Subliminal Baby Part 5

This story is written by Elfy

Ritchie stood up and walked over towards his open packet of diapers by his bed. His gait was more wide-legged than usual as the thick diaper forced his legs further apart and made his walk more like a waddle, this waddle was only made more pronounced by the swelling of the padding.

When Ritchie’s trousers came down he stared down at his diaper and paused. His face screwed up in concentration as he prepared to change himself. But he didn’t know where to begin, he knew that he should be able to do this himself but his brain couldn’t seem to work out how to start. The situation was made even more complex by the growing hardness within the diaper as Ritchie found himself inexplicably swelling in excitement. Ritchie put his hands to his head as he tried to shake some sense into it and change his diaper but no matter what he did he just couldn’t work it out. This was absurd!

Realising that he was in desperate need for a new diaper and knowing that he could no longer trust himself to not use his current diaper he walked out of the room to search for his mom for some assistance.

“I need mommy.” Ritchie thought before realising what his internal monologue said and correcting himself, “Wait, no! I need mom.”

Ritchie walked around the house looking for his mom but found no one there. He didn’t even consider that walking around with his diaper exposed looked a little strange, he didn’t care if someone saw him right now, he just really wanted his diaper changed.

After a few minutes Ritchie came back upstairs in his crinkling underwear. He bit his lip, this time in apprehension, as he realised that if he couldn’t get his diaper changed that he would leak and then he would be in even more trouble!

As Ritchie walked back towards his room he passed his younger brother’s bedroom. He could hear tapping on a keyboard which meant that Steven must be at home. After a second of hesitation he knocked on the door.

“Hello?” Steven opened the door and did a double-take as he looked into the hallway at his older brother standing openly in front of him in a soaked diaper and looking both embarrassed and nervous.

“Hi…” Ritchie replied looking at the ground.

“Can I help you?” Steven asked. He was secretly feeling extremely thrilled that his brother looked so helpless in front of him. To be just walking around in an uncovered diaper showed Ritchie was really starting to accept it.

“I… I need…” Ritchie was struggling to get the right words out. A combination of his mind going blank and the humiliation of having to ask his younger brother for such a humiliating request.

Steven just stood there. He waved his hand to signal that Ritchie should continue, he smiled to encourage him to admit why he was there.

“I need my diaper changed.” Ritchie said. He stared at his feet again and went as red as a tomato.

“OK?” Steven replied not sure as to why Ritchie was telling him, “Can’t you do it?”

Ritchie shook his head sadly as he admitted he couldn’t work out how to change his own underwear.

“Oh.” Steven was more shocked than ever before that already his brother seemed to be forgetting how to do simple things. This subliminal messaging program was more powerful than he ever imagined.

“Mommy…” Ritchie stopped himself and flushed even redder before correcting what he said, “Mom isn’t here. I… Could… Could you change my diaper?”

Ritchie went a little teary eyed at the humiliation he felt. This request was surely his most humiliating moment, there was no way it could get worse.

“Me? Oh, erm, I don’t know…” Steven replied. He also felt embarrassed, this wasn’t something he had thought about having to do.

“Pwease Steven.” Ritchie seemed to not notice the slight impediment to his speech, “If I leak I will get in trouble!”

Steven couldn’t ignore the desperation in his brother’s voice. It wasn’t something he was particularly interested in seeing but his brother’s pathetic and desperate look was something Steven couldn’t ignore, especially considering Steven had caused all of this in the first place. He was starting to feel a little guilty even though he loved all the trust his mother now gave him.

Steven nodded and the two of them headed back to Ritchie’s room. Steven followed Ritchie and couldn’t take his eyes off of the crinkling mass that engulfed his brother’s butt. Things had changed so much in the recent past and Steven could barely believe how quickly his cocky, popular and domineering brother had become withdrawn and pathetic.

Ritchie lowered himself on to the bed and pulled his shirt up to give Steven complete access to his diaper. He looked straight up at the ceiling as he was completely unable to look his brother in the eye. Without even realising it Ritchie brought his thumb up to his mouth. Steven’s eyes went as wide as dishes as he saw his brother begin to suck his thumb whilst getting his diaper changed!

Steven was determined that if this was going to happen that it would happen quickly. He pulled the tapes off of the diaper with no delay and lowered the front revealing the very damp conditions within. Steven quickly grabbed a bunch of wipes and began cleaning his brother up, he took every precaution to avoid touching his brother on anything embarrassing, it was bad enough seeing all this.

Steven saw his conditioning at work as he pulled the heavy, used diaper out from under Ritchie. He replaced it wait a new and clean diaper under his brother he found Ritchie becoming excited even though it was obvious Ritchie didn’t want it to happen.

Steven quickly brought the front of the new diaper up and taped it tightly around his brother’s waist. He tried to ignore the tenting front of the diaper as he took a step back from the bed and headed towards the door.

This was all far too awkward, Stephen wanted nothing to do with this aspect of Ritchie’s regression. He much preferred to watch this regression from a distance.

As Steven left and Ritchie wished the world would open up and swallow him he heard his phone vibrating. He picked it up welcoming the distraction from his embarrassment just now.

“Hey, will be at the park in ten minutes. You coming?”

It was from Linda. Ritchie bit his bottom lip as he sat up, he felt his still hard dick rubbing on the inside of his diaper as he did so. Was he going to go to the park? Meeting Linda was a terrifying prospect but he couldn’t avoid her forever, sooner or later she was going to find out about his issues. It either came from him or she would hear it from one of the many people who had witnessed his embarrassing accident at the football game.

“See you there.” Ritchie texted back. He found himself fat-fingering the buttons and it took him a surprisingly long time to send the text but as soon as it was done he put on some fresh clothes, checked the mirror to see how hidden his diaper was, and left the house.

It was a daunting walk to the park. He was very much not used to walking in public in his diaper and he was keenly aware of his slight waddle as the thick diaper forced his legs apart. Just as he was about to enter the park perimeter itself he felt a small trickle of urine enter his diaper. He knew it was useless to try and stop it so he just kept walking as a slight dampness spread over the front of his diaper. In comparison to other accidents, Ritchie was pleased at how small this one had been. He felt his excitable tool twitching as he finished wetting and cursed it, why his penis had started reacting this way to diapers was a mystery to him, it only served to heighten his embarrassment.

“There you are!” Linda saw Ritchie coming from a distance and ran over to hug him.

Ritchie tried to stop her but as she jumped on him he winced and just prayed that she wouldn’t feel his humiliating underwear.

“Hi.” Ritchie said quietly as he practically pushed her off him. He was very clearly nervous and his shifty eyes made Linda frown at the rather frosty reception.

“Everything OK?” Linda asked.

“Y-Yeah.” Ritchie said. He was finding it hard to concentrate right now. A mixture of his extreme nervousness and something he couldn’t put his finger on. He was finding it very difficult to take his mind off of his diaper.

“Do you want to go sit at the benches?” Linda asked as she tried to work out what was bothering her boyfriend.

Ritchie didn’t say anything, he just nodded and started walking towards the secluded benches. Linda watched him walk past her frowning and then followed, this was not the Ritchie she had known for the last couple of years.

Ritchie sat down and without thinking about it he brought his thumb up to his mouth. At the very last second he realised he was about to suck his thumb and he adjusted so that he was biting his nails instead. Ritchie knew what the doctor had said about not knowing how far this regression would go but he didn’t expect things to be getting so out of control. Not knowing how to change his diaper, sucking his thumb… This was getting bad and Ritchie felt like he was going crazy. It was like a snowball, it had started small but now this regression stuff was getting bigger and faster.

“What the hell is wrong?” Linda asked as she looked at Ritchie’s face. It was clear as day that Ritchie had a lot on his mind, Linda wondered if he was about to break up with her.

Ritchie stayed quiet but he was clearly agitated. He looked worried, confused and like a lost little boy.

“Are you breaking up with me?” Now it was Linda’s turn to start getting upset as her boyfriend acted like he barely even knew her.

“No!” Ritchie almost yelled out. He realised that the person he cared about most in the world was about to leave him. He had to come clean, “I… I have developed a… Problem.”

“A problem?” Linda asked, “Are you sick?”

“Sort of… Look, this is really hard for me to say.” Ritchie was rocking slightly and the urge to put his thumb into his mouth, to soothe himself, was getting very strong. This was horrible, why was this happening to him?

“Ritchie, I love you, you can tell me anything.” Linda took one of Ritchie’s hands in hers.

“I know.” Ritchie was still hesitant, this was a major thing going on and how does someone go about actually telling their girlfriend that they are seemingly turning into a baby? Just the thought of it made Ritchie’s throat constrict.

“So tell me.” Linda said earnestly.

“Linda I… A week or so ago I started wetting the bed.” Ritchie immediately went a deep red and looked at the table, he couldn’t look at his girlfriend whilst admitting such shameful things.

“Is that it? That’s not too bad.” Linda responded. She was a little shocked but it didn’t seem too serious.

“No. These accidents started getting worse, they started happening in the day.” Ritchie felt like now he had revealed a part of the problem that it was easier to reveal everything else that was happening, “I went to a doctor with mommy.”

Linda eyebrows furrowed. That was an odd thing for an adult to say.

“They ran loads of tests.” Ritchie felt himself begin to sob, “But found nothing wrong.”

“Isn’t that good?” Linda asked. She was so confused at what was happening. This was not the confident and assertive Ritchie she knew.

“The doctor said it might be an emotional problem.” Ritchie wiped his eyes, “Something about too much stress or responsibility. He said… He said I’m regressing.”

“Regressing? What does that mean?” Linda asked after a moment of silent.

“It’s like I’m getting younger. First I started wetting, then on the way back from the doctor’s I… Didn’t make it to a bathroom. Then I forgot how to take off my diapy and then…”

“Diapy?” Linda asked before the penny suddenly dropped, “Oh my God! You mean a diaper?”

“Shh!” Ritchie looked around to make sure no one heard. Even as he was talking he felt his diaper getting warmer again, “I can’t control myself. I need them.”

“Sorry. I’m just. Wow…” Linda was stunned. This was a lot to take in, “How are they going to stop this regression?”

“No one can do anything. The doctor said we just have to wait it out. He has no idea how bad it will get or how long it will take to recover.” Ritchie felt humiliated and yet slightly relieved to have got it all out. That said, he could see Linda was very confused and shocked, “Look… If you want to leave me I understand. You didn’t sign up for this.”

Linda was silent for a few seconds before she stood up and walked around to the other side of the bench and sat down next to Ritchie. She put her arm around him.

“Ritchie…” Linda began.

“I’m scared. I don’t know what is happening, I’m losing my damn mind!” Ritchie said getting emotional.

“Ritchie…” Linda repeated trying to cut Ritchie off.

“Where does it stop? Am I going to forget how to speak? How to walk?” Ritchie felt himself getting panicky, “I’m supposed to be a damn adult! I’m supposed to grow up, get a job, marry you, have kids…”

Linda was touched that he was talking about marrying her but she didn’t think this was the correct time to draw attention to it.

“But I’m going backwards… I’m in diapers! My speech is slipping, I’m going to need people taking care of me and I don’t even know how long it will last. I could be better in a week; I could still be having trouble in years…” Ritchie lapsed into silence.

“I love you. We can get through this together.” Linda kissed Ritchie on the cheek and whispered in his ear, “Why don’t we go back to your place.”

Ritchie was still upset but being told he was loved calmed him down a little bit and the prospect of alone time with Linda was very enticing, especially considering he wasn’t sure if he would be able to much longer. He had no idea how this stuff would affect him sexually. The pair of them headed back to Ritchie’s house. Linda tried to ignore the loud crinkling that her boyfriend was making with every step.

This story is written by Elfy

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