bb what’s that?

bb what's that?
Even though bb has left me for a hedge ;-; this is from one time at daycare where Mikey got to see his bb in their room because the toddler room had an open door for some reason, so he went in to where the kinder’s played. Bri didn’t necessarily like Mikey following her, in that “not at all” kind of way, still he persisted. At some point she thought she’d lost him, and decided to go about her business playing with some toys. While picking them up, though, as many do, she forgot she was wearing a skirt..and that Mikey was quite the curious fennec. He got a bit of a view that he wasn’t expecting, giving him a bit of an education into something he’d been curious about but never really seen before, undies!!

The story is base from Yosh-E-O

Art and Bri by SugarMable

Mikey belongs to mikey-the-little


Yes i sure wounder what type of underwear did Mikey discover that Bri was wearing?

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