Blue Magic, more like Brown!

Blue Magic, more like Brown!After “Mastering” the new Blue Mage class, Nanaja Dragonferret leader of the Malboro’s Breath Free Company, decided to teach one of his guildmates a secret bit of Blue Magic. Taking Karmen out to a field to practice, Nanaja went to cast “Bad Breath”, instead another smelly attack was unleashed. Karmen, being the perfect student learned this “Enemy Skill”. Soon enough, the new secret technique of the Malboro’s Breath Free Company was born. “Blort! Action Acquired”

My loyal fast learning subordinate Vinal211 is a great friend, and silly little Lucario/Luxray Hybrid. His pampers never really stay dry and clean for long.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Vinal211 and Jayferret

Above text by Jayferret

Draw by Catmonkshiro


this two really seems to be fighting some kind of special magic here :)

I only hope they know some sort of diaper changing stuff to. Because it seems like both of them is in need of a new and clean diaper pretty soon.

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