trippled forfeit!

trippled forfeit!It had been decided only a handful of days before, Leon had certainly gained Charry’s interest in the little game he had devised! Charry began to read the rules carefully. 7pm use the potty and diaper up, and then the potty would be off limits for both him and his adversary Leon. They’d both drink at the same time and the same amount to be fair. They’d have a quiz of and the loser of that would drink more water and the first to wet them would have a forfeit.
They were both excited and teased each other that they were the bigger baby. But time would tell. At 7pm they eagerly got diapered and on the instruction of Harpo their quizmaster and overseer for the duration of the challenge they obediently drunk a litre of water.
The lion and the puppy burped from drinking the water down to fast and both felt full of water.
Harpo calmed them down and began a little quiz giving a variety of brilliant questions to test them, Leon lead early on before Charry came back with a his knowledge of Hans Christian Andersen! At the half hour mark Harpo made Leon and Charry drink another litre of water and carried on quizzing the two battling warriors as they tried to gain the edge so they wouldn’t have to drink more water. At 8pm Harpo ordered they drink another litre and both Leon and Charry started to feel a little pressure to go..
Another half an hour of quizzing and Charry came back to win by a single point! Leon drank 750ml and Charry drunk 500ml as they struggled to hold the floodgates. They taunted each other still believing they could win, until Charry proved he was the biggest baby and wet himself meaning he would have the forfeit. Leon just made it to the big boy toilet and giggled as he told Charry to triple diaper himself and not change till the morning! But that wasn’t the end of his forfeit he’d have to watch a Disney film of Leon’s choice and have a babies bedtime of 7pm when Leon asked him too. Although Charry being the little naughty sissy we all know he is decided to stay up!

it was a looong and squirmy night to say the least hehe i ended up being somewhat of a leaky puppy some poor plushys needed alittle bit of a wash hehe

Story by leftlion

Draw and some of the text by Charry

Leaking babyfur Charry


awww it looks like the diaper could not keep up whit all this wetting any more and decided to start to leak big time. Poor baby i dont think daddy is going to like this when i hear about this game and that diaper have start to leak from all the extra water they have consume during this game.

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