Babyfur Comic: Should’ve Read the Label Part 5

Babyfur Comic: Should've Read the Label Part 5
With diapers packed full and heavy, they can’t even crawl, let alone waddle. They won’t be moving from that spot any time soon… and even after someone finally finds and changes them, they’ll be stuck as hatchies for quite awhile…

Volly belongs to Diaper-and-Dragons

Starbuck and text by GibsonScratch

Draw by CatMonkShiro


Yes they sure seems to be stuck whit one kind of problem here :( Who is going to change this two baby’s well used diapers?

They sure not going to be able to walk whit this heavy diaper.

It sure most be pretty stinky inside that room now so i bet someone is going to find them soon if they follow the smell of there well used diapers.

At least i think that the regression have stop now and it seems like they dont put there well used diaper to any more use at this moment. Volly sure seems to like sucking on that pacifier :) It sure seems to help him allot to be calm and relax about the situation.

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