Diaper time!

Diaper time!

Elu and Wen are teaming up to diaper Jelani and it looks like he’s really embarrassed. oh my!

Story by Jelani and Elu!

After being told to lay down sweetly Jelani was shown the big diaper and asked by Wen, “Who’s big baby diapers are these?” Not able to bring himself to answer he just grumbled and blushed as his legs and bottom were hoisted in the air.

“Aww he is all blushy.” Elu chimed in jingling the toy to ‘distract him’

“Dont worry once Wen gets you diapered you can chew on them all you like yes you can.” She added. Jelani couldn’t think of anything to say. He was thoroughly humiliated and yet loving every minute of the treatment.

In the distance Kit managed a, “Play nice girls.” As Jelani just kept stammering and trying to give a rebuttal. Before he could find the words Wen throughly powdered him and pulled up the diaper. Then she grabbed his feet like a two year old and started a teasing sing song motion.

“Who’s a big baby?…”Who’s a big baby?…”Who’s a big baby?…I think you are.” She said tickling his belly. Jelnai just giggled lost now to the little space.

Order by paddedfoxgirl and Jelani_Crinkles

Draw by Wen

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27640041/

Awww someone sure found the situation a little blushing but i sure he also love the situation to :)

I bet its going to fell match better when the diaper is in place :)

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