that we meet her son Marcus Junior, who was twelve, and we’d be going to the same academy as he attended. She was full of praise for the place and auntie nodded in agreement.

Jake and I were presented to a group of three boys, all older than us, but Marcus was undoubtedly the leader. They were dressed in the latest designer brands and I thought he looked like, and dressed like, a photograph I’d seen of a rap star recently; very trendy, loads of bangles and a bit of a sneer as he spoke. He obviously didn’t want anything to do with the other kids who appeared to be enjoying the pool and was more interested looking at his messages on his cell.

Mum wouldn’t let Jake and me have cell phones yet, she thought they were more of a problem than a help to kids our age. In fact, the school wouldn’t allow them to be used in their grounds and certainly, anybody who brought one risked the prospect of having it confiscated and not returned until the end of the year. Because his mum had insisted he speak and ‘play’ with us he begrudgingly said “Hi” but eventually, when his mother had gone, he just turned nasty.


He and his friends thought we looked like little babies dressed as we were, not even wearing one designer brand but ‘homemade clothes’. He and his mates laughed at us and jeered that, if we were going to be at the Academy, we’d have to change. He said how he’d take great delight in telling everyone about our childish clothes and that we would be his ‘bitches’.

I had no idea what he meant by that but it sounded awful however, Jake had got a bit annoyed by his attitude and, despite mum telling us to be on our best behaviour, he told Marcus that he looked like a reject from a New York ghetto. I don’t know where he got the information, or the nerve, from but Marcus and his mates got very angry. They crowded around my little brother and started pushing him around. I stepped between them and told them to “back off” but Marcus snarled as he pushed Jake to the ground. My little brother is no coward but I think even he thought better of getting up straight away. I bent down to make sure he was OK, he was but I could see anger in his eyes. I looked up at the three bullies and they all had smirks on their faces. In fact Marcus lifted my jumper with his foot, I thought he was about to kick me, but smiled even more and called his mates off. I saw him whispering to them as I pulled Jake to his feet and we went off to simply put some distance between them and us.


For the next hour or so it was all very nice. We had some barbequed food and found other kids to play with. Mum and auntie were both chatting with various people and she seemed much in demand. If we were around she would introduce us to her work colleagues and they would chat about… well… I’m not sure but I’m sure it was important.

At one point I was crouched down by the pool talking to one of the other kids when I noticed his expression change. A shadow had blocked out the sun and I turned and looked up to see Marcus and his friends standing behind me. I got up and I saw a huge evil grin split his face. He grabbed my shorts and yanked them down revealing my padded protection.

“Look here, we have a baby with us. Just a big big baby.”

After the incident on the bus with the bully I had vowed that I’d never let anyone embarrass me again so perhaps strangely, I wasn’t horrified at being exposed in this way. I just looked at him with contempt on my face and went to pull my shorts up.

“No,” he said preventing me, “babies only wear diapers.” He shouted and pleased that he thought he was humiliating me in front of all the kids in the pool and all the adults who were suddenly aware of what was going on. However, he hadn’t bargained on swift action. From nowhere Jake ran up to him and with all the effort he could muster shoved the smug Marcus, fully clothed, into the sparkling pool.

“My brother may occasionally wet his pants.” He screamed at the surprised floundering boy, “But you’re wet all over.”

It was surprising how a fierce little boy can scare anyone and Marcus’s friend snuck awkwardly away as a sudden round of applause became apparent. I’d never been more proud of my little bro but as he watched Marcus struggle in the water, I could see the way he was looking at him. It was a ‘don’t mess with me or my brother’ challenge and I think everyone got the message.

Suddenly I had auntie next to me pulling up my shorts and scooping Jake into her warm embrace. Mum arrived seconds later wondering what had gone on. Auntie explained and I suddenly found my own voice.

“He goes to the Academy.” I pointed to the soaked boy struggling out of the pool. “I don’t think I want to go to a school full of bullies.”


People rallied around mum and I overheard some members of the banking staff say that it was something young Marcus needed. He was such a spoilt little…. I didn’t quite get what the man said but the inference was that no one liked the little jerk (that was one of the words I did hear). I saw mum was embarrassed at such a commotion, and that her children were at the center of it all, and she went off to apologise to our hosts.

Mrs Hetherington was drying her son down and obviously very angry with what had happened. Mum wanted us to apologise for our behaviour but Jake just stared at the sobbing Marcus in an act of defiance. Mrs Hetherington wasn’t happy but begrudgingly accepted mum’s apology. When we returned to the party Mr Hetherington slapped Jake on the back, winked and told him in a very conspiratorially way that he could work for him anytime. He seemed overjoyed with what had just happened and the mood at the party was soon lifted as more drink and food were served and a DJ started up and got us all dancing.


Back at the hotel mum was subdued and obviously had some things on her mind. Jake and I had both said ‘sorry’ to her for causing a scene but that wasn’t what was bothering her. She said that she’d been talking to the ‘tech people’ at the bank and they had said that she could have new, up-to-the- minute technology set up at home so she could be instantly, and more securely, in touch with head office. She wasn’t sure why she hadn’t thought of this before (possibly because no one had offered her this option), but now it looked like we had an alternative to the move.

She’d said that she’d agreed the plans with her CEO, who, after the son in the pool incident, had a new respect for mum and her family and had even offered to find a newer, bigger house for us to move to in Oakland. The upshot was… we were not going anywhere… well not for the foreseeable future, or not until we finished school in Oakland. She would commute to the city when absolutely necessary but the rest of the time she would use what technology could provide. Even auntie had agreed to stay on and she was even thinking of setting up a small business.

That night I climbed into bed with Jake and hugged him. I was still happily wearing my padding as I tickled him and cuddled up as he giggled. I told him how brave I thought he was and how proud I was of my little brother… and we both agreed that Oakland was a far better place than the capital… even if the capital had dinosaurs and monuments.

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 18

Chapter 20

Kenny Part 18

This story is written by Les Lea

Although the days that followed hung heavy on my shoulders, it was the nights that were worse. Nearly every morning I’d wake up absolutely sodden. Sometimes I’d remember that I’d had a terrible dream but quite often I didn’t remember anything… and that worried me. I’d slipped into being able to wet the bed so easily that I now thought I must have a problem.

Mum wasn’t around much so it was left to auntie to deal with my ‘problem’ but I think she accepted that it was all down to the stress and upset I’d given myself worrying about the upcoming trip and my absolute conviction that we were about to move. I’d not told Jake about my fears as I didn’t want to get him all worked up again, and dear auntie couldn’t put my mind at rest so, as a result, my pajamas and diapers took the full impact of my anxieties.

Even though I tried to hide what was happening from everyone auntie had seen my predicament growing and had done her best to keep its effects to a minimum. She asked me if I needed help but I thought this was something I had to do myself. Every night I made sure I was well diapered and wearing my plastic pants and in the morning, with mum away in the capital, it was auntie who took away and washed the soaked material.

A couple of times I’d arrived home and to my horror had seen the freshly laundered cloth diapers hanging out in the back garden along with my plastic pants. I didn’t want Jake to see them and start asking questions so I mentioned my concerns to auntie who agreed to have everything dried and stored away before we both got back from school. Unfortunately, sometimes she’d been busy and had forgotten so, as we entered through the front door she would make a sudden bolt out the back to bring it all in.


It was strange that during the day at school I was fine, and like Kenny, had taken to wearing my briefs under my shorts and no other protection. We appeared to have no problem in that area though, come the night, I was still unhappy about what was going on at home and told him about my soaked diapers. I voiced my concerns to him that, despite mum only recently saying we weren’t going to move, I was anxious that we might have to. Kenny, lovely Kenny, looked me straight in the eyes and said.

“Do you miss your mummy?”

“Erm, well, yes, of course I do.” I mumbled back wondering how he could ask such a question.

“Do you think Jake does as well?”

“Yes.” I wondered where he was going with this.

“Well… just think how much your mummy is missing you and Jake.” He looked at me to see I understood. “Twice as much.”

“But,” I sort of pleaded, “I don’t want to go somewhere else. I want to be here… with you.”

Kenny held my shoulders and looked me in the eye. “Do you think you mummy wants to go?”

When he gets this solemn I find it difficult to hold his gaze because I know he’s pointing out something I have selfishly ignored. “No… I suppose not.”

“I think your mummy is doing her best to stay but, she has to work and if that work is elsewhere, she has to go.”

I knew all this. I wanted him to… I don’t know… tell me I was right and that… er… if the worst came to the worst I could go and live with him and … and… I ended up just sighing.


Kenny also had news for me. During the coming vacation he and his parents were flying to Scotland to see his grandparents… on his father’s side. He was very excited about meeting them as apart from speaking on the phone, he’d only met them when he was a baby and didn’t remember the occasion. He showed me some photographs of boys over there who wore plaid skirts, but he said they were tartan kilts, and it was the national costume. I vaguely remembered this fact from some old movie but it hadn’t sunk in.

He produced another photo of a young man, in his teens, who was looking very striking wearing only his kilt and boots, his chest was naked and pale but had a dark patch of hair… then Kenny nudged me and asked if I knew who it was. I had no idea but the smile and conspiratorial way he was looking at me suggested that I should so I stared harder.

“Is that… erm… is that, your daddy?”

My stunned recognition produced a huge smile that spread across his face and he burst into giggles.
“Yes it is. He was 15 at the time. Doesn’t he look handsome?”

Although at first I thought it looked bizarre, I had to confess there was something very manly about the image. He showed me more photos of men in kilts and apparently, in the army there, they all wear them. They looked fantastic and I told him he had to get a photo of him wearing one for me.


My upcoming trip to the capital was almost forgotten as we talked about Scotland and what he expected to see when he got there. His grandparents live just outside Edinburgh (which Kenny said is pronounced – Edin-bro) and there are historical castles and parades and mountains and lochs (again he said it was pronounced – locks)… ooh and bagpipes, which we both had a good laugh about. He was very excited about the flight, as he said that they’d be in the air for over ten hours and that apparently they show films and stuff. Yes he was very excited and he said that the only thing that would have made it even better was… if I was there with him.

Kenny has the habit of saying the most wonderful things just at the right time and not for the first time (and I doubted it would be the last) I was so grateful that he was my friend.

I asked him if his daddy still had his kilt and he said he did but it was back in Scotland, though he doubted that he’d get into it these days. Apparently they are quite expensive to buy so you never get rid of them… you pass them on to the next generation.

“Oh, so you might have a kilt to wear when you get there,” I enquired.

“S’pose so,” his eyes lit up, “let’s hope so and then I can get that photograph for you.”

When not in class we spent a great deal of time discussing Scotland and what they planned on doing on their trip. There was hardly a break went by without he didn’t come up with another piece of information about the place or something he hoped to do once he arrived.


Because Kenny was going to be in another country, oddly, my trip to the capital didn’t seem as worrying as I was imagining. However, one night as I lay in bed I was suddenly engulfed with ‘thoughts and what ifs’, which had me panicking. What if they decide to stay there? What if he finds a new best friend? Or worse still, what if the plane crashes? Suddenly I was terrified I might not see him again and I was sobbing loudly when auntie came in to see what the problem was.

She hushed and shushed and calmed me down as I lay there unsure of why I’d let my thoughts get so out of hand. Auntie’s reassuring influence was a great help and I was surprised when she asked if I’d wet myself because I quickly realised that I had. Until auntie had asked I was totally unaware of what I’d done but, as usual, once she knew of the situation auntie was quickly on it. My pajamas were off, as were the plastic pants and pull-ups and I was wiped, powdered and thickly re-diapered in record time. She went to my closet and pulled out the pink quilted diaper cover that I had now inherited from Kenny (as he had done mine) and pulled it into place.

“No matter where you go… or Kenny goes,” she said as she eased up my pajamas, “you two will always be together.” She touched her heart briefly. “You boys will always be connected.”

Her words were very comforting and I slipped into a deep sleep reassured that all would be well.


The week building up to recess was full of daily tests and like the rest of the school I had to work hard to keep up. Jake was constantly asking me questions, which, as the older brother I was expected to know the answers to. I tried to help him as best as I could and as I studied he would sit on my bed and we’d work together.

One night, when I thought he’d already gone to bed, I was changing myself and he walked in as I was slipping a pair of thick rubber pants over my thick night time diaper. Again I was caught off-guard and about to shout at him when he said.

“Are you OK?” He came over and put his arm on my shoulder. He was wearing his favourite shorty pajamas that auntie had made for him. The look of concern quickly dispelled my anger and I felt tears begin to well up.

I put my hand on his. “Just really…” I wasn’t sure what to say, “worried about… stuff… the tests…”

I wanted to say ‘and our visit to the capital’ but it was him who said it. “Yer… and mum looks really tired from all her trips… I bet she wishes we could move to save all that travelling.”

He pulled slightly away from me and then added some words I never thought I’d hear from him. “It would stop you being so stressed as well.”

As he said this he sort of looked at my thick padding, “You’ve been having a pretty awful time of it yourself.”

He patted the front of my rubber pants and, at the same moment, I was surprised to feel a huge weight lift from my shoulders. Jake has never been stupid or slow and I was ashamed that I had assumed he had no idea what was happening when in fact he knew but had said nothing so as not to embarrass me. At that moment I loved my little brother and almost squeezed him too tightly showing my appreciation.


“I miss having mum around. I love auntie being with us but I want mum. I want to be with mum.” Jake had put into words much of how I was feeling.

We lay in my bed together talking about what we thought might happen. Like me, he had also decided that this trip to the capital was for us to check things out. He told me how he didn’t want to leave his friends but he wanted mum around more. And, in a very grown up assessment said that we’d moved once and that was great, so who was to say another move wouldn’t also be good?

I was quite pleased with how Jake had taken on the mantle of the older, wiser, clever (my addition) brother and had come to such conclusions. Like Kenny had done, he made me think and perhaps, instead of fighting or worrying about what might happen, I should just go along with it and be positive. I thought Kenny would be proud of me… but then I thought more of Kenny and I knew it was because of him I didn’t want to move.

“If we did move,” Jake continued, “You’d miss Kenny a lot wouldn’t you?”

It was if he was reading my mind. “Just think how cool it would be to show him around the capital on school breaks.” He was smiling to himself as if he’d come up with a really clever plan. “You could become a tour guide.”

He was babbling now, well I thought he was and I just wanted to sleep so, I pulled the cover over us both, hugged him tightly, kissed the back of his head and told him to shut up. He made no move to leave and go to his own room… and I was very grateful to have my brother to cuddle all through the night.


The following day was amazing. I woke up dry (and still snuggling my brother), mum had returned overnight and I breezed through the school tests. Even Kenny commented on how more relaxed I looked and I happily grinned knowing how right he was.

Now I didn’t feel guilty I could talk about going to the capital with the same interest that Kenny had shown for Scotland (except without the kilts) and actually started reading more about the place and making plans to what I’d like to see. Kenny helped, suggesting places he’d love to visit, places he’d heard his mummy and daddy talk about and things he’d found of interest on the net. Even our teacher, Miss Pendle, heard about both our trips and had set us the task of being ‘roving reporters’ so on our return we could tell the class all about our ‘exciting experience’ (her words).

We were both so pleased with our new titles that our thoughts moved to becoming junior journalists on the town’s paper. The fact that in a very short time we’d gone from wanting to be Boy Scouts, pilots and a host of other things (and done nothing about any of them) didn’t matter because… our teacher had said we were to be ‘reporters’. We spent a couple of lunchtimes practicing reading the news on a pretend TV news programme. We kept saying something, and like they did on the real news, we handed over to each other for the next item.

“Coming up – Kenny Morrison and Simon Hudson bring you the latest news, sport and weather.” We’d shuffle some imaginary papers, look at each other and fall into hysterics.


We spent the last day at school making promises and hugging one and other. Kenny was actually going to be flying out early the Saturday morning and we were flying to the capital Saturday afternoon. He said he was excited but also worried about his first flight although his daddy had tried his best to allay any fears. However, he did say he was scared of having to use the bathroom so his mummy had told him not to worry as she would get him well padded before the trip and he could do whatever he wanted, when he wanted. This seemed a great idea and I suggested to mum that it might be a good idea for me to be protected in a similar way prior to our departure.

She wasn’t keen and kept insisting that we’d only be in the air for a couple of hours, if that, but I was resolute that I didn’t want to embarrass myself on my first flight. She pointed out that Jake wasn’t going to be wearing a diaper and plastic pants so didn’t see why I should but as I said I’d do it myself the conversation ended with her shrugging her shoulders.

Auntie whispered that she’d get me ready to make sure I didn’t look too padded and that she’d also been busy and had made special new outfits for Jake and me to wear during our visit


On the day of the flight we actually found out she’d made several. We had blue hoodies and jogging pants (mine with an ‘S’ and Jake’s with a ‘J’ on the front), because she said that the capital can get cool this time of year, and sets of shorts, shirts and t-shirts that looked fantastic for during the day.

I’d had a shower and just about to get ready for the flight when auntie came in to supervise. I didn’t need her but the fact that she’d gone to so much trouble made me happy to let her get involved. As I sat on the bed wrapped in a towel she went to the closet and pulled out a thick, terry diaper. She oiled and powdered me and fastened it in place, then, as a surprise, she fished from her bag another ‘special’ quilted diaper cover in purple. My eyes lit up in delight and auntie said that it was ‘royal’ purple for her little prince. She tugged it into place and got me to stand up and see how it looked and felt. It was awesome.

She suggested that I travel in the hoodie and joggers, and went and suggested that Jake did the same (he had already decided that’s what he’d wear). With the loose pants in place my padding didn’t look too obvious and I was so happy with what auntie had done I gave her a huge hug and kiss.

All the way through our flight I wanted to go for a pee but decided I’d try and hold out until we landed. I don’t know why I made that choice seeing as how I was so adamant that I needed my protection but it pleased me that I could do so. However, I was so desperate to go when we were being driven to our hotel that I couldn’t hold out any longer and had my first wetting experience in the capital.

When we got to our room, mum and auntie were sharing one and Jake and I had another, which was connected by a door, auntie whisked me to the bathroom and, armed with all the stuff she needed, cleaned me up before anyone else was aware. This time, instead of a diaper, auntie decided that as we would be going out and seeing the sights, I’d feel better wearing a pair of briefs, which I happily slipped into.


The view across the city from our room was fantastic and we were eager to explore as soon as possible. Looking out of the window Jake was busy trying to pinpoint exactly where certain places were but in the end had to admit he had no idea. We were just about to go out for a meal when the heavens opened up and it began to pour down so we ended up eating in the hotel’s restaurant, which was very nice but we wanted to see the sights. The weather stopped us going much further but as the hotel was huge, and had loads of things to do, we changed our plans and played in the ‘Games Arcade’, while mum and auntie sat in the lounge opposite drinking coffee and chatting.

At one point I went to ask mum for some more money but I wanted to check out another area for kids. Sadly it was for those who were much younger and although I was tempted to jump in the ball pool, I decided that a ten year-old should be more responsible. However, that little trip took me in a circular route and I ended coming up behind mum and auntie. I wasn’t being sneaky or anything but I over-heard mum saying to her sister that she was dreading tomorrow and was finding it difficult to explain her plans to us. Auntie suddenly caught my eye and, as my heart sank, she swiftly changed the subject.

I knew all my worries had been for a reason and the realisation I was right gave me a queer, uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was strange that, although we knew that this trip might mean an eventual move, to have it confirmed like this had an unfortunate effect. I wish had still been wearing my protection as it would have come in useful.

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 17

Chapter 19

Kenny Part 17

This story is written by Les Lea

Although Mrs Morrison had seen me naked, and changed me, on several occasions and Kenny had done the same, I wasn’t too sure if it was acceptable for her to see that we did this together. I was nervous and unsure as to whether she might see this as something best friends should not do to one and other.

“I’m changing Simon…” he replied without missing a beat, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do, “he’s had a bit of an accident in his onesie.”

As Mrs Morrison came down the stairs I tried to cover my naked awkwardness with my hand but Kenny said it was getting in the way as he folded a thick diaper under my bottom. I could see her getting closer and then I noticed a smile on her face.

“Does your onesie need a wash Simon? I was red in the face, and it felt like my entire body was flushing a bright red with embarrassment but I suppose the lotion and the baby powder hid the tell-tale glow. I nodded as Kenny pulled the diaper tight around my waist and pinned me in.

He stood up, “Oh mummy,” he said as he unzipped his own dinosaur skin, “can you please do mine as well?”

She took it and ruffled his fine blond hair. “No more monsters versus super-bunnies for today then?”

“No, we’ll find another game to play…” He continued to make sure the diaper fitted me well but left unsaid exactly what that would be.

As she climbed back up the stairs to do her latest batch of washing she appeared not to notice that he was standing in his own soaked pull-ups.


I watched as she went up the stairs, slightly relieved that she hadn’t said anything but at the top she turned, looked at me and said. “Will you take care of Kenny or do you want me to?”

Kenny was sorting through the pile of items that he’d brought down to the basement. I looked across at him and thought the whole idea of this weekend was that we’d do things together and suddenly realised that it was OK to look after my friend anyway that was needed.

“No, it’s OK Mrs Morrison… I’ll sort him out.” I smiled to myself suddenly comprehending I had this unwritten, but totally acceptable, permission by the family to look after their son as they did. Such a revelation made me very happy and I wriggled in my nice, clean, thick diaper and felt even more warm and fuzzy towards the Morrisons.


Kenny returned and presented several different options for me to wear but I suggested that before we start our new game of ‘dressing-up’, it might be a good idea for me to get him out of his wet pull-ups and into something clean and fresh like I was wearing. He said he was in no rush to change as he quite liked the full and damp feeling but I stated in no uncertain terms that I didn’t want him to get a diaper rash and be uncomfortable. So, as it was something I wanted, he let me go to it.

There is no doubt that the sensation of having a thick diaper between your legs and tightly pinned in place is very comforting. I know that there are many (Jake I’m sure being one of them) who wouldn’t see it that way but, I’d be happy just to wear nothing but that all day. I liked it even more when I’d got Kenny all cleaned up and wrapped up in a nice thick terry diaper and nothing else, it made me feel we were starting our childhood together all over again and wearing only our diapers… I liked that.


When I was laid out on the floor being changed I’d seen a ping pong ball lying under the sofa so suggested a game of table tennis. We hadn’t played much because we’d lost the ball but now I’d found it, we started our match. Running around in just our diapers was fun and even though they were pinned into position fairly tightly, they kept slipping down a bit with our efforts. He was loads better than I was and beat me very easily, so I suggested that on the next match we play he had to have some kind of handicap. I put on a pair of tight-fitting rubber pants, which I hoped would hold up my diaper better, whilst I altered the pins on his diaper so they were a lot looser. We were both laughing as he served and had to quickly tug up his falling diaper, so he ended up playing the entire game one-handed, trying to hold it in place. In the last few points he let it slip, kicked it to the side and finished the game naked… he still won.

I hugged the victor and he hugged me back, his naked flesh coming into contact with my ample cushioned safeguard. He held me for a few extra seconds, rubbing against my rubber pants and said how much he liked the feel of me, and how fantastic I looked charging around returning his plays. I smiled and stroked his bare bottom and suggested that perhaps we should get him in something, maybe there was something in the pile of stuff he’d brought down.


First thing I did was put him in a disposable and once I was happy with that checked on what else was on offer. Of course I should have known that the clothes that auntie had made for us both were there and I could tell that he was keen to wear them again. I slipped my green quilted diaper cover on him and pulled the Velcro tight. He looked fine just like that but I finished dressing him in the green shirt and shorts. I’m sure, if we’d had it (and it hadn’t been a dream), he’d have liked to see me in the pink quilted onesie, however, there were his pink clothes and I think we both wanted to see me in all of those.

There’s no doubt about it, we did look like a couple of toddlers ready for a special event but the fact that we saw our outfits as complimentary, made us feel… joyful. Again, Kenny and I had this special intuition between us and often things weren’t said, just sort of… understood. It was a lot later than I thought and I heard auntie, who’d arrived to take me home, at the door.

“Simon, your auntie’s here.” Mrs Morrison called down the stairs. “No rush… but just make sure you have everything.”

We emerged from the basement and I think auntie was shocked but delighted to see us dressed in her creations. Both she and Mrs Morrison were all smiles of approval and both thought we looked ‘special’, and, as the lady’s made a fuss, we felt ‘special’.


“Oh, you two look adorable.” Mrs Morrison said and insisted on taking a photo of us with her cell phone.

Once again Kenny’s mummy was very complimentary about what auntie had done and asked if she did it for a living. On finding out she only did it for fun, and for her family, she was astounded that such creativity was not available to everyone. She was of the opinion that auntie would have loads of customers if she ever decided to set up in business. I think this pleased auntie, who was sat at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and some of the cookies that we’d baked earlier, and appeared to be blushing slightly under such praise.

Meanwhile, as they talked, we returned to Kenny’s room to get my things together. I wondered about my white onesie but he said that if it wasn’t dry, he’d bring it in to school in the morning. As I was packing I noticed our reflection in the mirror; two young lads, in matching shirt and shorts, one dark and one blond and an electrify thrill ran down my spine as I just wanted everything to stay the same. Me and Kenny, together, wearing our ‘special’ outfits, padded and unbelievably happy… I didn’t think it could get any better. He meant the world to me and I hoped I meant the same to him, and, from the sweet kiss he gave me before we headed to the kitchen, I guess I did.


After exchanging cell phone numbers Mrs Morrison sent the photo of us together direct to auntie, which seemed like the cue to leave. Under my pink shorts I was wearing the thick diaper and pink quilted cover that belonged to Kenny, whilst he was wearing my things and it just seemed right. Mrs Morrison gave me a bag with some of my homemade cookies (and I suspect some of hers and Kenny’s) and a plastic bag which contained my onesie (she said it was still slightly damp that’s why she’d wrapped it separately).

As we had to collect Jake on the way home, and we were already running late, I hugged Mrs Morrison my thanks for such an entertaining weekend. The awareness of my Kenny inspired, bulky protection, squeezing me back felt fantastic, which of course she patted several times before she released me from her embrace. Before I clambered into auntie’s car Kenny gave me a last hug and said he’d see me in class in the morning. He also giving my bum a final pat and whispered how much he’d loved playing with ‘Monster Easter Bunny’ and couldn’t wait to have more adventures with him.


When we arrived Jake was waiting at the gate with Adam and I was suddenly struck by the possibility of those two having the same kind of relationship Kenny and I had. They did look fantastic together and if by choice or by accident they both appeared to be wearing complimentary outfits. As we got closer I realised that the ‘complimentary’ outfits were the same, they were supporting the same soccer team so of course they wore matching jerseys. I felt silly for letting my imagination run wild and strangely got very protective of what Kenny and I had and didn’t want to share that ‘special’ closeness… even with my brother and Adam.

This feeling quickly passed as Jake demanded to sit in the front passenger seat on the way home (it was his turn to ride shotgun) and I had to get out and get in the back, though not before I’d said ‘Hello’ to Adam and, acknowledging the soccer kit, ask him who won. He shyly said that they were on the same side but that their team had scored ten, Jake having scored six of them. He didn’t say what his contribution was but that bashful look down and finding interest in his trainers was a very winning aspect. He did look gorgeous but I noticed that there was no hugging, and certainly no kissing or patting of bums, as Jake said his farewell, climbed into his seat and, with a little wave, we set off home.

I couldn’t wait to show everybody the fabulous DVD that Mrs Morrison had made of our weekend at the lake and hoped that they would be as proud as I was of her fantastic commentary. They all loved it and the sighs as mum and auntie saw each photograph of Kenny and I together made me feel proud. There was even a more audible, emotional sound when the image of us in our thick rubber pants appeared on the screen but Jake just asked why we wearing ‘space pants’? I jokingly told him that they were special pajamas boys had to wear at the lake in case they sleepwalked and fell in. That made mum and auntie laugh, although I could tell that Jake wasn’t too sure but as we were quickly on to a different image of the boy scouts, his questions turned to be about them.

We laughed at Mrs Morrison’s very funny script and auntie said that it was lovely that people had such hidden talent. Mum agreed and we all watched the DVD a second time. The scenery was breath-taking and we all agreed that at the earliest opportunity we should all go up to the lake on our next break, perhaps spending more than just a weekend there. Jake wanted to go to the scout’s jamboree but I told him I didn’t think that it was on all the time, or the fireworks but that I’m sure we’d have a brilliant time no matter.

When we’d finished it was time for bed and I took the DVD back to my room. My thoughts were really about Kenny and me in our thick rubber protection and just how much I’d enjoyed that particular experience. That night I slept in a couple of pairs of pull-ups covered with a pair of plastic pants and they were topped by the rubber ones I had in my collection. It was huge but it didn’t feel the same and I wondered if it was because of the company and the closeness that Kenny and I had enjoyed.


However, that week I only wore briefs to school because Kenny was dry and didn’t feel the need to pad up anymore. He did say that he occasionally put on pull-ups or a diaper to sleep in because he found it comforting, so of course, I did the same. Mind you, these days I would have done that anyway as I’d found that I felt the same when I was getting ready for bed… that padding, even slight padding, made me feel safe and secure.

One night, as he was playing on the Xbox, Jake had fallen asleep on my bed. He’d got himself half ready as he was only wearing his little Thomas the Tank Engine briefs but the game must have dragged him in and he just couldn’t stop trying for those extra levels. Unfortunately, this little gamer had been too tired and just fell asleep. I didn’t want to disturb him as he looked so peaceful but, feeling a bit naughty, I slipped him into a pair of pull-ups like I was wearing. After all, both Kenny and I found them nice to sleep in. He hardly noticed what was going on, just twitching slightly as I manoeuvred him into position, and I happily pulled the blanket over us both and dozed off hugging his warm, slightly padded, bottom.

In the morning I was up and in the bathroom first and had really forgotten all about what I’d done when a bleary-eyed Jake wandered in. He suddenly realised what he was wearing and, having no idea I’d put them on him, wondered how and why he was wearing pull-ups. I pretended not to notice but I could tell he was more than a little confused but didn’t know who to ask about it. He knew he’d slept in my bed but didn’t know whether it was me, mum or auntie who’d added that finishing padded touch… or why… had he wet himself?

Eventually, I explained, rather deviously I thought, that he’d fallen asleep but I’d notice the empty glass, which I assumed he’d drunk, and as a precaution against ‘aaaccidents’ (I stressed the word) had slipped the pants on because he looked so peaceful I didn’t want to wake him and make him return to his own room.


Although he seemed to accept my explanation, when I thought about what I’d done I saw that there may have been another factor to my actions. I had seen Adam and Jake together and thought of them as a younger version of Kenny and myself… and… as I’d already seen Adam wearing a diaper (and being fascinated by others who did) I wondered if I was doing it to help the friendship between him and my brother. After all, hadn’t Kenny said that it was that very action of me wearing a diaper in sympathy with him that had led to us becoming best friends?

Once I thought a bit more I realised that I didn’t know whether Jake was even aware of Adam’s wetting problem and even if he did whether he’d be the type of friend to show such understanding. No, the truth of the matter was I just wanted to see my growing younger brother wearing pull-ups as I doubted very much if I’d ever get him into any kind of diaper. He may have gotten used to me wearing them about the house, to school or under my pajamas but I doubted he had any inclination towards that at all. However, I noticed that he hadn’t ripped them off in disgust and that, after washing, he was still wearing them as he padded back to his own room to get ready for school.

Nonetheless, as we sat down for breakfast I could tell that he wasn’t wearing them anymore and, for some silly reason, it saddened me. I had obviously hoped that I would kindle some kind of desire in him for diapers and such things but he wasn’t interested.


Mum seemed to be flying back and forth to her head office more and more and, although auntie was staying with us, I began to wonder if the decision to stay in Oakland had been the right one. We were seeing less and less of her and it appeared to be getting her down a bit, even though she was trying hard not to show it. I was alarmed when, with a break from school coming up, Mum announced that we’d all be spending part of our vacation in the capital. Again I began to worry and, as a result, my night time wetting got worse. I asked mum if this ‘trip’ was actually just that or were we all scouting for a new place to live and go to school. Although she denied it, I wasn’t convinced by her answer and her pleading eyes told me there was something else going on… or at least I thought so.

Mum was tired so I didn’t press the point although I did sort of suggest that we, meaning Jake and me, thought we’d be going up to the lake this time but she just shook her head and with a half-smile ruffled my hair and said “Another time”.

That night I had a nightmare where I was stranded alone in an empty space. I was calling out names but nobody answered or came to help and I was scared because the place was so strange. I was furtively creeping about and kept standing in pools of water but didn’t know where they were springing from. The room was getting darker and more ominous and there were unexpected noises that made me shudder. My feet were splashing with each step when suddenly I was grabbed from behind, something was wrapped around my throat and I began to choke.


I woke up gasping for air as I’d somehow got caught up in my sheet. I was shaking in fear as I untangled myself and turned on the bedside light. Good heavens, my bed was in a right state with the sheet, blanket and pillows thrown all over the place and I could tell that I really had wet my bed pretty badly… perhaps the splashing in puddles had been a warning. I sat on the edge of the bed still trembling in my soaked pull-ups trying to calm myself before continuing. I wasn’t sure what to do.

No one came. Part of me was sad about that as I really could have done with some comforting and a hug from mum would have been reassuring. However, I was pleased that on this occasion at least I hadn’t made too much noise and woken up the house due to my night terrors. Eventually I got up and stripped the bed. I was glad of the waterproof sheet that mum had covered my mattress in after my last accident so wiping up the excess puddles with a towel was easy. The pull-ups sagged and working in them was a strange experience because they were still warm. Eventually, once the bed was stripped and as dry as I could make it I shrugged my soggy pants down, wiped myself dry and applied some lotion before finishing off with a generous sprinkling of powder. I realised this wasn’t a time for minor changes (I was afraid it might happen again), so, I got out the thickest diaper I had and, with some difficulty, pinned myself in. I sorted through my closet and also found a thick pair of rubber pants and pulled them over the enormous mound… but at least I felt protected. I pulled on a clean t-shirt, found my sleeping bag, spread it out on my water-proofed bed and zipped myself in. I’d sort everything else out in the morning.

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 16

Chapter 18

Kenny Part 16

This story is written by Les Lea

“Simon. Simon. SIMON.” I felt a slight touch on my arm. “Are you OK?”

I looked at Kenny wondering why he wasn’t naked. Then I looked down at myself and wondered why I wasn’t in the quilted pink onesie. Why were we still dressed?

I felt a strange chill run down my spine as I realised it was when Kenny had said that he thought I looked really good in the rubber pants at the lake and wondered if I liked them as well… I had become transfixed.

I was gazing at the framed photographs and that particular image of us at the lake, looking both innocent and well-padded, had caught my imagination and I hadn’t realised how intently I’d been staring at it. Somehow, in just a few seconds, I’d drifted off into my own fantasy and had created…

“I thought you’d gone quiet.” Kenny interrupted my thoughts and had that all-knowing smile. He picked up the frame. “You really like that photo don’t you? It’s my favourite as well. I think we look fantastic together. Mummy always says she thought we were the cutest people up at the lake.”

I was still slightly confused by what had just happened. How could I go to such a real place… that wasn’t real? I just didn’t understand what my head was doing… had I seen the future?

“Do you have a pink onesie?” I asked.

“Of course… don’t you remember… you’ve worn it.”

“No… I mean a new one…” I was getting a bit worried about myself, “made from the same material that auntie made our quilted diapers from?”

“That sounds fantastic… but… erm… no. Why do you ask?”

I then explained what I’d just experienced and he was spellbound by my little story. His eyes lit up when I described him fitting me with disposables and rubber pants. When I told him about the shiny onesie he sucked in a deep breath through his teeth in appreciation of such a piece of clothing… and of course he wanted one.

When I’d finished he asked if I’d had other such ‘daydreams’ and I began to tell him about my crying when Adam was in distress, but rather guiltily, changed the name to his. I still worried that he’d be jealous if someone else was in my dreams. I told him how I’d wet the bed and how auntie had calmed me down with a thick diaper and rubber pants… and the ‘daydream/nightmare’ had disappeared once I was surrounded by that comforting hug.

Kenny took his cue and immediately gave me a reassuring squeeze.


His mother knocked on the door and quietly asked if we needed any help? “No thanks mummy… we can do it ourselves.” He said as he looked straight into my eyes.

“OK then, good night boys.” We chorused a return good night. “Don’t stay up too long and I’ll check on you when I go to bed.”

Now I was even more confused… hadn’t that already happened? I was about to say something to Kenny when he began to get undressed. As he did so he turned to me just before he shrugged down his shorts.

“Mmmm, shall we play your game?” I looked at him wondering what he meant. “I dress you for bed and you dress me.” He went to his closet and opened it up and told me to use whatever I liked.

The problem I have with Kenny is… I like him in anything. That first time I saw him on my first day of school when he was wearing his uniform, he looked so… fantastic. In fact, in his uniform, in his soccer kit, in his swimming trunks, in a thick diaper and thick rubber pants, it made absolutely no difference… it was Kenny and he always looked good. However, a sudden thought crossed my mind: Why had I worn the pink quilted onesie in my ‘fantasy’ when it was supposed to be Kenny’s, and, I wondered, why had I been crying when it was supposed to be Adam?

His shorts fell to the floor and he stepped out of them, folded them up and placed them on a shelf in his closet. Now he was just in his briefs and I just wanted to tell him to stay as he was but I knew he liked to get padded for bed. When he’d stayed over at my place he loved the onesies but then I remembered, it was auntie who had encouraged us what to wear. We liked them but it wasn’t our choice, this time I wanted him to know how I liked to see him.

He pulled off his briefs and, as I anticipated, put them in the laundry basket. I unfolded the plastic changing mat and set it out next to his bed and told him to lie out. I grabbed the baby lotion and powder and set to work moisturizing as much of him as I thought I could get away with. He giggled throughout the process and encouraged me to shake more and more baby powder all over him. The dust cloud was impressive and he smelled like a little baby – we both loved it. I then went to the closet and just grabbed four items – a disposable diaper, two thick absorbing pads and a pair of pink pop-sided plastic pants. This was how I imagined Kenny was at his best; thickly padded and with shiny plastic protection covering everything. Once I’d prepared that area I went and found a little pale blue t-shirt in his draw and pulled it over his head, fed his arms through and tugged it down so it just reached the top of his diaper… he looked so sweet.

I’m sure he was expecting more but, as I ran my hands constantly over the tight glass-smooth material, enjoying the bulk and the childish, excited, delighted look on his face, in my mind at least, this was how my best friend should be dressed when he went to bed.

“Perfect,” I smiled at him and caressed the front of his straining plastic pants “just perfect.”


He lay there and let me stroke him, neither of us in a rush to alter what was happening. As my fingers traced around the bulging mound and slid over the shiny material I saw a contented smile appear on Kenny’s face as he closed his eyes whilst enjoying the moment.

In the months that I’d known him he’d introduced me to a completely new way of appreciating my own life. He may be only ten years-old but he knew in absolute certainty what he liked. He’d initiated a love in me that, until I met him and discovered his diapers, I didn’t have any clue about. It was that feel of the plastic that had hit me first. When, up on the playing fields and he’d shown me his ‘protection’… I loved the soft silky texture and couldn’t get enough of just touching it. The fact that it hid a diaper was a bonus and it intrigued me… Kenny intrigued me.

He must have spotted something in me as well otherwise why would we have become friends… best friends? He told me once that none of his other pals, over the years he’d had to wear diapers to school, had ever wanted to wear them as well. To identify with his problem, to understand it, to try and make him feel better about it… but I had. Even without being asked I’d just done it and for that, Kenny said, he was eternally grateful; this was strange because it was I who felt eternally grateful to him for being my friend.

I lay down next to him but carried on stroking his slippery mound as I whispered a ‘Thank you’ in his ear. He opened his eyes and gazed into my own and we huddled up close together. We could have stayed like that forever, neither of us would have minded, but Kenny remembered that his mum would soon be coming in the check on us, so we’d better be in bed by then.


He rolled on top of me and again gave me a very gentle kiss on the lips before he grabbed my shorts and playfully pulled them down. My pull-ups were dragged off in the same movement and he mischievously flicked my little penis before he grabbed the nearby lotion. He squirted it all over and began to frantically rub it in. There was loads of the nicely smelling stuff so he used both his hands to try and get it to soak in by massaging it everywhere. This action was tickling me and his fingers were going all over my body in a desperate attempted to spread the lotion thinly enough for it to moisturize everything.

There was just too much of it to use on just my chest so, he scooped up as much as he could and got me to turn onto my front so he could rub it into my back, my legs and my bum until, at last, the stuff had soaked in enough for the next part of the procedure. He was very thorough, making sure it was all well absorbed and his hands smoothing the lotion on my bottom felt really very nice. Once he was satisfied (and I’d got over my squealing and giggling as his fingers delved everywhere) he went to the closet and grabbed the same items as I had retrieved, except I was going to be in a blue pair of pop-sided plastic pants. He fitted the absorbent pads inside the disposable and taped me in. Then he slipped the plastic pants under my bum, pulled the sides together and popped them shut. I was now as tightly fitted as he was. Of course he went and got a pink t-shirt for me to wear and made sure I looked like him.

Once we were both ready he said. “I really like it when we wear the same.” He looked at me with those beautiful eyes. “We are like one person – I am you and you are me. I’m so happy when we’re together” His eyes went a bit misty as he added. “It hurts when we’re apart.”

With Kenny looking at you it’s difficult to think of anything else but I think I did know what he meant. He ran his hand over my glossy mound and suggested we get in to bed before his mum came.


We lay facing each other in the dark. I couldn’t really make out his features but of course, my mind was happy to fill in the blank space; his blond hair, his long eyelashes, his huge eyes and constant smile, I didn’t need any light to see all that. We chatted a bit to begin with but eventually the silences between our exchanges were getting longer. I was even enjoying those gaps and had already pictured Kenny with his thumb in his mouth, dozing and looking angelic. My hand had never stopped stroking his thick protection from the moment we climbed into bed together and it was while I was enjoying this sensation I fell to sleep.

We were lying on our backs in his garden looking at the sky and pointing out the shapes the clouds were making. I had my head resting on his soft padded diaper and I was just telling him about what I thought was a cat chasing a mouse when we were joined by two others. Both were only wearing cloth diapers pinned at the front with a huge pin; one was blue the other one had pink. I didn’t recognise them as they both were kids our age but babies. The looked and acted like babies, each had a pacifier in their mouths so didn’t say anything but Kenny knew them.

“Hello mummy and daddy… have you come to play with us?”

This was stupid. How could they be his mummy and daddy but they waved to him and settled down on the ground next to us. His ‘mummy’ had her head on my diaper, his ‘daddy’ had his head on hers and Kenny now had his head resting on his ‘father’s’. We were all searching the clouds for ‘images’ but there were no words just excited pointing, gurgling, cooing and sucking on the pacifiers, which we now all had.

A strange dark shadow passed between the clouds and the sun and suddenly we all got a bit scared. The shadow got nearer and we panicked as we tried to run for shelter… except we could only crawl. The diapered bottoms of Kenny’s ‘mummy and daddy’ led the way, followed by Kenny, whose huge plastic bottom had me close behind. However, I turned to see what the shadow was and when I turned back the others had reached safety and I was alone, in the garden, and something was swooping down. I kicked out and screamed as an enormous pterodactyl screeched past me. I tried to fend it off but my arms were somehow trapped and all I could do was cry as it came in for the kill – its huge mouth wide open, row upon row of sharp teeth and slime oozing from its jaw.


“Simon. Simon. SIMON.” I felt the huge bird’s beak bite into my shoulder…

“Wake up Simon…” I felt the pressure again only this time I heard words… I was saved… I was…

“C’mon Simon… you’re having a nightmare…” and I could feel the rocking of a hand on my shoulder gently stirring me from my deep sleep.

I was lying on my stomach and somehow I’d managed to trap my hands under me. I could still hear that I was whimpering but that soft shaking of my shoulder was quickly returning me from the jaws of, whatever it was, and awake.

“Are you OK?” The look of concern on both Kenny’s and his mummy’s face told me I’d been making quite a bit of a disturbance. I was still feeling a bit groggy when Mrs Morrison came and sat on the bed next to me and stroked my brow.

“Well young man, you appear to have had a terrible nightmare.” I noticed that Kenny was looking really worried standing next to her in his thick plastic armour.

My whimpering had stopped and I felt silly as she continued to stroke my brow. “Sorry Mrs Morrison…”

“It’s OK Simon don’t worry… you’re safe now.”

“I was trying to save you from being attacked.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Me?”

“Well not just you. Kenny and Mr Morrison… except… erm…” I wasn’t sure if I should tell her about us all being babies. “Erm… it was a huge dinosaur… with big teeth and… and… it was attacking us.”

I was still a bit panicky. My body was soaked with sweat, my pounding heart had just about begun to slow down and I suddenly wondered if I’d done worse in my diaper.


It was as if Mrs Morrison had noticed my eyes casting a quick look to my diaper and had divined the same possibility. Without asking she said that she’d just check to make sure there was no further ‘damage’ and popped the studs on my plastic pants. She didn’t seem in the least bit phased by the bulkiness of it all but her exploring fingers down the front found that there had been other consequences to my nightmare.

She took charge and as Kenny looked on she had me stripped wiped, powdered and back in clean disposables in a matter of seconds. She fitted the blue plastic pants back into place and changed my soaked t-shirt for another.

“OK boys, back to bed.” Kenny slid in next to me.

“Sorry Kenny.” I whispered.

“It’s OK… I’ve never actually been kicked out of my own bed before,” and he gave me that wonderful, conspirator smile of his. “I’m sure I would have been eaten alive if you’d not kicked me to safety.” We both were hugging and giggling now.


I told him about the nightmare and about the appearance of his mummy and daddy as babies – he was fascinated by this idea. I explained that they never spoke a word just gurgled and pointed but that we understood everything that was being ‘said’. I explained that it was he who called them ‘mummy and daddy’ so that was the only way I knew who they were because, in reality, they didn’t look like any kids I actually knew.

We discussed this and many other questions my nightmare (and past dreams) might mean, or not. We didn’t get very far as we were both quite tired and soon we dropped off to sleep. This time Kenny was hugging me tightly and our plastic pants were crammed up close to each other… it felt nice and safe.

Thankfully, there were no more dramas during the night and we both woke up dry. It would appear that Kenny was going through one of his arid patches, while I was getting worse, though I didn’t want to say anything.


Before breakfast we went to the bathroom to get washed and ready for the day. Kenny went first and when I returned he was already dressed in his dinosaur onesie. He roared as I walked in and I pretended to be scared. For a couple of minutes he was growling and stomping around his room as if he was a T-Rex trying to catch me. My towel fell down and he scooped it up and pretended to eat it while I was left naked and cowering behind his bed.

My nakedness didn’t last too long as I noticed that he’d spread out a couple of pull-ups on the bed, which I realised were for me. I grabbed them and slipped them on as he slowly clawed his way towards the trembling figure who was squealing for some hero to come and save him/me.

More confident now I was padded I rushed to the closet where he’d hung up my onesie. As the lumbering dinosaur slowly advanced, I quickly slipped into my white outfit, zipped it up and, remembering a comment that Kenny had made in the past, told the dreaded T-Rex that he’d now have to deal with ‘Monster Easter Bunny’… the most awesome and scary bunny in the world.

This stopped him in his tracks and he burst into fits of giggles as I tried to make my white bunny onesie look fearsome… it didn’t work and pretty soon we were both rolling around on his bed laughing our heads off.


For the rest of the day this is how we were dressed. Mrs Morrison had said that we could play in the summer house if we wanted or in the basement or we could help her as she was going to spend the morning baking. I always liked helping my mum bake and, when I saw Kenny’s eyes light up at the prospect, I knew we were going to get some delicious, freshly-made cookies later in the day.

Mrs Morrison wanted a photograph of us together in our onesies – the dinosaur and the bunny, she thought we looked a strange but ‘magical’ (her words) couple as we set about mixing the various ingredients. We also started to come up with names for our product; Dinocookies, Bunnibiscuits, Monstermunchers etc. but we soon tired of that game as we gave our full attention to making a range of crumbly delights.

Once they were baking in the oven Kenny had an idea that we should create our own story based on a dinosaur and a rabbit. We’d already acted out part of the tale in his bedroom so I was given the job of writing it, while he would add the drawings.

This engrossed us more than we thought and we only stopped our creative process when his mummy arrived with a fresh batch of newly baked cookies and glasses of milk. This fuelled our imagination and soon we were having the two beasts stopping in the middle of their battle for a cookie break before resuming what appeared to be… world destruction.


The weather had been cold and cloudy with the promise of rain so we’d been happy to play indoors. Once we’d finished the story, and the milk and cookies, we went down to the basement to play some games there. I looked at Mr Morrison’s gym equipment and thought how much I’d like to have seen him doing a workout. Kenny had said that he used it occasionally and I immediately imagined him and his daddy powering away and sweating from the effort. I was amazed at how easily the image came into my mind except, and this was getting to be a theme, both were only wearing pull-ups to work out in. I’d seen Kenny in them on many occasions but didn’t understand why I would think of his father in such an item. Still, in my head at least, he looked fantastic as the two of them continued with their training program.

I needed to pee and although I was wearing a couple of pairs of pull-ups I didn’t really want to use them. I asked Kenny if I could use the bathroom in the corner and he seemed disappointed I didn’t want to use my double protection. I felt guilty but told him that I didn’t want to spend the rest of the day being wet. He suddenly had an idea.

“I’ll change you.” He smiled that terrific smile as if he’d solved a huge problem. “In fact,” I could see he had a further idea, “why don’t we do it together. Why not wet at the same time.”

He was overjoyed at the thought and, as he put his arm around my shoulders he whispered some naughty encouragement in my ear. Despite my reservations Kenny could get me to do anything and pretty soon I closed my eyes, as if in denial, but found myself letting go… he did the same.

I seemed to be peeing for ages and suddenly realised that the pull-ups were not absorbent enough to cope with the amount I had to get rid of. When I opened my eyes again I saw a yellow stain appearing on the front of my white onesie (so much for the fearsome Monster Bunny) and I felt ashamed. I also felt stupid and childish but Kenny, who didn’t appear to show any tell-tale signs on his onesie, smiled and said that he’d soon sort me out.

He rushed to his room and returned with a pile of stuff. First he suggested I strip and lie out on the floor. Thankfully the basement was quite warm so being naked wasn’t a trial. However, he decided he should help me remove everything and seemed to take a great deal of time and trouble unzipping me from the onesie. Once that was off he turned his attention to my soaked and sagging pull-ups and slowly inched them down my legs. Soon I was naked. He wiped me down with a towel and, once I was dry, sprinkled the stuff all over me. He was taking his time but appeared to be very thorough rubbing it in, making sure that no area was left without a coating of the sweet smelling powder.

His mummy suddenly appeared at the top of the basement stairs and shouted down. “What are you boys up to?”

I froze.

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 15

Kenny Part 15

This story is written by Les Lea

It seems strange that only a few months ago I could never remember any of my dreams but now, well, they were occupying my day as well as night. My imagination was making things real whether I was awake or asleep and it was happening more and more. After my very realistic, explosive but imagined experience with Adam earlier in the evening, I was suffering another frustrating dream featuring him as I slept.

We were at school and he was wearing his padded protection, except he was complaining to anyone who’d listen that it was me who was forcing him to wear it. I was desperately trying to tell him he could wear what he liked and explaining that I only wore stuff from time to time. The confusing thing was this, although I knew I was wearing my protection, every time I opened my shorts to show him I was padded, there was no padding just a normal pair of briefs. Adam was surrounded by his school friends, who were all looking at his bulky pants, commenting and mocking him. The fact that I couldn’t prove he wasn’t alone in wearing diapers to school was making him feel vulnerable.

Kenny wasn’t in this dream. In fact, everyone but him was there and all watching Adam who was trying to hide away in embarrassment. I was trying to tell him it was OK and that he wasn’t alone but, that was proving a problem, it was as if I wasn’t there. The trouble with dreams is that they seem so true. I was convinced I only wanted to help but appeared to be making it worse. Adam began crying as his class mates began to pick on him even more and, although I felt his pain, I could do nothing. His pitiful weeping woke me up a little, and as I was coming round I realised I was in bed and only dreaming so, relieved, I fell back to sleep. The only thing was… the dream would start all over again… and this was for the third or fourth time.


Although still fairly dozy, hearing my bedroom door close had woken me up but I could still hear sobbing and voices. I got up and opened my door and there was auntie just checking in on Jake. She saw me and looked at my bedraggled state and came over to hug me.

“I thought I heard voices. Is mum home?” I babbled sleepily. “I heard someone crying.”

“It’s OK Si,” Auntie was soothing as always. “Shh, shhhh, your mum is having a bath… and you my little sweetheart were having a bad dream.”

She guided me back to my bed, even though I wanted to see and talk to mum. “You can speak to her in the morning. Now let’s get you all tucked…”

She paused when she realised that my bed was wet through. “Oh Si, seems like it was more of a nightmare than a dream.” She sat me on the chair next to my desk. “Wait there and let me fix this.”

I was still very drowsy but auntie soon had my bed stripped, mattress turned and it all remade in moments as I was trying to work out what was happening. Once the bed was done auntie turned her attention to me. My sodden t-shirt and boxers were removed, I was wiped clean, powdered and put into a very thick terry cloth diaper, which she pinned into place.

“OK young man, now you’re all clean and tidy, lift up your legs.” I sleepily lifted them up and she slipped a pair of thick plastic pants into place. “There, all done. You should be OK now.”

I slowly wondered back to bed and auntie tucked me in, ran her hand through my hair and wished me ‘night-night’ once again.

Before she went I asked her, “Is mum OK? I heard crying.”

She came back to my bed and again ran her hand through my hair. “Oh sweetheart. It was you who was crying. Your mum just popped her head in because she heard you… but you stopped once she’d kissed and tucked you in.”

I didn’t understand. It was Adam who was crying in my dream not me and I definitely heard crying when I woke up. Surely it wasn’t me who was in tears?

“I’ll tell your mum to come and talk to you when she’s finished her bath. You’re obviously worried about… something. In the meantime, you’re well-padded, your mum’s home… and we all love you so, try and go back to sleep… everything will be alright.”

I don’t know if mum came back to chat because the diaper was so comforting I fell asleep almost immediately and didn’t wake up until I had to get up for school.


As I pulled back the covers and saw my thick protection the events of the night came back to me and for some reason, I felt tears in my eyes once again. I wasn’t sure why, perhaps I was just upset at Adam being upset. Maybe it was wetting the bed and having auntie come to clean me up. Then I remembered that auntie had said it was me who was crying, and crying loud enough to bring mum to check in on me. I wasn’t sure why I should suddenly be so tearful but, whatever the reason I was a bit nervous about getting dressed and seeing everyone at breakfast. In the end I stripped out of my night ‘defence’, washed and, with a reassuring pair of pull-ups in place, ventured downstairs.

“Morning sweetie,” Mum said as she held out her arms for me to give her a hug. “Are you alright now… you had a bit of a rough night.”

I hugged mum tightly. “I missed you mum.” She held me in a tight embrace and then gently patted my slightly padded bottom to signify it was time for release.

“I missed you as well.” Jake was eating his breakfast so I suppose he’d already done all his hugging. “It’s been a busy time for us all… what with Jake at Jeremy’s, you and Kenny, and Auntie Rose having to…” she left it unsaid but I knew what she was referring to.

Like Jake I was dressed in my uniform and ready for school but I wanted to know about mum’s trip and if she had made a decision… were we moving?

“Is that what’s been worrying you?” She looked sympathetically at me. She spread her arms again and invited both Jake and me into her embrace. “No, for the moment anyway, we aren’t going anywhere.” I was so relieved and cried with happiness, and so did my brother.

A huge cloud had been lifted and even if it was overcast outside, at least it was sunny for us two.


I was full of smiles when I met Kenny. “We’re not moving.”

The huge grin that appeared on his face told me he was happy with the news before he came over and gave me a big hug.

“That’s fantastic.”

“Mum says we are staying here. I’m so pleased. I was worried I might lose…” Once again Kenny supplied the rest of my sentence by hugging me even tighter and whispering in my ear.

“I’d hate it if you weren’t here… and my friend,” then sighed a little as he secretly kissed my ear.

A thrill ran through my body. My best friend was hugging and kissing me in public and I was wriggling happily in his embrace enjoying every second.

“Do you want to come over to my house this weekend?” He murmured so no one else would hear.

Our bare legs were brushing up against each other and I didn’t want the feeling to stop. The tightness in my pull-ups I hoped was matched by a similar sensation for Kenny but eventually we pulled away. I nodded yes… then realised that this would be the first time I’d stayed at his place. I’d visited his home when we’d gone up to the lake but I’d never been inside, on that occasion we were in just too much of a hurry to set off. So, for the rest of the week I was imagining what his room would be like.


Kenny lived at the opposite end of town to where we were so it wasn’t a place where I could just nip over to play with him when I wanted. Lifts had to be organised, and although I had a bike, and the streets were fairly safe, mum was never keen for either Jake or me cycling too far away from home. So, believe it or not, we didn’t socialise much out of school because of the distance. So, a trip to Kenny’s house was going to be quite an event, well at least that’s how I built it up in my mind.

Because of the way Kenny always spoke I had this image in my mind just what his bedroom would look like. It would be colourful, possibly pink, there would be cartoon posters or wall paper, soft lighting, a little table and chair like I had and the room would be full of soft toys and kid’s games… there’d also be a mobile hanging down over a crib… not a bed. For some reason I just assumed he would have taken the whole ‘babyish’ thing to the limit and his mummy and daddy would let him sleep in a nursery and be more than happy to go along with it.


Mum was needed back at head office for the weekend so, once she’d dropped me off Friday night and handed me my backpack, auntie had Jake all to herself. Kenny had said that he hoped we could spend the entire weekend in our onesies but I wasn’t sure if that would happen. I had my blue and yellow shortie and my white (like a rabbit) long one, neither of which I thought appropriate for such a length of time. I also brought the ‘special’ outfit that matched with Kenny’s and hoped we’d get the opportunity to do as auntie had suggested – ‘mix’n’match’.

At the door auntie had a few words with Mrs Morrison and I overheard her say that Kenny had been very excited about his time spent at our house and how much he’d loved the things she’d made for him and me. Mrs Morrison seemed genuinely pleased to meet mum’s sister and complimented her on her design and sewing prowess. I think the conversation, which auntie seemed delighted about, would have gone on longer except that Jake was with her and she’d promised him a visit to the movies.

As we waved auntie and Jake off Mrs Morrison beamed her friendliest smile and said that she hoped I’d enjoy what was planned. Kenny was, as usual, all enthusiasm and smiles, so I eagerly joined in the general feeling of happiness that his mummy seemed to radiate.


For some reason I was sad that Mr Morrison was on duty for the entire weekend and it was down to his wife to keep us boys entertained. He’d been a lively and inventive ‘games’ organiser up at the lake and I also liked his relaxed attitude to being naked. Actually, when I thought about it, none of the Morrison family were shy about how they dressed (or not), and up at the lake it was often the bare minimum to wander around in. Unlike so many of the other boys Kenny was not fazed when changing in the locker room, it just never occurred to him to be anything other than relaxed when it came to dressing or undressing. I know me and Jake are fairly casual about being naked in front of each other, but we’re brothers so I don’t suppose that counts.

Kenny led me to his room to stow my backpack and I was truly amazed at what I saw. Apart from the array of stuffed animals it was nothing like I had pictured it would be. The walls were painted a dark blue, his little bed was black with a blue two-tone duvet, the black wooden floor was shiny and there wasn’t a thing out of place. His clothes were stored in two big black closets and he had a huge set of draws, also in black. It was across the top of this where his collection of teddy bears and animals sat. On his desk were a collection of framed photographs; one of his mummy and daddy, one of the family and seven of Kenny and me together… one of which was the image of him and me in our thick protection up at the lake… we did look silly, innocent… and cute. I wanted to get a copy.


He opened one of his closets and it contained his onesies and piles of diapers and stuff, not unlike my own, except his were beautifully arranged. In the second closet were all his other clothes; school uniform, Sunday best, suits, shirts and shorts. I thought his mummy must have been very well organised but he told me it was he who had sorted everything to how he wanted it. He emptied my backpack and hung my clothes up in a little space he had left just for my clothes. There was no computer or TV around, just a clock radio on his nightstand and again, another photo of me and him, which I didn’t know had been taken, talking to one of the scouts. I could see why he wanted that particular image as the boy in the uniform looked stunning.

Kenny told me to make myself at home but his room was just so tidy that I felt a bit nervous of doing anything that would spoil the look of the place. I asked him if it was always this clean and he giggled nervously as he told me he loved dusting, polishing and sweeping the entire house. He said that as both his mummy and daddy had busy jobs he’d learned early on to help out. He could do these little tasks, which were appreciated, and the more praise he got, again he giggled, the more pride he took in keeping up his good work. I wondered if Jake and me would ever be that thoughtful but remembered that Kenny is nothing less than an angel so it was quite fitting he should think of others.


As he showed me around, Kenny was dressed in his soccer kit; just shorts and team jersey, and didn’t appear to be padded at all. As usual I was wearing shorts and t-shirt and I had my pull-ups on, which I have to say, I was wearing more often than my briefs these days. Unlike our house Kenny’s was all on one floor, although he did say they had a basement, which I hadn’t seen yet. But like us, they had a huge back garden although in it they had a little ‘summer house’ painted pink and pale blue, that Mr Morrison had built himself. It looked like it was straight from the pages of a cartoon book and I imagined three little pigs or Snow White living there. It was really very nice and Kenny was very proud of it, telling me that he often came there to read or write. He said that in the summer months the family spent nearly all their time in the garden and using the little house. I asked him where the three little pigs and Snow White went when that happened and he looked at me strangely. I then realised I’d only thought about those characters I hadn’t said it out loud. I felt rather silly.

Once I explained my ‘joke’ he laughed and we went inside where he showed me some paintings and drawings he’d done over the past few months. He was particularly proud of one he’d done of me sitting on a fence wearing my, sorry, his old blue checked shorts. I even remembered the incident because I was exhausted with all the running around and had just stopped to pull up my diaper. I think I could even make out the bulge under the shorts. Still, I was quite delighted that he’d used me as a subject and the job he’d done wasn’t bad at all. I think you could definitely tell who it was… if you knew me.


My best friend had even more talent than I realised and he said he wanted to paint me again sometime during the visit. I got quite excited at the prospect and wondered if he wanted me to dress up as a cowboy, a gladiator (we’d been learning about them in class) a soccer player or maybe his favourite pop star. Then I realised that he’d asked me to bring my onesie, so I assumed that would be how I was to be captured for eternity.

When it began to get colder we went in and he showed me their basement – it was like a sports center.
The area was huge and had a pool table, table-tennis table, weight training equipment, a running and rowing machine, a TV, sofas and chairs and at the far end there was a screened off part that Kenny said was a bedroom for guests. I was a bit stunned and wondered if this is where I’d be sleeping but Kenny quickly allayed my fears when he said that usually his grandparents used it on their visits.

“Oooh good,” I let out a relieved sigh, “I thought it was where I might be sleeping.”

Kenny shook his head. “No way.” He placed a hand on my shoulder and looked at me through his long thick lashes. “I don’t think I could sleep knowing you were nearby… but not with me.”

“Does you father like to workout?” I said surveying all the equipment.

“Yes, he’s a bit conscious of keeping fit for his job. In fact mummy and daddy both use this stuff regularly.” I was about to ask if he did as well but he continued. “Daddy won it, well most of it, in a competition.” He pointed to various bits of heavy training machinery. “But daddy thinks that most of it might be too much for me… he only lets me use some of it.”

He sat at the rowing machine and gave a few pulls, then got up and let me try. As I stretched my shorts rode up showing him my pull-ups and he could see the cartoon character on the front.

“I’ve got some like those,” he smiled, “mummy thinks they look cute.” I nodded as I tried to make the ‘rowing’ look easy but I soon tired of that game.

We snuggled up on one of the sofas and turned on the TV, it was tuned into a sports channel and was showing some European soccer. Kenny was interested so, even though I wasn’t, I curled up close to him and we watched until we were called to dinner.


After the meal Mrs Morrison turned on the computer, they had it hooked up to the TV in their living room and started to show me some of the fantastic photographs that were taken on our trip to the lake. Mrs Morrison was very funny with some of her comments and we had to keep going back to certain shots because we’d missed them with laughing so much. I wanted copies of everything, yes even the ones of us in our diapers and rubber pants – Mrs Morrison called us ‘The Protection Boys’ and had done a sequence of images and short video clips, which she’d made up a story for – we were investigating ‘The Disappearance of… the Fish.” The way Kenny was laughing, hiding in embarrassment, and squealing with delight I guessed he hadn’t seen this version before and I was so happy to be included in the Morrison family photo album.

We watched it twice more and were in equal fits of laughter each time, it was very funny and loads better than the DVD we’d had at my house. Mrs Morrison was giggling as much as we were and I marvelled at how inventive she was to come up with such a fantastic idea.

Time just seemed to shoot by and before we knew it it was time for bed. I could have sat and watched it again but as I got up Mrs Morrison handed me a silver disc. She’d written on it in marker pen; ‘The Lake and the Strange Case of the Disappearing Fish’ starring Simon Hudson… I held it for a few seconds in wonder, not really believing I had a copy of my own… then excitedly hugged her tightly in thanks.


After we’d washed and brushed our teeth we returned to Kenny’s bedroom. I was half expecting to see his bed festooned with diapers and stuff, or at least his mother there to make sure we were well padded for the night but… no. Kenny stripped off down to his briefs, so I stripped off down to my pull-ups and we stood looking at each other. Kenny said that he thought I looked really good in the rubber pants at the lake and wondered if I liked them as well. I nodded.

His mother tapped on the door and asked quietly if we boys needed any help? “No thanks mummy… we can do it ourselves.” He said as he looked straight into my eyes.

“OK then, good night boys.” We chorused a return good night. “Don’t stay up too long and I’ll check on you when I go to bed.”

“Thanks mummy… good night.” He moved over to his closet and pulled out two disposable diapers. He nodded at my pull-ups as if to say it was time to lose them and I slowly shimmied them down. He lay out a waterproof mat and indicated for me to lie out, which I did. He got some oils and lotions and, as if I was a baby, rubbed everything in and around my penis. It reacted but Kenny took no notice and continued making sure I was well moisturized before applying the powder. Once he was happy, and I was trying not to giggle or be too embarrassed about my slightly stiff penis he fastened me into the double diapers, pulling at the tapes tightly to make sure I was held in a diaper embrace. He then went and collected a couple of pairs of rubber pants. He pushed my feet into the air and fitted me into one of them. I assumed the other was for him but I was wrong. This first pair was small and pulling them up to my waist they gripped me and everything very tightly. He then quickly slid the other pair over them so I was very bulky and snug. Well perhaps snug isn’t the correct word but I certainly wasn’t going to be running anywhere soon.


He stood back and gauged his work before going to the closet and getting out a onesie I hadn’t seen before. It was made of shiny nylon, actually, it was made from the same material auntie had made the ‘special’ quilted diapers from, and it looked very new and glossy. It was pink, Kenny’s favourite color, with blue cuffs. He guided it over my head, fed my arms through and fastened the pop studs between my legs. I thought I looked like a very bulky shiny doll but the look of happiness on Kenny’s face told me he liked what he saw. He bent down and kissed me slightly on the lips and pulled me to my feet.

“Do you like it?” His smile told me even more. “You look fantastic.” He murmured.

I looked in the mirror and, although at first I wasn’t too sure, as Kenny stroked his hand over the silky fabric and across my padded bottom, I began to enjoy the attention and, if I was honest, quite liked the reflection.

Kenny walked over to his closet and said, “Right, your turn.” I looked a bit quizzically at him. “You can use anything in here… you just dress me as you’d like to see me.” And with that he pulled off his briefs, and, ever tidy, placed them in his wash basket, and stood naked waiting for me to make my move.

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 14

Chapter 16

Kenny Part 14

This story is written by Les Lea

The blanket was set out in front of the TV, as were a couple of pillows and our teddy bears. It was like being a toddler again and I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the way auntie had thought of everything. We watched TV for a while lying on our tummies and occasionally hugged the pillows, teddy’s or each other depending on what was happening on screen. We laughed, shouted and cried as the animated movie led us into an emotional response. Auntie hugged us both when our sentiments got the better of us and we were sobbing uncontrollably because of some toy that couldn’t find its way home. She called us her “sweet boys” and held us until we calmed down and were laughing at one of the other toys that had said something funny.

Auntie said that from her point of view, sitting on the sofa, our pink and green shiny padded bottoms were bouncing up and down as we laughed, and that looked as funny as what was happening on the screen. Again we had cookies but this time she asked us if we wanted a cup or a bottle to drink from. I wanted to say cup but Kenny passionately shouted “bottle” in a tone that can only be described as ‘toddler tantrum-ish’ before he laughed and we both realised he was just playing a part. So, it was bottles again for us as we continued to watch TV.

At some point we left the blanket and went to sit either side of auntie on the sofa. She put her arms around us and drew us into her warm body and we settled in her comforting embrace. Still sucking on our bottles it all felt rather nice and soothing as she stroked our padded bums and cuddled us tightly. Auntie seemed very happy… and so were we.


Kenny, clutched close to auntie’s warm bosom, fell asleep sucking his thumb, no wonder he dropped off so quickly.

“He looks so cute.” She said looking at him, “He really is a very extraordinary boy.”

I wriggled in my diaper. I was proud that auntie thought that way but, for a brief second I was jealous of her attention straying away from me. She sighed and looked at me.

“You are both a picture. Handsome, good-natured,” she must have noticed my relieved smile as she said this, “sweet and loving. You are the perfect boys for each other.”

I wriggled more in my diaper but this time in satisfaction. Auntie had confirmed, as she had done on many occasions, what I thought, Kenny was special and the fact that she thought we were special together made me very happy. Yes that wriggle was full of happiness and contentment.


Auntie’s face suddenly got serious. “Are you happy Si?”

At that moment I was very happy but I could tell there was more to the question… and I was right.

“Are you happy with all… this?” She said indicating my diaper. “I know Kenny loves it… but do you?

I nodded and she looked relieved. “I only ask because, well, I didn’t want you to do things because you thought you had to.” She looked a bit anxious as she searched for the right words. “I can get carried away. I love seeing you both in your little outfits, it reminds me of a very happy time for me when you were very young but… well… it isn’t for everyone. I’m sure Jake wouldn’t want what you and Kenny have,” she was still trying to find the right words, “but you and Kenny bring out the ‘mother’ in me… and… I hope that isn’t too scary.” She sort of smiled but it wasn’t quite a smile, it was like a question.

She was obviously worried about something, although I didn’t really know why as both my best friend and I loved being who we were. We loved the diapers, we loved the protecting pants, we loved the onesies, we loved the fact that auntie had let us play as we wanted to play, unrestricted and without any one judging us. Yes we were both happy… we loved the love. I hope the huge hug I gave her was answer enough as I didn’t quite know how to put my feelings into words at that moment. She seemed relieved.


The phone rang and auntie had to get up to answer it waking Kenny in the process. Sleepily he crawled over to me and rested his head in my lap, put his thumb back in to his mouth and snuggled down once again. I’m sure if no one woke him he’d sleep forever. Unconsciously, I stroked Kenny’s fine blond hair as he rested his head on my shiny quilted diaper and waited for auntie to return. I could hear a little of what was being said but not everything.

“That was Kenny’s mum,” she told me seeing how he was too sleepy to talk to, “I’m afraid she’ll be over to collect him early tomorrow morning… about 8… as she has had a change to her work schedule. Sorry.”

I was sad but we’d had a terrific time so far and I knew that Mrs Morrison’s job was important so I shrugged my shoulders because I knew there was nothing I could do about it.

As Kenny was almost asleep anyway auntie took us to my room and put us to bed. Kenny was too drowsy to respond to her ‘night-night’ kiss but I kissed and hugged her tightly so she knew that I loved her. There was a slight sniffle from her when she turned out the light.


I think Kenny was already dead to the world as I wrapped my arms around him and felt our slippery, silky diapers brush up against each other. I liked the feeling. I rubbed up against the back of his diaper and, although the thick padding made the sensation less, I could still get some feeling that was having an effect inside my padding. I hugged him and using my hips, continued to rub up against him for ages. My fingers were gripping the front of his diaper as my movements got more and more forceful when suddenly there was an intense feeling in my diaper. I felt hot, I wondered if I’d peed myself but it wasn’t that type of feeling, and I wondered what had happened. It was strange but I’d liked it and wondered if I could make it happen again. However, before I could I fell asleep cuddling my best friend.


I slept straight through and only woke up when auntie came in to rouse us and get Kenny ready for his mummy’s arrival. We were both very wet and we’d woken up in exactly the same position we’d fallen asleep in; me clutching the front of his diaper. Drowsily, Kenny wondered why the hurry so auntie explained about the phone call. Eventually it sunk in and he stumbled towards the bathroom, his thick and filled diaper making his progress more of a crinkly waddle than a glide. I giggled at him and he challenged me to see if I could do any better. We both looked like huge, colorful babies, trying to walk for the first time (well perhaps we weren’t that bad but it was funny to pretend how difficult it was).

We ripped open the Velcro (the sound was very loud… but fun to make) and the soggy mass of our stuffed diapers sagged dangerously low, eventually, the weight made them slip down our legs and gather on the floor. Auntie had already set the shower so we climbed in together and let the spray clean all the night time mess from our bodies.

Auntie was making us some breakfast so left us to get ourselves ready. I assumed that, to go home in, Kenny would just put on his briefs, shorts, t-shirt and jumper but he still wanted to wear his new diaper. So, slipped on a disposable, Velcro’d himself tightly in and pulled up his shorts. I could tell he was padded but as always he looked fine. I followed suit but couldn’t decide which shorts to wear. Kenny said I looked fantastic as I was so, I didn’t bother with anything else other than a t-shirt and we ambled off to the kitchen for something to eat.

Kenny’s mummy arrived right on 8. Kenny thanked auntie a hundred times as she had folded up the matching shirt and shorts that she’d made and placed them in his backpack. She was also very pleased that he’d wanted to wear the quilted diaper to go home in and patted his bum as he waved his goodbyes. Standing at the door I waved them both off but I’m not sure what Mrs Morrison thought of my outfit. What she could see was the t-shirt and a bit of my shiny pale green quilted diaper hanging down, I don’t think I was revealing too much but I wondered what Kenny would tell his mummy about the present auntie had made for us both.


Back inside auntie smiled and said “You are a very lucky boy Si.” I beamed back a smile that I hoped said ‘I know’ and toddled off to my room as she went about cleaning up the house ready for mum’s return.

I felt pretty ashamed because, all the time Kenny had been with me, I don’t think I’d given mum’s trip much thought. Now, as auntie dusted and vacuumed and I was told to clean up my room, I began to worry that things might be about to change.

Once again I bugged auntie with questions about mum’s intentions but she simply said she didn’t know. No matter what I asked, or how I phrased it, the answer was the same “Wait until your mother gets home and she’ll answer all your questions.”

I’d gotten used to just wearing a diaper around the house and I found it comfortable, even with the thickness between my legs, to carry on as normal. However, in preparation for when Jake returned home I pulled on a pair of shorts to hide my new present. I suspect that auntie was correct in that he wouldn’t want anything similar but, I didn’t want him to ask awkward question just in case she hadn’t made anything for him.


Jake came bounding into my room just as I was face down on my bed starting to rub myself against the mattress and trying to get that ‘special’ sensation again.

“Whatcha doing?”

Why his innocent question should suddenly fill me with guilt I have no idea but I quickly got up and shouted at him “Don’t you ever knock?”

He looked surprised at my outburst and the look of enthusiasm on his face suddenly faded away. He looked down at his feet in embarrassment and mumbled. “Erm… er… sorry.” Now I felt even more guilty.

I was unaware that he’d just arrived home, was obviously wanting to tell me about his sleepover and here I was being Mr Grumpy. My temper quickly evaporated as I realised I was in the wrong and in a quieter voice I meekly asked him to knock before he came in. I said I might be wrapping up a present for him and I’d want it to be a surprise. His eyes lit up at the thought of a present and soon he had joined me on the bed and we had a bit of a tickling play fight. Shortly after we were both giggling as he told me about his couple of nights away.


He didn’t appear to notice the padding in my shorts, and if he did he probably thought nothing of it as I often wore such stuff for school. Not every day but sometimes, especially if Kenny was wearing his. Besides, his pirate mates had seen my protection at close quarters and that hadn’t caused any great reaction, well, apart from Adam. Oh Adam. The thought of him came flooding back into my mind and I saw us trading places; me poking a stick at his grey school shorts that were revealing some pink padded plastic pants and him smiling knowingly.

“Erm… did Adam and Louis enjoy it as well?” I’d interrupted him while he was in full flow about the treehouse that Jeremy’s father had built.

“They weren’t invited.” I knew that but I wanted to talk about Adam again but Jake totally ignored my question and carried on about how sleeping up in a treehouse, when it was pouring down, had been so much fun.

“The water was dripping through onto our sleeping bags,” he laughed at the thought, “so we all had to huddle together in a corner.”

I was a bit sad that my Adam reference hadn’t produced some further news on him but Jake was in full flow.

“Tim was only wearing his boxers so,” he leant in as if including me in some kind of conspiracy. “We pantsed him… and threw his boxers into the garden.” His face lit up in glee. “He was running around bare and telling us what horrible people we were… but we just laughed. He sat in the corner pulling down his t-shirt trying to hide himself… it was so funnnny.”

“Did he get his clothes back?”

“Yup… when the rain stopped I climbed down the ladder and got them for him… they were soaked… but he still had to put them on.”

He told me loads more about Jeremy’s house and family and wondered if I knew his sister Kelly, who was the same age as me, but I didn’t. I wasn’t even sure if I knew Jeremy but Jake said he’d point out the rest of the gang, and Tim in particular, the next day at school.


It was getting late and mum still wasn’t home and I began to worry if things were alright. I asked auntie what time she was expected but auntie said that airlines were notorious for being late and not to worry she’d be home as soon as she could.

“She’ll be missing you two as much as you’re missing her,” she said by way of putting my mind at rest.

I knew this was the case but my head was filled with the possibility that mum might come home with the news that we were moving. I got a strange shudder through my body as I thought that and that worried me. I didn’t want to leave Oakland. I didn’t want to leave Kenny, What about auntie… would she be coming with us? I was full of apprehension and didn’t want to go to sleep until I’d heard from mum about what we were doing.

With school being the following day auntie insisted we went to bed at a decent time. She’d already tucked in Jake as I was changing out of my shorts and diaper. I put my new quilted diaper away with my special shirt and shorts and looked at the shelves of diapers and stuff that now had overtaken my closet. I played with the idea of slipping on a pair of my pull-ups with the racing car on the front but in the end, by way of change from the rest of the weekend, I decided I wasn’t going to wear a diaper at all, just my silky, Disney boxer shorts.

Auntie came in just as I’d climbed into bed. She tucked me in and I asked her if she’d wake me up when mum came in. She kissed me on the forehead, said not to worry and that she was sure she’d be home soon and able to tell me everything at breakfast.


I was still worried but found my mind wandering back to Adam. The image of him in the pink pants and diaper flooded into my head and I couldn’t shake that thought. It was all the more impressive because that was now all he was wearing. His school shorts had disappeared and he was dressed like me and Kenny had been all weekend wearing nothing but a diaper and protecting pants. He looked fantastic. I was caressing the full plastic and he was enjoying it and asking where mine was. I hadn’t realised that I was only wearing my white school briefs. Even in my imagination he seemed disappointed.

I rolled over onto my tummy and the pressure between me and the mattress made my penis begin to tingle again. I rubbed up and down, backwards and forwards as I thought about Adam and his slippery plastic pants that I was enjoying stroking; his padding making it all nice and tight. He was smiling and encouraging me so I continued to do what I’d done before. Like I had with Kenny I was now doing the same with Adam and rubbing myself furiously up against the back of his padding. I could imagine how wonderful the thickness and the slipperiness felt, especially as now, in my mind, I was wearing exactly the same padding as he was.

The feeling was building as I increased the timing and suddenly there was a much bigger explosion in my shorts… so much so that I think I cried out. It was far more intense than when I’d done it wearing diapers, or even wearing my plastic pants, my boxers felt damp and… I’m not sure… slimy. I turned over onto my back and felt in my boxers and wondered what I’d done but the sensation had sent a powerful thrill through my body, although my hand was covered in this… this… mess. Perhaps not wearing pull-ups was a mistake and all this gooey stuff might need something to soak it up or have somewhere to go? However, I was worn out and before I had time to check anything… my mind had been cleared of everything except the need to sleep and I just drifted off.


During the night I heard my bedroom door close and could hear distant voices. I assumed mum was home and that she had come in to check that all was well with her sons. I drifted back to sleep thinking I could also hear crying… but I might have been mistaken… it could have been part of the interrupted dream I was having about Adam.

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 13

Chapter 15

Kenny Part 13

This story is written by Les Lea

I woke up first. Kenny was still fast asleep but lying on his back with his thumb in his mouth, he looked wonderful. I can never really get over just how good-looking he is even when he’s asleep, just how innocent and childish he appears. Of course, this image was magnified several times by the fact that the sheet was barely covering him and his bulky protection, pulled tight by the pale yellow onesie, together with the stuffed bear, made him look like a lovely big baby. Here was my friend, in all his immaculate glory, displayed for just my eyes. I can’t tell you how much I prized the fact that he was here, was my friend, who looked beautiful and just how much… I loved him.

I’d woken up a couple of times during the night desperate for a pee but, with the disposables in place and the plastic pants hugging me tightly, I felt happy to just let things go. Kenny seemed to sleep straight through and if he peed, did so quite naturally in his diaper. I’d cuddled and been cuddled by Kenny and having the sound of your best friend’s gentle breathing in your ear is a strange but wonderful experience. Just before we’d dropped off we’d looked into each other’s eyes and appeared to make the same decision at the same time… we kissed each other softly on the lips. It wasn’t like one of those long kisses you see at the movies, or even the ones that get reserved for visiting relations… it was just a soft brush of our lips. However, this was another marvel that had thrilled my entire body and the smile on Kenny’s face, before his eyes drowsily closed, told me he felt the same.

Now, gazing at my best friend, amazed at how fantastic the night had been, and how unexpected it was that auntie had been so supportive and encouraging. I leant in and kissed my sleepy chum again softly on the cheek. I let my hand roam, slowly running my hand down his body and ending up gently stroking his flat tummy. The way the fabric was forced out by the bulk of his diaper was very apparent and I marvelled how brilliant it all looked as I lightly caressed the bulge in his onesie… my onesie. It appeared much thicker than before so I assumed he was wet but had slept on unperturbed by such an occurrence. The cotton fabric slid quietly against the thick rubber pants underneath and I imagined that in his dreams he would know I was there touching him, kissing him and I suppose… worshipping him.


As I touched that soaked mound I began to think again about auntie. She had accepted, and anticipated, many of the things that Kenny had come to take for granted. She had known he liked to be pampered and had taken charge of the situation. When it had happened between just auntie and me she had taken the lead then and… well… I had quickly enjoyed that new situation. I was finding it difficult to know how auntie knew. What sort of signals, if any, I’d sent out and just how much I’d told her that I didn’t remember telling her. I was confused. I was also very glad that Kenny and I had had this experience together, in my house. It was all very well me being treated as Kenny was by his mummy and daddy up at the lake, I suppose it was just accepted, but here, in my own home, this was unexpected. I began to think that auntie must have special powers and that she could read our minds and desires. I had an auntie with superpowers!

Whilst all this was running around my head and my fingers were stroking Kenny’s bare legs, and secretly fondling the rubber pants that were showing, I realised that without any coaxing I’d wet myself again. The only reason I became aware of what I’d done was when I sensed warmness around my penis. I was surprised at how easily it had happened but I was watching as Kenny’s eyes began to flutter and he was slowly drawn from the depths of sleep. My face was right up to his and he smiled and leant forward and kissed me.

“Morning” My hand was still on his bulge and in all truth I didn’t want to move it. “I’m wet,” he reached across and stroked the front of my swelling lump, “are you?”

“Mmm, yes. I think the chocolate milk may have been responsible.” We made no attempt to do anything about our sodden situation as we lay together and chatted about, would you believe, our teddy bears?


It was interesting that he still had all his and rarely did he go to sleep at home without at least one of them being with him. Clarence was his favourite and had been given to him at birth by his grandparents. Over the years he had ‘adopted’ many other stuffed animals and, he said, he liked that they had all found somewhere safe to live… in his bedroom. I told him about Barney, and held him up so he knew who I was talking about and explained how when I was young he was always in my crib or later in my bed. However, at one point, when Jake was being particularly crabby I’d offered my bear to try and stop him from crying. It worked but after that he disappeared from my bed and my baby brother wouldn’t go to sleep without him. So, although he was nearby, he had found another place to sleep and I just had to get used to ‘growing up’

We could hear the rain pattering on the window and a quick look showed that we weren’t going to be playing out much. Even though we were both soaked, and walked with our legs spread wide, neither of us was in a rush to get changed. In fact, I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to change as auntie hadn’t said that we could. She hadn’t said that we couldn’t either so we just played around in my room, laughing and enjoying ourselves until she came to sort things out.

The onesies were keeping everything in place so there was no sagging and the dampness didn’t actually stop us from doing anything, therefore, we just carried on.


Auntie came into my room all smiles and armed with wipes and powder. “How are the two cutest boys in the world today?”

We looked up from what we were doing; playing with a couple of toy cars on the carpet and pretending we were racing them around the room.

“I suspect you both need changing,” she looked from me to Kenny, “so who’s going first?”

Kenny jumped to his feet and, as best as he could, waddled over to the bed where she was waiting. She un-popped the studs between his legs and the onesie instantly sprung back from the diaper and rested on his tummy. She looked at the swollen size of his diaper.

“My, you are wet,” she eased down his rubber pants, “let’s get you clean and dry.”

His diaper was bloated; I suppose that was as a result of the thick extra padding being so absorbent and as auntie unpinned him it flopped down onto the carpet. She’d already spread a plastic cover on the bed and got Kenny to lie out on it as she set about cleaning him up.

“Well boys, the weather isn’t very good today… so going out might not be a good idea.” She carried on wiping and applying lotion to Kenny who was thoroughly enjoying the process, giggling and having fun. “So, what do you want to do?” She waited for a response. “I plan on taking you to the mall for lunch, if you’d like that, and we can do a bit of window shopping, or you can spend some time in the arcade.”

All of this sounded terrific and both Kenny and I were excited at the prospect. I could tell auntie had something else on her mind but she wasn’t telling. Once Kenny was all clean, she tightly fastened him into a disposable and then called me over for my turn. Again he lay next to me as I was cleaned, oiled and powdered and I was also put into a tight fitting disposable.


I was definitely not going to the mall dressed like this and said so. Auntie looked shocked. “No, no,” she laughed, “this is only for you boys to play around in until we get ready for lunch. I didn’t want you both to get a diaper rash and I’m sure you’ll feel more comfortable in your fresh diapers.” Kenny thanked auntie and I could do nothing more than agree as we went to the kitchen for some breakfast.

It was really strange sitting at the table wearing nothing but a diaper but, as usual, Kenny seemed oblivious to it being anything other than normal. Once we’d finished our food we went and cleaned our teeth and returned to the game in my room. Meanwhile, we could hear auntie on her machine working furiously on her latest project.

It is amazing how rapidly ‘strange’ becomes ‘normal’ and the fact that we were only wearing diapers around the house didn’t matter. Partly because seeing Kenny dressed like that was, for me, ‘fantastic’ he looked the part of an eager little kid enjoying his freedom, running around and not caring about what he looked like. His attitude was infectious and pretty soon we were both playing without a care in the world. Every now and then auntie would check in on us or slip her finger under the leg band to see if we needed changing, but all was well. However, just before lunchtime she came in and Kenny was wet. I wasn’t but oddly enough, as soon as I knew he was… I started to pee myself. I could feel I needed to do more but definitely didn’t want to do that in my diaper for auntie to clean up so rushed to the bathroom.


I was in there a few minutes and once I’d flushed I climbed under the shower to clean myself up. When I returned to my bedroom, still drying myself, I noticed that Kenny was just being fastened into a new piece of clothing. It was bright pink, thick and had Velcro at the sides. Auntie was making sure that it covered his fresh, clean disposable as she fastened it firmly around his hips.

Auntie looked over to me. “What do you think?”

I was astonished. It looked like a shiny plastic diaper cover but thicker than a pair of pants. I went over and checked it out as it hung on Kenny’s slim body.

Auntie explained, “It’s layer upon layer of plastic, nylon and padding, all sewn together to make a nice thick quilted area,” She showed me the Velcro tabs, “and these can be moved along this thick band of Velcro.” A piece of Velcro was sewn along the width of the front flap which the flaps attached themselves to. She showed us how to undo and redo it with a ripping sound, “So you can accommodate whatever you want to wear beneath.”

I noticed on one of the Velcro flaps that she’d pulled tightly around to fasten on either side of Kenny’s hips, had his name embroidered. I have to say I was very impressed. They looked completely different to anything I’d worn before and Kenny was saying how ‘fantastic’ they were and how ‘fantastic’ they felt to wear and how he’d never had such a ‘fantastic’ diaper before.


Obviously, this was the thing that she’d been working so hard on. I could see that there was another on the bed so I assumed she’d also made me one. Mine was shiny pale green. It was exactly the same and after fitting me into a clean disposable, auntie fastened me into it. Running my hands over it was quite luxurious; the shiny satiny material was thick but not so thick that it made walking difficult. Indeed, the softness and thickness made it really nice to wear, even if it did crinkle as you walked. The interior of it was plastic so I assumed that was to make them waterproof and when they were secured into place they looked expensive and very appealing. I noticed that she had also embroidered my name on mine and I couldn’t help but feel that Kenny and I were very special boys indeed.

Auntie had us both stand up and walk around a bit to see that it all hung nicely as she tucked and tested her creations.

Auntie beamed at us both, “Something special, for two special friends.”

The quilted softness looked bulky but didn’t actually feel it, and I think Kenny particularly enjoyed the noise they made as he walked about. Auntie wasn’t done. She produced a matching shirt and shorts for each item. Kenny’s was a pink shirt with green shorts and mine was a green shirt with pink shorts, she was keen to tell us we could then ‘mix ‘n’ match’ the look with each other as we wanted.

Kenny was very, very happy and was admiring the new outfit in the mirror. I loved the shininess of the diaper cover reflected on Kenny and he was full of admiration for mine. He was also full of praise for auntie and we both couldn’t stop kissing and thanking her as she told us that it was time to give them their first outing at the mall.


Our shorts and shirt weren’t made out of the same material, just the same color, which was a shame as I really liked the shiny material but perhaps that might have drawn too much attention to our new diapers underneath. The shiny material hugging us tightly didn’t appear so pronounced, although, because we knew, we could tell that we had our wonderful, colorful protection in place.

Auntie seemed really proud that she had two such polite, good-looking, well turned out boys in her charge (he words) and told us later that we were both getting very admiring looks. We felt very proud and I was thinking how incredible auntie had been to go to all that trouble to make something so special for me and my best friend.

We had chicken nuggets and milkshakes for lunch and wandered around the mall for an hour checking out the latest toys. We even got some money to spend in the arcade but all the video games we wanted to play had older, bigger boys using them so after just a few minutes, we returned home.

On the way home it became evident that Kenny had filled his diaper but on this occasion I remained dry. When we got in auntie stripped him out of his clothes and checked to see if the new waterproof cover had done the job it had been designed for… it had. She cleaned him up and again just replaced everything with a thick double disposable and sent him off to play. She checked me and said it would be best for me to take off my ‘special’ outfit so I too was left running around in just my disposable.


As we ran around in our diapers we noticed that the clouds had lifted and the sun was coming out. I grabbed my gumboots and mum’s for Kenny to wear and stood at the kitchen door deciding whether to go out or not. I’m sure we made quite a sight; two ten year-old boys dressed in nothing but gumboots and diapers, wondering if it was a good idea to go out dressed in such a way. In the end Kenny made a dash for a huge puddle in the back garden and immediately started to splash around in it.

He was like a two year-old who had just been allowed out of the house for the very first time and urged me to join him in this wild water fun. We jumped from puddle to puddle, kicking dirty water as we went and laughing at the mess we were making on our clean, white diapers. It probably would have been wiser to have worn some rubber pants but the dirty rainwater just got soaked up into the fabric making them saturated very quickly. We even kicked off our boots and was running and splashing around in our bare feet. Meanwhile, the weight of the water was dragging our disposables down but as the game continued, we just weren’t bothered. I noticed auntie standing at the kitchen window laughing at our antics and I wondered if she wanted to join in.

I’m sure grown-ups aren’t allowed to have this type of fun but she appeared happy that we were. I bet she was also pleased that we’d taken off the special outfits she’d made otherwise they would have been in a real state by the time we calmed down. At one point Kenny tripped over the loose boots and ended up face down in a puddle. He laughed and sat up and splashed himself even more.

There was a small wooden fence that ran along our property and we both bent over it and saw that the rain had formed a little stream. We put blades of grass on it to see whose would go the furthest or the quickest. We dug channels to make even more water drain into our stream to make the water flow faster. This was a terrific game and pretty soon we were watching bigger twigs surge down the rapidly growing river. It never bothered us we were sitting in mud in our diapers until we were called by auntie. She took a long look at us, made us wait at the door before making a decision – a minute later she began hosing us down in the back garden.


We squealed and giggled as the cold water removed most of the mud and our dirty disposables fell apart in a sodden mass before slopping to the ground. It was fun but the water was cold so, when she’d been able to remove most of the dirt auntie wrapped a couple of old towels around us and sent us off to the bathroom. Thankfully, she had anticipated our condition and there was a nice warm, foamy bath to greet our chattering teeth. Naked, we both climbed in and auntie told us to soak for a bit to get our temperature back but, she added, she wanted us both ‘super clean’ when we got out.

The water was lovely and both Kenny and I lay there happy. We’d had a fun time and this was nice and relaxing, it looked like auntie had used some of her lavender bubble bath as it all smelled nice as well. There was a little bit of mud still on Kenny’s face so I got the sponge and gently dabbed it away. After that I did the same to the rest of his body and he did the same to me. All the time I had the tingly feeling running throughout my body but especially in my penis.

I sunk under the water and opened my eyes. It seemed a completely different world. There was nothing but a dull sound, the image was slightly blurry but I was looking at my naked friend. I had seen Kenny with no clothes many times before but for some reason this appeared completely different so I reached out and touched his penis. I softly stroked it for a few seconds before his hands found me and pulled me back to the surface.

“Gosh,” he said smiling and with bubbles forming a white beard, “you can hold your breath for a long time.”

He quickly kissed me but immediately we were having a contest to see who could hold the breath underwater the longest.


I don’t think I’ve ever been so clean the number of washes I’d had that day and it still wasn’t that late. Eventually auntie came back and dried us. However, the clouds had gathered again and she suggested that we all have a nice easy night watching TV. As she rubbed us dry she said that as we weren’t going out, and although it was only about 6pm, we might as well get ready for bed so that we didn’t have to change twice. It seemed a sensible idea and Kenny asked if he could wear his new shiny diaper, which auntie was happy about. So, we ended up back in my room but this time, as she powdered Kenny’s bottom, it was my turn to help out – I rubbed with delight.

It was really nice the way auntie made everything a game and so enjoyable. We were chuckling all the time and pretty soon we were wearing disposables, with thick absorbent pads inside and our fantastic, new, shiny, waterproof diaper cover over it all. I grabbed a couple of white t-shirts from my draw and looking in the mirror at our joint reflection we both thought we looked ‘fantastic’. We hugged each other tightly, jumped up and down in our excitement and again just couldn’t believe how lucky we both were.

Since Kenny had introduced me to diapers and plastic pants I’d had a fondness for wearing the plastic pants more, they gave me a strange feeling and I loved to touch them. As I caressed Kenny’s shiny new pants I decided that there was nothing nicer in the world and I couldn’t wait to be sleeping next to my chum whilst we both wriggled about in this ‘auntie inspired’ quilted luxury.

This story is written by Les Lea

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