Overconfidence Part 3

Overconfidence Part 3Poor Kiyo… acceptance is hard sometimes, especially when it comes to pooping your pants.

Furrys`s in this drawing belongs to GibsonScratch and Siraj

Above text by GibsonScratch

Draw by CatMonkShiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28781286/

Awww poor Kiyo looks like he was heading to the big boys potty to late :(

Good thing he was wearing a diaper so even if he ended up whit a accident now the diaper is there to handle that sort of things to :)

so maybe before he is heading downstairs again for some more video game time he should change that messy diaper. I sure think thats going to help  him feel allot better to be back to wear something clean and dry again :)

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