Billy’s Fault – Epilogue

This story is written by Les Lea

The following morning a very timid Aaron appeared back at the Southall’s, any hope that his parents might re-think his punishment permanently banished from his head.

When he’d got home all he could see were reminders of the ‘timetable’ pinned up around the house so he was under no illusion that his situation had not changed. However, his mother Julia had taken on board what Lizzie had said about his attitude changing once she’d disciplined him. So, after his bath, but before his night time nappy was applied, she instructed his father to make sure Lizzie never had a problem with his defiance again.

A severe spanking was given until he pleaded with them to stop and promised to be on his best behaviour… ALL THE TIME. Whilst his father spanked him Julia gave instructions on how his behaviour was to change and, with the enforcement of constantly reminding him of his baby status, made sure that’s what he begged for before it his current punishment would stop.

They extracted a promise to be civil and helpful to everyone at the Southall’s, he had to beg to be put into his nappy and plastic pants and from that point on he was to call them mummy and daddy at all times.

So, once she’d extracted all these promises her contrite little boy asked in a soft whimper to be put into his night time nappy. Julia made sure that his groin was covered in a new warming balm (to help with the smarting bottom he was enduring), a well stuffed nappy and heavy thick rubber pants.

Aaron cried throughout all these proceedings but eventually knew that unless he complied with everything he was being told, this same, and perhaps worse, punishment would continue night after night… and he wanted to avoid that at all costs.

The following morning a de-pubed and very regretful little baby Aaron was put into clothes he would now wear for ‘summer camp’ – it was a much thicker nappy and tighter baby-print plastic pants. He was ashamed of what he looked like but had been told to apologise to Lizzie for her having to discipline him and give a loud, firm and public promise to be helpful and obedient to whatever she demanded.

He now knew what Davey and Billy had been through and the sudden realisation by Mitch that he would be next if he didn’t behave had a very cooling effect on his future attitude.

All the boys had lost their pubic hair and each had been given a special baby pink ‘Summer Camp’ t-shirt with their name and cartoon animal under it. Matching shorts were allowed when they went out anywhere, offering a modicum of coverage and the girls often took them into town shopping with them and on picnic treats to the park or somewhere different.

However, one problem kept springing up; the boys would often got excited when being changed, their eleven year old bodies developing even if they were treated as toddlers.

Meanwhile, Edward Swinton had kept the supply of ‘healthy and rejuvenating drinks’ coming so ensuring that each boy would wet on a regular basis. All the parents just thought the boys had decided that, as they were treated as babies, and as they were already wearing nappies, they might just as well use them.

All the boys woke to sodden nappies so, whether it was Mr Swinton’s elixir, the pesky microbes or being comatose meant they had no chance of waking when the need arose, they were not going to be out of wearing night time protection for a long, long time.

When they occasionally messed themselves it was put down to that nasty bacterium having a final fling. Edward was just so happy that he could supply their parents with a never ending supply of new childish products.

When Lizzie had mentioned the boy’s erections to her mother, Sandra had asked the pharmacist if there was anything to be done. There were various things he could prescribe but, he thought as an act of even more theatre, perhaps the boys should wear chastity devices. Once he’d explained how they worked and that by locking the boys in and keeping the key, she would have even more control over what the boys did, she quite liked the idea.

Sandra discussed this with the other parents and, despite the men of the family’s not being keen, the end result was that it would happen. So, as the boys slept after being given a potent knockout drug, they were each equipped with a cunning, locked pink plastic device (which Mr Swinton recommended) where the mother would keep the key.

The pube-less boys were none too happy about this change in their last link to being big 6th graders but no tears or tantrums were allowed without severe repercussions, so they just had to put up with the frustration and lack of access.

They were warned that tampering with it would cause permanent damage as, sneakily, the plastic base slipped around their ball very easily but, should it be pulled forward in an attempt to remove it whilst still locked, there were pins that dug into the baser of the balls offering excruciating pain.

The boys only ever attempted such removal once.

The girls were a lot happier now their little penises had been contained and mentioned how much tidier things were now everything was restrained behind a cute piece of plastic engineering.

The boy’s padded bottoms could often be seen around town, which got the place talking about this unusual punishment. However, before too long the requests were coming in from many quarters for other children to be allowed access to the ‘Summer Camp’ or a tutorial on how to make it work on their kids.

Sandra was inundated with requests. It seemed that Edward Swinton had been correct, it was a very popular way of dealing with wayward boys and one that parents seemed keen to embrace.
Once school started, and a new term offered a new beginning the boys were eager to lose the trappings of babyhood. Unfortunately for them, such had been the conditioning and Mr Swinton’s special drinks, that none of the boys knew just when they would pee so they all suffered wet pants on that first day back.

The entire school now knew about their punishment and though they were glad it hadn’t happened to them, each grade was only too happy to take the piss out of the now constantly wearing ‘nappy boys’. In fact, their spontaneous leakage meant that their parents doubled the thickness to see them through the long school day. Bulky padding and slinky plastic pants greeted them every morning, whilst their school chums greeted them with baby taunts and laughter.

Their punishment saw no end soon.

For Billy things had changed from the beginning of the long school break. He no longer was the brash, annoying, loudmouth either at home or school. Once home he was quickly stripped out of his school uniform, a change of the inevitable wet nappy and placed back in his more juvenile attire. This is how his mother and sisters preferred to see him and in many ways it was how he liked to be.

This story is written by Les Lea

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