Subliminal Baby Part 4

This story is written by Elfy

“Well, I don’t think there is anything physically wrong.” The doctor told the two people in front of him as he reviewed a clipboard full of notes.

It had been a long day for Ritchie. Not long after he had taken his diaper off following his unexpected fun that morning his mother had come in and told Ritchie that she had managed to arrange an appointment with the doctor but they had to leave right away.

Ritchie agreed that he needed to see a medical professional, the wetting was getting out of control, and he even agreed to put a diaper on before leaving. He was happily able to convince his mom that he could put the diaper on himself and she had left the room to let him do it. When she inspected his handiwork she declared it satisfactory and they hurried out to the car and off to see the doctor. Ritchie felt a strange amount of pride as he put on the diaper himself, he was just glad that his excitable private parts were hidden away underneath the padding.

They had been there all day as the doctor ran an exhaustive amount of tests. He had been starting to wonder if he was ever going to be called into the doctor’s office when his name flashed up on the board to let him know he could head to the room for his results.

“Nothing physically wrong? Then why is my son suddenly unable to keep his pants dry?” Karen asked feeling slightly annoyed that after many hours of testing there still wasn’t an answer.

Ritchie blushed as he had done most of the day, he had kept himself dry but so many different people, many of them pretty young nurses, had seen him in diaper. It was incredibly embarrassing. The light at the end of the tunnel was that at the end of all the tests at least they would have an answer to what was going on, now even that hope was disappearing.

“We did ultrasounds on the bladder, we did urine tests, blood tests, x-rays… We ran every test we can.” The doctor was also exasperated. He didn’t like not knowing what his patient’s problems were, he did have one more idea though.

Karen and Ritchie both looked crestfallen. They had hoped so much for an answer, they were both so sure on their way here that there was a pill or a procedure or something, anything, that would fix Ritchie’s problem.

“So after all this we are no better off than before we came here…” Ritchie moaned and whined. This whole thing was hopeless. What if he never stopped wetting himself?

“Not exactly.” The doctor said as he looked up from his clipboard, “We have ruled out physical problems as much as we can… But in the absence of physical problems it suggests something very different. It suggests perhaps something is going on emotionally.”

“I’m not crazy!” Ritchie blurted out.

“I agree.” The doctor calmly responded, “I think you’re having an emotional response to stress. An extreme response to the pressure of being the “man in charge” as it were. You were forced to grow up too quickly and subconsciously you are rebelling. I’m no psychiatrist but that’s my theory. From my notes I see your father left home and according to your mother you started stepping up and taking responsibilities. It could be that you are subconsciously rebelling.”

There was silence for a few minutes as everyone digested the new theory on this strange behaviour.

“Well… How do we fix it?” Karen asked.

“That’s the tricky question. I don’t believe there is a cure per se, I think this is something that you have to work through, your mind is trying to balance your childhood and your responsibilities. I think that eventually this will all pass.”

“Eventually?” Ritchie said exasperated by the doctor’s vague answers, “How long?”

“That’s really not something I can speculate on.” The doctor said as he adjusted his glasses, “A week? A month? Who knows, it may be much longer… The mind is a complex thing, who knows how it will respond to these things.”

“Will it keep getting worse?” Ritchie asked with a lump in his throat. He saw his mom put her face in her hands at the news that this was something they had to just ride out.

“Your guess is as good as mine. You have said it started off as just a night time thing, became a day time problem and you feel your control getting worse. This might just be the start…” The doctor continued, “It might be that things start getting better now, conversely this might be just the tip of the iceberg.”

“Thank you for your time.” Karen said shortly and she stood up which prompted Ritchie to stand as well. They promptly left the office in silence, both of them had a lot on their minds.

Steven had ample opportunity that day to go into Ritchie’s bedroom at will. He noticed when he entered that the room had started to get that distinctive smell of urine lingering in it. He smiled as he booted up the computer yet again. Steven loaded up the software in his now familiar way and adjusted the message it was delivering yet again.

“Whilst diapered you will feel like a toddler.”

This could be it. The final message he would implant in his brother’s brain. After this he would have no need to adjust the message. Ritchie would regress back to a baby-like state and Steven would finally be treated like the adult he was. His revenge would be complete!

As he left the room he started having a few doubts. Could he really do this? He had no idea if the messages he was implanting were permanent, would they ever wear off? This had all gone well past getting a little petty revenge and had now become an experiment on his brother.

He dismissed the worries and left the room. Steven couldn’t stop now, he had to finish what he had started and regress his brother to a toddler state. He took a great pleasure in embarrassing and humiliating Ritchie after the years that he had to endure. Steven stopped caring if the messages he implanted were permanent. He was finally being allowed responsibilities and privileges, if this came at the cost of his brother’s adulthood then so be it.

“Mom, pull over.” Ritchie said rather tensely.

Ritchie and his mother had been driving for ten minutes and were about halfway home from the doctor’s office. They had spent the journey mostly in silence after all the news at the office but had hit an unexpected traffic jam on the way home.

They were on a dual carriageway and in the outside lane, traffic had ground to a halt for reasons neither of them could see. It seemed the tailback stretched on for miles.

“I can’t pull over, sweetie.” Karen responded as she leaned her head against the window, “There is too much traffic and we are stuck in the outside lane.”

“I really need to get to a bathroom.” Ritchie bit his lip as he felt a very sudden need to get to a toilet growing in intensity.

“Just use your diaper, honey.” Karen said in an exasperated voice, “I can change you when we get home.”

“Mom!” Ritchie whined, “I don’t want to just use my diaper! Besides… I need to go number two…”

“Oh.” Karen said suddenly more attentive to the situation, “Can you hold it? This traffic should clear up soon. We aren’t far from home.”

“I… I can try.” Ritchie said. He hadn’t had a messy accident since he was a baby and the idea of having one here and now was abhorrent to him. He wished he could be confident of making it home but after everything that had happened in the last few days, he just couldn’t be sure.

Both people in the car were suddenly a little more on edge. They were both praying that the traffic would clear up but apart from rolling forward a few metres every few minutes they were at a standstill.

The pressure deep in Ritchie’s gut was building and every minute seemed to make him more uncomfortable. He held his gut and bent forward slightly as he tried to find a position that would make him more comfortable. He was acutely aware of his mother watching him from the corner of her eye. He was desperate, after everything the doctor had said, to not let himself use his diaper. He had to fight it off.

Out of the blue he suddenly received a text. Welcoming the distraction, he picked up his phone to see Linda’s name.

“Hey Baby. Sorry I haven’t spoken in a while, been busy. Want to meet up tomorrow at the park? I’ll be there about 1pm, hope to see you xxx”

Ritchie had conflicting emotions as he really wanted to see the girlfriend he had been missing, but it sounded like she had no idea of the problems Ritchie had encountered over the last few days. Would she still want to be with him in his diapered state?

Another painful cramp suddenly shoved Linda out of Ritchie’s mind as he winced and felt sweat forming on his brow. Still the car wasn’t moving and by now it felt like any movement would cause Ritchie’s tenuous control to fail.

Ritchie tried to let out a small fart to release some of the pressure, it was a fatal mistake. As soon as Ritchie relaxed slightly to release the gas he felt semi-solid mush pour out of his backside. He tried to clench his muscles again but it was too late and he felt the diaper filling behind him. He lifted off his seat slightly to give more room as he continued helplessly filling his diaper. He tried to not make it obvious what was happening as he felt the soft and warm mush spreading to fill every inch of space it could find.

Ritchie’s eyes watered and his face went red from utter humiliation, he sniffed and tried to blink away the tears in the small hope that maybe it wouldn’t be too noticeable or bad.

Finally, as he felt the last of his bowels contents leave him his bladder emptied itself all over the front of the diaper. Ritchie didn’t even try to stop himself from wetting his thoroughly used diaper.

It didn’t take long for the smell to start permeating the car. Ritchie tried to ignore it but after just a few seconds his mother turned to look at him with a strange look on her face.

“Did you just…” Karen began.

“No… I, erm, I just farted. Letting some pressure out.” Ritchie knew his excuse was feeble as he sat in the rapidly cooling contents of his diaper.

“It doesn’t smell like just a fart.” Karen said wrinkling her nose.

She reached down with her hand and after commanding Ritchie to lift up in his seat slightly she pressed and patted the diaper. Karen immediately felt the bulging mass which now sat in Ritchie’s diaper.

“Oh, Ritchie…” Karen said with a mixture of exasperation and pity. Karen opened all of the windows in the car and faced forwards again with her nose wrinkled. There was no denying that the awful smell was extremely noticeable, they both needed the traffic to start moving so they could get out of this confined space.

Ritchie couldn’t respond to his mother’s disappointed voice, he just started sobbing and held his hands up to his red face. Almost as soon as Karen started facing forwards the traffic finally began to move again, if only Ritchie had been able to hold on for a little longer.

By the time they got home the car reeked of Ritchie’s messy diaper. Karen stepped out of the car and quickly walked around to open the door for Ritchie. He sat out and felt the horrid diaper sticking to his skin making him wince. He walked into the house behind his mom in a wide-legged waddle, any parents of toddlers would recognise that waddle as the waddle of a child who had filled their pants.

Every step caused his poopy diaper to shift and make things even more uncomfortable, Ritchie still quietly sobbed as he followed his mom upstairs.

Ritchie headed straight for his bedroom. As he and Karen walked past Steven’s door Stephen looked curiously at the odd walk that Ritchie had as he slowly sidled past. It was only after Ritchie had passed the door that the smell hit Steven. Steven’s eyes opened wide in shock as he realised that his brother had messed himself without any prompting. Steven ran to his doorway and peered out at his older brother as he waddled into his bedroom leaving a trail of bad smell. Steven ducked back into his room so that his laughter wouldn’t be heard by his infantile older brother.

Karen laid Ritchie down on his bed on a towel she had quickly grabbed from the bathroom. She started taking the tapes of the diaper and as she lowered the front the sheer scale of Ritchie’s accident took her aback. The smell got even worse.

“We are going to need to get you a changing table.” Karen said as she began trying to wipe her adult son clean. Her voice was strained as the awful smell caused her eyes to water.

Ritchie just laid still and let her mom get on with it. There was nothing he could say or do so he just closed his eyes and wished for it to be over. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him, he couldn’t believe the doctor said there was nothing that could be done, that they just had to let it run its course. It had got this bad in such a short amount of time, just how bad would this get?

To make matters worse. Ritchie found himself getting hard again. He prayed for it to not happen but as his diaper was changed he found himself getting more and more excited even if the sticky poop that still covered a lot of his crotch disgusted him. Ritchie’s mom didn’t say anything about it, she just did her best to clean her son without making this anymore awkward than it already was.

Eventually, after a lot of wipes were used, Karen stated that Ritchie was clean. She got out a new diaper and placed it under her son. They quickly encountered an issue though where Ritchie’s excited state made it very difficult to tape the diaper closed.

“I’ll let you sort this out…” Racheal backed away towards the exit of the room, “Just, erm, tape it tightly, OK?”

Ritchie nodded and Karen left the room, taking the messy diaper with her. Ritchie couldn’t get his erection to go away, every movement made his diaper crinkle and only served to keep him excited. Eventually, Ritchie realised that the only way to get rid of his hardness would be to masturbate. He wasn’t really in the mood but he needed to get himself to calm down one way or the other, fortunately his mother had left a lot of wipes in the room.

He began to stroke himself but struggled to really get into what he was doing. He searched his memory for some exciting imagery to help him along. For some reason his brain kept picturing his diapers, his messy diaper in particular. He tried to focus on Linda or other sexy imagery but he found himself going back to the diapers every time. Eventually he gave up resisting and as he recalled himself messing his diaper again he found it enough to push him over the edge.

Feeling ashamed for pleasuring himself to that imagery he quickly wiped himself clean and taped the new diaper closed over him.

Desperate to forget the horrors of the day he put his trousers back on and headed over to his computer to play his games. The escapism was just what he needed to forget his increasingly distressing real life.

Ritchie was getting increasingly depressed. His situation seemed to be deteriorating and even his video games were starting to fail him. He found that his hand-eye coordination seemed worse and he grew increasingly frustrated that he wasn’t able to compete with his opponents like he knew he could. The longer he played the harder the game seemed to be get.

It was after a particularly embarrassing misplay that Ritchie slammed the desk in frustration. As he did so he felt his bladder release and with no control he soaked his diaper, Ritchie was shocked at how readily and how suddenly his bladder was prepared to let go these days. Tentatively, he tried to clench his bladder muscles and stop himself from pissing like a baby. It was with little surprise but with a lot of regret that he realised he couldn’t even slow the flow down.

Once the diaper had been thoroughly soaked Ritchie began thinking it would probably need changing. Ritchie belatedly realised that he must have already been wet as this accident had left his padding swollen to the limit. He didn’t remember any other accident so he must have wet without even noticing, a very scary prospect.

This story is written by Elfy

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