Detective Lost and Found 2

Detective Lost and Found 2

A few days have passed since Carmelita found herself in the care of an unknown individual. The Contessa herself wouldn’t want to dirty her hands (literally!) with being her babysitter, so the vixen found herself in someone else’s capable paws. Considering how well this nursery was stocked for her, perhaps this adoption had been planned for some time…

…But even the best-prepared caregiver underestimated just how many diapers Carmelita would go through.

Order and text by TheAnon

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes it sure seems that Carmelita is using allot of diapers. Poor thing here system sure most be in some kind of power mode to produce that match of body waste. Poor thing they really needs to stock up on allot of diapers now in order for this and change here diaper regularly. It seems like the diaper she is wearing now have start leaking to.


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