squirms and moans

squirms and moansCharry babbled cutely into her daddies shirt, too embarrassed by her new room to speak her big girl words. Her new nursery had everything she had dreamt of. A large lockable crib, changing table, a wardrobe full of her cute sissy dresses. With a gentle pat to her bottom from daddy she shuffled into her nursery with a little whimper. Her eyes exicitedly darted from object to object and her little heart fluttered as she laid her eyes on the rocking horse in the corner. “Puppy like her new room?” Her daddy chuckled with a loving smile as he took her hand and got her changed out of her big girl clothes. Minutes later charry was all suitably dressed up to play in her nursery. That meant a sissy dress far too short to hide her extra thick diapers along with booties and mittens “To keep a little puppy out of trouble.” Charry wouldn’t be causing any trouble in here, all the furniture had little restraints, her crib, her changing table and her horse all had little straps too keep her paws from where they shouldn’t be. “Ready to play on your pony baby girl?” Daddy asked as charry was helped up onto the saddle. Charry might of answered if she hadn’t of been helplessly sucking away on her pacifer gag at this point. So she settled to answering with a blushy nod. She had already spied the little electric box on the rocking horses hind legs, She knew what was going to happen when she was tied on properly; But she didn’t stop daddy from tying her in securely to settle her humiliating fate. Daddy grinned and kneeled down turning on the little electric box and the saddle began to vibrate gently under her padded bottom. “See you in an hour princess.” He chuckled as he kissed his little girl on the cheek and shut the nursery door. Charry let out a little moan as she settled in for the long ride, which would feel all that much longer by the twitching of her chastity cage…

Story by leftlion

Draw and everything else by Charry

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22061942/

Yes it sure seems like Charry is going to be sitting on this rocked horse for some time now.

Aww look how match he is blushing. His face have all turn red of embarrassment :)

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