Subliminal Baby 2 Part 5

This story is written by Elfy

“All done?” Linda asked a few minutes later when she walked back to the kitchen table to see Steven impatiently waiting to be allowed out of his seat.

Steven didn’t reply and instead sat there grumpily whilst Linda moved the tray and helped Steven out of the toddler chair. He didn’t like this at all, being left alone with Linda and Ritchie could surely only spell problems for him. He could tell from the way that Linda looked at him that she hadn’t forgiven him. Steven knew he had to keep his eye out for trouble.

Linda walked with Steven into the living room and told the boy to sit on the couch along with Ritchie. She walked over to the television and put a DVD into the machine, the DVD that Ritchie chose looked like a film that would interest young teens. A fairly generic action film but it wasn’t important what they were watching, it was just meant to occupy the boy’s time.

Linda headed over and sat on the couch in between the two diapered boys. Ritchie quickly scooted over and laid his head in Linda’s lap, he showed how content he felt by letting out a deep sigh.

As the movie started, Steven stayed hunched over as far away from the other two people on the couch as he could get. There was a bigger problem quickly emerging for the younger brother. Steven’s tummy felt decidedly uneasy as he felt it lurching and rumbling. He quickly realised that this particular grumbling only meant one thing and that was his body letting him know the bathroom would be needed soon. Steven prayed that he could at least hold it until his Mom got home, having a messy accident at all was bad enough but doing it in front of Linda would be too much. He had to resist the urges his body was giving him to just fill his pants like a hopeless toddler.

As Linda and Ritchie sat together on the couch watching the film and laughing together, Steven was sat at the other end of the seat and was very tense as his body continually made rumbling sounds and it felt like his insides were twisting around. Steven didn’t get it… What had caused him to have such an upset digestive system all of a sudden?

Steven was so focused on his own body that he wasn’t really paying attention to either the film or either the other people around him. He wished his Mom would get home but also knew that she was going to be away for quite a while still.

“Looks like Steven really likes the film!” Linda said to Ritchie as he laid across her lap. She ruffled his hair as she spoke causing them both to laugh.

Hearing his name, Steven snapped back to reality and looked around to see his brother and Linda laughing at him. He didn’t really know what they had been saying so he gave a kind of half-hearted smile and looked away again. Steven had been staring straight ahead, his mind completed preoccupied and it must have looked like he was paying a lot of attention to the film.

Linda was loving this. She alone knew why Steven was so uncomfortable and the plans for what would happen soon. She grinned widely when she saw Steven wince slightly and hold his belly.

After another five minutes had passed, Steven was in real trouble. The pressure was now building inside him and he was finding it increasingly impossible to just ignore the fact that he was due for a bowel movement very soon. He found that moving was only exacerbating the problem and he could feel some sweat appearing on his forehead. A mixture of strain holding his bowels in and the fear of failure were causing him to grit his teeth tightly.

Linda was looking over at Steven with glee as she saw the huge amounts of laxatives she had given him taking effect. There was no way Steven would be able to last long, she could see him uncomfortably shifting in his seat already. The tell-tale crinkling underneath his onesie betraying how shifty he felt.

“Everything OK, Steven?” Linda asked. She did her best to have a look of concern on her face.

“Uh huh.” Steven grunted in response. He tried to smile but he knew it came off as more of a grimace.

“You don’t look OK…” Linda continued, “Are you sure?”

Steven considered telling Linda the truth. Maybe she would let him use the toilet, maybe she would be so much more forgiving than his Mom. He knew it would be endlessly embarrassing to admit he really needed the bathroom and ask for permission to do so but what was his alternative? To just sit there and let it inevitably happen? Messing his pants without saying anything would surely be worse. It would look like he didn’t know it was going to happen, it would look like he was just a baby who needed his diapers.

Almost on cue, as he considered what others would think of him using his diaper, Steven felt a twinge in his bladder and without much hesitation he allowed himself to relax a little and wet the front of his padding. He let out a deep sigh as the warmth splashed around his genitals. To his relief he also felt his internal pressure decrease slightly.

Steven tried not to make it too obvious that he was wetting himself but it was hard to act casual when doing such an unusual thing. He sincerely hoped it would lessen his need to poop enough that Linda would be gone by the time it happened.

“Oh, oh, oh!” Ritchie suddenly exclaimed. The sudden outburst distracted everyone in the room and they all turned to look at the young man.

“What’s wrong?” Linda asked. Suddenly her face was creased with real concern as compared with the fake concern she offered to Steven.

“Potty! I need the potty!” Ritchie shouted with wide eyes. His hands flew to his butt and it became clear that Steven wasn’t the only one in need of emptying his bowels.

“Oh God…” Linda murmured as she slowly and carefully removed Ritchie from her lap and stood up, “Wait right there, sweetie. I’ll be just two seconds!”

Linda ran out towards the stairs. Both boys could hear her sprinting up towards the nursery leaving Steven and Ritchie alone. There was an awkward silence that was only broken by both boys crinkling as they held their stomachs.

It was almost as if as soon as Ritchie made it clear that he needed to go number two, the extreme pressure and need suddenly built up for Steven again. Neither boy had anything to say to the other as both were uncomfortably rocking and engaged in their own internal battles.

Soon, the sound of feet on the stairs made both boys turn their heads to see Linda barrelling down the stairs with the plastic toddler toilet.

“Quickly!” Ritchie said through clenched teeth as he jumped from one foot to the other.

Linda hurriedly set the potty down in front of the couch and spun around to quickly unclip Ritchie’s onesie and lift it over his head. As Steven watched the struggle his brother and Linda were going through he felt gas escape from his rear end that he couldn’t stop. In all of the commotion no one noticed but Steven was teetering on the edge of soiling himself yet again.

With Ritchie’s onesie removed, Linda hastily ripped off the tapes of Ritchie’s clean diaper. Steven, through his own struggle, was immensely displeased to see that his brother’s diaper was completely clean and dry as it was thrown aside.

Ritchie hurriedly sat down on the potty and it wasn’t a moment too soon. Almost as soon as his rear end touched the plastic toddler seat Ritchie pushed down and started using it. Ritchie scrunched up his face as he pushed and the sound of his poop hitting the bottom of potty filled the room.

“Oh Ritchie, well done!” Linda clapped her hands and excitedly praised her boyfriend for using the potty correctly, “Your Mom will be so proud!”

Ritchie beamed at his girlfriend as he continued to use the potty. The tinkling sound of urine hitting the front of the potty joined in the sounds that Ritchie was making.

It was all too much for Steven. Watching someone going to the bathroom like that must have triggered something in Steven’s brain because he suddenly found it much harder to keep control.

Steven jumped off of the couch, he didn’t know where he thought he could go but he felt like he needed to get away from Linda and Ritchie before he humiliated himself.

“Please… No…” Steven gasped. He had barely taken two steps away from the couch when he felt a sharp cramp and was compelled to squat down in his diaper.

Squatting side on to Ritchie and Linda, he could see they were both watching him as a loud and embarrassing fart echoed around the room. By this point Ritchie was done but he, along with their babysitter, were staring open mouthed at Steven who could do nothing but close his eyes and try to forget where he was and what he was doing.

Following the fart there was a more muffled sound that preceded something altogether more solid and, for Steven, more miserable.

Steven was compelled to push down, his body betraying him and forcing him to ease its pain. Despite his brain screaming no, Steven felt his muscles simultaneously push and a sudden warm sticky feeling on the seat of his diaper. He squatted down so low he could almost feel his diaper hitting the ground.

The laxatives that Steven didn’t know he had been fed was taking effect and as soon as the excrement started pushing through his sphincter, he found it impossible to stop. He moaned slightly as he felt a hot rush of semi-solid poop push out into his diaper and spreading around as it looked for room to expand in to.

The rush of mess was interspersed with farts as Steven’s body pushed out everything he had. Steven was frozen to the spot as he felt the back of his diaper rapidly expanding. The feeling of mush ever expanding through his padding was horrible, any relief he felt from his body not hurting was immediately lost by the feelings on his skin.

Steven briefly opened his eyes to see Linda and Ritchie openly staring at him. He quickly turned his head away, he was unable to sustain their gaze. They knew what he was doing, as Ritchie successfully used the potty, Steven helplessly soiled his diaper. What a humiliating scene Steven found himself in. Could there be any more evidence of Steven being smaller and more pathetic than his brother than soiling himself right in front of him.

Linda moved her hand to her mouth to supposedly hide shock, but really it was hiding the huge smile that was rapidly creeping up her face. She couldn’t believe how well the laxative was working, she could hardly believe such a weedy, thin boy had this much shit in him.

Steven could feel that his torment was not over. He didn’t even try to stand up, he just pushed again to feel another torrent of hot, mushy poop seep into his packed diaper. He started becoming very worried about leaking, Steven had no idea where all of this was coming from but all he knew was his diaper was quickly becoming hazardous waste.

Steven attempted to stand and waddle his way towards somewhere private. He knew it was pointless, he knew that his brother and Linda were well aware of what he was doing but he had an almost instinctive urge to get somewhere private. As he moved he felt the heavy mass in his pants shift with him, it was horrible and it was miserable.

“Ugh…” Steven grunted and squatted again as tears began to silently roll down his face.

Steven was only mid-way to his squat position when his rear end felt like it literally exploded with a torrent of very liquid faeces. Any hope of salvaging any dignity rapidly disappeared as Steven’s butt made very loud noises whilst forcing out the flood of faeces.

To complete matters, Steven’s bladder let itself go again and he felt a warm wet feeling spread over his crotch. Steven finally felt like his horror was over. As his bladder trickled and then stopped, Steven felt a shudder go down his spine as his body finally relaxed. He felt like he had been through a war, his body was exhausted and his diaper was the as bad as he could imagine it being without it literally exploding everywhere.

His diaper was a disaster zone. The whole area of padding felt very used, the whole thing was coated in a thick sludge and Steven could barely believe the diaper had managed to hold it all. The diaper was so heavy that Steven could feel it sagging and he was sure that if the onesie was unsnapped that gravity would end up causing a huge mess.

Silence fell over the household as it took everyone a few moments to recover from the shock of what they had seen. Steven didn’t dare move, he just kept his eyes closed and begged for the world to end.

“Right…” Linda eventually said quietly. Even she was surprised by the ferocity of what she had just witnessed, “Ok. Ritchie, let’s get you cleaned up. Do you need my help or can you do it yourself?”

Ritchie wasn’t listening. He was staring at his younger brother in apparent disgust with what he just saw. His face was twisted in revulsion, his triumph of using the potty seemed to be amplified by the fact this his brother had completely humiliated himself like that.

“Ritchie?” Linda repeated to get the older boy’s attention, “Ritchie? Can you clean yourself or do you want help?”

“Huh?” Ritchie replied as he turned back to Linda. Realising he was still on the potty, his girlfriend’s word sunk in a few moments later, “Oh, erm… I can try.”

“OK, good boy.” Linda praised Ritchie as she helped him up from the seat, “You go to the bathroom and give it a go and I will be there in a minute, OK?”

Ritchie nodded and, still naked from the waist down, he walked out of the living room and up the stairs.

Linda picked up the used potty and placed it at the bottom of the stairs briefly before walking back over to where Steven was squatting. He had barely moved a muscle, he looked utterly miserable and his quiet sobs confirmed just how bad he felt.

“You really made a scene right there.” Linda said as she squatted down next to Steven.

“I… I…” Steven tried to talk but found his attempts were overcome by the huge sobs forcing their way out. The smell had begun seeping into the room now and to say it wasn’t pleasant would be an understatement.

“Why didn’t you ask for the potty like your brother?” Linda said softly. She made sure to sound friendly even though she couldn’t be happier with what happened.

“I…” Steven couldn’t answer the question. He had never really even considered asking for the potty. The thought that he could do anything except mess his diaper hadn’t crossed his mind.

“Well… What do we do next?” Linda asked. She reached down and patted Steven’s diaper. It was absolutely full. She could feel it bulging out, she was amazed, in all her years of babysitting she had never seen such a full diaper. Linda quickly withdrew her hand through fear that touching it too much would make it leak.

Steven winced when he felt Linda’s exploring hands but he didn’t dare leave the spot he was in. He felt disgusting.

“If you think I’m changing that diaper.” Linda leaned in close and almost whispered to Steven, “I’m afraid I have some bad news.”

Steven finally turned to face Linda. His face was a picture of horror and shock, had he heard her right? She was going to leave him in this filthy diaper?

“But… You can’t!” Steven almost shouted between sobs, “Please! Please change my diaper!”

Linda laughed at the pathetic request and stood up straight. She shook her head and showed Steven a mock crying face. She was savouring every moment of this, she wanted to be absolutely certain that Steven never tried anything like this again.

“I have to go make sure your older brother is OK.” Linda stated casually, “If you remove that diaper I will tell your Mom you were bad. If you try to change yourself I will take this diaper and tape it back on you. You are to remain off of the furniture, just sit on the floor and watch the film. Mommy should be home in half an hour or so.”

Linda turned on her heels and strode out of the room. She picked up the potty on the way and took it upstairs, leaving Steven completely alone in the living room.

Steven was more miserable than he had ever been before in his life. He couldn’t believe the mess he had got himself into both literally and figuratively. He wanted the ground to open up, all he could do was sob quietly as he slowly stood up.

Wincing the whole time, Steven straightened his knees and turned to face the TV. He reached down with his hands and patted the front and back of his diaper, it was just as bad as he had feared. A diaper full to bursting point.

Minutes passed in silence until the sound of footsteps on stairs signalled that Linda and Ritchie were returning. By now the sticky mess was beginning to cool down and Steven was almost certain he would end up with a rash. How long was Mom going to be? This was like torture!

“What a good boy Ritchie is!” Linda beamed as she looked at her freshly diapered boyfriend, “Not only did he use the potty like a big boy, he cleaned himself properly afterwards too!”

Ritchie beamed at Linda in evident pride. He had really started to feel like he was recovering in a major way and the proof was right in front of him. Steven was huddled over in discomfort, he was sobbing and his diaper was in a state of total disrepair. Ritchie had started to feel that smug superiority over his brother that he had always felt before this whole thing began.

It was a long half an hour for Steven. Every movement was hellish, every moment felt worse than the last one. Being left in such a state was awful. There was no way that Linda would leave an actual baby in a diaper this bad, why would she leave Steven in it? This was so unfair!

After a few minutes, Linda and Ritchie had decided Steven smelt too bad to be allowed in the house and he was ordered into the backyard. Steven had briefly felt like arguing but knew that it was both pointless and would only make his situation worse. With a nod of his head, the crying man turned and very carefully waddled out to the backyard. The laughter he heard from Ritchie and Linda, huddled together on the couch was like salt in his wounds.

This story is written by Elfy

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