Babyfur Comic: (Mad) Doctor Ato’s Crinkle-Along Blog

(Mad) Doctor Ato's Crinkle-Along Blog

Ato is trying to test some new upgrades for her Caretaking Robot K.1.T.T.3.N. she even dragged her younger baby sister Ail to help test out.

Unfortunately for Ato. K.1.T.T.3.N. seems to think she qualifies for a baby as well.

I’m sure after a good nap and a diaper change she’ll be back on the drawing board with another revision.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to PaddedUlf and leonxiii

Draw and above text by Neko_Neko_Diamata


Seems like Ato have made some terrible miss configuration on the Caretaking Robot K.1.T.T.3.N  :(

But it seems like Ato is filling the role as baby very well. She have already put here diaper to some good use.

I hope that we are going to see a new page of this comic. Should be nice and fun to see what is going to happen next whit here. I sure think its going to be even more blushing moment for Ato :(



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